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Poor Holland's really missing out on some interesting stuff.

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  1. Holland wake up :( </3

    1. Maybe it is best that Holland stays asleep till he heals….
      dislocated shoulder and a broken leg is gonna hurt like a b****!

  2. Wonder what Feral will do when he awakens o.o

    1. Be very sad, I suspect.

    2. Hmm… feel overwhelming guilt… run away, and then Meela will have to spend the next chapter chasing him down.

    3. That depends on whether or not he remembers anything that happens when Malkar’s in control. For instance, I didn’t notice any sign of Feral recognizing Meela when they first officially met, while Malkar knew her instantly.

      1. Yeah, I’m with Nomen, I think there’s a good chance poor Feral won’t remember. I suspect he has no idea what happens when Malkar takes over, and possibly doesn’t even know that it happens. He may just wake up feeling unwell to find himself with injured and traumatised friends and no idea what happened.

  3. Did Malkar fuse to Feral because he screwed something up? :o

    1. no. malkar is merely the other side of feral – meela has such an other side as well.

      it’s more like dr. jekyl and mr. hyde.

      1. I dont think so. Malkar was, back then in the past, Ferals best Friend. Something bad happened to Malkar. What was going on after that isnt clear yet.

      2. You should re-read some of the previous chapters where Meela has her dreams. She’s dreaming of Feral’s past and pretty much right in the first dream he shouts out “Mal!” Guess who! But yeah, it has been so long, it’s easy to forget previous content.

        1. I understand pretty well whats going on and didnt forget anything. The next pages show exactly what I explained.

  4. Thank God for that brief, but awesome explanation Jyaku :3
    Poor Meela …totally traumatized…

  5. Poor Meela! Poor Feral! IS HOLLAND OKAY?

    1. He merely has a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg. yup… =]

  6. Some peeps want Holland to wake up…
    I say let the poor guy stay knocked out! I can’t imagine him feeling very good waking up to having a broken leg on top of his dislocated shoulder. If he stays passed out long enough for Jyaku to heal him then at least he won’t have to go through all the pain again when he does wake up. x=x”

    1. I’m with you on that one. Even if he is healed, he isn’t going to be feeling very well when he wakes up, the poor thing It’s better to let him “rest”.

    2. Ehh, Dislocated shoulders don’t hurt after it’s put back into place, maybe a little sore though. But that broken leg, OUCH… Poor, poor swan…

  7. Oooh poor Meela. She really needs a hug right now. :(

    1. *hugs*

      1. Group hugggg! *glomp*


          YAY *glomp*

  8. So, I bet Meela is feeling a little less worried about HER evil side now.

    1. Gee — that’s what I could turn into, is not what I would call a calming thought.

  9. 2 words. SHIT WHAT DAFUUUQ

  10. tha feels there cominggggg TT_TT

  11. Why can’t next Friday come faster!

  12. This whole time I was trying to figure out what he was. A deer. Wow am I stupid.

    1. I would have totally gone with Jackalope ;D

  13. Dislocated shoulder and a broken leg. Yeah he’ll be perfectly fine.

    1. it is a little easier to recover from than a lot of things I can imagine.

  14. DD: <Holland! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu! *gets out the feels cannon*

  15. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    ACF meeting for poor Meela… I’ve got Oreos!
    I’m really glad that Jyaku was quick to shut down Meela’s statement that Feral killed her family. It’s still going to be hard for her to be around him, but if she can get it into her head quick enough that it wasn’t Feral’s fault, then maybe she will be able to see past it.
    And yes, let poor Holland stay unconscious until AFTER his injuries are healed! I think I would rather not wake up with a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg…

    1. I’ve got Bacon and milkshakes, and pillows to build a pillow fort. *starts making a pillow fort in the corner* I wonder how Meela will react when Feral wakes up?

      1. I got blankets and pizza, and a colouring book with crayons!

        1. I got s’mores and fennec foxes!

      2. Bacon milkshakes?!?!?

        You rock!

      3. 1.eewwwww bacon I’m a vegetarian 2. Can I help make that pillow fort. 3. I brought some vanilla ice cream yum :3

      4. I have a horde of quilts and some brownies can I join the pillow fort

    2. I’ve got tea and homemade cookies! *hugs Meela*

    3. I’ve got more Ramune soda, some homemade fudge, lots of candy, popcorn, and plushies of all the favorite characters for everyone, of both human form and animal form :3 -crawls into fort and passes everything out then hugs whole set of plushies at once- I think this will be hard on Feral just as much as it is on Meela if he knows about it, but then again, I’m not sure if he does know what happens when Mal takes over, otherwise I think he’d remember slaughtering Meela’s family :c He probably just blacks out… But if he does remember, I assume he’d be really sad and try to distance himself from Meela a lot, which if she manages to get past the thought of him being the villain and just go with the thought of it being Malkar and try to not be afraid of Feral because of it…I’m rambling, I ramble when I get anxious -hugs plushies tighter, burying my face in fluffy wolf fur and downy swan feathers-

      1. I don’t think it will matter if he remembers what happened before he blacked and sees meela crying and possibly yelling about how he killed her family Im sure he could piece it together

        1. Sorry miss typed that I ment it doesn’t matter if he remembers what happend when mal took over but if he remembers what happened before mal took over and meelas reaction I’m sure he could figure it out

        2. True…very true…I sense a lot of tension in the future ;-;

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        fushia i will battle you if you have blazeblue on your xbox

        1. I do! *Holds up game* Heh, Get ready, because you going down.

      2. Do you have super smash bros on your Wii. I love that game!

        1. I call dibs on sonic!

        2. I call Pit! *spams dagger spin*

        3. I call Kirby! -changes color to black and white, spams up B on GameCube controller- Go lighty sword go! OoooOOOooo -gets Final Smash, cooks up everyone as Chef Kirby- ;3


      1. Black light reactive glitter??? oOoOoOoO… I’m happy :)

        1. I have black light sharpies!!! and who wants to play kinect star wars with me on the xbox 360? the rampaging in the cites is fun!*starts moving and jumping like an idiot in front of the kinect*

        2. Oooohhhh I need this. And not just for comic reasons. *brings in tons of baked good decorated sloppily. Relatiobship issues suck with kids involved. Wish I could just walk out and not have to worry about it.

          Anyone else want candied apples and snuggly blankets and plushies? *holds out a pile of fluffy junk*

    6. Okay, I accept all challenges, Who’s First?

  16. Jyaku sealing Malkar kinda reminded me of Yamato sealing the Nine-Tails’ chakra (I’ve watched ‘Naruto’ today…).

  17. Meela’s face in the fourth panel.. breaks the heart :c

  18. …Wait. Jyaku knew Holland’s shoulder was broken. Was he there the whole time??!!

    1. He seems to be a doctor/healer on top of some type of sealing expert, he probably knew from a glance or possibly he was there but thought it was best that Meela got some information from the horse’s(well demon’s) mouth and he could simply run damage control later on.

    2. What Sanu said, plus it might be very obvious. We haven’t gotten a very good look at Holland over there, so maybe his injured limbs are at angles that make their state obvious. It’d be understandable, after being blown into a tree.

  19. I wonder if it’s a possibility that Feral sacrificed his self in order to seal Malkar away. Like, maybe Malkar got out of hand with his power and something goes down between them and Jyaku. I mean, Feral was already pretty wary after seeing Mal had attained his power and I wouldn’t put it past him to take on some kind of responsibility for his friend, even if he had gone a bit wayward.

  20. I love how good you are at body language. Not only is meela hunched up and crying, which is a natural human reaction to extreme fear, but she also has her tail glued between her legs in a perfectly lupine response! Well thought out. :)

  21. I hope Jyaku can heel all of Hollands ills, and I hope he’s given up on wanting to kill Meela. Maybe there’s a way for Feral and Meela to help each other?!

    1. He’s never wanted to kill Meela o__o;

      1. Ya he just said killing her was the wisest choice or at least to get rid of her he never really wanted to kill her

        1. He has never said anything about killing her at all.

        2. He said “remove” not kill. Big difference.

      2. Lol, the CREATOR steps in…

        1. Yes, this is the single reason why I don’t think I would have a “comments” section if I had a web-comic…

          trying to explain what has happened and arguing with people about what didn’t happen when i’m the author, infuriates me…

          Celesse & Algy you must have Very thick skin.

      3. What did he mean when he talked to Holland under the tree?

    2. It’s already been said by Celesse herself, but to make it clear, Jyaku’s exact words were that Meela should be “removed.” While I can understand that this is a little vague, he only meant that she should be separated from Feral on account of fearing that a transformation on her part would cause an overload of dark energy in Feral that would break the seal.

      In fact, Jyaku made very clear when talking to Holland about Visrial that he is strongly opposed to killing for any reason. I mean, if he wouldn’t kill the big bad kitty even after months of keeping him away from Feral and company, it wouldn’t even enter his head to kill a child just to make sure he wouldn’t have to reseal Mal.

      1. I’m sorry, your right. I’m going to reread again. Thx!

  22. So Mal did some bad demon juju and it backfired then in a panic he fused with Feral either in an attempt to control it or stay alive? Is that what we’re all thinking or just me? Just me? Okay.

  23. Aww shazaam. I can feel the foreshadowing oozing out of this page like a poorly sealed mozarella stick left in the oven too long. Malkar is gonna come back later and #@$% some @#$% up.

    1. best simile EVER *clap*

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I also love your similie.
      And of COURSE Malkar is going to come back… He is an integral part of what is going on. I would actually be really disappointed if he didn’t. Not because I like Feral losing control of his body and going on a murderous spree, but because plot. He needs to come back or I will be disappointed that such a huge plot bud didn’t come to fruition.
      That said, I am scared for the day that Malkar comes back. How many times can Feral stand having his body and mind taken over before Malkar is unable to be re-sealed and Feral loses control permanently. Or just goes insane from it all. That really can’t be good for his psychological well-being. Or the health of his body. Or the lives of everyone around him. As Jyaku said, Malkar is a danger to them all, including Feral.

  24. Random thought relevant to almost nothing in today’s strip. If Holland is a swan, are his human bones lighter or hollow like a bird’s as well?

    Actually relevant, finally some answers for Meela on a little of what makes Feral who he is. (And possibly – eventually – some confirmations for the rest of us.)

    1. Lyrian’s bones aren’t lighter, exactly, but they are more fragile than other species. It’s why his shoulder dislocated and his leg broke pretty “easily”

      1. I have a question that’s semi related, if Holland dislocated his shoulder will he still be able to fly when he’s in his bird form?

        1. I’m quite certain a bird cannot fly with a dislocated shoulder. Naturally, I’m sure Jyaku will heal his shoulder and thus this will not be a problem. I certainly hope so, else the poor man is going to be in a world of pain when he wakes up. :(

      2. I really do like that you use facts and intertwine it into your story such as the It gives it realism no matter how small. c:

  25. Oh my goodness I want to hug all of them </3

  26. The fact that you know Meela might never act the same around Feral again… ;^;

  27. Aw, I just noticed! Meela’s got her tail between her legs! Poor baby!

  28. Meela’s tail is killing me more than anything. Poor baby. <3

  29. “No, little one. It was not Feral.”
    I have no idea why, but Jyaku’s words killed me here. Despite the fact that he knows Meela is a Half-Demon, he still thinks of her as an innocent child caught up in a big mess. ;_; My heart strings were definitely pulled at that moment.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I know! I’m really starting to like Jyaku. Besides the fact that he’s attractive, and always shows up to be extremely helpful at exactly the right moments…. I think he’s actually got a heart beneath all his tough talk.

    2. Liam Neeson voicing Aslan is all I can think about.

      If this became an anime he would be great for voicing Jyaku too.

  30. Poor meela, she looks like she really needs a hug…


    am i the only one here who thinks that jyaku is cute here

  32. //intense wave of pain hits my heart and I have a heart attack//

  33. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I am just spamming the comment section today….
    So I absolutely love the second panel. The way Feral’s right leg is not completely against the ground is a nice touch. Always bugs me when characters lie completely flat and straight, either when they are sleeping or knocked unconscious. It’s not realistic, so I really like this. Also the way Jyaku is crouched next to him is well done. I have no idea why I really like the layout of this panel, but I just really do!
    Also the third panel. The perspective, having Holland in the foreground is cool. And I really love the hair that is flopped out of place and curling toward the ground. Again, no idea why. I just love it.
    Excellent work, girls! There is a reason that this is my absolute favorite webcomic! (Many reasons, actually….) :)

  34. organicgreekyogurt

    I’m really liking Jyaku. He’s very calm and wise, unlike real deer. And he’s got cool hair… and face.

  35. i really enjoy this webcomic. great story and artwork. I spent the past few weeks reading it and notice how it all comes together in this chapter.
    Feral can be seen as having 3 personalities in 1 body. Feral’s personality is what was produce when Yuen and Malkar merged after fighting Jyaku ( pg. 300 ) the body belongs to Yuen, but his personality is suppressed, and Malkar personality comes out when there is a someone which is loaded with power. the demon mark on Malkar ( pg. 268 ) is on the left hand but is on the right hand of Feral. i think that during the fight with Jyaku, Malkar was dying and Yuen used his right hand to grasp Malkar’s left hand and the demon mark was transferred into him. that is when Jyaku had to use extreme measures on Yuen ( now Feral ) and left him with the scars ( eye and throat) and no memory of his and Malkar past when he suppressed the demon.
    The eye colors are never shown in the dreams. but i think after the merger Feral’s eyes showed Mal’s red eye on the right side ( same as the demon mark) and yuen’s on the left side.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Your eye theory actually makes a lot of sense. I don’t know how common red eyes are normally, unless Mal’s eyes turned red as a side effect of the power. But that would explain why Feral’s eyes both turn red when Malkar takes full possession of the body. Presumably, both eyes would turn green if Yuen had full control. But I don’t know that Yuen is even completely alive anymore. Unless Feral really is jut Yuen with lost memories and Malkar lurking inside of him, not some combination of the two of them.

  36. oh my gosh look at Meela’s tail between her legs

  37. Anyone suppose the dude from page 81 has any significance to this situation?I haven’t seen him any other time,even in flashbacks,but I’m suspicious of him…

  38. Strays has gotten really good! It’s been over a year since I last caught up, I’m glad I decided to check in!

  39. Poor Mella. She looks so scared D:

  40. I can tell you that Jyakuu didn’t get rid of…the Malware…hahaha…ha…get it. Malware….

    1. ::makes exact same face as your avatar::

    2. *also makes the same face as your avatar and Not Me*

      I actually love puns . . . but that one just hurt. ;_;

  41. Nooo Holland, wake up… I feel so bad for you…
    And poor Feral. How’s he gonna feel when he wakes up…? T-T
    It’s okay Feral! (I want to give Meela a hug…)

    1. We all do, hun.

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  43. It took 30 pages to get here with Malakar.

    That is 8 months for one scene. I am significantly older.

    1. That is so true. And it took like 5 years to get here.

  44. Its 9:00 Friday why isn’t the next page out yet

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