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22 thoughts on “Page 114

  1. B’aww the fifth panel <3

  2. I love this page just for the second last panel <3

  3. My point was proven. Feral IS OCD.

    1. Or alternatively, he isn’t totally apathetic about his belongings… and you’re prone to exaggeration.

    2. *Cough* CDO *Cough*

  4. This page is so cute, with Meela being all motherly….

    1. And Feral’s so resentful…

      1. Feral is a manly man. Of course he’s resentful.

  5. OCD or militarily disciplined?

    1. Hello skywise

  6. People it’s CDO gotta have it in alphabetcal oder!

    1. *order

      1. Looks like me and feral have something in common!

    2. Another grammer nazi.

      People,* gotta’* Alphabetical*

  7. Lol Alvara your ocd too! lol jk

  8. The image fom the first panel that bleeds down to give off a glowing light around them at the lower left is really great composition/set up. On whole the attention to detail the artists use is outstanding. I could read this comic over and over just for the art alone without all the fun and adventure. not that were complaining, I like the funny parts too!

  9. Aww Meela is acutally caring about Feral!

  10. Ow god, they’re so cute together ^^

  11. Nice sisterly gesture. :)
    Go Meela.

  12. Lol, Feral’s expression in the fifth panel is a mix of shock and confusion, as if he’s wondering how he should respond. :3

  13. AHWWW, that’s so cute from Meela!

  14. Fearl’s face in the fifth panel :3

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