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Child abuse!

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  1. Soo… she keep having her dreams. Interesting! I guess that it will be explained in the next few pages, I can’t wait for them!
    Poor Meela, she have got two short sticks, and Feral (propably) just one but long.
    Awesome work, as always! Hope it’s the next friday D:

    1. She’s got two short sticks because her weapon of choice are the two knives.

      1. I couldn´t have said it any better.

  2. I think I’ve just figured out why he can’t remember, His memory hasn’t been suppressed has it? :O

    1. That’s an extremely witty observation. o_o
      I think that might be what’s going on :O

      1. I was thinking it could be too. I’m wondering if the one red eye has to do with his suppressed memories?

  3. :D WHOO! Feral is teaching… in a harsh way :/ Still love this page.

  4. wow, that mouth of the first panel…

  5. Every Friday I log on read the page update, and feel slightly disappointed that there aren’t more pages for me to read…. IT’S JUST THAT GOOD! *Wants more reads*

  6. ;w; -Huggles Meela.-

    I love Feral’s face in the last panel. XD

  7. i have to say, the new font is really hard to read :(

    1. You may need glasses (seriously, not insulting). A lot of people don’t realize they are far-sighted and it can happen early.

      I’m nearly 40 (my eyes aren’t as sharp as they were), I’m a designer (we get persnickety about legibility) and I find it very easy to read. At any rate, hang in there. It’ll probably be back to the regular font soon. It’s supposed to look like Meela’s handwriting as she’s narrating in her journal.

      1. sorry but (i’m 41) my vision is still pretty great with no need for glasses (hope i can continue this way for many years, but apparently everyone else in my family started needing them in their 40s) and i also find this font unclear, at best. when it goes to print the size will be larger than it appears on the screen now, i assume, but still – a good book editor will tell you to change it. handwriting-ish fonts are fine, but you have to be careful to choose a legible one.

        1. If you are 41 and haven’t had an eye exam in a while, you may want to get one. That is when some people start needing glasses and bifocals. A lot of folks avoid getting them check til later bc they mistakenly think their eyes are fine and don’t start going until later.

        2. I’m sorry the font is hard to read. I’m really picky about my fonts and I’m usually pretty good about using ones that everybody can read without issues. I wasn’t sure about this one, but I liked it and nobody spoke up on the last two pages about it.

          But if it is indeed somewhat difficult to read I will look for another option and redo the font on the last few pages.

      2. It is because the font is lighter (more grey than black) that makes it difficult to read. Everything else on the page, even font 1/3 the size is readable, more due to the contrast.

        1. On my iPad and Macbook they both look dark. Can it be the different monitor setting.

      3. I’m 22 with 20/20 vision (with contacts in, of course) and I have to agree with the others who say it’s hard to read. I believe the girls both create the comic on Mac computers, so that may have something to do with it, like you mentioned. If it was perhaps a little larger and a little darker I think it’d be easier on the eyes.

        1. I’ve updated the font. It should be more legible now :3

        2. I like it the way it is! :) It not only shows Meela’s personality, but also gives way that she’s not the neatest writer ^^U

        3. much better! still a fun font but much easier to read while just glancing over :)

  8. The expressions are fantastic! There’s an intimacy (non-sexual) between the two that wasn’t there before. But poor Meela—that’s one doozy of a bruise!

  9. I wonder if his lost memory has anything to do with the scars and red eye?

  10. If Meela narrating, she is a very understanding pup of Feral’s strict teaching… because I know a lot of other kids would complain…
    LOOOOOVE THIS PAGE!!!! It’s my fix for the whole week!

  11. Hmm.. Feral seems to really like Vests… He’s got a whole collection of them.

  12. Feral is still fluffy.

  13. Interesting~ I love what’s going on!

    The change of outfit was nice~ Meela looks a little more mature now! ♥

  14. Are we sure he’s really lost his memory? From what Holland was saying to him earlier it sounded like they both had an idea what was going on with Meela’s dreams and were choosing not to elaborate just yet.

    1. The way I see it, Feral doesn’t personally remember his past (as it said on the character sheet, and implied by not seeming bothered by Meela’s dreams.) However, he still has Yuen’s journal and can read the language it’s in, as demonstrated when he tried showing Meela his name in it. He might not personally have known the name of the boy who wrote it, himself, was Yuen, though, since a person writing a journal might not ever refer to themselves by name. (Explaining his confusion when Meela mentioned that name.)

      Basically, Feral might know the events Meela describes, but not necessarily that it’s about him.

  15. Feral has all the coolest outfits. I never take an interest in clothes unless I’m reading this comic. The costumes are so eye-catching.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Yeah they are C:

  16. wow! look at that face!(in panel 1)
    nice dress meela

  17. She is quite understanding indeed. But it is Feral it’s prety dang awesome that he’s teaching at all.

    But I would totally be excited to have Holland teach me cooking! x3

  18. So happy to see this page with text finally. Used to think the livestreams were spoilers but quickly realized they drive me more crazy not knowing 100% whats going on without seeing the text XD Also, I love this page. Meela looks so cute in the last pannel. :)

  19. Fifth panel… it looks like there’s a deep well of brooding hatred in her eyes! @.@

  20. Seems like she have problem with her dreams, jeje…

  21. Feral, stay fluffeh.

    1. Indeed, he needs to remain fluffeh.

  22. Be strong Meela!

  23. I find that the new font is hard to read im near sighted so the close it is to me the easier it is to read and i have to get farley close to my laptops screen jsut so that i can read the font easier and i only have to do that with the new font

  24. I have to ask a question. Way off topic, but:

    If a female dog is considered a ‘bitch’.
    And Meela IS female, and IS part wolf.
    Would she take it as an insult if you called her a bitch?

    1. You know, I actually find that an enticing question… I guess Meela isn’t really a female dog, but a person who can turn into one, so yes, I think she’d be offended, but I think only the people making the comic could really answer that one for you -.-

    2. In Meoley, a lot of “Norm” (our world/dimension) terms do come to influence the normal society.
      A female Lupian is generally referred to as ‘she-wolf’. If one says ‘bitch’ it is an insult.

      1. Ohh. Okay.
        Lol, I was just always wonderin’ about that. xD

      2. so if a female lupian is a she-wolf, what’s a male?

        1. a wolf, same as always.

        2. A stud…hahaha /shot

        3. thelightedDarkness


  25. I love that page.

  26. Yey! I have wifi on the one day I really needed it! I’m sooooo glad I got to see this page! Total worth it! Strays, you are the greatest artists I know! Thank you so much f

  27. Feral is looking rather stylish today! I’m liking the costume change for both of them :) Good job Meela! Take it like a MAN!!
    …Or a woman. That works too xD

  28. Be a man, you must be swift as the coursing rain, be a man, with all the force of a great typhoon, be a man, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moooon. Did anyone else think of that?

  29. Is Feral wearing two different outfits in these panels or am I seeing things? O__o

    1. They’re wearing different outfits in the last panel to signify that it’s a different day.

  30. That look kinda reminded me of Noodle from the Gorillaz

  31. :3

    I love this comic

  32. You can really see the diffrence in Meela’s thought process. If Feral had hit her before she would have whinned and said how mean he was. Now thay she has matured alittle and not to mention her life changeing experience she sees things in reality. This is going to help her alot, good job Meela

  33. I love how the outfits are constantly changing and how creative each one is

  34. I’m wondering where cat guy is during all these months.

  35. meanie…. but nice… …. ._. I think I’m growing an attraction to Feral…

  36. ouch! get him come hit him with ur stick meela!!!!!!

  37. I like feral’s face in the last panel

  38. Hey, so I love your comic, the art is beautiful, and the story line is amazing. I think I cried when Meela got hit by that dagger </3
    But, i have to say, that I really hate how you introduce the new pages.
    I hate that you have the full comic, although unreadable in the side bars, it's like a "OH HEY HERES THE NEW PAGE, BUT SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS EVEN BEFORE YOU CAN READ THE NEW PAGE!"
    I actually have to cover up that whole half of my computer screen and blindly click it so that I can see the whole page. That icon is just one giant spoiler :( It's actually pretty upsetting.

    1. I agree… I try to avoid looking at the icon.. but I don’t click it I click the “latest” :D

  39. I just noticed: Feral’s eyes are Christmas colors :3 so he’s santa.

    Mistory solved…

    … not at all, huh? xD

  40. meela’s outfit is so nice!

  41. Okay is it just me who’s wondering…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE PURPLE PUMA GUY?!

    1. thelightedDarkness


  42. I love this comic! I would give this an A+ if I were to mark it! Or any mark higher than that!

    Looks like Meela’s more mature now… I don’t know why and I don’t know if
    anyone else here thinks this but I miss the annoying, pumped up Meela from the first parts of the story. It always bring me a smile to see her over react and all that.

    But I guess it is better for Feral for her to be mature now, yippee for Meela!

  43. :O Characters changing clothing Omg! I love how this is going! But in the second panel, where Meela is falling, why is she falling directly back? Considering he hit her on the arm/one side, would she not fall to the other side? Sorry if this seems nit-picky it just caught my eye ^^;

    1. She staggers backwards after the hit and basically loses her balance and falls. I guess it’s not very clear in the panels, but that’s what’s happening.

  44. OWW! Feral! Stoppit!

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