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Meela definitely does NOT need coffee. The booth owner is our first Kickstarter cameo character, and who is that hooded figure?

24 thoughts on “Page 393

  1. No can haz. Piper? Or *gasp* is it?

    1. I direct you people to the brown bangs and ring on her left hand. X3

      1. Don’t forget the bracelet too, it looks awfully similar to Jira’s! ;D

  2. omg…the look on his when she shows him the coffee. i cant stop laughing

  3. *Gasp!* Meela’s mama?


  5. You’re already jumping off the walls without coffee Meela, I don’t think Feral’s sanity could handle it if you had coffee as well to fuel your shenanigans. lol

  6. If she didn’t die, then an epic plot awaits!

  7. Momma Meela! Oh my gosh yes!

  8. It’s Meela’s mom!!!!!!!!XD

  9. Wait, wait, wait – people are commenting that it’s Meela’s mother – isn’t she dead? I thought she was dead. Or am I getting mixed up with another story?

    Also: Is the ‘hm, hm, hm’ supposed to indicate quiet laughter?

    1. ok so Meela’s mom knows Jyaku…
      I really wanna know how they met and the relationship between them ;0;

      1. oops didn’t meant to reply .-.

    2. If you match the hair color, bracelets, and necklace to her on pg.250, and the fact that Jyaku is saying to go see her…
      Also on pg.250 she only states that one day she didn’t come back, so the worst was assumed…

  10. they never said she died just said she never came back and that they didnt know what had happened….im pretty sure that be meela mom tho

  11. Is that her mom?!

  12. Meela’s momma!!!! -faint-

  13. Umm I understand if there was a problem but… Weren’t we supposed to get a new page?? Last Friday???

    1. I was thinking the same thing D:

      1. I hope nothing bad happened D:

        1. Yea, i hope it was just a mistake and not that something is wrong

    2. We were affected by hurricane Matthew, so our house is in total disarray from being flooded. Page will be up soon but you can also see it on the to Tapastic website.

  14. Im really sorry to hear that :(
    I hope everything will be okay for you guys over there <3

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