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Damn, Holland. You be stealin' Meela's stuff as soon as she's unconscious.

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  1. No! Meela’s bracelet! Where did it go? Did they just take it of for some reason or did it get left behind or something? ‘~’

    1. It was just taken off. You can see it sitting on her pile of clothes in the previous page ;P

      1. Arr… :P I just looked at the other page. I really need to look more carefully at your comic, I keep missing stuff!

      2. Sank your Battleship

        ……… Did Holland strip her down? o___o

        1. I was wondering, I think she still has her shorts on. lol

        2. lol I can’t help but think Feral did, because all of her clothes are folded *just so* in the previous comic xD
          Just.. Saying..

        3. her bracelet is on top of her clothes

        4. Aaaaw, come ON. If so, it was out of necessity.

  2. The anticipation is building I can’t stand it!!!!
    What about Feral!?
    Where is he anyhow? Getting dinner? Breakfast?
    Being scarce?


  4. I love her eyes in the first panel…

    1. 8D Looks like previous Yuen’s cute surprised ones.


    1. I know right?! I hate this suspense of waiting a week!

      And where is Feral??!!!

  6. YAY I’m so happy she is OK. =3

  7. Dang 3 days….I can barely sleep 8 hours. lol

    1. darned too! I don’t get enough sleep as it is, now I’m all jealous of Meela

    2. Wait ’till you guys get poison in your system. :p

  8. Ugh! We have to wait another week! I NEED to stop reading it as it comes out!

    Oh Meela, it took you so long to figure this whole mess out, and all your consured about is your bracelet

    1. Well, it is the bracelet Tannor gave her…

      1. She seems easily distracted by jeweraly

        1. It was given to her by her now-dead brother. I think she would be easily distracted by it. And by the way, it’s spelt ‘jewellery’.

    2. You and me both, i’ve been reading since it came out, and every Friday I log in and read! :3

      I tried ignoring it one Friday, and read it anyway! XD

      1. I know! It’s too addictive!!!

  9. Aha! She DID remember! But unfortunately Holland thinks she’s still out of it, which I can understand from his point of view.

    A question: When did you guys start making this comic and posting it on the web?

    1. We began in 2007; November I think.

  10. Haha, MEELA CALM DOWN! TAKE THE CHILL PILL! You were just almost dead, take it easy girl!
    Although I guess its a natural reaction- since you miss a lot sleeping three days away hrm!

  11. Jeez. You know how stiff the muscles would be after three days of lying on rock? You wouldn’t be able to do much of anything for a while, I can promise that. Ouch.

    1. Actually, she’s laying on blankets. And under that is dirt, not rock :P

  12. I have read it from the start ^^ and found back to it again. The art has improved alot and the style is really appealing!

  13. BUT MEELA, IT’S RIGHT THAR WITH YOUR CLOTHES. I saw eet. D8 Don’t blame Holland, he too cute fer dat. ;3;

    I love the shading here; it looks warm, but also really dynamic at the same time. C: Especially when set up next to Meela’s tired, dark eyes.

    I’m so curious about how she’ll act around Feral now that she knows she’s been dreaming about him. Wouldn’t that just make for an awkward, very one-sided conversation? xD

    1. Doesn’t EVERY conversation with Feral feel one-sided? XD

      1. I can’t help it, I totally laughed at this XD


      2. Ahahahaha That is such a good point XD

      3. +1000 internets for you xP

      4. THIS IS VERY TRUE. But it would be even more awkward than usual one-sided conversations, I imagine. xD

      5. ^ Just keep your awesome coming.

  14. Kind of random but I like the trees in panel 4

  15. I love the lighting on this page! Very well done!

    BUT WHERE’S OUR FERAL?!?!?!? This suspense is KILLING me!!!

  16. Hipster Holland knows what he likes, and he likes her bracelet. >3

  17. See? I KNEW she was gonna freak out when she noticed her bracelet wasn’t on her wrist. I bet if it wasn’t for the fact she just woke up from a poison-induced, near-death rest, she’d be all over the place looking for it. Although I am intrigued as to why Yuen was Feral. This will be interesting to find out, indeed.

  18. Oh, her brother’s bracelet! The importance of it just hit me; good thing it’s right behind her…

    Poor Meela, she looks so pale; I really like the shadowing done for her face, and the subtle bags under her eyes.

    1. Actually, the bracelet belonged to her father, who then gave it to Tannor, who then gave it to Meela.

      1. Really? *Checks archives* Oh, right! Huh, it’s been a while…. ^ ^’

  19. i bet if feral was in the room at the time when she said yuen he would get rabid again! lol

    1. I don’t think so. He was awake at the one part she was talking about it to Holland. Unless he couldn’t hear their conversation…

    2. It’s back on 165 and 166. So I think he knows already.

  20. I’m concerned about how Feral is going to take this. I mean, his eye seems to be getting more out of control the deeper Meela gets into these memories. If he really doesn’t remember his past or how he lost his voice, this is not going to go over well when Meela shoves it in his face. I hope Holland can calm her down enough to think before she speaks…

    Feral… Somebody throw the Lupian a bone, damn it.

    1. Knowing how story drama goes, Feral will show up soon and Holland won’t be able to keep Meela from blabbering about how she was dreaming about Kid!Feral… I hope he’s able to keep control of his magic…

  21. The dreams are her bracelet? There’s a twist I never saw coming.

  22. Did anyone notice that Meela’s mouth is open in every single pannel she’s in on this page? I find that somewhat hularious. >o< She's screaming at Holland in in all the ones she's in! O_O… Poor Holland he looks so confused.

    Holland just give her the bracelet!!! That part is very easy to understand!!

  23. *Is calnly looking at the chaos and tilts head* more? *cute puppy pout*

  24. Suddenly stating “Yuen is Feral!” may not be the best idea. ^_^” But maybe it’ll help her remember, if the dream’s going to fade.
    She sounded like the dream is so important, but it looks like her brother’s bracelet takes priority. ^_^” (even if she had lost it, there’s nothing she could do about it at this moment. >_>” )

  25. I just wanted to say that I really like the way you’ve been casting shadows around her eyes these past two pages. Makes her look tired and somewhat starved or dehydrated, which I suppose was the purpose. It’s just interesting to see how a little color change and drawing her face in a slightly thinner way is enough to make her look sickly. Shows that you people are doing a really good job keeping her facial features constant. :) I know it’s an odd compliment to make. It’s just that whenever *I* try to make a comic the hardest part is to keep the characters looking like themselves from panel to panel. You’ve managed it wonderfully, which is evident by the fact that Meelas bodybuild and facial features have become so familiar to the readers that they are able to tell from a glance that she’s been sick for a couple of days – not just by the dark circles around her eyes, but by the way her cheeks seem a bit sunken, or how her neck and face seem thinner.
    The fact that I liked the rest of the page as well should go without saying. ^^

  26. Holland, give her back her bracelet, quick, before she gets hysteric! D:

    When Feral comes back, she should try addressing him as ‘Yuen’ and see how he reacts. Hopefully, he won’t freak out, lose consciousness, and start choking her. But if he does, Holland and his bird friends will kick his butt.

    1. Lolz, the thought of Holland kicking ANYBODY’S butt is hilarious, let alone FERAL’S butt….

      1. I don’t know, he looked pretty boss when he summoned a bow out of thin air! Who knows what else he could do?

        1. That’s very true, I suppose…. Still, it just doesn’t seem like he’s the butt-kicking type. He’s too playful on the surface (key word = surface…..)

  27. I’m thinking Feral went out to go kill some rabbits. He knows Meela likes rabbits and he might be getting her some for breakfast.

    1. Hopefully bringing back the meat instead of the bunny!

  28. i failed my driving exams today. world is not colorfull anymore.

    Anyway, I really like this page. I love their eyes, they are so full of emotions!

    1. My condolences for failing the exam. :(

  29. She’s going one “OMG” after another XD

  30. 5th pannel…. Meela, you’re scaring Oô

    Owh damn, Tannor”s bracelet ._.

  31. Wait so… how does she know the kid is Feral? I mean he looks so different as a kid o.O I never would have guessed it was Feral.

    1. Wow really? they both have the same eyes exept older Feral has one red eye. And black hair and that book. He’s took Feral looking to not be him. Man I’m not even sure If I should call him Farel anymore! Maybe I should start calling him Yuen >w<

  32. Can’t wait till the next page! I wonder if we’ll hear more of a back story on Meela’s bracelet and maybe learn about her family. I’d like to see what her Dad and brother Connor look like (Connor is Tannor’s twin but I’m sure he has a different personality, which probably gives him a different look or style). I wonder who their mom was… though she isn’t mentioned when Conner is consoling Meela on page 203. Great comic, I hope Meela feels better soon and Fural turns up.

  33. It looks like she has a single strand of hair coming out of her chin in panel three… marking her as an evil mastermind *gasp*!

    …Kidding. Love your comic!

    1. OMG YES!!!!!! xDDDDD I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. xD

      1. Haha, I didn’t notice that either!!! That’s funny!

  34. I don’t remember a bracelet

    1. it’s the bracelet her brother gave her, like in her dreams at the beginning of the whole comic… it’s like a leather braided bracelet…

  35. Bad Holland, taking Meela’s things! You’ve been spending too much time with Piper, bad!

    Okay, so he didn’t really take it, but the idea is funny :D

  36. calm down Meela, this is hard for all of us to handle, you’re gonna give someone a heart attack, much less yourself…

    what?! Feral! y u dissapear into thin air!

  37. Holland is such a caring person… He’s barely known Meela, but he’s been so worried for her….
    Wonder where Feral is (probably hunting)…
    And I want to know what happened with Piper and the guards!
    Poor Meela! She’s got so much going on and happening right now….

    1. No one was more worried than Feral, I am sure of it. And Feral is probably gone hunting to keep from killing Holland because of Meela getting hurt. She means more to him than he will admit.

  38. Also, looking back one page, it looks as though Feral was the one to fold all her clothes and put everything *just so* xD Look so neat and tidy!

    1. I believe Feral is a tad bit OCD, what do you think? lol

  39. omg she remember

  40. Sweetie! Turn around! It’s right there! CALM YOURSELF!!!

  41. Is it just me, or does Meela’s eye look extra huge?

    1. Her face is thinner and the shadows around her eyes make them pop up a bit more. I’d say it’s an optical illusion.

      1. Ahhhh… I seee…. That makes sense ^,^

  42. Meela looks soooooo cute in the first panel! Even more so then usual! I hope she finds her bracelet!

  43. I want a Meela bracelet!!

    1. Yeah! They should have those in the store! That would be sweet.

    2. i have to second this idea… i would so buy one

      1. I would too! That’s an awesome idea!

  44. Pfft, I just realized… One of them had to have changed her clothes. Wonder if that’s Feral’s shirt or one of Holland’s? Heh, wonder who had to do the job… Feral would have been really rough, so I kinda doubt it was him.

    1. It appears to be the same shirt of Feral’s that Meela wore back at the inn. But, yes, it’s possible Holland dressed her.

      1. I’m kind of thinking Holland dressed her, but I’m thinking Feral was the one to fold her clothes xD As I’ve said.
        But still.

        1. Looks more like a Holland shirt to me, with the collar of it like it is.

  45. To me, Meela’s line “I was lucid dreaming!” interferes with believability. It seems odd and out of place for her to use the term while stressfully yelling after being unconscious for three days.

    1. But the night before the party, Holland explained what “lucid dreaming” means, and offered to teach some techniques.
      Whether or not he taught any techniques right then and there is not shown, but the next day was the party. Almost a year ago for US, the readers, but from Meela’s point of view, waking up fully for the first time since the party, that conversation with Holland about lucid dreaming would seem very recent and memorable.

      1. Oh, it was almost a year ago. Phew, that time sure passed fast.

  46. OMG glad the site’s back up (was down for a scary time today… O.o)! Love the contrast of the color schemes from one scene to another… lol, poor Holland. He’s worried about you, Meela! Don’t go talkin crazy!
    Loving the story, though. It’s my favorite webcomic by far!

  47. He probably tinks she’s nuts…

  48. poor meela… bad holland bad! to take little meelas bracelet of.

    oh. and honlland looks a little bit of worried.

  49. Holland must be SO CONFUSED. Meela wakes up shouting about how she was lucid dreaming about Feral, then switches mid-sentence to ‘MY BRACELET!’
    Poor Holland…
    Feral had better have rabbit meat when he returns… I can imagine them eating nothing but rabbit for every meal, not knowing when Meela would wake up, wanting to have her favorite meal ready…

  50. Has the little unicorn symbol for the tab of this site ALWAYS been there? O.o

    1. I’ve got a paw… o.0

    2. I think it has.
      At least they have been there as long as I have known the site.

      1. oh… o.o
        what “unicorn symbol” ?

        haha i should really read better before posting. ^.^

      2. Goodness, it’s back to a paw now. >.> Algy, Celesse…you guys are messing with me, arn’tcha? Xb

  51. Meela goes from “not so good” to “my dreams! Theyre about Feral” she doesnt skip anythiing…

  52. I just noticed that actually… her bracelet I mean.
    One could have guessed the child in the dreams was Feral, with the strange goings on, it was quite a simple thing.

  53. Her bracelet is on top of the very carefully ocd folded clothing in the previous page… heh, even Feral makes sure everything is taken care of, including the bracelet.

    1. Yes Feral is a nice guy.

  54. NoOneElseHasANormalNameSoI'llStealOne;Jane

    BRACELETE HIDE AND SEEEEEEEEK!!! That’s totally my my thing!!!

  55. NoOneElseHasANormalNameSoI'llStealOne;Jane

    PREDICTION: feral is actually a homidal killer with past dealings with meela.

  56. Meela’s mouth is open a lot XD

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