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Looks like they've finally figured out a solution. I wonder how Jyaku will handle a hyperactive half-demon lupian teenager. Check back tomorrow for the second page of the double update!

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  1. Yay everyone’s making up :D

  2. Street Lord Raggs

    She’s Poor jyaku’s problem now lmao (Also FIRST)

    1. Street Lord Raggs

      Whoops or not

      1. At least you tried…

  3. “I wonder how Jyaku will handle a hyperactive half-demon lupian teenager.”

    Badly. But it’ll work, somehow XD

  4. Gotta love the shoujo bubbles. <3

  5. so NOW he cares for his stature? And where’s our triple upload D:

    1. Triple upload?

      1. They probably meant the double update? I think you guys promised us one to make up for a week gone at a con! But we got the new in-between-older-one page update last week instead methinks?

        1. Yeah, we just forgot to say when it would happen. It will be this week, the second page will be posted tomorrow (mentioned above in the description of this page).

        2. Well I didn’t know that when posting my first comment. I only click the “latest page” link and that prequel update didn’t show up there for reasons that are now obvious

        3. They? So one person is they now? And triple with this one. Since you’ve skipped two Fridays in a row when you said you’d only skip one, thus making it triple.

        4. They’re are two people who work on this web comic. So when someone says “they” they are referring to the two people who work on this comic.

        5. we DID get an update last friday

        6. There *was* an update last Friday though, it was this new page: The creator added it to help with the pacing and I think it’s really beautifully done! Also, this is the first part of the double update, the second page will be uploaded tomorrow :D (P.S. “they” is just a singular pronoun that’s sometimes used when talking about someone of unspecified gender.)

        7. Honestly, just…

          People, educate yourself on obvious situations before acting like a know-it-all xD
          Hell, realize you’re just a regular person before waltzing in like the creator of the comic. For the record they have mentioned no triple update this week and you are not in the position to confirm one at all, unless your name is Algy or Celesse. You didn’t even know they were two people, how did you know this week was triple? XD

        8. I’ll clarify because apparently everyone’s confused because some people thought it’d be a good idea to assume things. There was a statement saying there would be no update on the 24th of July but instead on the Friday after that, the 31st. However there was no update on that day thus leading me to believe that one was added to the pile as well, making it three pages when, including the the page that would be uploaded on that same day, uploaded on the third date if not skipped as well. In short; Two skipped pages + one = three. Clearer? o:

        9. We did update last week. Please see this post –

          We added in a new page, back-dated to fit where it belongs in the story.

          So we only missed one update and this week is only a double update to make up for the one missed week. No triple update, sorry!

        10. ps, the reply system is confusing. Not your fault just me being too stupid to understand it DX

        11. And even if they hadn’t updated that week, they wouldn’t owe us anything. Never assume that. They could skip 6 weeks and go back to their once-weekly updates without a word. Them offering a double update was their own kindness, not a requirement.

        12. No, @Solus, it’s confusing because WordPress is stupid…

  6. For a while there I thought you were going to end on time and leave Strays with a completely ambiguous ending and I made peace with that.

    Now I all I want is to have Feral cured.

    Jyaku is like Batman he can’t help picking up dangerous/troublesome orphans.

    1. I pictured Jyaku dressed as Batman.
      He has trouble with the bat mask because of his antlers.

  7. Oh Holland, you can guilt trip with the best of them. XD

  8. Holland’s smile is creeping me out.

  9. This page is all kinds of cute. Meela’s :P face at the top, her interaction with Feral giving her the hat, and Holland’s shenanigans all throughout.

  10. The Firestarter is here in his tree. He is bored. The Firestarter is considering throwing acorns at Jyaku’s head.

  11. Meela’s reaction when Feral put on the hat is precious!

  12. UR, My GURSH. its sooo cute!

  13. Is she leaving Holland and Feral to stay with Jyaku?? =( I was hoping she’d stay with them.

    1. Yep, she’s going with Jyaku for now.

  14. A cute page will help easy the heartbreak of this comic ending.

  15. Nyah….. only two pages left… and one of those is tomorrow… Can’t handle it :(

    Can we get an epilogue or something?? D:

    1. Really? Are you sure it’s not just for this chapter. I know it was supposed to wrap up by the end of this summer, but it feels like a lot of things will be left very unresolved. Wondering if there will be a sequel some day.

      1. Two pages left total. The authors said it a few weeks back. I’ve been counting down… :(

  16. Does this mean Meela and Feral are splitting up and she’s leaving with Jyakuu? D:

    1. Yes, for now. She needs to get her other half under control so it’s safe to be around Feral.

  17. holland should have been a chibi in that last panel – squee!

    1. He actually was at first, but he looked super weird next to normal Jyaku so we had to change it.

  18. She looks younger and happier now. I love this comic so much.

  19. Ooohhh! This gonna be good :3

  20. The last panel is when you tell a bad pun to a friend. One is happy, the other is resisting the urge to smack you.

    1. I don’t resist, depending on the pun. You make stronger friendships that way, i’ve found.

  21. Feral put her hat on… <333 I missed their relationship. XDD

  22. That last panel is amazing, I need that on a sketchbook or something XD

  23. I’m not sure what I love more. Meela’s face in the top right panel or Jyaku/Holland’s faces in the bottom right. X3

  24. Jyaku is such a grumpy dad XD

  25. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelsssss oh gawsh this is worse than Percabeth in Tartarus… I want to crawl up on the floor… don’t end… plsssss… ;o;

  26. Lol Holland. You are so cute. X3

  27. Something’s nipping at me, telling me that Holland might just be a teeny bit campy. But I haven’t got the slightest idea of where I got that from.

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