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More dream talking. Sorry if it's boring ;__; Only one more page of it to go.

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  1. It’s not boring at all! It gives the theorists something to ponder and the rest of us some character insight.

    1. Well said.

  2. Awww Meelaaaa D;
    YES LISTEN TO THAT KID! WAKE UP NAOW D8 you shall not pass the gate of death D;

    And no I don’t think it’s boring :D Wehee ^^,

  3. I choose to embrace my growing curiosity. Tis not boring. -stares-

  4. I shall internet-slap you for assuming we-or I at least-would find this boring. XD This little brief moment, just Meela in her subconscious is kind of beautiful and sad actually, and I’m loving these pages. :)

    1. I second the motion and am second to slap the assumers….lol

  5. Boring? It’s rather inspiring! That Meela will give up the chance to see her brother again so she won’t disappoint him… Shows a very strong relationship between them :) atta girl, Meela! :D

  6. Are you kidding… this is far from boring, I get on every day to see if you have posted something, any thing new. I am in love with this comic. I have found vary little good comics out there but this is one I keep on my speed dial on my phone. Please write more and keep up the good work. :)

    1. They post on every Friday. Well, almost every Friday. Sometimes on Holidays and stuff they take a break. I can’t wait until next week! I count the days! During a boring class at the end of the week I’m like, “Come on and finish the lesson so I can go home and read the latest page!” You guys are awesome! :D

  7. That kids a smart one o.o

  8. Boring? omg so much plot cannot handle

  9. This one is not boring. Its exciting to see her fighting death. cant wait for the next one. I love this web comic. its the best one I read. Thank you for all your hard work.

  10. I wonder if Feral is Yuen and has been knowingly projecting this dream/hallucination—and had been knowingly projecting the other dreams, too? His reaction when Meela was describing her last dream to Holland almost supports this.

    1. If he is projecting anything, it almost certainly would be subconsciously. Both authors have stated several times that Feral doesn’t remember anything, so when Meela was explaining to Holland her weird Yuen and Mal dreams, Feral was just as confused as they were.

      Though it seems pretty probable that Feral is causing it unconsciously somehow, since Meela never started having these dreams until she met him. But yeah, it’s definitely not something he’s doing on purpose.


      1. Well how do we know she hasn’t had any other equally strange dreams? She only fell asleep once before meeting Feral, and that seemed like a pretty detailed dream also…

  11. Boring? Far from it. Though, I have to be honest – I would be CREEPED OUT if a little boy from my dreams started talking directly to me and giving me advice.

  12. Wake up Meela! WAKE UP!!!

  13. This page is most certainly NOT boring! This is beautiful, and very interesting. Keep it up, I love this comic. =)

  14. Wow, who is this kid in Meela’s mind, dicussing death so casually?

    1. It’s Meela! Only it’s not Meela. It’s that boy Meela person. Only I doubt it’s really him, I think it’s more along the lines of Meela’s subconsciousness making this up as a way of coping.

      But that’s just me.

  15. I’m loving her eyes. I mean she look sick. OK I know its a bad thing that she is poisoned. But you make her look sick. Good in an art way. *feels like a jerk*

    I can’t wait for next page! T^T

  16. Wake upppp Meela!! Feral’s worried about youuuuu!!

    Not bored :3

  17. Ahhh!!! it’s killing me that I have to wait a whole WEEK for the next page! Come one Meela LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!

  18. Meela! Don’t you recognize the book?! Or maybe she’s just not as obsessed with this as we are. XD I can’t help but wonder what Feral’s been doing and feeling while Meela’s been passed out like this. Worried, obviously, but I wonder if he’s gonna show any outward signs? I mean, I don’t expect him to be bawling or anything, but it’d be nice if she saw him acting less indifferent than usual.

    1. You’re right! That’s Feral’s book!

    2. I’m afraid it’s entirely too likely that he’s going to be, if anything even more stand-offish with her directly, if I’m reading his character right (which definitely is a HUGE assumption on my part). *le sigh*

      1. Crap…you’re probably right. I imagine he’ll either teach Meela how to properly defend herself, even though that’s more likely to get her hurt, since she’s one to go looking for trouble, or he’s going to do whatever it takes to get rid of her, for her own good.

    3. That’s what I said! It is the same book!!!

  19. No, no, not boring… Just suspenseful xD YOU CAN DO IT MEELA!

  20. Had another thought. Yes, meela, wake up soon. Otherwise you’ll be stuck talking to this kid xD

  21. the suspense is killing me!!!
    wake up meela!!!

  22. OMW!! I just noticed how cute boy Meela looks in the last pannel!

  23. Best comic ever – just sayin. The plot is unrivaled! X3

  24. I find it kind of funny that just last page he was saying “Or maybe you could die.” And now he’s saying “Then you should wake up soon.” It’s kind of like he’s playing with her, but like he doesn’t really know the answer either.

  25. Aw, I guess Tannor IS dead, then…

  26. I love the “You should wake up soon” line.

    And while there is one sense of “boring” here it’s not in the major sense. We still are waiting for her to wake up, leaving us hoping she will but still with that “What if she doesn’t?” feeling.

  27. i’m not bored with this dream thing, but part of me is curious to see what unfolds from the information they got and where they plan to head next

  28. Boring? Haha, from where did you get that? These pages are so awesome. It shows that Meela is more than eyes may see, a strong and courageous girl. And show us that her relationship with her now friends is strong enough to she wants to wake up. Thanks for share your art with us.

  29. I am NOT bored! I am dying to find out more about Boy Meela who’s probably actually young Feral…. and for Meela to wake up ASAP

  30. not boring at all I concure with the others*trying to sound smart XD*

  31. Just came across this comic, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This part reminds me a little of Harry Potter and Dumbledore in Book 7 when Harry “dies” and is told he can make a choice to live. I’m interested to learn more about this kid she keeps seeing. Nice storytelling guys!

    1. Aaah I remembered that scene too!

  32. Ok that is so Feral’s book that boy Meela is holding. The one she found in Feral’s pack at the inn. It’s got to be Feral just Meela’s subcounous replaced it with a male version of herself it seems.

    1. Yeah, it is Feral’s book. If you ever saw the decoded message of the journal page, then you know that the journal was once Yuen’s.

      1. maybe Feral was Yuen? And since he forgot his past then he made himself a new name too…

  33. It’s not boring at all!! it’s really interesting ;) makes me wonder lots of things


  35. I wanna hug that little inner boy person, he’s so cute!
    I like the 4th panel, I think it is, the one where she’s in pain. I like the ripple effect you’ve got around where the wound is and the curls of red, very artistic, very showing of the pain she’s feeling even while unconscious.

  36. Just discovered this webcomic today! :) I love the unique characters and the serious-yet-funny plot :) Also, I love how the pages are always consistently high in quality! This webcomic has so much potential, I can’t wait to see more :)

  37. Love this page !
    Little-boy-which-look-like-Meela-very-much, you’re a savior u_u
    He even talk like an adult Oô
    Hold on, Meela ! Be stronger than the poison ! ><

  38. That kid is beginning to confuse me…

    Does he want her to die? Or not?

    Btw, what the heck are Feral an Holland doing?! Cause I’d kind of like to know if Feral stuck Holland to the wall with his knife X3

  39. This is SO creepy.

  40. It must be interestig for the authors, reading what everyone thinks is going on. They have us hooked (*imagining them grinning evilly*) and only they know the Truth!
    Gaaaaahhletusknowwhat’sgoingon!!! Please! I need to know!

    1. I’ve been thinking about that for quite a while now. They see us all speculating, acting so sure that we know what’s going on. Chances are that SOMEone has the right idea, but Celesse and Algy certainly aren’t giving anything away. And I don’t want them too! I prefer to let the story spin out in it’s own due time. XD

    2. I sometimes imagine them reading the comments together on one computer, pointing and laughing at the theories that are really far off, congratulating the theories that are close to the truth, maybe using a few ideas we’ve suggested as red herrings…

  41. The suspense builds!
    Little Yuen looks SO cute in the last panel!
    I like the effects in the fourth panel, with the red swirlies for the poison. The way she’s holding her stomach is very expressive.
    Yuen’s eyes in the next panel are STRIKING!

    1. Hey I said he was cute in the last pannel too!

  42. :l…:'(… >:(… XL… 8F… XP

  43. I thought the guy who killed yuen’s dad was feral, and yuen was meela’s dad and feral killed him eventually like he said he would

  44. Wake up Meela.

  45. It’s not boring. I just get confused. Meela is so adorable

  46. not boring AT ALL!
    Wait, so is Tannor dead? Or is Yuen talking about Meela’s other brother, who we’ve never seen and Tannor mentioned a page or two back? Yuen seems to be acting as a sort of sounding board for Meela here, just throwing out suggestions. (And he’s so cute!)
    Also: STUNNING art, love Meela’s sick, droopy eyes, and the illustration of the wound is really cool.

    1. Yeah, Tannor’s dead in the whole comic .-.

      1. Ohhh. From the first chapter, I thought he had left Meela and set off on his own. Now I’m sad.

  47. Hey, I’ve wondering around in the gallery and saw that:
    Have you noticed that history’s Meela is currently wearing the same shirt that Feral uses in this picture? Does this make any difference?

    1. Oh wow :| Didn’t even notice that. Nice spot! Maybe it does, or maybe it’s just a convient long shirt.

      1. Remember that earlier on when they were at the inn Meela had Feral’s bag and she started making her self some new clothes. Im guessing thats the shirt she took of the sewing

  48. i knew she would live

  49. can’t wait till TOMARROW!!!

  50. just found this webcomic on, read all through it and subscribed to the feed.

    great work girls, i love the facial expressions here (besides other stuff :D).

  51. it’s the magical poisons that the antidote is to… solve a life problem or sumthin XDDD

  52. I love the top right corner panel, the pose is so cute! ^.^

  53. radom thing to say I’m hungery right now…

  54. O.O! is that ferals book the meela picks up in the inn?!?

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