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  1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    lolz, Feral’s eyeroll.

  2. Second pannel meela’s tail is FLUFFY!

    1. as a cat person, the fluffy tail is because of adrenalin, making the entire body get “goose bumps” and swell up, so they wil look bigger XD

      1. Meela is a wolf not a cat >:l

  3. Am I the only one who read the 4th panel in italy’s voice in my mind xD “It was so loud and scary!” She may as well be italian xD

    1. Ita-chan was either mentoring her, in a form of her brother, or she is Italian. XD

  4. i think Feral agrees with Meela

  5. I love how Meela’s fur is all standing up because she’s freaked out.
    It’s like “Uh oh something scary, better make myself look big!” while I freak out massively…

    1. It’s like how in The Red Pyramid, Bast’s hair sticks up on end whenever she’s scared. (Which is a lot)

      1. Yay! another Rick Riordan fan!! I love The Red Pyramid and the rest of those books!I also love the Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus books!!

        1. Hey
          Me too
          I have all the books
          Lost the lightning thief though
          I have all other main books except the new series

  6. Feral looks so much like fang from maximum ride! Except with shorter hair

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