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  1. -immediately notices his eyes- :OOOOOO

    omai. is this normal? guess ill find out

  2. Feral brings another peace offering

    1. This is strange. I never knew an orphan could do that to a bounty hunter.

  3. Feral is so damn cuuute!! :3

    1. UltimateShadow-Fan

      I second that comment <3

    2. watch your language

      1. I think we’re all speaking English alright.

  4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral took her suggestion to heart and brought her a rabbit for breakfast. How sweet of him! <3

    1. Yes, I guess Meela’s ranting earlier on made him feel sorry for her, and he wanted to make up. I guess a shouting little orphan, which then punched you, and then cried because you’re so hard (smile) makes you feel bad and regretful.

  5. LOL! Feral gives the wolfy “Good morning! I’ve got breakfast!” look!

  6. Love love LOVE Feral’s wolf form!

  7. I really love Feral’s wolf form, he looks so freaking awesome, and yet there’s something about his face that is completely adorable :3

    1. It’s the eyes, man. The wide, humanlike, tender, almost curious eyes make the difference. Also, the ears are perked up, and that adds to the effect.

  8. OMG i want him!! lol
    what i think is soo funny is that i have a character thats almost exactly like Feral >__< i created him like 5 years ago, hes a bounty hunter/assassin has the wolf tail and scars and can turn into a wolf, is a freakin BAMF, is a sociopath and he just wonders around lol i think the only difference between them is that my char Scythe can talk and is actually part Demon haha
    its kinda why i fell in love with this comic since both Feral and my char Scythe are so much alike XDD

    1. I kind of want to see this “Scythe” now.

  9. Feral’s eye’s are christmas colors

    1. AHhahahahahaHAHA just noticed that, thanks for pointing that out!!

      1. That’s his way of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ since he can’t talk XD

  10. So freaking cute XD I want one…..

  11. HE’S AN ANIMEGUS!!!!!!

      HARRY POTTER, I <3 U!

  12. Can we has Feral plushie?!?!? Plzzzzzz HE’S SO FREAKING CUTE

    1. I shall hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

      Or Feral.

  13. I think I just fell in love xD I can’t wait to read more =] Great Commic

  14. Aww he brought Meela a rabbit… ((Remember when she was just falling asleep and mumbled “Lets have rabbit for breakfast tommorow brother” …? Sleepy Meela has her guys confused… :3))


  16. Don’t worry, it’s just feral in his black wolf form… Oh wait, she doesn’t know.

  17. Camolot the Creator

    Oh, it’s him. Scared me for a second there.

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