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I think Meela's had enough excitement for one day. Sorry for the delayed update, we were overly busy the past few days and fell behind with work on the page.

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  1. Fuuuuudge why does Meela have to be so stinking CUTE!?!? My head is on the verge of exploding into confetti again and I just managed to tape it all back together after looking at all those pictures of kittens!


      P.S. my first thing that came to mind to “exploding into confetti again” was of pinkie pie :3

      1. Pinkie pie! Second best (in my opinion only, of course) pony in the whole show! Ya, I be a total brony.


        2. ಠ_ಠ

        3. Broney fist?

        4. No no, bro-HOOF.

  2. Awwwww, she’s sleepy!! ;u; Hnnnnnnnnng~

  3. So…much…cute… Begging Meela, Thinking Feral face, Happy Meela, Surprised Feral, more Happy Meela, Sleepy Meela. How can it all be on ONE PAGE?! I can’t handle it!

  4. OMG… to cute. Worth the wait ;)

  5. I just love the relationship between Meela and Feral and Holland, they’ve all grown together so much…and Piper too, even if she’s not around a lot. It almost seems too comfortable though, and I have this sense of foreboding that something is going to happen to change the group dynamic :/

    1. did you see the pages with the dear guy? …that’s a little more than a “hint”

      but at least with the guy that DIDN’T kill his wife back at the log cabin… some people are willing to protect her even if they know what she is.

  6. Narcolepsy hat GET! Too cute!

    1. ROFL XDD

  7. Can we just talk about Feral’s face in the second panel?
    And how happy Holland is for Meela that she finally squeezes a coin from Feral!

  8. I love that she just hangs off Feral and Holland <3 SO MUCH CUTE A;SLDKFJ

  9. Something bad is gonna happen soon I can feel it

      Can’t wait for tomorrow :D
      ~Birthday~ -InsertBad—Face –

  10. I think I may have died from the cuteness. I am a ghost now. XD.

  11. I cant wait for nxt week

  12. Daaaw she’s so happy!!! :D

  13. cuteness overload :)

  14. Sorry to be cynical and suspicious, but could our mysterious cervian have poisoned the hat in an attempt to remove Meela? He knew she wanted it, after all.

    She may well just be sleepy, but the transition seems very sudden…

    1. If you look at the sky in the last two panels, you can see how it is reddish from a coming sunset… I think there was a time lapse between panel 6 and panel 7.

      1. Nice call. I hadn’t noticed that before.

    2. Highly doubtful. She’s already been poisoned once before, after all, and I really don’t think they (Celesse and Algy) would use that same story device a second time.

      1. they could, but on the other hand there’s a really huge chance that the wrong person would get poisoned in a place like this…
        & he’d have to “steal” it for a min or two to rig the hat + if guards caught him…or he’s not as ethical as he seems.

  15. I love the 6th panel! She looks so cute in that hat! It works so well with her current outfit! Love it, love it, love it!
    Even though I know the happiness can’t last, and bad things will happen soon…. still have to revel in the moment!

    1. Revel? i’m throwing a Fiesta!
      the look on feral’s face in the 4th panel is soooooo him! makes me want to “hug you and squeeze you into itty-bitty pieces! And then I’m gonna change your diaper all by myself!”

  16. Does Holland have a twin in that third panel?!

    1. Err, fourth* ;)

      1. thelightedDarkness

        O: He does!

        1. Almost. That guy is blonde, Holland has white hair.

    2. ….I thought that WAS Holland. Thought his placement in regards to the others was a little weird….
      MY BAD!

  17. Yaaay! I love this page.
    Ohh! Looks like someone’s sleepy. no wait that’s mee…

  18. Second-panel Feral = win. XD

  19. I LOVE Feral’s face in the 4th panel!


    I bet she’d be even cuter in feral’s ;D xD

    1. eh… i think feral wouldn’t catch her. The fall might actually wake her up & he’s not THAT brotherly…yet.

    2. Hollander? That’s a bad guy in FFVII: Crisis Core…
      Sorry, just being nitpicky. :D Wouldn’t have commented, except I’m in a FFVII kick right now.

      1. do you have the original FFI & II for the NES-import?

  21. Meela’s happy clap! She’s so silly and cute

  22. This page is so adorable in every way~!

  23. Love your guys’s interactions and lighting! <3
    I find your comic style to be very inspirational :)

  24. Could the Holland twin in the fourth panel be one of his brothers?

    1. A story surrounding his brothers would be interesting…or a family portrat-desktop :)
      Hey, I can hope…

  25. I know you guys hear it all the time, but the interactions and the expressions are fantastic, as always. Feral’s thinking face is hilarious yet awesome and Meela is just so adorable. And it’s wonderful to see how obviously comfortable she is with the two of them, from the way she can haul Feral around by his wrist, to the way she can just keel over on Holland (a prince, no less) and fall asleep. It’s great to see!

    Aaaah, the interactions in this comic give me so many feeeeeels…


    1. Holland would make a good king… he obviously cares for his “subjects”. Then again, caring too much has been known to be a problem for kings.

      I can’t really see Piper being a queen of anything though… diplomacy wise.

      …yeah, I started reading this comic because of the artwork…THEN I fell in love with the story.

  26. It my just be the way I’m looking at it but is the holland twin whereing a skirt?

    1. it’s s long jacket… you can see the pants.

      1. Ohhh ok the purse pouch thing was messing me up

  27. Athmm, couldn’t help but notice, but feral’s eye in the third panal is the wrong color, it should be his green eye, not red. No biggy, just thought I’d let you guys know :) still a super awesome comic, keep it up, already can’t wait for next week!

    1. 3rd panel? his eyes are closed… did you mean 4th? …me confused.

      1. Never mind, your right, his eyes are closed, to me it looked like they were open because the way his hair comes down it looks like the top eyelid and then the shading cause of the sun setting a mistook for his red iris. That’s makes much more since now, thank you. And to the creators nevermind my previous comment.

  28. Thank goodness the hat wasn’t already sold, otherwise Meela would be like, “NOOOOOOOOO” Lol

  29. This is just too cute!

  30. AWWW cute meela and i love the hat kinda want one now ^_^

  31. God that’s cute.

  32. Ferallllllllllll Meeeeeeeeeelaaaaaaa ;A; too cute. TOO CUTE. I can’t.

  33. Gotta love that look of contemplation

  34. Meela is slowly but surely turning into me <___< I like hats…..

    1. I like hats too. I have 16 hats

  35. Crazy idea! What if Meela’s father is Yuen and Rollin is just an alias?? (Or maybe Rollin is Yuen’s son.)

    Meela’s father’s hair is white just like Avela. What if the bounty on his head was placed by Korin because Yuen grew up into a man who terrorized his former clan in order to get back at Korin? (And then Yuen’s son took up the mantle as clan terrorist!) Or the bounty was placed because Korin wanted to wipe out all blood traces of Terin. It’s possible then that Tannor could’ve started having similar dreams around the age of 12, but he never talked about it with Meela. The dreams could be blood-related!

    (In the dreams, Meela put herself in Yuen’s position and was wrong to believe that Yuen looked like her. Who’s to say she’s not wrong again about Yuen looking like Feral?)

    So that could mean that Meela’s family was attacked by Korin in order to wipe out all blood relations of Terin. :o

    Most likely all false, but man that’s some good AU fanfic material!

    1. Interesting idea, and you’re right that Meela could be wrong about him looking like Feral (Lord knows she could have just leaped to that conclusion because he’s a part of her life right now, though in the past people have given some very good reasons for why Yuen is Feral.)

      But her father’s hair is actually grey, not white, for the first thing. I also can’t see Yuen as growing up into the (loveable) smarmy troll that Rollin is, that’s more something I’d expect from Mal. And while it would make some sense as Korin goes off the deep end at the end of the dream, it wouldn’t explain Meela’s magical surging and Jyaku’s interest.

  36. Hmm.. this page isn’t listed in the archives. o _ o

  37. cute meela, begging meela, little ball of fur
    happy meela, sleepy meela, purr purr purr~

    1. All Shall Cr-r-rumble

      Hahah! Or:
      “Cute Meela, begging Meela, little ball of fluff
      “Happy Meela, sleepy Meela, wuff wuff wuff~”
      Given that she’s a lupian, hehe.

  38. Well “Holland’s twin” is the first unimportant character we’ve seen so far that’s eyes (or more correctly “eye”) are visible.

    1. ….Oh my gosh, everyone keep an eye on this person, he’s an important character! I think.

    2. Oh goodness! Good point! and his looking like Holland CAN’T be coincidence!

  39. Does no one else find Holland’s smile in the third panel slightly demented?

    1. if that was Sir Anthony Hopkins (hanabal),….yeah i can see that
      ….but this is Holland…he’s, innocently (i hope) a smile-fest.

  40. YES! I love that hat–it doesn’t fit her current outfit, but it fits her, if that makes sense.

  41. Meela! You finally got some money from Feral! Congrats!

    1. Oh, forgot to mention: CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

  42. 6th panel. BUTTON PLEASE!!!! :D

  43. That looks just like tannors hat from one of the flashback of when he was telling Mella how they were going to buy her a weapon

    1. That’s why she wanted it so badly

    2. I’ve heard people say that’s the hat Tannor wore, but I can’t remember or seem to find any time that Tannor’s ever seen to wear a hat in the comic.
      Where in the comic are you talking about?

      1. Oooooh, wait, page 136, is that what people are talking about? I’d forgotten that completely. It’s not really the same kind of hat anyway…

        1. True, it really doesn’t have the same color, but it’s the same shape. Maybe she didn’t want one just like her brother’s, but she wanted to wear a hat like her brother did. That or it caught her fancy.

  44. it’s probably just me, but I feel paranoid about that blonde dude looking at Meela. I know it’s nothing but being me i’m always on the look out for assassins.

    1. Of course you’re always looking for assassins! :P

  45. She looks so cute in that hat :) I’m glad she got it, Feral is so sweet when he wants to be :P

  46. FERAL. I must hug you.

  47. I think I’m in love with feral… <3

  48. nice hat. and see Meela, you just had to ask politely! Feral, you have a soft spot for her, ADMIT IT!!

  49. has anyone ever said that you guys are good at making facial expressions

  50. Meela is SO CUTE! And the hat is ADORABLE on her!!!

  51. Sometimes I like to imagine Feral and Holland as an inter species gay couple and Meela is there adopted pup. Even though I don’t ship Feral and Holland it’s still an idea that pops up in my head.

    1. >_<

      1. Aw, I don’t ship them either but that would be so cute.

  52. I wanna hug Meela so flippen bad she’s too adorable >n< and the thought of them being a couple had popped into my head in the 3rd panel… it was really cute

  53. Lol too cute of a page!

    Made some fanart as well >:3

    1. That pony is fabulous.

    2. ::jaw drops:: o_0 …My head just might explode due to awesomeness! Soooooooooooo FaBulOus!

  54. *keels over from cuteness overload* Cuuuuute Meeeelaaaaa!!!!!

  55. Meela looks cute in that hat. :)

    Now that Meela has gotten that hat, I hope she remembers to keep her end of the bargain by helping out with chores and stuff in order to earn money without begging. Otherwise, Feral won’t be happy if she goes back on her word.

  56. lol meela is aborable its like a fantasy of feral and her but what things needs to meela for feral ¬¬

  57. I absolutely love the shading on this page. That, and all the expressions, as per usual :D Keep up the fantastic work!

  58. heh… guess i’m a little early for the update :)

  59. Holland’s face in panel two is just: “you’re so nice.” XD

  60. I’ve been reading through again and this page is just too adorable. <3

  61. Meela. So happy, so peaceful.
    It’s just the quiet before the storm. O-O

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