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Chapter 11 starts this Friday! Enjoy the title page until then ;)

29 thoughts on “Page 264

  1. The 9. Street of Em's

    Shiiiiii*!!! Can’t wait!!:D:D

  2. Ooh! Exciting! I can’t wait! I’m eager to hear the story behind Feral’s eye and the mystery of Meela and her family.

  3. augh!!! i don’t like the name of this chapter! Suttin’ bad’s gonna happen D: D:

  4. Oh my, maybe this is the last dream sequence?

  5. it’s the wolf

  6. This is such a sad cover! :(

    1. Tha’s what I was thinking ;A;

  7. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Aaaaarrrgghhh!! I cannot wait until the next update! This webcomic is so good, it’s driving me crazy! DX

  8. aww, come on…. I cont wait

  9. I’m worried about poor little Meela ;w;

  10. This is going to be heart wrenching. My eyes are already watery with emotions on the loose. ;;

  11. yay! cool title page

  12. Well, this can only lead to good…..right? >> << Bad feelin's…Maybe we will find out what is wrong with Meela?

  13. Oh my gawsh! Feels! I have them!

  14. Well, this doesn’t bode well.

  15. This cover is so dramatic, yet so simple… I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  16. wow, you guy’s know how to be so simple… yet so captivating!
    get better guy’s!

  17. I’ve got a really bad feeling we’re about to find out what happened to her brother…

  18. Two more days is to long to wait

  19. what if Feral was the one that killed meela family

  20. Two days left, I hope I can wait that long!

  21. Oh! How can you not love this comic! HaloOkami

  22. A really cool person, really

    Well that triggered a Sabaton song in my head.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      I was not alone in the Sabaton songs then…

  23. Some seriously powerful imagery here. I mean, we know absolutely nothing about the significance of what we’re seeing, yet it’s just so wonderfully, amazingly haunting…and super-memorable because of it.

    As I’ve said in the past, there really is a sense of tragic beauty to this story, and the atmosphere of nostalgia-tinged melancholy you often get from it is just something that it does so very, very well.

    Anyway, this is one awesome title page. Could NOT be more excited. XD

  24. Awwww its meelas wolfie!! :-) lol

    1. It sure looks like it, and even if it isn’t the exact same one, it’s clearly still one of the toys Tannor would make for her…but why are we seeing it in the context of this particular flashback sequence? We saw it once at the very beginning of the comic, sure, but I don’t recall it being given much if any story significance since then.

      That might be about to change, though…obviously Feral’s past and Meela’s past intersect at some point–we’ve known this much for some time–and now that it’s looking more and more like the two became linked through the death of Meela’s family (as many of us have suspected in one way or another), we might not be terribly far off from learning something definite about just HOW everything unfolded.

      That toy is clearly being used to represents Meela’s personal tragedy, yes…but it also could very well be implying a greater emphasis on Tannor in the near future, too.

      Technically his ultimate fate is still a mystery in and of itself, after all. Even if it seems all but certain that he’s dead, we know even less about this subject than we do about what happened to Meela’s parents.

      Such an enigma, this comic. XD

  25. So cute and so sad!!! I cannot wait to see how it works!! :D

  26. It’s only now that I’ve seen this. <3 The comic has really come a long way. ;u;

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