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And that's how Yuen got his new name.

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  1. Hostile, unpredictable, angry, quick to lash out, and out of control.

    He turned into a teenager!

    1. Or into a woman!

      1. Ageism AND sexism. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR.

        1. As a lady who used to be a teenager I found this all funny xD (and partially true ;J )

        2. Yes! …partially. :P

        3. Well, now we know Feral was like that BEFORE he met Meela.

        4. You can’t speak for all women, get out.

        5. Public forum…. telling some one to ‘get out’ is a little redundant.

      2. Could you, I dunno

        Not be sexist?

        1. could you, um i dunno…
          take a joke? :D

      3. funneh but insensitive

      4. heh, you try telling a grown man “no” and see who’s quicker to lash out

        1. True that.

        2. They’re basically moody teenagers on the inside and they get away with it because of how our society works.

        3. They also have 500 times the hormones boys do, plus a hormone DUMP every month. And yet men are more likely to commit suicide. Isn’t that interesting?

      5. You fail at life sir.

        You just… fail.

        1. Failing at life would be having a stick up your bum all your life and being a complete sociopath… which they do not seem to be. You, however…

        2. You think they’re uptight because they don’t find sexism appealing/humorous?

          Grade A argument there lad.

        3. That and calling them a sociopath for it, which has nothing to do with anything.

    2. I could say the same thing about boys. But I won’t. CX

      1. Well I’m glad SOMEONE on this thread has self control.

        1. Yeah. Every time something like this gets posted people either laugh, get annoyed, or laugh at the people who get angry, and everyone gets annoyed. It’s better for people to just chill and not argue over it.

    3. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    4. They are teenagers.


    1. Lol, you deserve a like, if we had a like system

      1. Well, I tried to put an emoji there…it didn’t work…

    2. XD that just made meh day

  3. You think YOU’VE had a bad day…

  4. Hey Cellesse, if there is any way to get ahold of you, I was wondering if you could help me with my book…?

    1. I’m sorry, I’m a little overwhelmed with my own projects at the moment, so I really don’t have time. Good luck with your book!

  5. Like not draw it, like how to post it and your opinion on how it is…and to see what my characters look like in your art style…

    1. I don’t think you realize how much time it takes to do what you’re asking. And it may be “just to goof off” for you, but that’d be a lot of work for whoever attempts the art.

      1. I know…that’s why I asked…I know how hard it is, I’m working on 2 books right now along with school and problems at home, I did not mean to offend…I was just asking, sorry guys

        1. You should go find an artist offering commissions and employ them to do it :)

    2. “And see what my characters look like in your style”
      Fishing for free art right there. Like someone said you can find an artist open for commissions and see how much it would cost. I do wish you luck with your books.

      1. I draw my characters all the time, I don’t want free art, I was curious to see what my anime style art would look like in her more realistic style, me and my friend drew eachother’s characters all the time just to see the different styles, I didn’t mean for you guys to take it wrong…sorry…thank you for the luck…but I need to write more than what I have in order to go to people…unfortunately…I plan on taking graphic arts and rising in collage so I can do things like this for mine…sorry guys

        1. Can you not with the non-apology? You asked for free art, were told no, and then are whining you’re “just curious,” and it was “goofing off.” As was already pointed out, you need to PAY artists for their time, this shit is not goofing off. How do you think artists have a roof over their head and food on their table? The only person who took your comment wrong was you.

        2. M. I live in San Francisco… hundreds of “Artists” here knew that paying the bills was not going to come form their staying at home and working on their art. They all have real jobs & work their love or birthing art in their spare time.

          you were a lotta harsh on Rey.

          Algy & C. can ignore comments like this (and most of mine)…

          “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

        3. Dude, chill. They said they were sorry and that they made a mistake. Can you read their mind and know exactly what they were thinking at the time? You probably can’t. Just forgive and forget, bro.

        4. Guys, calm down and lay off. While you might be right, I think Reyzishierra just didn’t think this through. Didn’t realise that while she (or he?) has plenty of time to goof off with friends and draw for each other just for fun, professional artists don’t or can’t. People known for being good at something get asked for so many favors regarding that something from friends and relatives, they develop some sort of allergic reaction to even most innocent requests. However, people who’ve never been so ‘harassed’ don’t understand this reaction as they don’t see any problem. So, please, instead of exploding in people’s faces – EXPLAIN.

  6. Just to goof off…if not it’s okay, I was just curious

  7. I wanted to know what your name backwords would look like Reyzishierra, I think I like it better backwords.. :D.. side note: I like how feral looks in the last panel looks like a mixture of rage and confusion. Very well done.

    1. Reyzishierra backwards equals: Arreihsizyer

      1. Coolz C=

  8. Jyaku looks like a disappointed father.
    “Son, how many times have I told you NOT to slash my arm?”
    “Dad, this is not a phase, this is how I really am.”
    “Did I say anything about it being a phase, Yuen?”
    “I told you my friends call me Feral!”
    (I bring WiFi to the ACF corner.)

    1. :33< *jumps into the corner with a phone, laptop, and Nintendo 3DS* Yes!! meow I can play mariokart with everyone! :33< oh, and I brought fried chicken and funnel cake! :((< I do hope feral gets better though. :((< He seems a little on edge.

      1. I wanna play!! I brought a coffee bar so we can marathon our sadness away! Can I be Princess Peach?

        1. :33< yes, and I'll be yoshi!! :33< and yes to coffee, please!

      2. *jumps in with my 3DSXL* I don’t have Mario Kart, but streetpasses are always fun :3 and I bring spicy nacho doritos.

        1. :33< *ac noms upon the Doritos* yum! :33< here, have a game cartridge so you can play.

    2. Yaaaaaay. ACF corner, I have turkey :D Fun fact, my birthday’s on Thanksgiving this year, so…. CRANBERRY SAUCE FOR EVERYBODY. And also, that is literally the best comment I’ve read in weeks <3

      1. My birthday will fall on Thanksgiving in 2021! My, how that jumps around!

        This year it’s one day before -yay!

        Happy “Same Problem With Your Birthday As Mine”!!! XP

    3. Epic comment! *Gives presents to Angel* Happy Birthday! Also I brought lap tops for everyone!

    4. Feral acts sort of like I feel now… Heh. I bring homemade chocolate-chip cookies!

    5. Best comment ever. CX brings quoted poster into AFC corner.

    6. I have rainbow fire compounds for our bad guy mob-chase torches!

      …we have bad guy mob-chase torches in the corner, right?

    7. I love how the AFC was just a random thing that is now part of this page. Flame you’re comment deserves a like if we had them. But you can have this red velvet cookie instead -hands it over-. Anyways man so much backstory in the last few pages, I love it. Poor Feral though, having to be fused with his friend who was under the influence of demonic power.

      1. I don’t know what the AFC even is o.o I’m just drawn to large groups of people who look like they’re having fun. ‘^^

        1. Afc is the corner of feels where we all distract eachother with foods/snuggly things/technology.

        2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          The Alliance of the Corner of the Feels

  9. And that’s why he became a hunter! To feed his Feral side!So he wouldn’t kill anyone!
    *Headcanon clicks into place*

    1. *Kill anyone important to him.

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Dexter anyone?

  10. I wanna know if Yuen will ever come back ‘..’ Think Feral’s memory ever returns ?

  11. And then he met Holland…

    Now he’s the Emo wolf with the gay best friend.

    1. Okay sorry for being a downer but is Holland really gay, or… Aaaaaand halfway through typing this I remembered about Piper. Wow, I’m smart.

    2. I agree. Holland is the gayest swan-man I have ever seen!

      ( Gay in it’s rightful definition!!!)

      1. Hear hear! Good to see people using that word correctly from time to time. :P

  12. Let me think, then little Holland appeared and he was too cute for Feral to stay mad. xD

    1. That’s my theory, too!

  13. OH!! Thank you Arreihsizyer!!! You just gave me a great idea for my season 7 with the name reversal, THANK YOU !!! ^^

  14. I’m surprised Jyaku still has both arms at this rate.

  15. Dang it Feral, this is exactly why we had to get you a scratching post. JYAKU IS NOT A COUCH. DO NOT USE YOUR CLAWS ON HIM.

  16. Jyaku, he wasn’t being aggressive! You have a bandage on the other arm; he’s just trying to even you out!

    In all seriousness though this page is seriously depressing. Also, it’s about now that little tiny Holland comes into the picture… ;v;

  17. Hmm… My guess is Jyaku somehow makes Feral lose his memories in order to placate him.

  18. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh my… He looks so angry…. Poor Feral/Yuen…. That would be so confusing and disorienting.
    I really hope Holland comes into the picture soon. His child’s innocence will be the thing that tames Feral. We know that later Feral has an extreme soft spot for children, so it will be interesting to see if that is something that is automatic for him or if he develops that soft spot, maybe because of Holland.

  19. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Also, is it just me or does Feral’s eye look more yellowish than normal?

  20. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral looks SO much older than in Holland’s flashback of him on page 152.

    1. stress will do that. curiously he also has a bandage on both arms in the flash back, while right now he just has one..he does always seem to have his arms covered..

  21. Ang3l In Wond3rland

    “Your crushing my individuality!”
    Easy there Feral lol

  22. cries forever Feral babe no

  23. I am not surprised by Feral’s behavior here. I can only imagine how hard it would be to wake up and remember nothing, to just all of a sudden BE. And be injured at the same time, and maybe his soul is different from the melding. I have a greater respect and love for Jyaku for hanging in there and helping him so much.

    And, I wish I could help. It’s so sad. (sits sobbing)

  24. Poor guy… I feel so bad for him, I coming to the corner with some puppy chow and some cuddly pillow pets. Please feel free to take one. *is very scared*

  25. Feral (fera) in my language is means beast. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now make sense.

  26. I love how Feral is still slightly smaller that Jyaku in panel 3. (The subtl details are one of my favorite things about this series) I have to keep reminding myself he was still a teenager when this happened. He looks like a cornered animal in the last panel too. Violent but afraid and confused.

    How old was he when this happened? I figure if he’s 26 in the present, Meela was 3 or so when her family was killed making Feral around seventeen when Malkar took over and killed everyone. It didnt take much for Malkar to take over (just Rolins flashy red demon eyes) which means he probably didnt have as much a handle on Mal back then….so maybe he was still new to being “Feral”? My guess is…fifteen or sixteen? Poor baby.

    I cant even imagine what it must have been like for him to snap out of it and see what Mal/he (if he even makes the distinction himself) had done to Meela’s family. No wonder he has a soft spot for kids.

    1. According to the Characters section, Feral is 28 when first introduced, so he would have likely been 18 when he killed Rollin and Connor. Probably he was 17 when the fusion took place, since it would have taken a fair bit of time not only to recover from his injuries but also to regain his self-control enough to be able to work as a bounty hunter. No doubt the job was chosen so that he could interact with as few people as possible, but he still needed to be able to more-or-less interact in society without freaking out (like when shopping).

      I think you’re reasoning that it was because it hadn’t been long since the fusion took place that it took so little demon energy to release Mal is pretty sound. Likely a combination of Jyaku needing practice making effective seals and Feral himself needing practice at keeping Mal’s spirit suppressed.

      What I wonder is if Feral even saw what he’d done to Meela’s family. We’ve seen already that Jyaku knocks him unconscious when reapplying the seal on Mal, so he probably had no idea what had happened when he woke back up (aside from knowing it was something bad).

  27. Come to think of it, his first reaction upon seeing that the demon lupian had children was to panic and he immediately didn’t want to go through with the job. What’s more, even while still recovering from his injuries as shown in this page, he meets Holland and, well, doesn’t rip into him like he did Jyaku. Then, when he meets Meela again later, even though he does try to get rid of her, he ultimately puts up with her and is completely horrified with himself when he almost chokes her to death by mistake. It must be that there really is some part of him that, for whatever reason, just can’t bring itself to harm children for any reason. I mean, that’s a good thing, for sure, but given how out-of-control he was that Jyaku renamed him Feral, one wonders just how it is that he has such a pronounced soft spot for children. Repressed memories from his own childhood? Or maybe a direct result of little Hollands influence? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough! :D

  28. Also, I daresay that Feral’s inability to speak (and loss of memories, assuming that’s already taken place) is contributing to his violent behaviour, too. I mean, how do you tell someone that you’re sick of their mother-henning and don’t want anymore gruel when you can’t talk? :P

    Seriously, though, he’s severely injured, one of his memories has (temporarily) ruined his depth perception, he can’t talk, he has no memories . . . I’d be pretty freaked out, too. Add to it the fusion of two souls, one of which was corrupted by demon magic, and it’s little wonder he rages at the drop of a hat. Even if there hadn’t been demonic corruption, the two personalities in conflict with each other would naturally lead to confusion. When one of them was so violent that he tried to kill his best friend, well, Feral’s behaviour now is perfectly understandable.

    1. *one of his INJURIES* >_>;

  29. Also, also, I only just noticed that Jyaku wears Chinese-style clothes! :o I wonder if that’s typical of the cervians?

    1. *randomly wonders if maybe he’s actually a priest or something otherwise related to the Meoley/cervian religion* Might be the reason behind the mask as well as his adamant refusal to kill. It would be the reason behind his knowing healing magic and how to seal demon magic, too, without actually being a healer. Just a guess, though. Someone else might have already thought of this . . . .

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        On page 342, Algy says in the comments:
        “Jyaku is a Knight, and in Meoley the title of a Knight means he is a master of dark magic.”

  30. LOVE THIS COMIC WISH IT WOULD UPDATE MORE OFTEN *hearts around head* love feral

  31. Love feral so much, now I love him even more

  32. Welp im going to the corner if any one wants to join me go ahead. (Curls up in corener)

  33. I think he needs to sleep more (look at the circles under those eyes :) )

  34. Hey Arika, can I join you? I’ll bring the popcorn!

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