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  1. You almost escaped…almost. 8D

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh, SNAP!!! (yes, I know, horrible pun… But it had to be said.)

  3. Can mute people sigh? I don’t know…

    1. im asuming yes because you dont need your voice box

  4. They can. No different than letting out a breath.

  5. I’m thinking that if feral can breathe he can also make gutteral noises and maybe even try to just would’nt make much sense

    1. He could try, but the thing is that sighing is basically just high-pressure exhaling, while guttural noises require the voice box – which I presume is damaged or missing considering the scars on his throat. I suppose he could technically make clicking noises with his tongue, whistle, hiss and suchlike – they don’t require the larynx since the noise is made with the tongue or teeth.

      1. Alternatively, he could whisper really loudly.
        That is totally a thing, y’know.

  6. Feral in pannel five

  7. So much for master of stealth

  8. FACEPALM Meela stop.pestering poor feral!

  9. panel 5: Feral: FAIL!!!!!

  10. Epic Facebook

  11. I mean epic face palm

  12. Nice try Feral. YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE.

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