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Meela and Holland have a bit of a bonding moment as they discuss her dreams.

19 thoughts on “Page 166

  1. Holand, you so dutch. Dutchin’ mal’s dreams.

    1. im Dutch you know XD

  2. I think…. a weird thinking…
    Maybe…junst maybe… Yuen is in fact… Feral… isnt it?

    1. im thinkin feral is mal it fits better

    2. Toboe you are right on track ;D

  3. OMG.

    Reincarnation. Lucid dreaming is not even close…

    1. again no bad reincarnation BAD. Lucid dreaming GOOD

  4. Feral is so sneaky. He’s such an evesdropper….

  5. YEh feral is listening very intently there!

  6. Feral is obviously Yuen. I could tell from the first meeting.

    1. Well, you seem to be right. XD
      It’s interesting though that although he eavesdropped on their conversation it doesn’t seem to surprize him much, as if the name doesn’t say anything to him. Amnesia much?

      1. It doesn`t matter at this point. He`s still damn hot. XD

  7. Why is the first set of writing grey and the rest is black?

    1. It was a typo of sorts. Fixed now :)

  8. Feral’s reaction (or lack of a reaction, rather) to hearing those two names was actually a pretty memorable, subtly strong moment in my opinion. Though we as readers know from his character description on the site that his past is “unknown to even himself”, not too many seem to be asking the bigger question: why?

  9. Kinda surprised you’d throw lucid dreaming in there. Definitely unexpected…

  10. Aww,Feral,you do care! <3 HaloOkami

  11. Jazz hands!

  12. Camolot the Creator

    I lucid dream quite a bit. I am very often aware of the fact that I’m dreaming, but will play along with the narrative as long as it makes sense.

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