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Seems like he never did learn to completely control that aggression.

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  1. Aawww, I didn’t think Holland could get even cuter than his angry face in the last comic, but panels one and two in this one are just wow! With that missing tooth :)

    1. Ikr? I also like how he’s showing Feral how to eat the pear and kinda looks like he’s cheering after he gets him to eat. :3 Holland is adorbs…

      1. *dies of adorableness*

  2. He’s not welcome in any clan because of his demon side, just like people want Meela and her family dead because of their demon sides.

    Now I understand why the comic is called Strays.

  3. This explains why Feral suddenly attacked Meela in the inn that night, and then seemed frightened by his own behavior.

    1. …in the inn that *one night…

  4. This is interesting. I cannot remember the deer dude’s name but he is acting like feral’s father atm. Sad though that feral’s destiny was altered because of malkar’s greed. Strange though that deer dude seemed to be the only one to be able to suppress malkar though. Can he do that with other people’s souls as well or only malkar’s?

    1. Jyaaku can control/suppress Malkar because he got a little piece of him when Malkar attacked him. I think it’s just Malkar/Feral’s soul…

    2. Jyaku is able to surpress Malkar’s essence within Feral because he also received a part of Malkar’s soul, thus learning the ability to surpress it in both himself and Feral.

  5. Aw, I view Holland and Feral’s relationship completely differently now. Makes me want to go back and reread the whole thing. :P

    1. Dude me to :) starting today

  6. This is why Feral loves pears.

    1. When they are having the flashback when feral’s dad dies (I believe this is the dream meela has in the inn) it was already established he loves pears ;D funny how a carnivore has one of their favorite foods be pears

      1. Lupians are omnivores, actually ;3 But they do usually prefer meat to fruit or veggies.

      2. Though the Canid family is commonly referred to as a carnivore, they are fully capable of eating and digesting fruits and vegetables and are actually closer to being omnivorous. I would imagine they’d prefer meat to fruits and vegetables, though.

      3. Can we make Feral and pears an inside joke with the fandom.

    2. Actually, if you remember, Avela. Yuen’s Mom, gave him and Mal pears and Yuen was all excited about it. So he loved pears long before this.

  7. :33< Dat panel five face Holland tho.

  8. It’s because Holland is white and fluffy!

  9. I’m going to adopt Holland!!!!!!!!

    1. No, he’s mine!!!! I bring more pears :3

      1. I bring twelve sacks of pears and assorted sauces and honeys to dip them in. Does anyone else think we should renovate the building to make a separate room for the “ACF” meetings?

        1. Nah I think we’re alright here. -Takes the pear slices and dips them in nutella- I like how pears are the fruit our fandom like bananas are to Whovians. Also almost every sentimental thing with Feral includes the pears.

    2. *eats a pear* Yum! Ok, I bring a large pear cobbler.
      Holland is so kyooot… And I want to adopt Feral now. Is that a bad thing? ^.^;

    3. *Eats pears and mumbles around them* I Brought my Xbox and games. Have fun.

      1. :33< these pears are yummy…oh, and I have kittens and cats to share!!!! *hugs infinite kittens*

        1. *grabs a cup of honey and pulls out some dehydrated pear chips*

          I can’t get over how cute the interaction of these guys is! I just wanna squeeze them all! *hugs crystal wolf and drags into the corner*

        2. Hugs kitty* Thanks for the free kittens! Using the power of kittens and little Hollands cuteness, I have invented a ray that turns everything into kittens!!! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah!!!! Um, did anyone bring cat toys?

        3. *Runs to the store and buy’s cat toys* Here!!! *Drops all the cat toys at your feet*

  10. Those are pears……..I’m gonna cry now……

  11. adakfjdsafdso Holland is too darn cute. This is really interesting! Once again can’t wait for next week!

  12. :3 that missing tooth is so cute! I didn’t think the nuisance could get any cuter

  13. I wonder if panel three is the reason for Meela’s multi-color shirt starting on page 244? Since she likes “borrowing” Feral’s clothing? :)

    1. Nah, at that point Holland was buying her her own clothes ;3 Amusing thought though!

      1. Ah well… :)

  14. Anyone else notice how the pattern under Feral’s demon eye is different? Every time it gets re-sealed it has a different pattern.

  15. Haha—missing front tooth! Now we have an idea of little Holland’s age. He’s probably between 5 and 6. That explains a lot—including the super cuteness and energy level (speaks the mother of a 5 year old).

  16. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Panel 5! Holland’s face!!! Ah! He’s so cute!
    Also, the bandages on Feral’s left arm are there in panels 1 and 6 but not in panels 3 and 4. Seems odd that it would alternate like that.

  17. So was Meela able to detect that darkness when they first met and that’s the reason why sh pinned him as Demon-Lupian? Or like turning into a wolf she was to young to do that and it was just a lucky guess? Can anyone in ACF explain this?

    1. She couldn’t detect it because she hadn’t been taught to “read” people yet. She probably felt it subconsciously though, which is why she attached herself to him so readily.

  18. They won’t let him play any reindeer games! ( sobs of sadness)

  19. I’m… on the verge..OF ESPLODING..HNNGG

  20. “funny how a carnivore has one of their favorite foods be pears” – some dogs eat apples (that fall down from apple tree), my mom had a dog who liked carrots (would go into garden and start digging to harvest them herself), and I think also ate peas. Many dogs like bread.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of farm dogs enjoy carrots because they see horses eating them. ;D

  21. AWW! birdman is so cute!! I wuvs him!!!

  22. I have a question: who was Jyaku before he became a kind of foster-father/ guardian to Feral? Mal and Feral just sort of encountered him, as did Meela, but we don’t really know anything about who he is, where he comes from, or what he wants.

    1. Jyaku has a rather interesting story, but I kind of like him being so mysterious. We might write up a summary for him at the end of the comic though, since we don’t plan to go into it.

      1. You could make a mini side comic for him as a bonus or incentive for buying the last book, maybe?

  23. OMG Holland is so cute!!! *Curls up with a wolf teddy* cant wait for next week.

  24. I D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaed for about 15 minutes after seeing the first two panels. Then I read the rest of the page. ^ u ^

  25. I know that this might not be for a long while, but… in the “Epilogue” if Ferral has kids, I would love to see them!!!!! ( well IF he lives -_- )


  26. That is EXACTLY how I feel about sewing. Grrr!

  27. Am I the only one overreacting to the fact that THEY’RE EATING PEARS?

    *bawls in a corner*

  28. lol I love the 5th panel

  29. I’m just going to sit here and die from cute babby Holland. (Yes I meant to spell it like that.)

    omg I need a babby Holland plush, now. Missing tooth and all. <3

    1. lol same here and a chibi Feral plush nomming a pear X3

    2. I’ll sew one! :O

  30. how old are Feral and Holland here?

    1. Feral’s in his late teens, maybe early twenties at this point. I’d guess Holland can’t be older than seven or eight right now. If anyone knows for sure, feel free to chip in.

  31. Eeeeeiiiiii this is so cute! Feral’s eye is my favorite thing ever, I don’t know why.

  32. This may be a little late, but do we get an explanation to why Feral can’t talk? I mean, he did get his throat slashed but why would that make it so he can’t talk? Did it damage his vocal chords, and Jyaku just didn’t have the power to fully heal them?

    1. That’s pretty much it, Feral’s vocal chords were too damaged to be repaired. They might have been salvaged if Jyaku had taken him to healers, but he did the best he could on his own.

  33. kinda hate his friend melkar even mORE

  34. I thought i saw gamercat with little Holland on panel 5 ^^

  35. I got a question! Fear’s seal marking under his right eye, is it always different when Jyaku has to fix it?

    If so then i’m wondering why it appears to be the same as it has been through the entire comic in the flash back on page 326- 328? Just wondering, not trying to be nit picky.

    1. It’s actually different. It’s hard to tell in the low-res web files, but it has a little swoopy curl and stuff. If you look at it on the close-up on page 327 and compare it to Feral’s seal in the banner of the website you can see the difference.

  36. bb holand tho

  37. Poor Feral… Holland remains cute still!

  38. oh my god Holland

  39. Gah! Everyone who reads this, go back to when Holland just met up with Feral! So many things make since now!

  40. I can just hear the little nuisance yelling “WHY?!” as he rips teh cloth

  41. wow this is amazing i can’t wait to read more!!!!!

  42. That first panel is the cutest thing EVER.


  44. theguywhowastoolazytocomeupwithausername

    maybe this is why feral likes pears.

  45. So is this why feral has a travel sewing kit?

  46. Well now we know who Feral is :3

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