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Oh, Meela. You're so precocious! A page change heads up - We've altered the dialogue on Page 240. Apparently we mistakenly conveyed that Visrial has been tailing the group non-stop for six months and that is inaccurate. He's only been hunting them on and off. We hope the change clears up the misunderstanding.

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  1. FIRST TO COMMENT?! Is it really me?! SO cool. ^.^ That psyches me out.

    Meela’s mom, a bounty hunter?? *gasp* This just got way more complicated. :3

    Awesome job as always. I love these updates! Totally worth the wait. :D

    1. It is bounty-hunters all the way down.
      It is the only profession in this world (besides inn-keeper).

      1. And contractor, royalty, and marketer.

        1. Nah. They’re all bounty-hunters too.

  2. I love this page– Meela makes me smile :)

  3. im dieing to know why meela was so sad in the previous chapter, she said she had to leave soon.. but why!? UGH WANNA FIND OUT

  4. i love this comic its the best one i’ve found so far

  5. OMG MEELA. So cute! How are you so cute!?

  6. haha Holland is so precious tooo!!

  7. I was not expecting Meela’s mom to be a bounty hunter. That’s kind of interesting, unless she’s making it up to hide a secret. I really don’t know who’s past I want to know more about more, Feral or Meela’s. Also, Meela is SO Adorable on this page! XD

  8. aw man oAo That’s kinda cool that Meela’s mom is a bounty hunter o3o

  9. Fifty bucks says Meela’s mother mentored Feral or had a mission with him or something like that at some point in the past.

    1. I would bet… but I totally agree.

    2. Yep, just to make the plot more complicated. XD

  10. I <3 Holland… Sooooo much <3 Meela is adorable in this page too X3

  11. Hey maybe Jyaku is Meela’s mother? Or was her mother killed as well? I don’t quite recall. If not perhaps she had to leave for some reason and stay hidden…


    Fantastic page, I’m loving the autumn backgrounds ;7;

  13. I think that is not true XD I don’t know exacly why, but just look how much does her mood changed in one page! Now she plays just like a child talking about favourite fairytale. And she blushed, but this could be an effect of running for squirrels.
    I stil believe in my crazy theory, that she was adopted as a newborn and her mother was a demon. Or something like this… Because why did her family would be killed by other bounty hunters? For “coins”? Or because she was too good? This doesn’t make sense for me.
    Or maybe she really was a bounty hunter, but affected with some demon powers, like Feral.
    Time will show.

    1. Personally, I find this moodswing suspicious too, though Meela has done it before. I still support the demon theory. She could be a bounty hunter demon, though I admit it’s unlikely. Of course, if she is just a bounty hunter, that might mean she ticked off powerful people in her escapades, but it wouldn’t explain the way her family was hunted like rats by a grinning maniac, which we saw in the flashback.

  14. Is it just me or is holland’s eye color slightly off in the third pannel?

    Anyways more peices are being added to this puzzle, such a great story.

    1. Also did anyone notice that the two sides of Meela’s shirt (left and right) are two different colors? Forshadowing/symbolism anyone?

      1. You’re thinking about this too hard. XD

  15. omg, AMEZING drawings. holland looks handsome. i’m looking forward to the next update. good work. i love it.

  16. Just…just….WHY ISH SHO PURDY? Really now. Gorgeous work all around.

  17. Was I the only one that took notice of Holland’s face in the forth panel?

    1. His face IS spectacular there!

  18. I just love Holland and Meela’s new costume designs with every new page!
    Love their expressions too, especially’s Holland’s going from amiable curious to bewildered to ‘oh, I get it!’
    I can’t help but feel Meela is manipulating him here…if so, it would be a first given everything Holland’s done so far.

    1. I think it’s the other way around; I feel maybe Holland is trying to get info out of her.

      1. Maybe they’re both trying to manipulate each other? Time will tell, I suppose.

  19. that explains a lot. or at least why she would have people trying to kill her family

  20. That was… um… unexpected o.O

  21. Has anyone noticed that Meela’s bracelet is missing on this page? or is it just hidden under her sleeve?

    1. I’d say hidden under her sleeve.

  22. I like the last panel. It shows how Holland is caring for Meela. Plus it’s adorable!

  23. Meela’s mom is….. PIPER??????????????

    No that’s too obvious.

    1. I highly doubt it, due to the fact she’s a vulpian and Meela is a Lupian. Their two different breeds and cannot interbreed. :)

  24. Hmm, a bounty hunter. Never would’a seen that coming.

  25. It will never cease to surprise me how easily Holland manages to find out information…without looking like he’s finding out information. :P


    1. He’s really good at it.

  26. THat man in Chapter 3, page 81… his wife was killed by bounty hunters…some connection?…

    1. Assuming this information of Meela’s is true–and it probably is at this point–I would seriously bank on it.

      In fact, this reveal has me greatly reevaluating that man’s significance to the story…but I’m going to stop making short of any assumptions. XD

      1. Correction: “Stop short of making.” I tend to type way too fast when posting these comments for some reason. LOL

    2. I hadn’t thought of that!

  27. That makes lots of things a whole lot clearer.

  28. This page is GORGEOUS. I just their warm weather clothes! Especially the little wings on the back of Holland’s coat!

  29. Awww, Meela, you’re so cute ^^

  30. Oh really now! Interesting…

    But, loving this page. I love Holland-Meela interactions, and this conversation is just a really lovely example of it all. And the colors and their autumn clothes~ Jeez, what’s there not to like? c:

    1. AGREED! Though one thing I don’t like about this story is that all of the updates take so long! DX Oh well, guess it DOES take a week to make things this good. I’ll wait a month to have the comic in top shape!

      …Nah, a week’s good enough :)

  31. She’s finally acting like a kid! And the plot grows THICKER…..

  32. *GASPS* Bounty Hunter!?!?:O:O:O
    And I love that cutie Meela<3
    And I want to see the market;D Actually, can't wait for it:D

  33. AWWWW I WUV Holland’s expression in the last panel THO CA-UTE!

  34. Beautiful page, again! I save this site for last when I’m checking my comics on Fridays, because it’s my favourite, and I’ve always subscribed to the idea of saving the best for last. It’s a reward for getting through the week! Even if I peek at other sites on my iPhone during a lecture on Friday morning, Strays must always be viewed on my computer screen, in all its glory, when I’m finished for the week. It starts my weekend!

    Am I in the minority here? I’m not surprised at all that Meela’s mother was a bounty hunter. I’ve been suspecting this to be true for a while now.

  35. I wish I could say I expected this since it makes total sense but I would have never guessed that Meela’s mother was a bounty hunter. If anything I expected her to be dead. Maybe that’s one of the reasons bounty hunters are after her, because her mother did something wrong or something.

    1. That’s a good observation. She could be tied to an unfortunate incident. I guess we’ll find out. :D

  36. superspecialawesome

    This page is amazing. Love it!

  37. thelightedDarkness

    Lol, Holland’s face. XD

  38. Meela’s following in her parents footsteps!

  39. I love Meela’s bounty hunter act! XD At first I thought Meela would break down because Holland mentioned her mom but wow! Meela is a tough girl :D
    Wait… where did that stick come from? O___O Did Meela conquer it up or something with magic?!
    Hehe, can’t wait for the next page!

  40. A new ship has entered the harbor and it’s name is Molland!!

    1. But he’s–well…he’s only seven years older than her…that’s less of an issue if she gets older. Still, I see him more as a big brother.

      1. My parents are 5 years apart, my boyfriend and i are 6… 7 years isn’t really that big of a jump; it just seems like it when you’re in school or one of the two is a child like Meela. Make her 20 and him 27. It’s not a big jump then.

  41. O_O Whoa… Mood-swing alert! Dang, you guys are good with your drawing! The only things I can do are stick-figures and Zentangles…
    Can’t wait to find out what happens next!!!

  42. But….. Her dad and brother were killed by bounty hunters…..


  43. Holland Holland Holland XD You shall always be my favorite! 0-0 Because I like birdies XD

  44. HOOIIILLANNNDDD!!! HOILLAND!! YOU IZ AWESOME e.o Why must you make me suspicious sometimes? ;.; YOu iz awesome and I have a backround of juuuu!

  45. I love Holland in the last panel! And Meela in every panel of course! Can’t wait for the next update <3

  46. Dawwww, Meela is so cute! And I’m loving Holland’s coat!

  47. I’m not sure I believe Meela’s latest revelation. I think it could quite possibly be her talking about how she imagined her mother as a child. If she did not have her mother at a young age, it’s very possible that she dreamed up an image of her mother and played around with the idea in her mind. Perhaps so well that she actually believes it.
    The way Meela has always referenced bounty hunters (telling Feral she was one) makes me suspicious.
    Love Holland’s way of getting information. He should be an undercover interrogator! He’d be so good at it.

    1. Maybe her brother lied about her mother, or she’s lying to cover up a darker secret?

  48. whoa she was!!!

  49. i want this book to be at barnes and nobles and sell thousands of copies. It’s a heck of a lot better than most of their comics!

  50. Meela is starting to get boobie bumps <3

  51. Hey, the previous button is broken: just thought you might wanna know.

    1. works for me to, maybe your browser is just super slow :)

  52. Wow, a friend of mine said for me to read this comic cause was good, she was soooooo wrong! its not good, its Excellent! Im diyn’ to read more!

  53. add also that Piper is a thief not a bounty hunter… but I digress….
    Great work! Meela’s so cute, and as far as the changes in mood… she is still a young lupin and probably has Attention Deficit… Oh… Squirrel! syndrome. lol.

    1. I love how you just did that, that’s so cool! (the …Oh… Squirrel! part) XD

  54. I think Holland doesn’t entirely believe her story…

  55. I’ve just discovered this comics. I love the drawing and the story.

  56. Almost Friday ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  57. I fell in love with this page. The colors are more than beautiful, the faces are priceless, and it’s just so perfect.
    I adore you guys’ work.

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