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  1. Beat by a kid–literally. Poor Meela D:

    1. Children make great bludgeoning tools. XD

    2. nvm i guess he does throw random people

  2. “Beat with a kid” would be the correct description xD

  3. This whole PAGE is one of my favorites xD his way of telling Meela to shut up? :P

    1. Ya me to

  4. Talk about child abuse. :D

    1. One of the few places on the Internet where you’ll find the words “child abuse” followed by a smiley.

      1. I think that can be found on most of the internet actually, except for Facebook and anything with Christianity.

  5. Feral Heiss– using kids as blunt objects scince chapter 1

    1. God, I need thumbs up for your comments! xD

      1. ^-^ Thanks!

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I definitely agree with that statement. Thumbs up would be nice. Instead we have to second and third things.

    2. I fourth this statement.


  6. LOLOLOL this is a gewd page :3

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    This page is full of great things: chibi characters, huge eyes, beating people with children… amazing. I love this comic.

  8. Owch… >.<;

  9. Wow I love the first and second pannel! <3

    Meela's eyes are uneven in the thrid one though. One iris is bigger that the other… so weird looking…

  10. UltimateShadow-Fan

    Gotta love chibi and anime expressions :3 I know I do

  11. Meela in the last panel reminds me of Lilo in Lilo and Stitch

  12. Lol, this comic is genius ^^

  13. I decided to reread this webcomic (because its so awesome) and this is probably my favorite page

  14. feral’s so cute in the first panel lol i love his hair

  15. aha just got off kick-girl where it the cooments were talking about using the priest kid as a blunt weapon when the spiders appeared XD

  16. Hahahahahah bash kid attack seems legit

  17. Haha, that’s awesome, 10 for Feral…poor Meela X3

  18. Ouch kid, that had to hurt!

  19. *Picks up Meela*
    “Hmm. A weapon.”

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