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  1. oh. that changes things completely.

    1. YESSSS!

  2. It changes nothing, she is still a sexy fox. Now with 50% more theft!

  3. Thieves have the best bodies, guaran-****ing-teed.

  4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I’m not sure what to make of the look in Feral’s eye in the second panel.

    1. Disapproval, disappointment.

    2. Nope you’re wrong if you notice he came there to get rid of her but he didn’t notice she was robbing him until she said that.

    3. “Caught`cha. What now.”

  5. …. damn it! Feral you were like THIS CLOSE! What the hell man?!? So she’s stealin’ your money? You can make more! But banging her is once in a life time man!

  6. Piper lost her belly tattoo here.

    1. I don’t think they forgot to add it, you probably just can’t see it. HaloOkami

  7. Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that capturing Piper was the only reason Feral was there in the first place?

    1. I didn’t notice until re-reading. Considering the target is wanted for theft, 99% sure it’s Piper though, lol.

  8. Yep. I thought she might be his target all along.

  9. His eyes in the second panel… I wonder what expression that is

  10. I just love this comic!!!!! It’s soooo funny, it’s easy to follow and it has action and romance! WOOOO go strays!

  11. “Is that a knife in your hand or are you just happy to see me?”

    Why did nobody else make that joke?

    1. pffffffffffft nice one XD

    2. Good one :D

  12. omg “Is that a knife in your hand or are you just happy to see me?”
    you watch sherlock tooooooo?! sherlock AND strays lover?! if so i love you now

  13. Well, that escalated quickly.

  14. Feral: I was going to pay you after! Jeez!

  15. I knew there had to be some sort of plan… Didn’t quite go as intended xD

  16. Dude… um… i’ll just wait here… can you even breatheel?

  17. She reminds me if Irene from Sherlock…. LOL??I LOVE LOVE Sherlock..

  18. Not to ruin it by being meta, but he would only have progressed to actually banging her if this was a porn story… as such between the two of them there had to be at least one ulterior motive for getting to where they are.

    And that brings us to the whole vixen / sexy-thief stereotype. That was kinda inevitable from the moment she was first shown… but her methods leave a lot to be desired.
    The usual method would be the handcuff-to-the-bedposts approach. That one has a VERY high success-rate in fiction. Given that she apparently tried to rob him when he has her pinned against a door however, circumstances which leave effectively no hope of getting out of there with the loot, one can only draw one of three possible conclusions:

    #1. She is really bloody stupid…
    #2. She wanted to get caught (to gauge his reaction or as a bluff to hide her real motive)…
    #3. She has a partner hidden in the room, and wanted to get his back to the room to prepare him for ambush.

    Unlike some folk who have commented here, I haven’t read the webcomic before… so which it turns out to be is yet unknown to me.

  19. Just re-read the previous parts, and it seems that Piper was Feral’s next target. Theft, Blackmail.. yep, totally Piper. I’m glad he didn’t kill her, I love Piper!<3

  20. I KNEW IT! DD:<

  21. So hard to choose between getting laid, robbed, or murdered.

    1. Oh, Happy 100th page (whatever).


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