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Love it when someone starts something then blames you when you try to finish it. Kids, man. We decided to make some subtle changes to Meela's appearance in this scene, so yes, she looks a little different. We want it to be more apparent that she's in control and hasn't gone psycho-mode like the last time with Korin.

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  1. Well, they have a chance of working it out now that she’s gone out of psyco-mode… right?

    1. I think what they mean is she hasn’t been in psycho-mode at all during this time, so they’re trying to make that more clear.

      1. Heh, didn’t read that part before commenting xD

      2. No, they meant Feral wasn’t in psycho mode like he was being overtaken by Mal. Meela has definitely flown off the handle.

        1. No, Netty, you’ve got that wrong and She has got it right. Read the authors’ comment. They are talking about Meela’s first transformation and fight with Korin (where she ripped off his arm, then mangled Holland, because she was in psycho-mode from the first transformation of her demon form). And they are saying that this fight here isn’t like that. Meela is in control, and it seems Feral is, too. He just repaid like with like with, as Meela had swiped him across the face as well with that blade. I’m sure with his fighting skills, he could’ve done much more damage to her if he’d wanted to.

        2. Yea, my bad. I misread it. What I get for checking the comic on my phone. Apologies!

  2. Oh, Meela. What are we ever going to do with you.
    Quick question, would Piper and Holland understand her in her wolf form or not because they are a different species? Can the language of their animal forms be learned by other species?

    1. I think they talk in normal “English” (or whatever language everyone talks in Strays). We’ve seen Piper talk in her fox form before—as well as catdude.

      1. This is correct. They use magic to talk while in animal form, but the language they speak is still the same as when in their regular form.

    2. English is the common tongue that is mostly known by everyone. Some races prefer their own language with each other or they just politely ask.

    3. I need to know what HAPPENS >~< *cries*

  3. Well you literally JUST tried to kill him, Meela, baby, what did you THINK will happen??

  4. Yeah, Feral, explain to her what you meant by going after her; she wants answers, goddammit! And you’re standing there, not saying anything? I’d be pissed too.

    1. Uh… he can’t talk. Thats makes explaining kind of hard for him.

      1. I think that was the joke. He could give her a hug though, I guess.

        1. Given Meela’s state of mind, she would probably assume he was trying to choke her.

  5. Work it out you two!

  6. Does anybody else always hear the beginning theme of “Wolf’s Rain” when they go to read this comic?

    I mean, I have a bookmark of it on my browser and whenever I go to click on it, I hear “STRAAAYYYYAAYYYYY. STRRRAAAYYYAAYYYY.”

    1. I cannot tell a lie…Wolf’s Rain and that song is pretty much the entire reason I started reading this. And now I’m crying thinking about Wolf’s Rain and how I should totally just marathon the anime this weekend.

      That is now my weekend plan.

    2. Oh yes, most definitely! Hoping this has a better ending than that anime.

    3. It is one of the reasons why I kept reading this comic. Steve Conte and Yoko Kanno are music gods, and the soundtrack to Wolf’s Rain is no exception.

    4. lol yeah. I hear that song in my head sometimes when I go to read this comic.

  7. Noo meela you dont understand. Hes only trying to defend himself as you are attacking him and he went after you because he wanted to know if it was true/understand the situation/stop you from leaving

    1. Ferral truly does not know how evil Malkar is. If Ferral knew all that Malkar had done this fight would be going much differently.

      Come, on Holland! Hobble over here and spread some LOVE!

  8. I’ve only just noticed Meela’s massive ears

    1. That is all i’m focusing on. They look wrong ( TOO big ), could be the angle.

      1. They are :( I was really curious if it was the angle, so I did a side-by-side comparison in Photoshop… here’s a screenshot:

    2. Oh good so I’m not the only one who noticed that

    3. Her ears are intentionally elongated. It’s part of her “demon wolf” aesthetic, along with the horns and the spikes/plates down her spine.

      1. I like the bigger ears on this form – they “fit”. I think what we were noticing was how in panel 5, her ears are larger proportionally than they are in other panels (from base to tip of ear). In panel 5, the ear length is the same as the length from her jaw to past her middle head spikes. In the last panel, the ear length is from her jaw to just above her eyes. (The link I shared above shows this a little better than me trying to explain). That’s all :) I like her demon design.

    4. And the eyebrows are huge as well.

    5. I think it’s mostly a perspective issue. It looks like her head ends right where she’s holding her paw up making it look smaller when it actually extends back further.

  9. Wow…. That’s all I can say

    1. I agree.

      I wasn’t expecting her to talk in that form. But I guess I should have known since I noticed that her eyes were different compared to the first time she transformed.

      I know she has that demon wolf form, but will she ever be able to transform into her normal wolf form?

      If so, it would be interesting if she still had her previous wolf form to use for casual use while she uses her demon wolf form for battle mode.

      1. lol i was asking myself the same, just as the page refreshed after posting mine i saw your comment xD

      2. The artists answered that question a couple pages back. She can transform into her wolf form if she wears artifacts like the red gems her dad had.

      3. I think they changed her to make her eyes not glow, but I did not save any before pictures to compare. They also removed her glowing forehead and eye markings.

        1. This is what she kind of looked like before.

        2. That is because she is in control this time

  10. if there´s a time for an intervention it is NOW .___.

    …i just wondered, now that her demon side fully awakened… is this her only animal form now or is she able to switch from normal wolf form to demon?

    1. The artists answered that question a couple pages back. She can transform into her wolf form if she wears artifacts like the red gems her dad had.

  11. I like the slight design change for Meela. Makes her seem less demonic and more like the Meela we all know and love. :3

  12. I knew she looks different. I would love to see the pages before and after in comparison. Would this be possible?

    1. I second this seeing before and after, even if it is just on DA. I really like the larger ears. I do kinda miss the forehead design, but other than that I like it, that and the little bit of drool from her mouth. I kind of expect seeing it in this form.

    2. The only differences are that her eyes were glowing and that she had the same red marks on her face as the last time she transformed. Everything else is the same.

      1. Yes I know, It would be interesting to see the differences in comparison though ^.^

        1. Agreed. Any reason she does not have the glowing eyes and face markings this time? I also remember her pupils being thinner too.

          Personally I liked the thought of her going psycho at first but then coming to consciousness when hit in this scene. I’d like to see this and then have her eyes stop glowing and her facial markings fade like when Holland approached her on page 293.

      2. I meant to reply to your comment but I replied one down from your comment. Any special reason she does not have those markings? I liked the thought of her going psycho at first, but then returning to consciousness out of hurt, anger and shock from Feral’s actions, enough to speak in this scene.

  13. Now they have matching slashes across their noses.

    1. Yay for matching scars! ^_^

  14. “Hello. I am a demon wolf. You killed my family. Prepare to die.”

    1. LOL! Nice reference. XD

    2. Oooooooh snap! >_<

    3. That. Was. Perfect. XD
      You win an internet.

  15. *Throws Meela and Feral Snickers bars*
    You’re not you when you’re hungry, cool your tits.


    1. *searches frantically for a like button for this comment* Facebook has corrupted me….

  17. Feral! CLIMB A TREE! She doesnt have thumbs in this formmmm

  18. Oh my goodness Meela he has no idea what you are talking about! Din’t deer-man just explain that to you!? Ugh poor Feral. I just hope this ends with both of them alive

    1. Well, you know kids and their attention spans…

    2. Especially traumatized kids. After going through that encounter with Mal (which, don’t forget, included watching him murder Visrial as well as knocking poor Holland out), she probably couldn’t absorb everything Jyaku told her. Her brain and heart were both overloaded and although I believe she heard everything Jyaku said, most of it didn’t really sink in. She just couldn’t get past the whole “he killed my family” thing. Which, to be fair, makes perfect sense. She’s been having nightmares of their deaths ever since, after all.

  19. I love how he cut her in the exact place she cut him. LOL. A mark for a mark

  20. Yeah, I only see one side of you, too, Meela… the stupid teenager who has yet to obtain a fully developed prefrontal cortex. I know it isn’t your fault that it hasn’t matured yet… but damn it… Teenagers… *Rolls eyes*

    1. Uhh you really can’t blame this on her being a teenager. I’m pretty sure that if anyone of any age was in this situation they would feel the same.

      1. May-haps. And yes, I was generalizing there, I’m sorry. Usually when I reference ages, it usually falls to that. Blame it on my personal adolescence and the fact that the prefrontal cortex thing is true along with the case of the adolescent years being fulled of raging hormones that makes thinking even less logical than any other time of a human’s life.
        I know all teenagers do not fall into that category, but I have met very few during my lifetime. Many teenagers, especially in this day and age can easily border close to the line to being sociopaths in the right conditions. With the little face-to-face interaction these days, many do not develop a healthy amount of empathy, sympathy or sensitivity to others at all do to know true personal connections.
        Quite admittedly, I rather appreciate how well “Strays” keeps the characters’ personalities consistent and plentiful. Meela is definitely the same Meela despite evolving a bit from the tutelage Feral and Holland. In turn, I will likely never really feel extreme fondness for Meela during her adolescent years because her character frustrates me. Nevertheless, I can look at her as a study and deconstruct her reasoning and thus not dislike her. I just continue to find her annoying. I know it isn’t her fault. It is her character and in real life there are many who fit the bill because of nature, nurture and so forth. I just usually do not care to be near those people either.

  21. Meela, you dummy! Don’t attack someone and then wonder why they fight back. *shakes head*
    Also… Now they have matching wounds(maybe scars later?) just like Squall and Seifer, loool. XD

  22. I want Demon Meela Fan Art. She looks so cool. Sorry I’ve spent all day trying to find some good Meela fan art and come up with nada. Anyway, I hope this cools down soon, because I swear if Meela turns Feral back into demon form I’ll cry.

    1. He turns demon when he absorbs too much demon energy, not when hes mad.

  23. “Everybody else?”

    What about poor Holland? Have you forgotten how completely he accepted you? The fact that he treated you no differently after finding out you’re half demon?

    C’mon, Meela, that’s just mean. :(

  24. Girl, you just tried to eat his face off. He could’ve stabbed you in the brain, but instead he just gave you a mild flesh wound.

    She needs to calm her butt down.

  25. Sad little girly. Meela, pick up your brain from wherever you left it and put it back on. If he had really wanted you dead that knife would have gone through your eye not across your muzzle in a matching cut to the one you just gave him…

  26. nobody said that Meela :I

  27. Oh kids no

  28. Fan art for this scene:

  29. You know, Sign language would be REALLY useful in this scenario…

    -but nope, he can only make common gestures. Soooo, what now?

  30. *sigh* I’m quite disappointed! It’s been three days since the update and still no AFC Meeting! Is it not an important thing anymore…? I’ve noticed less and less people join in, and I don’t enjoy that. The AFC is our group, we cannot let it fall, and so early on!

  31. She’s such a teenager!

  32. “You only see one side of me! You, of all people!”


    1. I know! But, she thought he was coming to kill her (which I doubt he was, since he snapped his fingers and all), so I guess it makes sense when you look at it through her eyes but still! He doesn’t see one side of you! He see’s two… but he doesn’t want to hurt either side…

  33. woow what a twist to the story eh.. my heart hurts. but its been done really well. i must ask. the parts of the story you guys were going to add but didnt were they important or could we see them?

    1. It was nothing important to the story or we wouldn’t have cut it. It was mostly some extra adventures/back story for some of the side characters like Piper or the villains. Nothing has been written out or even sketched so there’s nothing to show, really.

      1. Does that mean we will still get some sort of explanation of why that old man knew Meela? *Holland-style puppy eyes*

  34. Meela, Honey, you just bit Feral’s leg and cut his face, and then you get mad when Feral strikes back to defend himself? Love you to death but please use your brain D:

    1. She IS a kid/teenager and thats how they all react sadly

  35. I do not believe she realizes that he’s only attacking in self defense.

  36. You know what? If Feral hates demons so much, then why doesn’t he hate himself? … I mean… If he lets Malkar take over again, that means he is a full demon! … I hope things turn out ok, though…

    1. Feral doesn’t actually have any demon in him, it’s just a taint of darkness. He does hate that side of him though, which is why he gets so angry when Meela calls to it.

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