Site is Buggy

Apologies everybody, but the site is currently buggy due to a server migration with our host. The server our site is stored on is worn out, so they’re switching us to a new one. The process could take a while, and in the mean time some pages aren’t loading and some comic pages have disappeared. Everything should be restored once the migration is done, but we’re not going to try to fix anything until the process is complete. If everything isn’t properly restored by the end, we’ll go through and fix whatever is left broken.

Please bear with us for now. Everything will be fixed soon.

7 thoughts on “Site is Buggy

  1. I see.

    Well, I’m sure ya’ll will have the site up and running in no time. ^^

  2. Good luck! i really hope you get everything working soon! My Fridays are bland without this site!

  3. so glad to hear all’s under control! looking forward to tomorrow!!

  4. I can’t see the homepage from Firefox, but I can see it in Google Chrome. Just in case someone hasn’t reported this bug yet. I can see the archives just fine though, so I go through that to see the recent page when I’m at my house.

  5. It’s like when you move a house and you get the nice big things first, only to come back and pick up the crappy old shit that got broken.

  6. I hope everything goes smoothly. ^^

  7. good luck, hope everythink will be normal soon. i will be praying, i love the story!

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