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There she is! And she never fails to embarrass Feral.

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  1. jyaku looks like its been a rough 3 years

    1. I was about to say.. Poor Jyaku..
      Wow.. Meela has certainly turned into a young lady! I still ship her and Feral though.

      1. why would u ship a kid and a 20-30 year old

        1. Cuz love can come in a lot of different ways and shapes. And, this KIND of relationship is not unusual in fiction. A common trope, if you will.

          Past that, they’re the two main characters. For the most part, that guarantees that they’ll be shipped together at least a little because we see them both the most, and see them interact the most. It becomes “most likely” to us because of that.

        2. She’s still only 15 now, and he’s 31, going off the character page. Her relationship with him probably wont go anywhere near romantic, though I do ship them as an incredibly loving sort of adoptive father/daughter relationship. c: Which IMO is cuter.

          On a side note: Girl picked up some fashion over the years.

        3. What the hell is wrong with you pedophiles.

        4. My own parents got together when my mom was 16, and my dad was 37 (they married a year later) :| It happens, and sometimes it does work out, though it still seems pretty creepy. The age gaps means less as they get older.

          I’m not a Feral/Meela shipper myself though ^^;

        5. I ship her with kosher

      2. I HATE how people ship every boy and girl FRIENDS
        JUST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. I ship her and Holland

    2. On the topic of age… She is 16,
      But yea it’s a great age gap.. I know of a couple that is over 14 years apart,
      But I’m not totally sure if Meela and Ferrel should be a thing,

  2. We’ve waited for this moment for so long!
    And Holland is Holland, :P

  3. You..ARE KILLIN ME. <3

  4. Aroara Nightshade

    If Holland’s face in the first panel was a button or a chibi keychain I’d definitely get that!

  5. Yes a new page!!!

    I’m not to sure if I like. Meela’s new outfit.. Just not what I expected I guess :b
    Great job Though!

  6. SO MUCH YAY!!!


    I’ve missed Meela too. :)

  8. A new page? Ooh, how lonely I’ve been without having this place to come to every weekend. Holland’s face is the essence of my reaction to this, and look how grown up Meela is now, aww.

  9. Okay, but let’s talk about the real important thing. Holland has a PONYTAIL and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

  10. Jyaku is so done xD He looks tired af xD

  11. awwww mela is sooo awesome ^^ hahah freals face ^^ whan come the next page ^^ awww sooo cool jyaku is tired hahah I think mela was exhausting haha ^^

  12. This is so cute and I love is it so much and I live you for posting this.
    (Holland’s ponytail!)

  13. I got my printed books and have read through them! They’re gorgeous and the comic really gains from being read as a continuous story ^^

    Also Meela is so beautiful here, it’s funny how she’s actually changed very little but looks a lot more grownup!


    What happened to the little pup we knew? Oh, she grew up! My gosh, she looks so cute! It’s such a little change but it’s big at the same time! Like does that make any sense? Gosh, she looks so cute. I love her new clothes! Just gaaah the reunion!

  15. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I love this comic sooooooo freaking much. Holland is just adorable and I love how his hair looks now. What happened to little miss Foxy though? I can’t remember. Also MEELA! She’s growing up so fast T.T

  16. Awww, Nice reunion, Meela has grown, Holland…. You never change XD
    Will you guys be updating weekly??? And if you are, what day of the week?

  17. xD omg I love the guy in the background(I forgot his name). His face though xD

  18. EIIII, yeah, this is amazing. And she is a sterling example of why jump hugs are the BEST. (having five kids MAY have influenced me…maybe…) Seriously this is such a cool reunion. Jyaku is still the best cranky uncle ever! Not going to lie though, love the long hair on Holland.

  19. She looks so cute and grown up! However, one thing: why on earth have high heels on her shoes? Not practical nor aesthetic… Why is it that every female hero/protagonist must have high heels??

    1. She wants to be taller!

  20. Holland looks so happy

  21. May I ask…
    I’m unsure who is the the artist that does the wolves,
    But I was wondering if you guys have any material on wolves, like study’s or
    Tutorials? If not that’s fine, just asking :D

    Also I have to say… Holland has to be one of my favorite characters! If not my favorite! Sorry Meela and Ferrel… I know your the main characters but, it’s Hollands faces like those that just make my day XD

    1. We do not, but you can Google “how to draw wolves” and a bunch of tutorials will pop up. There’s even wildlife books out there that can teach you how.

  22. Holland’s face in that first panel… priceless!

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