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Pretty sure she has a great many questions.

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  1. ;A; MEELLLLA. She’s in shock! Poor baby! -hugs-

    1. She has her tail between her legs :C poor baby indeed!

      1. Oh she does that is ADORABLE!!!!

    2. I’d be in shock too if I just found out the guy I’d been hanging out with killed my family against his will!

      1. That does tend to be stressful for most people.

        1. lol Ruby. You just made me laugh out loud. A+

  2. Yes,answer fast pls

  3. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

    Meelas face is hilarious omg im sorry
    i should probably feel sorry for her but the fact jyaku is just so serious about it then meelas face ohgod

  4. Meeelaa D: Is Feral okay?

  5. Aw, Meela. Feral :( <3

  6. I think Meela’s about to start screaming like the little girl she is, and not without reason, the poor thing.

  7. Wow, look at all that drippy goop on the trees’.

    1. It’s dispersing in the last two panels. :3

  8. Much questions
    So many

  9. I imagine she has a lot of SCREAMING.

  10. to the corner to speculate?

    1. Yes! We must gather our favorite snack foods and contemplate this page! ACF MEETING, BEGIN! *noms on chocolate pretzels*

      1. Poor Meela!!! I bring over fluffy blankets!!! I don’t know if I can make it another week!!!! The suspense is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!

        1. I got the cheetos and pillow pets. I have strays pillow pets. Who wants swan Holland, who wants fox Piper, Who wants normal wolf Meela, who wants demon wolf meela, and who wants wolf Feral?

        2. Dibs on demon wolf meela! :3

        3. -starts hyperventilating into paper bag- IDK IF I CAN MAKE IT TILL NEXT WEEK GUYS. I need a pillow to squeeze! OAO!!! I DONT CARE WHO (Feral might be nice though :3)

      2. I’ll get the sausage… and I hope Holland is okay. I also hope Meela doesn’t try to break off from the group after this… Poor dear, she looks adorable scared and I can’t help feel sorry. (Can you pass me Piper, please? Thank you… I need a cuddle)

    2. I’ll take normal wolf Meela! I also brought some spiced chai tea and choc chip cookies!

      1. Gods!!! she is soo pale!!! i have tissues `cause i`m sick and i have tofu!!

    3. I NEEDS PILLOW. *Hugs Holland Pillow* Holland. Come Back now. Your alright. Right? Oh god Holland. Come back.

      1. I’ll trade a fluffy Holland blanket for a Piper pillow pet! Also *hands everyone a thermos of flavored hot chocolate* I don’t know what else to say but OMG that face. I just want to wrap her up and snuggle her!

      2. Holland? where is he, i hope he’s just unconscious… I bring bacon and milkshakes with awesome crazy straws. :| *Munches on bacon while whispering “Hollands gonna make it, it’s too soon…*

        1. :33< guess since im here, better get the fire going fur marshmallows and little meat bits on sticks. :33< and dark chocolate bars. :33< of dark chocolate.
          :33< so who with me oh the fire thing? :33< I'm not good at lighting them myself. :ll

        2. FIIIIRRREEEE~ >:3

        3. :33< stupid phone. *lots of dark chocolate. *on the fire thing


  11. Yesssss, I can see answers on the horizon!

    That or he’s gonna just tell her that he’ll answer another day and walk off, in which case I will faint in frustration.

  12. Ok this is probly really cheesy and not correct, but what if it was her braclet that saved her not Jyaku, made her braclet really is special….I don’t know I’m probly wrong, its just a guess. ?)

    1. or maybe a combo of the 2?

  13. OMG, what’s Meela going to do when he wakes up, Jyaku you better explaine EVERYTHING and leave nothing out, NOTHING!!!!!!

  14. Oh yeah great work guys this comic is something I always look fowerd too at the end of the every week, never stop doing what your doing. ;)

  15. Feral is so cute when he’s sleeping and not TAKEN OVER MALKAR YOU JERK OF JERKS.
    I think Holland is dreaming. Maybe about pancakes.

    1. Or possible crepes with whip cream? Hmm? And yes, Feral looks so adorable when he’s asleep *cough cough* i meant handsome, yeah, that’s it… :3 Can’t wait till next Friday!

    2. Lol pancakes!! xD

  16. Pfft questions? Maybe just a few XD

  17. Only one question: WHAT THE HECK?!!!!!

  18. Alrighty, my awesome theory (sort of) goes like dis: Anyone else notice how the energy was like… sucked into his eye scar? I think it has some kind of significance, but I can’t figure it out. Theories, anyone?

    1. Ah, nice spot! I agree, it looks like that’s where the energy went and thus originally came from. Likely that scar is a direct result of whatever happened to cause Malkar to fuse with Yuen/Feral. Now we must wait for Jyaku to explain all about it. *sits and stares at him*

  19. damn it! this is one of the only reasons I hate archive bingeing webcomics. you get hooked and go through the story, then when you finally catch up to the current page you are forced to sit there waiting for more of the awesomeness to come. and near a cliffhanger too……

    1. I know, I hate it too

  20. Yes. A lot of questions. Starting with “what the crap?!??!?!?!”

    1. Meela’s face…priceless.

  21. Based on the chapter cover image… I think we’re finally going to get some answers.

  22. and cue the freakout.

  23. Oooohhh Meela’s face, the poor dear. And yes questions! All the questions!

  24. Hey I’m new… can I join the corner too???

    1. Of course!! anyone can join!! just find the comment train and join!!


  26. The scar on ferals face looks a lot bigger then it did before the malkar incident. Does it grow every time malkar pops out or is that just me?

    1. It’s not just you I see it to.. Maybe when we see another image of him it’ll be smaller…

      1. If you look closely you can see that the runes got absorbed into his scar. I think that would be why it looks bigger; I think it’s more or less sort of opened up and glowing. it will probably go back to normal soon.

  27. I just reread this from the beginning, and now have a better understanding of the story. I’m angry at Jyaku, he knew this could happen when Meela’s demon side emerged and he wanted to kill Meela but Holland talked him out of it. Yet, he uses this terrible power within Ferral/Malkar for his own ends. He uses the runes and the piece of Malkar that resides in him to try to control the part of Malkar that resides in Feral. What gives him the right to interfere in their lives like this? Why would he allow this piece of Malkar to remain within Feral? I can’t wait for more of this backstory on two of our favorite characters!!
    Great writing and art you guys, thanks for a very entertaining story!!

    1. how is Jyaku using malkar and feral for his own ends? It seems like to me when whenever happened between their encounter when Feral and malkar were older teens, malkar got trapped inside Feral at some point and Jyaku is the only one that can keep Malkar under control when he does get loose. I’m pretty sure Feral doesn’t want Malkar inside him; he throws off excess energy back when Meela got poisoned specifically to keep this from happening. So I’m not sure how Jyaku is interfering with their lives anymore than whatever malkar did to have this all happen in the first place. Malkar is the big bad here.

      1. But Feral/malkar rained down bloody death on Meela’s family, where was Jyaku to control him then? If the reason he wanted to kill Meela is because he didn’t want her to hurt/kill someone in her demon form, then what’s the difference? It’s still means the deaths of innocents?

  28. Daylight is back! Phew!

    1. I completely forgot this was all taking place during the day. @_@

  29. I imagine we all have questions Jyaku thanks for asking.

  30. I never want this comic to end X3

  31. Meela’s face is killing me oh man

  32. The face Meela is making now reminds me of Feral’s face on page 106

  33. I think Meela’s probably on a thin thread at the moment. please leave a voicemail after the beep.

  34. “Are you a demon lupan?!”
    Meela had the right idea from the start!

  35. Oh my god, that face :D SHE’S SO ADORABLE!!! And poor Feral. He has such a hard life <3

  36. lol I love Meela’s expression here. Complete “WTF” look.

    1. You said it XD Also I am speculating that the red eye was in fact Mal’s eye in the beginning and since he probably lost control, he was the one that remove’s Feral’s original eye and since he was the only donor nearby, whoever found Feral replaced the eye with the eye of a soulless Mal? Probably the deer guy. The only other theory is that Mal used that scar to merge with Feral in a crazed attempt to survive his body being killed due to the demonic power that had warped him.

  37. So the scar on his face is probably related to the one on his throat too? I mean. I have a ton of questions too lol

  38. I brought some onesies with different prints I have Meela with horns feral with the eye scar piper and holland you zip up the hood so the face can show! there for free if your in our corner

  39. I wonder if the first question is should I run away and never come back.

  40. I dunno. For Mellina, the question “What the fricking hell?!” should cover a lot.

  41. Who doesn’t? Holy fudge cakes, Jyaku D8
    You’re going to be doing a looooot of talking XD

  42. Oh my god she’s white

  43. Poor thing. Poor Meela looks horrified… :C

  44. Best birthday gift :)

  45. “I imagine you have a lot of questions.”

    “Yeah, and when my heart stops trying to smash it’s way out of my chest you’d better *believe* I’m ‘onna start askin’ ’em!”

  46. She didn’t faint, thats one *tough* fox

  47. Feral looks so different without his eye-dots, or tattoo, whatevyacallit…

  48. Poor Meela. She looks so shocked!

  49. Poor Feral. His eyes look like Meela’s when she was sick, my poor sweet child, his sickness is with him always

  50. Hah, that’s the way that Feral caught Meela.

  51. Poor Meela :( She’ll probably be terrified of Feral now. She’ll never look at him the same again.

  52. she’s not the only one…..

  53. Meela, where did you get that lovely shade of deathly white?

  54. Meela: NO FRICKIN DUH!

  55. Poor Meela….so very many questions, so little time.

  56. I wonder if Feral will return to normal with no memory of what happened?

  57. Poor Meela looks like she’s gonna faint any second now. Yes, Jyaku, she has questions. Best bet is to just explain everything from the beginning, though, as I suspect she’s in no condition to articulate them.

    Also, notice Jyaku sweating from the exertion he just went through to reseal Mal, as well as the disappearing “shadows” that Mal had formed/summoned. Great attention to detail! :D

  58. Thanks for the suspense… I hope Meela is okay, I mean she’s only 13

  59. I swear if we don’t get answers now I’m going to be very very upset! >:(

  60. And the next page only contains Meela going “YOU THINK!? I’m. So. Confuuuussseed!” then waterfall of tears.

  61. Na, really Deer Boy. Her friend’s just tried to attack her, and she’s found out that it was him who murdered her dad. She’s good.

  62. “I imagine you have a lot of questions.”
    Oh no. Not a lot of questions. Just the important ones.

  63. That might be an understatement. o.o

  64. “Why yes, I do, why do you ask?”

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