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  1. Oh my. Poor Feral :( IT’S GETTING SO INTERESTING.

  2. I love the artwork! The two wolf souls, its beautiful :)

    1. Agreed. Celesse, Algy, any chance you could release that panel raw without text and such for wallpapering purposes? :)

  3. Erm… what’s happening in Panel 2? What part of Feral are we looking at?

    1. It’s a shot looking down on Feral’s neck and left shoulder with the lower part of his face in the upper left corner (blood is trickling out of his mouth). Mainly we’re looking at the blood splatter from the neck wound.

      1. Ok I see it now
        I thought his sleeve was a foot

      2. Ah I see – thanks. :)

    2. Somehow the ground looked to me like a huge blood-splattered moon in front of Feral. o_O

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I saw that too…. It took me awhile to make sense of that panel.

    3. It took me a bit to realize what it was…

  4. Deception
    Evil as plain as the scar on his face

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      One of my all-time favorite Disney songs….

      1. Me too, but Scar’s Be Prepared just takes the crown for me, leaving Not One of Us in second place, although probably third after Circle of Life…But then again, probably fourth with He Lives in You in second…Be Prepared is still on top though.

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          Best to just say everything from Lion King (I and II). :)

  5. Will it be explained why that “tattoo” seal under his eye is different from the one we see on him throughout the rest of the comic? Or is there some other reason for the change? = )

    1. My guess is that one broke and disappeared when he killed meelas family so jayku gave him a different one

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        The one on this page looks cooler than the one he’s had for most of the comic… now he’s probably going to get a third (more?) different one after Jyaku seals him this time. I wonder what it will look like.

        1. where did he even learn how to seal dark magic. i don’t think they teach that in school XD

        2. Jyaku is a Knight, and in Meoley the title of a Knight means he is a master of dark magic.

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Except I just checked the flashback panels to where Feral attacks Meela’s family… the seal under his eye is the same one that he has had for the entire comic: the line under his eye with the dots under it. So there goes THAT theory…

        1. It’s not quite the same. If you look closely at page 327, it’s a bit more “swirl-y”

      3. I didn’t even notice his tattoo disappears when Malkar takes over! I knew something looked different, but I must have been distracted by the red eyes. Looking back, Feral does have slightly different tattoos in flashbacks.

        Though the one on this page is different then the one when Malkar kills Meela’s parents so that can’t be the first time it’s happened ….

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          I wonder how many times it HAS happened….

  6. The fourth panel is so beautiful!
    I bring glowsticks to the ACF corner.
    We aren’t leaving soon.

    1. Nope! Not leaving….. I set up a corner on another comic… I might have to go visit it a few times.

      1. :33< *peeks from her purrmanent ACF bunker* infinite Pocky and anime down here. *climbs out and joins Flames, Horselover, Kitsune, Nancy, and WhiteWolf* :33<What is the first order of the ACF meeting?

        1. Home stuck….Nepeta?

        2. :33< *ac tilts head* ya?

    2. I bring reeses cupcakes. I’m going to hang here till next Friday.

      1. (crawls into corner) Poor, poor Feral! I brought mixed nuts still in the shell. I painted them all with Malkars face and brought nut crackers for all. Lets crush this sucker!!

        1. Nancy that is the best idea ever! *pulls out a small camp cooking set* anyone wanna roast them to?

        2. You my friend have have fine idea there, lets light this “Bad Dog” up!!

    3. Not leaving until this comic is done!!! TOO MANY FEELS… I bring skittles and stinging nettle chips. (don’t worry, once stinging nettle is cooked, it won’t sting you anymore! If you fry the young shoots in butter, they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!!)
      Also, the wolf spirits are simply gorgeous!

      1. dont even mention it ending it just makes me sad! when it ends we will need the ACF even more. i dont want it to end *sobs and crawls into corner * it cant end!!!

    4. Yes! I bring a bucket of leftover halloween candy because apparently no one trick or treats in my neighborhood anymore. Also, and I know many, MANY people have pointed this out, but I absolutely love the artwork in Strays. ITZ SO FRIGGIN PRETTY. It was awesome even in the beginning, and it just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work!

    5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’m bringing enough pizza and ice cream to last a lifetime. I don’t plan on leaving the ACF corner for a long time! *Joins Green-Cat watching anime*

  7. Ooh Feral.. Poor, poor Feral. :(

  8. I concur with the previous comments about the beauty of the wolf souls – they look so amazing.

    I’m feeling really sad for Meela and Feral right now. Meela now knows that the man that killed her family is trapped inside the man that has become her family. And poor Feral, his friend that was like family was absorbed inside him, occassionally takes over and does horrible deeds — which is kind of threatening the little family that Meela has started creating. So much sad, but so much love for the comic. I cannot wait for more! <3 <3 <3

  9. Those 2 wolfspirits are beautiful, you should make a button out of that :)

    1. Or a wallpaper! :D

      1. I wish to second that emotion!!!

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Definitely a wallpaper! It’s been a long time since any new extra stuff like voting incentives and downloads have happpened.

  10. Random question: Do the souls simply coexist, or is there any interaction between them? I just cant help wondering if they ever actually fight each other, or if they would had there not been a seal placed on Mal. Also curious as to why Yuen’s soul essentially goes to sleep when Mal takes over. Does Mal actively suppress Yuen’s consciousness, is it a necessity that only one soul have active control, or is it Yuen’s instinctive effort to protect himself (i.e. his mind) from the knowledge of what Mal is doing while in control?

    I wonder about strange things like this sometimes.

    1. Well, I assume that only one soul can be in the body at a time, like you said. I think if they were both in there at the same time, one or both of them would go insane, or at least show some sign of the other one being in there. The tattoo probably blocks Mal out effectively, to some extent. Maybe when their souls ‘fused’, the part of of Yuen’s soul that had memories and stuff was mixed with Mal’s, so the tattoo or spell or whatever thought it was foreign, and blocked it out. I dunno, that’s just a theory. PLOT TWIST: Mal’s in Feral’s head. All. The. Time. He just can’t tell no one about it :D (kidding)

      1. lol XD

        That’s no too far off, though. Although Feral is clearly unaware of Mal’s presence, Mal also made it clear that he did know what was going on even when he wasn’t in control of the body. It’s a little strange, but he wouldn’t have known why Feral had gone to Rollin’s cave otherwise. Almost like a split personality.

        I think that theory about Yuen’s memories having been so closely fused with Mal’s soul that the seal blocked them as well sounds pretty plausible.

        1. I think Feral is pretty aware that at the very least he loses himself and does really bad things when he takes in too much dark energy. After meela gets poisoned he is still burning off the dark energy in the forest for days to get it out of his system, no doubt to actively avoid this from happening. While they haven’t interacted directly in the comic, I”m sure Feral is well acquainted with Jyaku (hinted in a old vote teaser picture) so I think he has at least a vague idea that there is more than one person in his body that he needs to keep in check.

        2. I believe that Jyaku only told him the bare minimum of what he needed to know: he was severely injured in a fight, Jyaku healed his injuries as best he could, and he had a demon mark on his hand that enabled him to absorb energy from others, but with would do him harm if he absorbed too much, so he was strongly advised to avoid using it as much as possible and release any energy he did absorb before it could have a negative impact. Considering the fact that Feral had amnesia when he woke up, I think it would have been really cruel of Jyaku to tell him the full truth of what happened, especially the part of his insane best friend’s soul being sealed inside of him. He didn’t even tell him his real name.

          Also, if Feral had had any knowledge of what would actually happen to him if he absorbed demon energy, I doubt he’d have taken the job of killing Rollin in the first place.

          The creators have stated that Feral’s memories of when Mal takes over are so vague as to feel more like a bad dream than anything else, so he probably just realizes something is very wrong but can’t put his finger on what it is. After all, who, experiencing all that Feral has experienced, would conclude that they had another person’s soul sealed inside them? That’s not exactly a logical conclusion with the very small amount of evidence that Feral has to work with. He’d be more likely to think that he either just goes a little crazy when he gets too much dark energy or that he has a split personality, or even that he just passes out and has nightmares (a little wishful thinking involved there). I know those would be the sort of conclusions I would have drawn.

  11. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I just feel so bad for everyone involved…. But I’m glad Jyaku didn’t decide to just let him die. He could have saved himself a lot of trouble over the years if he had.

  12. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    So every time I look at panel 3, all I can see is a bloodshot eye….

  13. I get a grave feeling that the only way to release it was Feral possibly dying, that’s a theory that came up once I saw this D:
    we’ll see
    poor Feral D:

  14. If they cannot be separated ever, how will Feral ever get his life back. Can his friends find a way to save him or keep the evil Malkar at bay permanently? Maybe the answer to Meela and Ferals demon sides being controled lies in their freinfship somehow?

    So many questions, I’m nearly bursting from the suspense!

    1. This sounds like a pokemon preview for the next episode. I even heard it in that voice in my mind when I was reading it.

      1. Same here, now im cant stop laughing

  15. Ah-ha! I was right about the tattoo!

  16. The cursed mark looks like an eye.

    It makes his eyes glow red when he absorbs too much dark energy.


  17. I know it’s a little late, but why doesn’t Connor have any demon attributes or at least seal like Meela’s father? He’s has to have been over Thirteen.

    1. We don’t know that he didn’t. Tannor isn’t really talked about a whole lot, so we don’t know much about him or his demon side. We just know that he was killed for being a half-demon.

      I would guess that he did. If Meela went all nuts when she turned thirteen, Tannor probably did, too.

      1. I just noticed if you go to page 136 it shows him putting on a hat before he takes her to the market. He must look older than he is in the beginning of the comic.

        1. Yeah, that would make sense.

          You know, this makes me think that Meela got that had because she not only wanted to hide her demon features, but also because she remembered Tannor having a hat like that. Feels…

  18. What I want to know is how Feral doesn’t remember getting mauled by his friend.

    …I’m not sorry X3

  19. Poor unfortunte souls…

  20. could you please connect this site to gamercat?

  21. (Sigh) why does thIS KEEP HAPPING?!?!?

  22. Algy
    November 11, 2014 at 11:51 am
    Jyaku is a Knight, and in Meoley the title of a Knight means he is a master of dark magic.


    Ok, am I the only one who was surprised by this?

  23. Okay, can I just say that Jyaku is the shit

  24. What would have happened if Jyaku cut off Ferals hand with the cursed mark? Will the curse still be Ferals burden then?

    1. The curse protects it’s host, so it would just do that smokey separation and re-attachment that happened before for his entire right arm, and further when Malkar is in control.

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