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  1. That is not fair!

    1. Not just “not fair”; SO NOT FAIR!

    2. Screw “fair”.
      The guy had enough foresight to bring back-up. That is just sensible.

      1. See, that may be sensible in order to win in a fight, period, but this is also a test of personal strength to determine the leader of the pack.

        The issue is that I don’t know why the other clan accepted Korin after the fight, because he doesn’t win on his personal strength–he wins because of his friends and a knife. (Which are not acceptable by Yuen’s own exposition)

      2. No, it’s not fair. The attack was planned by Korin. Terin had no knowledge of it. Therefore he had no opportunity to bring backup.

  2. It may not be fair, and I don’t like cheats, but hey, he should have seen it coming.

  3. Bloody panel twansition!

    1. Literally! It’s arguably my favorite transition in the comic so far. :)

  4. My tear ducts have been activated.

  5. Third guy still looks kinda bored, but spiky mohawk guy looks like a JERK!
    So much for alpha being won with your own strength.
    Avela’s face! *cries*

  6. Yea he always looks board…

  7. Awwww sad day for alpha man..:(

  8. *face::palm* Gah. Idiot boys cheating on what was supposed to be a fair fight.

  9. TERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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