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Geez Holland, can't a girl go pee in the woods without getting the third degree? Also I should probably note that while Holland is mostly vegetarian, he does eat fish occassionally, being a swan and all.

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  1. Hehehe! Feral playing with food XD Poor Holland!

    1. heheh! (feral playing with food) I didn’t notice till I read the coments! ^_^

      1. gosh Feral, didn’t ya mum eva tell ya to not tease vegetarians?
        I learned that the hard way.

        1. Holland is eating fish…………

        2. He turns into a swan. Swans eat fish (maybe?) and not meat. Plus a lot of vegetarians eat fish but not read meat/poultry.

  2. Oooh is anyone else sensing a deep dark secret to be revealed, because I know I am!

  3. Feral’s expression in the next to last panel is priceless. XD He’s so cute! Run Holland!

  4. Does anyone else think Meela is counting down the days till she has to go off on her own?

    1. Either that, or she’s been counting the days since her brother died… but I think it more likely she’s counting the days ’till she has to leave the group, like you said.

      1. Maybe she assumes bounty hunters will come for her new family too.

        1. wow that a good idea :D it completely fits in with the story

        2. I was thinking maybe something happens on a certain day becuase those look like moon phases on there….

    2. Naw I bet she hit puberty >_< Blarg… I pitty her. Wait no. I envy her. She's a comic character she doesn't get puberty!

    3. im wondering if it has something to do with her family they might turn into wolf permanently and go crazy or turn into a wolf on the inside and kill everybody?


  6. erf Feral why are you so adorable x3 I love him on this page, he’s so cute.

    It’s really hard waiting every Friday to find out what Meela’s hiding. There’s so much anticipation! It’s not fair >.<


    1. I use to think he was the stronge silent type, until this page was made! but I agree he’s so cutttte!!!! :3

  7. Anyone else wanna have a button of that second to last pannel?

    1. lol, it should be a series of three buttons :D

    2. AGREED. I feel even worse that I missed the making of this page. ;A;

      1. FO SHAME SOFY!!, i was lonley

    3. Oh. My. Gosh. That would be so AWESOME!

    4. Lol! It would be so adorable! That face is priceless~

      1. thelightedDarkness

        I agree!!! T^T i missed it too, Sofy, *pat*

      2. Second count on this page…

  8. thelightedDarkness

    Grrrr! Fear Me ! I am the Weanie of Deeeeath!!!

    1. … *wroar* *eats thelightedDarkness*

  9. Holland eats fish and Feral is teasing him with meat. Lol! Can this page get any better? I just love his expression!

  10. I love Feral’s face <3

  11. Fear the fish!
    (why is he wiggling it…? xD)

    1. LOL You obviously don’t have vegetarian friends… Pahahaha we carnivores mean it all in good fun, but it bothers them when we.. Well, do exactly what Feral is doing. Shoving meat in the face lol

      1. Exactly!

  12. Ahh, poor Holland!! And Meela!

  13. So nice page! I’m really curious what will be next n_n
    Meela is hiding a secret, this is so exciting!
    on the 3rd pannel, where is book and Meela’s writings, some of the shading lays on her hand. It’s nothing big and I propably can see it only because I’m using a mobile device with big screen and the comic page is a bit zoomed.

    1. If you are asking where she has the book on the third panel, it’s on her lap. If you’re asking where the book went after she got up, chances are she put it away before getting up.

      1. Sorry for grammar mistakes, that makes me difficult to understand properly n_n”
        I was just talking about small coloring mistake in third pannel (brown hues on Meela’s hand), not about her book :)

        1. It’s not a coloring mistake. If you look at the first panel, you can see that she’s writing with her legs propped up, so the book is facing away from the fire. As a result, her hand and most of the page she’s writing on are in shadow.

        2. I guess she’s talking about it:

    2. Good eye. That’s me coloring outside of the lines because I’m a rebel like that.

      Or it’s just a goof that I have now fixed. Thanks!

  14. I had a thought last night: What if this deep dark secret of hers turns Feral, Holland, and Piper against her and they have to track her down and kill her? And then shed have to use her extremely new skills to be able to doge around them so they can’t find her? O thought that would be a semi dark twist.
    (So saying ‘last night’ is a lie, it was more around 2am)

    1. I can definitely picture that happening. Meela’s family was tracked down by bounty hunters for some reason and if Feral found out do you think he’d put Meela ahead of his job?

      1. Um…yes?

        1. I’m not so sure. I can picture Feral turning on Meela although in the last minute before he hurts/kills her decides against it. It’d definitely add drama.

    2. I would really like a poster with all four from Strays being themselves like this to add to my webcomic poster wall ; )

  15. That first panel is SO BEAUTIFUL! ;_; *weeps tears for prettyness* I do believe this is the first ‘group shot’ we’ve had of our four main protagonists all together, and it came out great!

    I would personally really love to see a larger, better res version of the first panel as a desktop image or a poster or something like that. Anyone else agree? Maybe our awesome comic artists will make it happen if there’s enough call for it. :3

    1. That would be amazing! XD

    2. I’d buy it, that’s for sure!

    3. I would love both a giant desktop version as WELL as a great big print! I WOULD BUY THE HECK OUT OF A GREAT BIG PRINT. Or even a little one!

    4. I’d totally buy a print of that.

    5. Oh, wow–it WOULD make for a pretty nice poster and/or desktop wallpaper, wouldn’t it?

  16. Oh gosh Feral that face. I seriously need the second to last panel as a button or something! XD

  17. I completly forgot that Holland was a swan until the creators said something

  18. panel four almost makes it look like meela has some boobs. O.O

    1. just another troll


  19. That first panel is a masterpiece among the panels that make up this beautiful page.
    Panel 5…Yeah, we really need a button of this. XD

  20. Really wanting to know her frickin secret already!!!!

  21. Feral has a joker side! I Love his face! :D Poor Holland!

    Ooohhhhhhh all be over soon? SUSPENSE! Can’t wait!

  22. Meela, man I love her!

  23. Feral! Who knew you liked to fool around as well! XDDD He didn’t seem like the type until this page came out! I love the ‘evil grin’ on him! >:D

    Hmm… where is Meela goin’?

  24. I love this page! I love this whole story! I can’t wait for the next one. But I must ask.. Why is the campfire different in the first and last panels? In the first it looks like it’s on the ground, but in the last it appears in a bowl. Just wondering.

    1. If you look carefully you can see that it’s the same, but they just placed a bowl in front of it in the last panel.

  25. Holy crap Holland and Feral. That’s the best expression of them yet! XD
    AHAHAH. MY STOMACH. Awesome page by the way. :D

  26. Aaack! What’s going on?? D8

  27. It (the book that is) looks like some sort of lunar chart, though the phases of the moon don’t match with any charts I know. The last line interestingly enough has an “x” marker, I guessing Meela plans on leaving when that row is marked to 15. Or heres a though it could be a numbers system instead of a lunar chart with phases of the moon.

    1. I thought.. Oh I don’t even know. I just figured she was counting down days and the moons were just a reminder for her. Eheh ^^;

  28. Oh Feral, I love you. XD But Meela, you and your secrets… how dare you torment us. Tell us your secrets! D:

  29. Fifth panel… LMAO!!! Oh, Feral, you’re FUNNY sometimes!

  30. Loove the coloring and lighting on this page :)

  31. Meela seems to be growing into those huge boots. :D
    Feral is a wonderful troll – Holland looks mad AND scared. xD
    If anyone else remembers, in a previous page where Meela was using magic which started acting up, she was afraid that Holland would “figure out why”. And now she talks about counting down the days until her happiness is over. Seems like the two pages are closely linked by the same mystery question.
    The suspense is immense! :D

    1. I was thinking along those lines too :D
      I can’t wait to find out what she’s hiding

  32. I’m getting the idea that something about Meela really was responsible for bounty hunters coming and killing her family, and now she intends to leave so that bounty hunters don’t kill her new family too. That could be related to her overactive magic in an earlier page and her specific statement of “it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t do anything wrong” when she was sick.

    My theory; she’s a demon Lupian. It would be a call back to Page 31 when she suspected Feral was one, a callback Holland saying half-demons are usually not bad-natured, and it would explain why she has this dream-bond to Feral, who appears to have a connection to demons himself.

    1. I agree with you, remember at the beginning when meela said “my family is all gone. my brother he …um… died recently” sounds suspicious

      also, she says she always wanted to be in a clan, but “brother always said it would be to difficult”

      1. Hey, yeah, I forgot that line! And while I’m speculating, maybe all this could tie to Mithrennon, too, since he’s apparently hunting down anyone he sees as inferior, and that included half-demons. (I think it included Lupians too, but still.)

  33. GUH Why must we wait??? >.< I can't wait for the next page! I love that feralxholland action, there xD We can has buttons?

  34. Amazing, as always. I can’t wait to see what Meela is hiding. =)

  35. Perhaps Meela is cursed to die soon…or something bad happens when she reaches a certain age which might be why the bounty hunters are after her…Feral is so adorable

  36. What if she is just on her period… You know, since she can transform and all now maybe she is maturing.

    1. That was JUST what I was thinking. What with the moons in the book and all, maybe she’s just counting down the days.

      1. Oh myyy… I just can’t stop laughing!
        Thumbs up!

    2. LOL, her period… xD That made my day.

    3. OMG I. I had a friend that tells the story that when she got hers as a kid, she thought she was DYING. WOULDN’T IT JUST BE HILARIOUS IF THAT WAS WHAT THIS DRAMA WAS ABOUT. xDDD Not likely (because draaammaa) but omfg. Wow.

      1. Anyone ever read the Books of Pellinor? Maerad when she first gets hers…. hilarious! Poor Cadvan.
        I was thinking along similar lines when I saw the lunar chart and stuff.

        1. OMG I have read that series. Her period… i couldnt stop laughing, she thought she got a disease. Cadvan had to sit and hold her hand, it was so awkward.

  37. lolz faral!

  38. I’m getting really curious now….what are you hiding Meela

    And lsdkfj is it me or is the button for the newest page no longer changing? I dunno if that’s intentional or not.

    1. They stopped changing the ‘newest page’ thing at fan request as I understand it. : )

  39. Feral’s face…

  40. I honestly think it has something to deal with the earlier page when shes having trouble with her magic

  41. Oh shit! What the heck has that girl gotten into now???!!!

  42. Damn guurrlll what did you get into this time? :/ Tsktsk.

    LOVE that first panel. Desktop size or print, plz?? Man. So need it.

    Feral and Holland at the bottom are just priceless as well, and YOU GUYS AND YOUR LIGHTING. UGH. That last panel, the firelight off Meela… ugh. Just. I’d buy a print of that too. FIRELIGHT MAKES THE PRETTIEST IMAGES.

  43. First time Feral ever smiles is here where he teases Holland

  44. Browsing the comments, not sure if anybody’s mentioned it, but isn’t Mr. Panther man still following them? Got a bad feeling concerning him coming up.

    1. After 6 months, I reckon he would have given up.

  45. is meela…a werewolf? LOL

  46. uh-oh… stuff’s gonna get ‘Real!!!’

    should I stop reading for a few weeks to find out?
    nono.. I could take it!

  47. Second to last panel is so much precious <3

  48. attention everyone, feral has just smiled! I repeat, feral has just smiled! You are all advised to calmly run for your lives.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      That….is an evil smile O_O

  49. I think that Meela is referring to this ( “conversation”.

    She probably thinks that since she had to “beg” Feral to teach her to survive (offering to leave once she could survive on her own), and that her training is seemingly coming to a close, she feels that she will be forced to leave him.

    But that’s just my theory. =)

    1. Agreed, that was my thought too

  50. There is a secret to be uncovered


  52. Love the fifth panel! Make a magic shield, Holland! xD

  53. Maybe it has something to do with her Random Magic Outbursts? She did say that Holland was already noticing it and with the Moon phases on the pages, I would guess it would happen on a certain day… :)

  54. Oh Feral :b

  55. I’ve always loved the atmospheric lighting in this comic–especially in the night scenes. In fact, for me, is page really brings back memories of some of the earlier chapters–though I doubt that was intentional. XD

    I’m sure a lot of us long-time readers (particularly those paying extremely close attention to detail) have some pretty concrete ideas as to what Meela could be hiding…but as always, we’ll just have to wait and see!

    1. THIS page, I meant to type. Blergh. >_<

  56. Haha! I never noticed before but in the first panel Holland is looking at Feral like “Ew. That’s gross, man.” and Feral is all “What? Oh, you don’t like roasted bunny? TOO BAD! ~wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH~”
    ahahahahaha XD

  57. This post seems sad and I don’t know why lol. Anyway does anyone know how to contact the owners of this comic?

    1. You can contact us at straysonline (at) change the (at) to the @ symbol, of course. :)

  58. //LE GASP
    Feral has a sense of humor!

    Everything I thought I knew just went poof…

  59. Whee! I can’t wait until the secret is revealed. @.@
    This has got to be one of my favourite pages so far- I love the lighting, and Feral is adorable. XD

  60. I feel like lately, Meela has been in a rather melencholy sort of mood. Maybe it’s just the way it’s been her narrating. ahdahdf I absolutely love this webcomic. Top fave in tie with Lackadaisy. <3

  61. I feel like meela has a deep dark secret she’s not tellin us! oh! I can’t wait to find out! ^_^

  62. I need the next page NOW!

  63. Lol this is the first time that I notice that Holland is the only one there….with out a tail XD

    1. poor tail less Holland XD lol

  64. i would laugh if the meat feral is teasing holland with is a bird of some kind



  65. Feral is smiling!!!!!

  66. wait with those memories that are not hers what if she goes into a new life?

  67. Too bad you don’t have an enlarged picture of the panel with Feral taunting Holland. xD

  68. some random gamer

    i bet thats bird-meat ferals waving in holland’s face…

  69. some random gamer

    i bet thats bird-meat ferals waving in his face…

  70. I really wish there was a bigger picture of the second to last panel xD
    Still cracks me up!

  71. you have to be verry carful in the strays world, who knows, that dear your hunting could be someone

  72. I love Feral’s grin in panel 5 >u<

  73. The meats probably like so sort of bird meat

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