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Things go according to plan so far. Also, we've updated the about page to include Holland.

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  1. The blond guy in the first panel looks like Algy’s Helios character… owo

    1. The lord reminds me of Snape.

  2. Bowties ^_^

  3. She does have a thing for talking to her brother.

  4. Haha, kinda like how a lot of female anime characters like to talk to their dead mothers? :)

  5. panel #6 I don’t think he likes Lupians all that much because when he said the word “Lupian” he accompanied it with a *look of disgust*. Any one else notice this?

    1. Remember why Holland hired Feral. Mithrennon has been involved in some less-than-commendable dealings against humans, half-breeds, etc., lupians included. Holland is trying to expose Mithrennon’s shady side and put an end to it.

  6. I Know that black haired dude is a racist

    1. Racist? Or speciest?

  7. That piece of black hair that sticks up is driving my INSANE!!

    1. Oh God, I just noticed it. It’s like a greasy worm, sitting on top of his head and waiting to do his bidding.

  8. SNAPE NEEDS A HAIRCUT!!! lolz… ;D

    1. OMG I was just gonna comment that he looked like Snape! XD

  9. hmmm by his look I would guess that he turns into a Raven, but that’s just a guess

    1. Oh, true. Now that I look at him, I can totally see that happening.

  10. The necklace meelas wearing reminds me of a collar

  11. meela’s hair actualy didnt change much

    i just realized

  12. in panel 6 he looks disgusted with meela wants his problem

  13. Did anyone else read Mithrennon’s voice like Professor Snapes from the Hairy Potter movies…? 0.o

    He kinda just…has that attitude like him you know?

  14. If this guy has so much disdain for Lupians, then why did we see a random Lupian attending the party on the previous page?

    And also, that black-haired guy really gets on my nerves DX

    1. The lupian attending the party isn’t random, he likely holds a high rank in some social circle that Mithrenon doesn’t want to insult. It’s politics.

  15. At least meela looks like a girl now. Remeber the Kosher incident

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