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  1. You see that expression?
    The one in the second to last panel?
    That is what we call “pure win”.

    1. And how often do you use that expression naturally?
      If it is anything more than “never” I’d be surprised.

      It isn’t “pure win”. It is bloody stupid. Barely even an expression so much as a facial contortion.

      1. It`s a comic, dude. Artistic license `n all. Shelve that adorable cynicism of yours, it`ll get on someone`s nerves <3

      2. If you’ve never made a face like that, you obviously don’t have the right friends ;p

        1. I make a face like that nearly every day at school XD

        2. Well, not many of my friends are left… if that counts.

        3. With attitudes like that, surprised you had any to leave

      3. i use it a lot. at least a few times a’week

  2. Gerti? I think yes! XD

  3. i love this comic

  4. Gerti, welcome to what we call ‘knowing your memes’. Well done :D

  5. There’s that game show sound effect again xP and Feral’s face in the second last panel is BRILLIANT!!

  6. MasterassassinMan

    hey, can i use that win face as a gravatar?

    1. Yes. :)

  7. I hope I’m not the only one, but when Meela says “In fact, I’m well on my way to being the very best!” it reminds me of Naruto! XD

  8. instead of Naruto, im reminded of pokemon! :O

    ” i wanna be the very best/ like no one ever was”

    1. second

    2. reminded me of both naruto and pokemon

  9. Mute characters have the most epic facial expressions!

    1. Well, yeah. xD How else would they express anything? Lol.

  10. LOL! His face is so funny!

  11. Am I the only one that actually uses trope/meme faces like that irl?

    1. Yes…

      … Wait, you can actually pull that face?

  12. I need art lessons from this person.

  13. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral: NOPE! I’m just being a mean jerk and getting your hopes up with a thoughtful, caring expression before dashing them viciously!
    Second to last panel: FERAL I LOVE YOUR FACE!!!!

  14. I just noticed that their tongues are kind of yellow …

    1. They have to be, to stand out against the pink in their mouths. Good eye, though :3

  15. So. Much. Win.

  16. OK pannel two Meela freaky teeth. W. serously girl who’s your dentist?

  17. Your ability to draw facial expressions stuns me. Well done!!!!!

  18. When writing a mute character expression is everything and Feral is quite literally nailed, that expression he pulled was simply the funniest face I’ve seen in any webcomic xD

  19. Awww Meela


  21. I love Feral’s face in panel 4! Priceless.

  22. Feral: the hell? This swuirt can’t even catch a fish….

  23. *snort-snort*… BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that face ! Every single time !

  24. ha meelas mouth in the second panel

  25. Literally just started reading this comic about ten minutes ago, and I already ship Meela and Feral so hard! xD

  26. second to last panel: Are you serious.

  27. Camolot the Creator

    Kid, you are insufferable.

  28. Ugh i love this so much i am reading it for my third time and it never gets boring it is EOIC

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