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8 thoughts on “Page 143

  1. Oh no! And Feral doesn’t have the shiny!
    Feral’s face in the first panel is quite amusing.

  2. Feral’s face is almost always emusing.

  3. Meela use the knife and run!

  4. “your pup is going to die”. For some reason I love the fact that Meela’s going to die. Even though I love Meela. :3

  5. Did it not occur to Foxy Vixen to ask the pup about the pretty bauble?

  6. Some people don’t think before they act!! I think Feral can take her!!!

  7. he don’t care xD I’m sure

  8. Ooooohh nnnoooo you dont

    Also i feel like something or someone is gonna appear…i could almost sense it o.o

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