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I tried hard to avoid the cliche hug scene, but I'm a soft-hearted sap and just I can't pass on it. Sorry not sorry <3

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  1. We are all going on a feel trip everyone… Hop aboard.

    Gosh, I’ve been reading this comic for a couple years…and I still can’t believe it’s ending…

    1. I’ve been reading it for just a few months, and before I got here, I could swear this is just the beginning.

    2. CHOO CHOO, board the feels train!

    3. This page is The moment when everyone wanted to cry because the world is ending, and “awwwww” because it’s such a sweet/adorable/beautiful moment at the same time. OuO
      The day this comic ends is the day all my emotions die inside. *sigh* I suppose all good things must come to an end. An emotional ending is probably what makes a lot of series and shows, such as this web comic, so valuable. We experience such joy from this lovely story because of the unique idea of the world, the endearing charachters, and most importantly the feelings we have experienced along with them. If the sheer brilliance the authors have given us was available all the time, any time we wanted, it would no longer be unique or beautifully different. Sometimes when things end we need to just cry and be thankful we had them in the first place, and even if it’s hard to let go, the memories are still there to be cherished. I’ve been reading this comic for two years now and this is the best fandom, story, and comment section I have ever been a part of. I probably should have saved this goodbye to Strays until I saw the last page but I was feeling profound today. And you all inspire feels. So, Yeah. Logic. right there. ^u^
      You guys are awesome.

  2. Its been so long since this first started and already its soon to be finished :'( ill miss this comic
    And Feral has gotten so sweet!

  3. Will there be any kind of Epilogue where we get to see older Meela and maybe a reunion between her and Feral?

    1. Apparently if the Kickstarter for Volume 3 meets a stretch goal, there will be :D

  4. Clicé hug scene!!! x3
    This is really one of the cutest pages of the whole comic!

  5. I wish he wasn’t so blank faced, but perhaps that’s how he’s holding all the ~feels~ in.

  6. Awww Feral and Meela are so adorable together :)

  7. Yay, HUGS!

  8. Awwfest :[

  9. That’s so embarassing *q* But I like these scenes.

  10. Okay, this is officially the cutest page ever. I squealed.

  11. This needed a hug scene clearly.

  12. Please please please make a sequel of Meela’s adventures. :( :( :(

  13. Ahhhh the clothes, and that hug! <3 Thank you so, so much for these additional pages, they really made a difference to the flow. It feels more complete somehow, and they were super cute and lovely to boot!
    It's going to be bittersweet reading the final page; I cannot wait for it but also it's a shame the have to say goodbye :'D But I am so happy to have been able to enjoy these lovely characters and their story; I look forward to next week!

    Once again, thank you for all your hard work over the years! <3

  14. Don’t think a hug was cliche here–it was necessary and natural. And also adorable and bittersweet ;_;

  15. I am squealing and crying please help.

  16. It’s the perfect ending…
    /me starts crying bitter-sweet tears of joy

  17. Awwww, nooooooo! QnQ I don’t want it to end yet! Look at how cute they are! Omg-

    Feral made that outfit? I would have never known if you didn’t decide to put these pages here. o3o Hmm..

    I seriously want clothes like Meela’s. She has such pretty clothes. Assdfghklkge-

  18. That’s okay, I wouldn’t have been able to resist the hug scene either. I would have made Feral even blush a little, close his eyes and make a grumpy face like he was trying to hold tears! *^_^*

  19. Never be sorry for a hug! Meela and Feral are terribly huggable people (well, animal people.. whatever).

    Love the added pages before the series finale! Thanks for the fun times over the years.

  20. Oh my Gosh, STAHP!! Look at Feral and Meela hugging! Look at Feral’s I’m-gonna-miss-you face! Those two are so sweet! I love their relationship with one another! I can’t wait to see the epilogue, no matter how long it takes to come out. (I’m really curious to see how everyone will have aged.)

  21. P-please stop. It’s rude to punch people in the feels. T_T

  22. Awwwww! He gave her a present! >w<

  23. So you’ll be selling these shirts soon, right?

  24. Just a tiny critique: Feral’s face in panel 7 is really expressionless. Kind of throws off the mood.

  25. He has different clothes in this page than the next…

    1. That’s because it’s a time skip.



  27. I can’t believe it’s ending. Such a great story.

  28. I hope Feral meets that girl we saw in Meela’s dreams again…

  29. shouldn’t it be “we have dallied here”? we have delayed here isn’t proper English… ijs.

  30. I am choking on the huge wad of adorableness that just got shoved in my face. Oh. My. Gosh. Help.

  31. Coughs.
    Swallows the huge wad of “awwwwwww” It melts and becomes tears in my eyes. I’m sorryyyy. Its just that at the end of a great book I always become metaphorical. And its been a long day so it was almost too much to come home to this much emotion. Ahh, Books, How can i get more Books to keep me satisfied?

  32. Dawww~ Lol, Daddy Jyaku. XD

  33. Im gonna miss strays so much :(

  34. Thanks so much for adding this page! I’m getting all warm and fuzzy! :)

  35. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW The last panel made me unleash my tears :,3

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