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I really don't think that rock is going to intimidate him.

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  1. Awww, he only wants a hug!

  2. And the rock comes out

  3. The feels are flowing more freely than maple syrup in Canada

    1. lol agreed and our maple syrup sure as hell flows free

    2. Wow. That’s exactly a perfect way to put it xD

    3. IT’S SO HEARTBREAKING! Poor girl is so scared…

  4. Leave us all full of suspense, why don’t you? I need to know how Feral will react!!~

    1. Same. I want to know what happens, but the more suspense there is, the more pages they will need to solve said suspense.

  5. Whew! First time I’ve gotten here and there isn’t a ton and a half of comments! I’m proud of myself. Feral’s gonna go all papa wolf on Meela.
    “You are not going anywhere young lady, you Stoll have training to do and you left camp a mess! Sweet Jesus, young lady, and we are definitely going to have a talk about your grades!”

    1. “Dont tell me you just want to leave! Your to young to run away! Put that rock down and get over here this instant!”

    2. “After running after you threw this bloody forest you’re going to throw a rock at me! That’s it young lady, no more hat money!”

    3. this needs a like button.

      1. I know right!! All these are just pure gold XD

  6. She needs a huuuug!! Hug her! :_D

  7. Oh gosh.

    The feeeeeeeeeeeels.

    I have a feeling a tackle-hug may be in order to get her to calm down and realise he isn’t going to hurt her. -starts hoping-

    I will cry if he hurts her or she him, argh! Stop making the feels flow! :c Gonna need a pint and a half of ice cream now. Anyone care to join?

    1. (Plops down beside you and shares chocolate.)

      1. Oh my gosh!!!!! Tooooooooooooooooo many feels!! I bring smoothies. Now I need to wait a whole week to see this! The suspense is killing me!!!!!! *curls into tight ball rocking back and forth* waiting for Friday….. Waiting for Friday…… Man I love this comic

        1. I bring movies, chocolate bars, and muffins… I’m sooooooo scared I NEED to know What’s going to happen…..*cuddles up in a fuzzy blanket*

        2. -Sobs violently and passes around tray of latkes- y-you guys want some?? Oh please let this end with a hug ;A;

        3. Since no one has said it yet, this should be an official ACF meeting, I have books…

        4. *Hugs PersephoneCA* just incase it doesn’t… I have plenty of hugs for all… Don’t cry. Does anyone else need a hug?

    2. (I hope this comment shows up xP)

      The feels, it’s too much to handle. I need Friday to come faster! But, anyway I brought a radio and a ton of CD’s from a ton of bands. Feel free to play anything as long as it’s not Justin Bieber! (Sorry if any Justin fan’s are reading this, but I will never listen to him again)

      1. And I agree whole heartedly on all accounts

  8. Feral, go to her.
    Meela. No. Put that rock down, lady.

  9. I would love it if Feral just takes the rock and bonks Meela lightly on the head. Then hug. Everyone loves hugs.

    1. So many of these comments need to be drawn, like yours. I wanna see this in picture form now.

    2. Yessss! That would be perfect XD


  11. You’d better not hit him in the seal, Meela.

    1. You know I have a feeling that is what’s going to happen

      1. Yeah, me too.

  12. She needs a BIGGER rock. :) Just joking!

    1. Lets find a rock
      I mean a bigass rock
      Or maybe something like a cinderblock
      is better
      I’ll hoist it up
      and drop it on your face, my buddy

  13. I know that everyone is gonna try and lynch me, but I have shipped these two for a while. They are not humans, the age difference has previously been addressed by the author in the case of Yuen’s parents, and I’m not saying that it should be fast or right now, but maybe in another decade. I dunno, probably not gonna happen like that, but it is a ship that I like.

    1. I’m not the only one…..? Holy shit this is amazing! Thank you!

    2. Ehh, I personally don’t ship it but it’s not a big deal. I mean, obviously given Meela’s current age it wouldn’t be appropriate, but I don’t see anything wrong with this hypothetical relationship when she’s older and mature enough for it.

      What do you mean with the second sentence though — Do lupians age differently, and what did the authors address? Care to clarify?

      1. It was previously stated that Lupians age about half as fast as we do, so Yuen’s mom and dad, who did have an age difference, was something that wasn’t uncommon in lupian structure. At least I thought I read that. I think it was in the comments somewhere?

    3. I believe the creators themselves have shot that ship to bloody pieces. Just the fact that Feral has know her when she was 12-13 makes it kinda unsettling to think they’d ever be romantically involved. If they’d med each other in anther decade I can see it being more plausible.

  14. Awww, now look who’s chasing whom.

  15. Your artwork is phenomenal!

  16. And, of course, so is the story! ::)

  17. Ugh, leave us hanging, why don’t you. Yank our hearts around, why don’t you. MAKE US WAIT IN AGONY, WHY DON’T YOU!?

    In other news, Meela thinking she could actually keep Feral back by yelling and brandishing a rock is absolutely precious. Heartbreaking, but precious.

  18. OMG the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!

  19. Don’t toss rocks at him! o n o

  20. Hnng my heart hurts enough already OTL.

  21. Cue the batman reference:
    dramatic pause
    “It was a big rock.”

  22. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh Meela….
    Ow, running into that tree had to hurt. And her tail is so poofy! Poor girl.

  23. This page is beautiful, I love how the scene flows.


  25. Meela, if he REALLY was interesting in killing or hurting you, I don’t think he’d have alerted you to his presence first by snapping his fingers. Chill! I think you’ve got some talking to do first. Er…relatively speaking for Feral, anyway.

    1. I think she’s not so much afraid of Feral hurting her, but rather that she wants to get away because of her feelings, and because she doesn’t want to be reminded of how Malkar is the one that killed her parents.

  26. No No No No No Meela’s sad little: Ima hit you with a rock face made me cry. Runs to the ACF corner with chocolate covered marshmallow peeps. T-T
    Happy Easter!

  27. empressofmelnibone

    Ok can somebody tell me though “why” are demons and demon-hybrids like Meela are hated again?? They don’t seem that terrible. So why are they hunted down and killed and discriminated against?? Can anyone explain??

    1. Because they can’t control the demon side–and that side likes to kill.

  28. Am I the only one who wants a fight to break out or a small scuffle?

  29. please hug her!!!

  30. Seriously disappointing we didn’t get more emotions from Feral, but hopefully next page will have a lot more. I am expecting some feels coming from the next page.

  31. I hope feral goes up to hug her and meela resists then feral hugs tighter then meela starts crying saying she wants to stay

    1. Omg I hope for that too that’s would just be down right adorable

  32. It would be scary to have a mute bounty hunter to run after me in a dark forest.

  33. that probably hurt, a lott

  34. I feel like they should either hug, or get into some sort of fight. Either way is fine with me.. BUT THE FEELS

    And there I go crying about fictional characters again ;-;

  35. Go Meela I need a hug *^*

  36. Awwwn Feral go hug her ! T^T

  37. Poor babe, looks terrified. :c Feral’s not gonna hurt you, Meela.

  38. Why doex she look still so cute lol

  39. It’s a very intimidating rock I’m sure. :0

  40. *Meela used intimidate, it doesn’t effect Feral.*

  41. AlextheparanoidAndroid

    Ha! he is gonna be all like “girl put down the rock and come back to camp” -_-

  42. AlextheparanoidAndroid

    I hope they have a little wrist grabbing transforming wolf moment.

  43. &@$% it…tragic song started playing on my computer when I was reading this…made the whole thing so much sadder, and now I’m crying…T^T WHY WORLD, WHY?!
    (Btw, it’s Tears of An Angel by RyanDan…it’s already so sorrowful on it’s own, but my brain managed to meld the two things…gosh dang it! T^T…I totally recommend the song though, it’s beautiful!)

  44. oh my smurfin glob… T-T THIS is quite intense I dunno if my body can take so much emotion. What will happen next?

  45. The feels… Cannot wait until Saturday…

    (Crawls to the corner of the room, sitting down holding legs and mumbling)
    Cannot wait… cannot wait… cannot wait….

    1. Saturday? They update on Friday’s though.

  46. Ugh… the wait this week is gonna be extra hard on my feels.

  47. pain sounds

  48. I’m interested to see how this plays out. This is a situation where a proper conversation is needed, but poor Feral can’t speak, so that’s going to make every thing so much harder.

  49. It’s almost all over, and it’s only taken 8 freakin’ years. -_-

  50. MOMENT OF TRUTH!! Is Feral going to hug her or kill her? >:) I, personally, am hoping for the former.

  51. are u guys gonna publish vol 3, like you did for vols 1 and 2?

  52. Meeeeeelllllaaaaa nooooooo

  53. Noooo! How did I catch up to 362 pages in just 2 days??? WHYYYYY!

    On another note. This is an amazing comic and probably the best one I’ve ever read and I love Better Days and Red Lantern so that for me is saying something.

    It reminds me of Wolf’s Rain but with a bit more depth and development. I. WANT. MORE. NOW!

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