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This isn't going well at all.

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  1. and he still has no idea what she’s talking about. :/

    1. Okay, didn’t Jyaku TELL her that he’s told Feral NOTHING. And didn’t Jyaku tell her that Malkar is NOT Feral?!?!

      1. Well, Meela IS only thirteen… She’s a moody teenager, and she’s barely more than a child who’s been through waaaaaaaay too much for anyone her age. I think she’s allowed to have a little bit of a breakdown…

        1. I don’t even want to guess how much buried rage she’s totting about.

    2. Seems that Meela is just lashing out. I mean even though it was Malkar and not Feral, they share the same face so every time she sees Feral from now on she’s likely to be reminded of Malkar killing her family…

    3. She’s lonely,everything she has lost has lost is related to bounty hunters, and just all most got killed. Plus, she’s gotten a few hours to stew on everything, and given the highly emotional state she was in, it wasn’t: ‘Feral would not have gone if he had known there were kids, and tried to leave when he did’, more like: ‘It’s all Feral’s falut that Daddy and Brother are dead!’

  2. Okay, I have to agree: NOW it isn’t going well at all. Honestly? I think these two need a mediator. Someone like Jyaku, to get a few of their facts straight and start communicating with each other, instead of just lashing out at each other.

    1. No. Not Jyaku. This is really all his fault to begin with.

      1. Aaaaand Holland can’t walk on his own. Bummer. :Y

        1. Guys! GUYS! Y’all are on to something!

          Get Jyaku to carry Holland so he can mediate the three of them and work things! TEAMWORK!

      2. yeah…blame the guy who saved everyone’s life.

  3. I like how she was crying and terrified like five seconds ago.
    But really Meela, surely you can do better than that with a knife by now.

    1. When you’re trying to do something and you’re overloaded on one of the strong emotions, it often gets in the way of your thought processes. She might be really good with that knife, but unless she’s thinking clearly she’s not going to use it effectively.

      :( Poor Meela. Poor Feral. Gosh darn it, people, hug it out :(

    2. I don’t think she’s trying to hurt him… more like lashing out with the knife out of anger and frustration, as well as simply trying to get him to go away.

      1. I don’t know, she cut his face. If he hadn’t moved who knows how bad he might’ve been cut. I think if you go for someone’s face you’re probably pretty serious.

        1. She’s very upset, and she’s still relatively young. She really is literally just flailing her knife out of anger. So I wouldn’t say she’s serious– it just shows the degree to which she feels hurt and betrayed and frightened. It’s like a cornered animal.

    3. Feral is also the one who trained her. Even if she IS giving it 100% her all, he might still just be aware of her usual tells or moves since he’s the one who showed them to her to begin with.

    4. Well, it is still Feral. Even if Meela is really angry at him I doubt she can just shove aside all the good memories of him too.

  4. Poor Meela. What an emotional mess!

  5. did she forget what jyaku told her? it was malkar in feral´s body who killed her family. feral wanted to leave when he saw that there were kids… jeez meela, i know you´re an emotional mess right now but be rational once! feral can neither remember anything nor try to sort things out with you lashing out at him.

    1. She’s also a little kid, so… :P

      1. She’s still a little kid…

    2. It wouldn’t have happened if Feral wasn’t chasing after her dad to begin with. But really? Jyaku’s fault.

      1. then maybe another bounty hunter would´ve found them eventually. maybe killed them all. who knows. i think it´s actually malkar´s fault. if he wasn´t so hyped about power nothing of it would´ve happened.

        1. Actually, Meela’s dad would have fought him of and moved them. He was a really good fighter.

    3. I also agree that she is still a kid, she’s a budding teenager with hormones, She’s also half demon.You know her half demon side could be something similar to what B’elonna Went through in Star Trek. She was half cling-on and so that side of her popped out when she was mad. That could explain Meela’s rash behavior as well.

      1. I never thought of it like that… it makes a lot more sense if you think of it like that.
        The demon side might be similar to klingon.
        Meela looks scary right there. I’m just glad she isn’t glowing…. that would be very bad.

    4. organicgreekyogurt

      I think she has every right to lash out right now. Feral has a terrible job. He kills demons for a living without knowing who they are or what they’ve done. He was wholly planning on killing her father, which is cruel, even if he decided otherwise because there were kids involved. She should be angry and he should feel guilty.

      1. I think he is, in that second panel, feeling guilty, because she is confronting him with his guilt and with the consequences of his job. He was already confronted with it uncomfortably when she butted in on that job where he had to kill the old man. On the one hand, Feral has no choice as a bounty hunter but to do what he’s being told, on the other hand, you can see that he is not a hardened killer, even though he has to kill frequently for his job.

  6. Meela if you don’t wanna 1v1 with another “half demon” then I suggest u stahp

  7. I think Holland is going to get an earful for giving her those knives.

  8. Meels, you need to calm down. Don’t activate your demon side. Put the knife down. Hug Feral.

    1. Agreed!

  9. AFC Meeting! I bring Ice Cream for all our tears, but I’m taking faith in the fact that Feral isn’t fighting back. He is just defending himself, but not attacking Meela back.

    1. I honestly don’t think he’d actually attack her – unless Mal gets out again, in which case she wouldn’t stand a chance. He’ll defend himself, and maybe try to stop her from attacking him more, but Feral wouldn’t deliberately hurt Meela.

      1. I have chocolate fondue. And strawberries… And bananas, and blueberries, etc… The feels are too strong!!! Talk it over! Meela! Be a good girl and listen to Feral… Course… I would probably be worse if I was in your position… THE FEELS!!!!!!! *pulls pillow out of nowhere and sobs*

    2. I hope their darker sides don’t awaken…

  10. Not good, not good, not good. O.O

  11. Demon Meela vs. Malkar gonna happen soon!

    1. I hope not… But I am slightly concerned. Meela’s pupils are now slits…. This can’t be good. *curls in a tiny ball whimpering*

  12. Oh dear feral. Right now he must hate not being able to speak as he cant get his side across. Hopefully this can be resolved as feral and meela are great together

  13. Gonna kill each other. Told ya.

  14. Someone is going to get through each other at this point…

    That..or it’ll end in more bloodshed.

  15. Just noticed she got his arm.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      She got his face too.

  16. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I love that Feral is not fighting back. If/when Meela realizes that he’s not fighting back, she will calm down. Personally I think he’s going to let himself take a beating because what he needs is for her to chill and if she thinks he’s fighting back, she’s not going to calm down.

    1. I agree, but I, knowing the creators and Feral, he will probably try something then let Meela keep hurting him, at least, thats how I feel. Feral hasn’t stood down to someone before in this comic, I don’t feel like he will now, but then again, this is Meela, not a enemy.

  17. Meela I swear to god. She’s just lashing out because she’s frustrated and sad and upset. Feral is the first person she has had since her brother was killed and she feels like she’s lost everything

  18. Oh my god these feels are killing me! :(

  19. Meela, what are you doin?

  20. Wait what does Feral not know?? he does know he was hired to kill Meelas family right?

    1. He doesn’t know that the little girl in the cave with the demon family was Meela and he also didn’t known in advance that there would be a family with children there, otherwise he would not have taken the job. In fact, he could not do it, which is why Malkar took over. And Feral has no memories of what happens when Malkar is in control.

  21. Whoa. Poor Feral =(

  22. The cuts on feral are killing me. On an unrelated note, I still want to know what meelas mother has been up to all this time, she can’t have given up on what’s left of her family.

    1. I’m pretty sure she’s dead. That’s usually the case when someone with a dangerous job disappears. Like Summer Rose from RWBY, pretty sure she’s dead too

      1. yup, cant remember who said where and to who, but ruby’s mom died fighting the grim, yangs left her with rubys dad and is unknown


  24. It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts

  25. This is the 5th chapter of the third volume. In the FaQ the creator said their will only be three volumes but their is a possibility that will change. In the other two volumes they end at five chapters. I found this comic yesterday and read the whole thing up to now in one day. Im not ready for this to end. I have a feeling this is the last chapter.

    1. It is the last chapter, they said as much at the end of chapter 4. ‘Tis a shame…

  26. I love the parallels between this scene and the scene where they first met.

  27. So, for a completely random question, are those gloves a really popular fashion trend in Meoley, do they aid in some fighting style/magic or is it just something Feral picked up from Jyaku?

    1. I think he wears gloves to conceal that mark on his hand. Weather that helps him control it or not I don’t know but at least it’s not out for the public to see.

      1. Whether that helps, why is there no edit? Now I shall live forever in shame! >.<;

        1. I don’t question his choice to wear gloves, I question the style of the gloves. Jyaku wears the exact same style, with the thumb and middle and ring fingers covered but not the other fingers. This is an unusual style to wear for no practical reason, which is why I was wondering what that reason is, or if it’s a common fashion in Meoley.

  28. “You killed my family” made me think of:

  29. I really love the details on this page! The expressions are really well-done and I like how you made Feral hold his arm to protect himself from Meela’s attacks, so he doesn’t get his vital veins slashed!

  30. Hm, instead of everybody here telling Meela to calm down and hug Feral, perhaps it should be Feral who needs to hug her. You know, take all that negative, aggressive, violent energy and smother it in a hug.


    Just spent like two hours reading through this whole comic. HUGE fan already, ohmahgawd. If/when I have the money to spare, totally buying the comics!

  32. Poor Meela… Feral may not remember all of the details, but he knows he messed up, at least back at the camp. Acting huffy and indignant toward Meela and approaching her aggressively was a very poor choice. Hopefully he’ll show some remorse, and soon, to help Meela snap out of it. And why are so many people blaming Jyaku? He was just making the best of a bad situation after getting assaulted by Malkar.

  33. I think I’m a little scared about the next page, if he disarms her or pins her somehow I can only see it getting worse. D:

  34. Meela, you put that sharp thing down right this second! Don’t scar Feral’s pretty face, he’s got enough scars on it already.

  35. Poor kids

  36. I just looked at some of the pages in the beginning, and they look really different. So different it’s scary.

  37. Lee of Team Avatar

    My name is Meela. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    Wait no no no no I don’t actually want you to kill him Meela!

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