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And thus ends Chapter 13! Join us next week for the splash page for Chapter 14 as well as the first page of the chapter.

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  1. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

    Wodjaht yay ;u;

  2. Wowee. The plot thickens…

  3. Oh deer.

    1. …I see what you did there

    2. You took my name and made it punny.

  4. oooh. I can’t wait!!

  5. This is the chapter I have waited for! Oh, so much has now been revealed. ( ̄︶ ̄)

  6. Wow and creepy magic wolf thing thats going inside feral YAY i know its mal

  7. An amazing page, as always <3 I love that third panel! D;

  8. I’m staying in the ACF corner.
    Jyaku, that’s what they all say.

    1. ::joins Flames:: I have caramel & chocolate drizzled popcorn! ::shares::

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’m bringing ice cream and oh so many tears….

      1. I bring tissues for our tears and an ice cream sundae bar with all the trimmings, comfort food and comfort friends….”sits with tissue, snuffeling”

        1. *sits by Nancy, comforting her* things look a little grim for Feral, but we know he survives… *hands her fluffle puff collectable stuffed animal* here… cuddle this for a while :)

        2. Can… can I have one too?

    3. i am thinking of taking up permanent residence in the acf corner. im having brownies, pie, and ice cream delivered… any requests?

      1. Moose tracks for me, pretty please!

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    6. What does ACF stand for? Anyway I brought nutella and tea.

      1. Looked back and as Flames said, It stands for, Quote “THE ALLIANCE OF THE CORNER OF THE FEELS.” Unquote.

  9. Mal, you’re the worst friend ever ;_____; *cries forever in the corner*

    1. I has tofu, and popcorn , and blankets and books! Can I join?

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  10. How suddenly Mal became Dark Energy?

    1. In Meela’s dream where Yuen begged Mal to return home, Mal had trouble to control his power and Yuen told him he was worried about that, because he was just barely able to get it under control again. I guess this time, Mal wasn’t so lucky and the dark energy took him over.

  11. Hell yeah! Who’s scared of the Big Bad Wolf?

  12. wow, that is a lot of dark energy.

  13. Does this mean we get to see little Holland again? ;A;

    1. Oh my goodness, I would love that!! Little Holland is so cute! And it would be cool to see a little bit of their backstory. :)

  14. Oh wow…

    btw, I saw this being drawn!!! :D :D It’s so cool seeing it all finished. :)

  15. Part of me is glad to see how all of this happened and part of me is so sad for all the pain Mal caused.
    I also hope to see Holland again soon, he always makes me smile ;) !!!

  16. Mal is a monster how dare he hurt his friend like that >:(

  17. I have just found this today and caught up thats great. I love this story a lot and it’s a great break from reading Homestuck. I almost feel sorry for mal cuz it takes a lot of pain to give in to darkness. I just hope there is a way to remove him from Feral’s body.

  18. I cant even begin to imagine in how much pain feral is. Or even fathom how he feels about his former friend sealed in his own body.

    1. For the time being, he isn’t even aware of Mal’s presence within him (he may have some vague suspicions, but nothing concrete). Thank goodness for small mercies.

  19. Well….sh*t

  20. Kurosake, do you know what it feels like to give in to darkness?

    1. I have done it and stayed like that for months. Wanting nothing more to watch everyone die or do it to myself or even end my own life. I have done neither. But i would like to say i understand. He just was unable to come back from it.

      1. Kurosake, far too many have not survived these feelings that consume our very selves until it seems that we are no more…


        1. I know and i have tried to stop some. I just find it so sad.

  21. OMG!!!!! Feral is he ok? What will happen next!?
    GoMeela and I are freaking OUT!!!!!!! I’m so scared can’t wait a WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!!:(

    1. you go sis! ;) luv ya

      1. Might I refer you both to the afc corner? ^ We take care of those feelings with fluff junk food and cuddles.

  22. So… Jyaku just left Feral? Sitting on that rock?

  23. Jyaku has a slammin mullet, I am straight pb & jelly dang

  24. so many plot twists. poor meela.

  25. Can I just say that this current chapter is making Jyaku more and more attractive? Like, seriously, he’s getting hotter with every new page just because of the backstory. He’s so cool. ;^;

  26. raise your hand if you want to assault feral with snuggles right about now

    1. I have both hands up, just FYI!!!!

  27. OOOOHHHHH! D: suspense!

  28. Great page. But seriously? A chapter basically mid-conversation? It’s a REALLY strange place to have a chapter change.

    Normally chapters have a sorta ending to them. They don’t end mid-conversation!

    1. Is it? I’ve read plenty of manga back in the day that ended chapters at high points of a conversation/event. I guess it didn’t feel weird to me. Sorry if it threw you off.

      1. I read movie scripts for fun… there is nothing wrong with where this chapter is ending.

      2. Happens all the time in manga, so I don’t think I even really noticed until I read the comments, haha. Nothing at all wrong with it! Just one more version of a cliffhanger, really.

  29. Yep, just stand there and watch, Deer-Boy, don’t even try to help everyone’s favourite bounty hunter from possible death. Just stand there and watch.

    1. You have any ideas on how he could have helped him? Because I certainly don’t. He wasn’t even able to prevent that bit of dark energy from entering himself, never mind Feral.

      As for the seal, he did, obviously, put a seal on Feral, too, once the process of the energy entering Feral had finished. He just couldn’t do anything in the meantime.

      1. I just wanted to be sarcastic really.


  31. wait in the fourth panel, is that a shadow on his hand or fur?

    1. It’s what’s left of his glove ripping away from the powerful magic.

  32. Wait wait wait, so your telling me that the reason Feral can’t talk is because his friend pulled the “I NEED POWER!!!” stunt? That’s just cruel. I can just imagine Meela sitting there like what the freak?! But seriously I LOVE THESE COMICS

  33. T_T Poor Yuen must have been so terrified. D:

    It was really brave of Jyaku to try to save him, too. I mean, he could have just taken off to protect himself and let the (former) friends duke it out, but he didn’t. :) Now we just need to find out whether it was the shock of the fusion that caused Feral’s memories to be suppressed, if it was a side-effect of the seal Jyaku used on Mal once the fusion was complete, or if Jyaku deliberately suppressed his memories with magic to spare him the pain of remembering Mal’s betrayal. Probably one of the first two, but it’s hard to say. I honestly can’t even guess.

    @Celesse: I wrote a little comment regarding your resume on the temporary page and I can’t tell now if you were able to read it before it was taken down. So . . . did you? ^^;

  34. Whew! That was intense!! I can’t wait to read the next chapter! All those revelations!

  35. So it seems Jyaku is a skilled fighter/defender, but not good at virus protection. Mal is good enough to install malware in Feral.
    You can now proceed to throw bricks at me now. lmao

    1. I had a really good laugh from this, so no bricks from me.

    2. XDDDD I loved it! No bricks from me, either.

    3. That was simply brilliant! :’D

  36. Only two chapters left in the story :( What will we do when it’s finished?

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