Well, today was supposed to be the final page of the comic, but we’ve made a decision and decided to delay it and go backwards a little first.

There was a conversation that I cut out of the script for various reasons and I have regretted it ever since. I don’t want to take the final volume to print with any regrets, so we’re going back and adding that scene back in. It’s going to be three pages long and takes place immediately after Page 379.

So, hooray, you guys get three more updates! Woo! We’re going to try to get them done quickly, but we may have to stick to the usual once-a-week update for these as well. It just depends on how fast we can do them. Next week might be a double update with the other two pages of this scene, but no promises ;)

So, where is today’s update? You can find it here, the NEW Page 380!

Edit Aug 28: The new Page 381 is now up here!

Edit Sept 04: The new Page 382 is up here! This concludes the additional pages, so next week will be the final page and the end of comic Q&A!