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The dream comes to a sad and frightening end. What will become of Yuen? For now, it's back to our trio of misfits.

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  1. Yuen is Mal, or is Yuen the big brother? Confuze.

    1. Yuen and Mal are friends, me thinks. Yuen and Mal are two seperate peoples. They’re not brothers (becouse Mal call’s Avela “Mrs. Avela” on page 119 while Yuen calls her “Mom”)

      1. They’re best friends, but because they’re so close, I kinda like to think of them as having been “adopted brothers” in a more emotional, less literal sense. :)

        Maybe it’s just because she was so kind, but Avela DID seem to treat Mal like a second son of sorts, from what we’ve seen–I adore that scene with the pears.

        Avela was pretty ace. XD

  2. MasterassassinMan

    Mal and yuen-prolly not related, but close friends.

  3. REINCARNATION. What part of that are y’all NOT getting?

    1. all of it boo for reincarnation. >:P

  4. The speculation is almost as fun as following the story itself. :)

    1. seconded!

  5. When K…. skunk-dude screams “if I ever see you again, I’ll kill you” I think of Lion King when simba’s running away “If you ever come back, we’ll kill ya!”

    1. I got a flashback of this too, admittedly. XD


    1. I think we all do right about now…

  7. i wanna kick something else on him

  8. I just remembered – Korin called Terin ‘Uncle’.

    So, the man kills his uncle in an unfair fight (outside interference and a knife), puts the moves on his aunt, severely injures her (possibly kills her) and then blames and threatens to kill his baby cousin.

    What a guy

    1. more like what a dipshit =/

      1. LOLOLOL

        *coughs* Agreed.

  9. Poor Avela she was so pretty…

  10. You know, I’m pretty sure he’d attempt to follow through on that threat to kill his little cousin even now–even if he probably has no clue what he’s become.

    And just for the record…he better not have touched his little cousin’s cool best friend, either! Er, well…I sure hope not, anyway. x_X

    I mean, yes, Mal’s name might happen to mean “bad” or “evil” in several Earth languages (I know, I know, not exactly a good sign for poor me), but Korin…geez, now he just strikes me as the type who would sooner tie poor Mal to a post or something and use him as bait to lure Yuen back to the village, then light the post on fire. o_0

    Though he’s a pretty scary guy, that’s (naturally) a big part of what makes him such an effective villain…but I’d personally have to say that say his dialogue factors into that equation as well. He DOES have some of my favorite lines of any character–and I like his design, too. XD

  11. Wow this totally reminds me of The Lion King. Did anyone else see that?

  12. Lol, dude, hugging the curtain thing won’t do any good XD

    1. Well, I think he’s hugging it as he shouts at Yuen, after Yuen ran through that very window. But, agreed.

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