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And here is Meela's first transformation. We wouldn't rob you guys of it, it just came a little later ;) The second page of this week's double upload will be posted on Saturday (since we're still working on it). See you then!

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  1. I love Meela’s happy face :)

    1. Her “Puppy” face ;)

      1. Yeah it is charming.

  2. Ah, gosh! Those ears on human-form Meela are just so precious! <3 Too, it's great she got the hang of transforming, but now nobody will get any rest with Meela-puppy's romping around. X3

    1. That was also my first thought! Well played Algy and Cels. You really know your fans! XD

  3. Hmmm…Panel 2 makes me wonder… When Meela is in her human-looking form, her ears look like pointed human ears rather than wolf ears, but Piper’s look like fox-ears regardless of her form. Does she do this on purpose, i.e. just keeping her fox-ears to give herself better hearing, or can she not make them disappear? (like the way the Lupians always have tails, regardless of their form?)

    P.S. Meela is adorable <3

    1. That’s simply a preference between the different races. Lupians like to have pointy humanoid ears and Vulpians prefer to show off their fluffy fox ears.

      1. Thanks! It’s a nice touch :)

      2. I don’t understand how it can be a matter of personal preference if Meela hasn’t mastered transforming until now, yet she’s had a tail all along…

        1. Unlike the ears, I think the tails are a permanent thing – something they can’t hide with shapeshifting either way.

    2. Thank you for asking this question. It was something I hadn’t even realized I was wondering about!

      World building little tidbits like this are a fave of mine.

      Loving Meela’s wolf form; cannot wait to see it in action. And that little ear-addition – my first thought was, “Hellooo fanart.”

  4. adorable!!

  5. Haha panel 2

  6. Haha! I love panel two! Too perfect, you guys. I also love her happy-wolf face, and how joyful she looks when she fully transforms! Gah I just love the whole thing :3

  7. Panel two may be the greatest thing ever created.

    1. I no rite?

      I think it immediately jumped into my personal Top 10 Greatest Panels of Strays. =D

  8. dat transform….. is amazing
    btw, then what happened in the page before? when she hunted the rabbit

    is that also from piper’s teaching?

    1. These are flashbacks right now. It’s kinda like Meela is writing in her journal, retelling what has happened up to the point where she is hunting and cooking the rabbit.

  9. Piper taught Meela how to transform.


    Ok, that is legitimately splendiforous. I especially love the second panel.

    One critique, if I may: Piper’s arm-guards seem to get lost when put up against her dress. Maybe have a little highlight to distinguish them from one another?

  10. Come on Piper, fluffy ears aren’t funny. Feral didn’t laugh you out of town when he saw yours, and neither did Holland, so don’t go giggling at Meela.

    So am I right in assuming that each species has a transformation color? Back in page 46 Feral, a Lupian, transforms in a flurry of gold lights, in page 188 Holland, a Lyrian, transforms while surrounded by blue light and then uses blue-colored magic, and here Meela, another Lupian, has gold light as well.

    1. It’s more like each individual has a shade of color their magic trends towards, it isn’t based on species. Feral’s is more of a greenish-yellow, but it’s hard to tell in the early morning light of Page 46.

  11. That is really nice of piper! It seems to me Feral, holland, piper and meela are starting a nice bond between one another. A friendship if you will. Everyone is really growing and changing especially meela! So proud of her!

  12. Aaaw, it was worth to waiting for that page!
    The second pannel is awesome, Meela looks sooo cute with those fluffy ears! And her happy face is drawn so well!

    But, I’m curious, are they have seasons in their world? Because since the beggining of the comic the weather is warm and sunny (like summer/spring) and after six month is still very similiar (in the page with bunny are a lot of flowers, just like in the spring). I’m very curious if they have autumn and winter too, especcialy because they have got one, but rather big moon, just like our Earth.

    1. In Meoley, the majority of the regions stay warm all year ’round (like California, USA). Temperature does change in the far north or south, but there’s no freezing weather unless you go up in elevation like on top of mountains.
      The region our group is in is practically a cool summer year’round.

      1. I wanna live in a world like that, I hate winter. Most of the critters migrate and hibernate. Everything is pretty much black and white. Nope, I like summer a lot better. I would like to buy a ticket to Meoley please. lol

      2. That sounds sooo nice :C I wish I lived in place like that.
        In my country we have got 6 or even 7 cold months (usually from September to March, but few times there was snow in April) and sometimes even summer isn’t sunny. This year were a lot of storms in July and August and some small villages were destroyed by them D:

        1. I know how you feel, I live at latitude 65
          …but I love snow :3

      3. *Sighs* What you said about California is all too true. A while back, there was rain while the temperature was over 110 degrees (not sure of exactly how hot it was), which set a world record for hottest rain in recorded history.

        Still, if this part of Meoley is like a cool summer the entire year ’round, and the temperature stays mostly below triple digits, then it actually sounds pretty nice. However, the hotter parts must be nasty at times, especially in a universe where a lot of people have some fur-covered tails or ears to keep them warm, even when they don’t want to be.

  13. Big puppy feet! :D

  14. Aaww, Meela looks really cute in wolf form!

  15. ..I just realized.. Feral is the guy from Meelas dream that killed every one so she and her brother fled.. =w=’ it’s his weapon and tail at least.. (I think)

    1. Can’t be. When Holland had that flash back to when he met Feral, Feral was quite young and had his neck all messed up and couldn’t talk.

      The dude who killed everyone, he could speak and he was older then the young Feral that Holland met.

      1. Where does it say he could speak? The only flashback we saw him in, he seemed to just be killing people with a grin on his face. As for the timeline issues, it really all depends on what ages Meela and Holland were, respectively, in their flashbacks. Feral’s twenty eight, so we have eight, maybe nine years to work within for Meela if he is the culprit, and it would have to be earlier for him to look like the Teenage!Feral.

        Adding to the theory that it was him, there’s a red glow coming out of his eyes, and Meela may have misremembered that only one eye was red (of course, that could a number of things too.) Also adding to it is that, yes, it does look a lot like Feral.

        Though I couldn’t find him using that scythe thing anywhere.

        1. At the most extreme, Holland could have been seven in his flashback and that would give Feral plenty of time because Meela would be less than one, giving Feral plenty of time to grow out of teenagerdom if she’s, say, four or older in her flashback.


  17. Aw!! Meela human with wolf ears it ADORABLE!!!

  18. I thought she was a wolf before.

    1. I think that was after this. From the looks of things, that took place shortly before she wrote the narration. This is a further-back flashback.

  19. i just ADORE meela’s wolf form! i love the markings on it!

  20. Meela is such a cutie. I love her character so much.

  21. Awwww! So cute! Panel 2, 4 and 6! Keep up the good work guys!

  22. And then. She became all fluffy and everyone hugged her and her happy face. Mhmmmm

  23. I love the 2nd panel.

    *Pop!* Ahahahaha.

  24. Second panel… Just… LMAO!!! Oh, Meela! You are SO funny! Can’t wait ’til the next page!

  25. YES! Finally we see it happen (does this mean the flashback is almost over?)

    I love Meela’s happy-fang-face on panel 4.

  26. Cool! It looks like magical flames are around Meela in the last panel. Job well done!

  27. First panel, Piper is missing her left arm brace thing?
    Second panel, Meela’s shirt collar line is extending to her hair?

    Love this comic! <3

    1. Oops. Yes, Piper is missing her left arm brace. Meela’s collar is a turtleneck though, so it rides up pretty high sometimes.

      1. I mean away from the turtleneck part, it looks like she has earbud cords…


  29. Okay, who else here heard a little “pop” when her ears came out. Show of hands. *raises hand*

    1. *raises hand*

    2. *throws hand up there also*

    3. *raises hand also*

  30. I think it would be cool if there was an mmorpg game of strays. Like the 3d kind of game. I dont know what youd do in it besides choose a race and explore.

    1. I agree, I would definately play that game if it were real. Maybe you could choose to be a bounty hunter or thief, too as a type of class. And you start off as a child like Meela at first and learn the trade as you progress through the game. :)

      1. Maybe you could even choose your race

  31. this has nothing to do with the page, but you may want to try to redownload the page when I tell you this (lol, OCD will strike again!)to the bottom left of the second panel, there is color… it is right outside of the panel. (the comments made me stare at the panels and notice this tiny mistake… sorry if I offended you. I LOVE YOUR COMIC… but I don’t have any idea to make one of my own *facedesk*…)…

    1. Whoa, nice catch. We’ll fix it and thank you!

      1. your welcome… lol… hehe ^^”

  32. Well worth the wait! Her wolf form is every bit as cute as it was on the title page for the chapter. XD


  34. Aww, she’s such a cute puppy… XD


  36. Great page! but…Y’know, I’ve been wondering for a while

    How come Piper has her fox ears all the time, but Meela and Feral don’t have wolf ears all the time?

    1. That’s simply a preference between the different races. Lupians like to have pointy humanoid ears and Vulpians prefer to show off their fluffy fox ears.

      1. Well… you can certainly tell by the look on Meela’s face (pannel 2) that she does not prefer to show her wolf ears while in Human form.

      2. So is it possibly for either of the Lupians and/or Vulpians to completely humanify their forms (normal ears/no tails)? I ask, because I noticed the avian people have normal ears and no tails.

  37. Deadly Nightshade

    I love this comic! <3 I have been reading it since page 1!

    -Just a question-

    Could there be something where the person could change into a dragon or reptilian or something similar?

    1. There is a race of dragons that can shift too.

      1. Sweet! I love dragons! Do we get to meet any?

  38. Also I love Piper’s new outfit :) So pretty

  39. Aw, Meela’s so cute :) I love this comic.

  40. Meela’s face is classic in the second panel.


  42. What time will the Saturday page be released?

  43. That`s awesome /and/ undeniably cute. You guys epic win. XD

    I like Piper, I`m glad Feral hasn`t tried to kill her again.

  44. x3 Cute Meela is cute!

  45. Wow…
    I’ve been following this comic since page 60, Its come such along way :) I love this web comic more then any other! Good Job guys :D

  46. Well, that escalated quickly. I mean… I read all the 234 pages in 2 days. On my cellphone! I guess I’m addicted to webcomics. This one, Alpha Luna, Paradigm Shift, Twokinds, Jollyjack’s Sequential Art, Dream*Scar and Spinnerette.

    Wow! I got tired of typing that!

  47. cheek pinching old ladies beware! meela is here!

  48. It would be awesome to see all of them in their forms! :D

  49. Panel 5 … Glowing Happy Confused Wolf.
    Why confused? There is a glowy question-mark above her. And now I can’t un-see it.

  50. Is that why Meals!wolf looks foxy? Because Piper taught her?

  51. This is officially one of my favorite pages so far

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