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  1. i sense that the fire’s shape in the last frame may be significant somehow

    1. it became all sparkly! perhaps a “vampire” has gone passing by 8D



        1. Which is why it’s a FIERY sparkle xDDD

    2. Vampires do not sparkle, this is not Twilight xD

      1. They do if you attack them with glitter. >_>

  2. If this was Japanese he’d blush thinking she called him “onii-chan”.

    1. this made me laugh out loud xD

    2. What does that mean?

      1. “Big brother” – but the usual word would be oniisan, and substituting the “chan” suffix for “san” would make it particularly affectionate.

  3. Actually, REAL vampires simply turn to dust. And they can turn into bats. And they aren’t named Edward. Or Blade, for that matter.

    1. … “REAL vampires”? ¬_¬

  4. The flame in the last panel looks similar to Piper’s tattoo. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though. Probably just the aftereffects of magic.

  5. This was the first page I saw and I thought Feral was actually her brother since she said that. My friend was reading this page when I peeked over her shoulder and read it so I was a little confused but now I’m good.

  6. My GODS. I though Meela was a dude*shot*

  7. MEELA HAS NO FACE! in panel 1

    1. It looks to me as if she has her head turned and is looking down. We can see the right side of her face and the back edge of her right ear.

  8. OH! Did Feral think Meela just called him “brother”? Hmmm…little guilt trip for ya.

  9. Oh, we’re starting early with the feels, huh?

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