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He knew all along demons were bad news. This reckless, aggressive behavior just confirms it... Two page update next week!

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  1. You should offer your comics as ebooks. I would have them all in my collection!

    1. Just FYI, I have both of the physical volumes of the story (which I think they still have in the store) and they are absolutely goooorgeous :D Would absolutely recommend them if you’re looking to purchase the story in some form <3
      Ebooks though I would also buy to keep forever, yes please~

      1. I second this. Have both of the books, love them, keep them in protective sleeves when not reading them because I’m obsessive about my pretty shiny stuff…

    2. I would buy e-books too!

  2. Nononono DONT KILL HER

    hug her NO STABBING

    1. Hopefully he’s older and “knows more” and maybe he won’t jump to conclusions like she did :< I hope so

      1. Well, to me, that look says, “What the hell do you think you’re doing” and has a more sympathetic feel to it. I don’t think he’ll hurt her. He’ll either walk away or comfort her in a way he can.

  3. Hopefully that knocked some sense back into her!!

  4. I’m crying. *eats chocolate in the corner*

    1. *Steals some of your chocolate and nibbles on it* Double update next week though… something to be happy about. Also, I brought the cupcakes!

      1. *carries over cookie dough, and starts eating some* I agree. Double update is a good thing, but feels are still too strong. *hugs Nobody Important* we will all try to last til next Friday…

        1. The Firestarter

          I’ve been reading this comic since its birth. I’ve mostly been sitting in the trees. There’s a squirrel on my shoulder, and I can’t wait for the next update.

        2. Why can’t there be a double update every day!?


    2. *brings over some lactaid so I can actually eat the chocolate and brings peanut butter, dips chocolate in peanut butter* This is making me cry.

    3. *brings blankets, sticks and choc mint cookie dough ice cream and makes blanket house and curls up in it whimpering*

    4. It’s okay, you’re allowed

  5. Lol feral is just like “sit down bruh. Ain’t got time for your shit.”

    1. So true. :) And it’s like, *sigh* “Meela, even in your demon form, I just swing this stick at you and I win. More training Meela”

    2. Now imagine if this is the time when Feral could finally talk somehow and his voice is all like:

  6. Oh God be hit her real hard D:
    Please don’t hurt her more Feral she’s just confused and extremely upset ;w;


  8. Wow, I know poor communication kills, but this is beyond silly. It’s going to hurt, isn’t it? T^T

    1. Poor communication skills is better than no communication skills, which is what feral has.

      1. Weeelll that’s not really true, he has them, it just isn’t verbal. o3o

  9. Now kiss and make up!

    1. Er…age gap?

      1. platonic bro ew wtf?

    2. shes 13 bro wtf

      1. platonic bro ew wtf?

    3. Obvious ship is obvious, dogs reach sexual maturity at about 6-12 months. She’s like 13 and he’s like 20 something. That’s only approximately 7 years, it’s just worse because she’s under 18 right now. When older people who are like forty marry or something and have an age gap it’s easier to wrap your head around, but when you’re young every year counts (which is kinda weird? But development probably makes that so drastic…) if you have a seven year age gap that could literally be the difference between a 1st grader and a 7th grader. Although in their human forms it’s weird until she gets older but if we go off their wolf forms it would be totes understand able. She’s like a yearling or 2 and he’s like 2-4. but meh they might not make the ship happen I just like the idea of him being her mentor, her growing and a romance unwilling blossoms when he sees her in a different light then his ‘ward’.

      1. Beautifully said~

  10. He’ll never kill her. I had the impression he doesn’t know how to handle her wrath in this situation. He can’t speak so… I think he loves her and he knows it.

  11. Thank goodness he stayed in control…

  12. Bad puppy!

  13. Ohhhh nooo… here goes the knife D:

  14. From the look on Feral’s face in that last panel, I think it’s fair to say that Meela hit a nerve. Guess she isn’t the only one furious about Malkar’s co-habitation of Feral’s body.

    I’m glad that even in his anger he went out of his way to use the branch instead of the knife. Still, that’s gotta hurt. D:

    1. Pretty sure he switched hands. The movement indicates that.

  15. Why is the branch suddenly in his right hand, then immediately switches back to his left? On the previous page it was held in his left hand.

    1. “Because I am not left handed!” – Inigo Montoya

      1. You get a cookie. :D

      2. “Neither am I!” -Westley

    2. Yeah and he can’t have just tossed it to the other hand for whatever reason because he’s also holding a knife…

    3. He moved it to his right hand as he walked up to her? She tumbled away quite a bit after he smacked her.

      1. Previous page had it in his right hand with knife in the left. Looks like it is just a bit of continuity mix up. Thought at first the first panel might have been flipped after being drawn, but the knife wound placement on Meela’s shoulder is correct, I think.

    4. I flipped the top panel after sketching it for better composition and forgot to fix which hand holds the stick :( I’ll try to correct it soon.

      1. That also applies to the second panel, right? Because it looks like she’s being hit on the right side of her head, which indicates the stick is being held in his left hand.

        Happens to all of us, though. I’m sure you’ll figure out a good solution. :)

  16. This is getting super intense! Two page update soon, Yippee!
    I love how you guys portray all of the motion and action. I feel as if it could actually move!
    Now hopefully Feral doesn’t attack Meela while she’s down.

  17. Now he’s gonna spank her! :)

    1. I fully support this idea!

  18. Give her a hug!!

  19. I have a feeling we are going to see Meela crying and Feral’s angry face will dissolve.

    1. And now I have hopes and possible unrealistic expectations. It would be so cute/tragic.

  20. oh she made him angry. Now he’is seriously going to…to…to…take her back home?

  21. Aaaaaaannnnndd, just like that, it’s over.

  22. Drop that dagger now, Feral…

  23. I love how Meela was calling out Malkar on the other page before but all Feral had to do was hit her really hard with a branch in order to knock her out of her demon wolf form. Girl dodged a bullet.


    Feral has heard about Malkar, and doesn’t like getting blamed for Malkar’s actions. That’s why he hit her so hard, because he’s his own person, and he feels very betrayed that Meela’s attacking him, and then demands that Malkar comes out.

    I strongly suspect that he hates that guy. Plus, as we’ve all seen, Feral really REALLY cares about Meela’s well-being… And even this fight won’t change that.

    1. I agree. Poor Feral. Even though we can understand why Meela is as upset as she is, it’s only natural that Feral would resent having the finger pointed at him for Malkar’s actions, especially by someone who knows that they are different people.

      In Meela’s defence, Feral DID go to that cave intending to kill her father. He only had second thoughts when he realized Rollin had kids, so even if she was thinking clearly, she might still blame him. If he hadn’t accepted that job, her father and brother might still be alive, would be her reasoning.

      Of course, I hope that she does forgive him, once she’s gotten passed her anger.

  25. Wow he literally snapped her out of it. o.O

  26. Meela did not respect his authoritah. She was too salty and dropping that disrespect like nobody’s business and got rightfully dumpstered. GG wp Feral.

    Also, anyone else notice he switched hands with the branch and stabby blade?

    1. Dat comment doe.

  27. Now Feral, I know your mad but you also have to remember you DID murder her dad and bro so you don’t have much of a leg to stand on

  28. If they don’t make up, I’m gonna go crawl in a hole and die.


  29. Faral should play baseball with an arm like that every hit would be a home run

  30. I’m sure Meela’s is, but my head is spinning from that hit too. OW!
    I’d say Feral’s expression is more frustration with Meela than intent to kill. And that Meela did hit a nerve with Malkar ‘n all. But Feral is better than that! Points for him just smacking her real hard. Now figure out some way to tell her that you don’t intend to kill her and that you love her for who she is m’kay Feral.

  31. OoooOoooh!!! Meela are you okay? D:!! (You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal.)

  32. GG, Meela. GG.

  33. If Meela dies, I will punch something…

  34. phanislovephanislife

    Oh gosh I hope Meela is okay! *continuous sobbing from all the feels*

  35. Remember how Meela’s father and mother courted…. Mom tried to kill dad and eventually they kissed. Now Meela wants to fight Mal. So obviously Feral is jealous because Meela is going to marry his brother.

    1. I have only one thing to say : Lol

  36. I don’t think Feral is going to kill Meela. His behaviour in the previous pages just doesn’t imply that to me.

  37. AND NOW HUG HER!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!

  38. The sad part is that it’s still Feral in control…

  39. ouch, just plain ouch

  40. Wow, this conversation is really interesting.

  41. Maybe he’s just going to pin her shadow to the ground.

  42. Oh man… am I the only one that sees pain and not anger in his expression? I mean… anger maybe to veil a deep hurt?

    1. I think Feral cares really deeply for her, killing her probably isn’t anywhere on his agenda. All his attacks so far seem defensive. I think he’s about to school her on some nonsense.

    2. Pissy betrayal alllll over that face.

  43. Heh. Another hint that he doesn’t want to kill her. Mostly ‘deflective’ blows. The knife hit was a glancing cut, not a stab or a deep cut. Someone of Feral’s experience against a child, he would have no trouble killing considering he has a knife. Even if the child is a feral demon wolf thingy, she lacks experience!

    So, he’s not trying to kill. He intended to knock her dazed to get her back to her senses. Anyone agrees?

    1. That is my hope too. I think he is angry that she hid it from him, probably also angry that she thought he’d hurt her…and frustrated that she is attacking him while he can’t communicate. Angry about situations but lacks a killing intent. Meela tried to call out Malkar and THEN Feral whacked her unconscious.

      1. I assumed she is close to unconscious based on the “nh” noise and how hard she was hit with a thick branch.

  44. Ooh. Ouch! Next Friday can not get here soon enough.
    They both harbor such emotional pains…how is this going to resolve?

    STOP. COLLABORATE. LISTEN. (Realizes how old the reference is and crawls into a hole).

    P.S. Does anyone else suspect that the next pages will be dream sequencing pages that relate to real time? (like the time Meela was poisoned/injured). Perhaps they could communicate that way?

  45. Revised thought: He’s just going to pick her up and shake her. I think wolves do that to their cubs to let them know it’s wrong. It’ll be cute!

  46. *sits back and waits for Feral to sling Meela over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and haul her back to camp*

  47. She may or may not wake up with a new tattoo I think. He’s got at least one sealing spell, and she didn’t look like she’d be getting up any time soon. Demons may be more difficult to bring down, but I’d wager Antlers will have a new patient.

  48. Near perfect sound effect for the snarl.

    1. “This video is not available. Sorry about that.”


      1. Odd. The video works fine for me.

  49. TBH I think that holland will fly towards them and then feral would be embarrassed to face him and run away in his wolf form…just a thought

  50. I need friday to come sooner ;A;

    My bbys need me ;-;

  51. Aww poor poor Meela! I hope they reconsile soon.

    On anpther note, since I suspect you’re using Manga Studio for the comic, would you mind telling me the settings you use for the panels? I can’t seem to get them to be thin enough..!

    1. Actually, we use a combination of Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

    2. I use Manga Studio as well. There’s a panel ruler Layer where you can make your own panels.
      There’s also a tool that let’s you select the edges and make them thinner. I believe it’s called the panel selector tool?
      I’m using EX 4

  52. Well, saw that coming.

  53. ommm… that was quick! I thought we’d get at least 2-3 action packed panels! But can’t blame ol’ feral, she went a bit overboard.

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