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It's always the hard way, isn't it?

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  1. Girlinthebackground123

    Ooooh, this is not going to end well for feral!

    1. I disagree, this can only end well for Feral!

      1. Got to agree with Red – this won’t go well for Malkar, but that in itself is to Feral’s favour, poor dear.

        1. I get the feeling Feral is gonna have a headache at the end of all this…

        2. Emmie Ninestreet

          Definitively a hangover.

  2. I miss Jyaku's mask


    1. I don’t remember Mal being this bloodthirsty, what made him snap?

  3. will this hurt feral or?

  4. aw, I just want Feral back :(

  5. Updated on my birthday! Awesome! :D

    1. Happy birthday!

    2. Mine too ♡
      Happy late birthday! XD

  6. I NEED MORE!!

    Also *clears throat*


  7. Wait… Jyaku has a peice of Malkar in him?

    1. I’m guessing that when Mal tried to absorb Jyaku, it backfired on him and some of Mal’s energy was fused into Jyaku. That’s probably why he knows where Feral is and shows up at the perfect time to save the day.

      1. I agree. Indeed, it seems that is how those runes work, which would suggest he now has a part of Meela in him, too. Good thing he’s a good guy, eh?

        1. I take back what I just said. ^^; As someone farther down the page pointed out, that moment when Meela released some demon energy at Jyaku in the market and his rune reacted to it was just how Malkar’s energy reacted to Meela’s, not a case of actual energy absorption. Which was why he said that it was a “volatile mixture” and realized that leaving Meela and Feral together would be dangerous.

      2. I’m wondering if something didn’t happen when Mal attacked Jyaku (I assume that happened just after the flash back cut off) that split Mal’s soul into two bits, one which went into Feral and one into Jyaku. Jyaku can suppress his bit but Feral isn’t really able to control it as well.

        1. Very likely something along those lines. Can’t blame Feral, of course, since he’s apparently unaware of Mal’s presence within him to begin with. And since he has no memories from before The Incident, it would probably be too confusing to try to explain it to him.

  8. Wooo Jyaku looks so calm and collected! Nice! But “The piece of you that lies within me”? What’s that supposed to mean?!

    1. Maybe they were lovers <3

      But seriously chances are it has something to do with some weird demonic ritual

      1. Are you shipping Jyaku and Mal.

        1. Jyakar? Malku? Zedd’s Clarity?

        2. Yes. Just yes.

  9. This completely messes up my theory. But now I want to know what happened that day they ran into each other. It was something big obviously! Also, when malkar passes out (sleeps..whatever) will virsiral be let out orrrr is he now tranformed into him somehow?

    1. i thought visiral got vaporized?

    2. Just because Jyaku has a piece of Malkar inside him doesn’t mean that Feral+Malkar also weren’t fused together. It could be that, in the showdown that happened way-back-when, Malkar’s soul was fragmented a la Voldemort–but Feral took the brunt of it to his body while a smaller amount wound up in Jyaku (and who knows who else was there that could have been ‘infected’ as such). If that much more wound up in Feral it could/would have traumatized his mind, thus the memory loss. And, since Jyaku obviously (as he said) has full control of that part of Malkar’s soul, he can manipulate that piece to control the larger amount within Feral (i.e. put him to ‘sleep’/a dormant state so that Feral retains control of the body).

      Visiral is definitely gone. Malkar absorbed his life energy.

      P.S. I love how the shadow-power shapes itself to mimic Feralkar’s (yes, intended name fusion!) hand in the second panel. While it has been swirling about his body more or less formlessly, it’s great to see that Malkar can manipulate it as such.

      1. This is just what I’ve been thinking. It seems like the most logical explanation right now.

    3. Visrial was transformed into energy and absorbed. He is no more.

  10. he wants it the hard way :3

    1. Jyaku’s gonna shove sleeping pills down his throat.

  11. Oooooh. So THAT’S how Jyaku tested how Meela’s demomic powers would affect Feral on page 257.

    1. I had to look it up and yeah XD


      That… I did not forsee until the seeing was saw.

      But still very exciting!

    3. Ah! Nice spot! I did remember that scene, but not clearly enough to realize just what had been implied back then. I had been thinking that he actually absorbed some of Meela’s energy, but now I see that isn’t what it was, just that Malkar’s energy reacted to it. Cool. :)

  12. I’ve been following this comic for I don’t know how long, but never had the time to ever leave a comment. Now I do! XD I just really fell in love how this story is coming together and the art is beautiful. It’s had the affect where I nearly cry, get upset at a few characters, cheer and just feeling anxious how everything will go down in the end. I’ve most definitely fell in love with Feral’s and Meela’s characters, really liking how they are holding up and how Meela can annoy him sometimes x3 but that’s just pups for you! XD Keep up the amazing work! I’ll be on the sidelines reading and search for more time to leave more comments :3

    Psst~ really do hope Feral comes back after Jyaku is done with Malkar >w< Malkar is scary. *huggles on Meela to protect like a big brother-figure*

  13. I hope this works, I wish Holland would come to take Meela away so she doesn’t get hurt in the “Hard Ways” backlash. Plus I’m just worried about him!

    1. Poor Holland:( i hope he’s just unconscious…

  14. I have brought Dvds to the corner.

    1. *brings more blankets and homemade fudge and wedges self into usual spot* C’mon, Jyaku, bring Feral back! Malkar, go to sleep like a good boy.

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I have brought Goldfish crackers and a giant fluffy pillow to cuddle with!

    3. I brought hot chocolate! (We have two ACF meetings now.)

    4. I’m late.. but it looks like the meeting is pretty small this week. Oh well. Tomorrow will bring more comics and meetings :D

  15. I want more. Flames needs food.
    I really want to know Mal’s backstory. I wonder how many people have a part of him? I guess I gotta wait.

    1. Since it seems that he successfully defeated (i.e. killed) all his opponents until Jyaku, likely none.

      I’m hoping that the end result of this scene will be Jyaku explaining how the meeting between he, Feral and Mal had gone. After she calms down a bit. ^^;

    2. I bring comic books with dramatic but overall happy endings :)

      1. oh! and bacon, piles and piles of yummy bacon!

  16. My guess regarding Feral and Mal would be that the demon resided completely withing Jyaku, and Mal tried to obsorb some, not knowing it was demonic. The demonic side completly corrupted(Im using it loosly because I love Meela and she isnt “Corrupted”) him and drove him insain. Feral tried to help him and ended up needing to bond with his friend or else Mal would have died, becaue we know Feral would do anything for the people he cares about(Meela, Mal at the time, probably). Malkar seems completly demonic know, so Im not entirely sure it is the same entitity as Mal.
    Either that or that Mal was taking on more and more negative energy and it was destroying him. He easily lost to Jyaku, and Jyaku took a piece of him to control him or use for power. Seems like Jyaku has some rules about not killing someone though, from when he was blocking the obsesed cat man from reaching them. So i dont think Jyaku would kill Mal. Unless he absolutly couldnt help it. Mal would almost die latter and then something happens.
    Those are my two theories

    1. Interesting theories! My guess about his no-kill policy is that it is one of two issues: either a custom/law of the cervians or it somehow relates to his power. Like, for example, killing someone would cause him to absorb too much of them to be able to control it and he would end up destroying himself. Or something. It’s a vague guess at the moment.

  17. I caaaan’t waaaait another week! D:

  18. That’s right. Jyaku spanks even demon magic!

    Now break his clavicle!

  19. Lol, playing End of All Hope by Nightwish to this. SO. EPIC.

  20. ACF meeting! To help us all through this…moment…I brought kittens, and puppy’s! You can take them home, the food is over there, same with the water.

    1. I has the books!!

  21. I got here almost 1 hour after release, and so many comments, wow. Anyways that comment from jayaku (I beleive it’s spelled) set off a world of theories. One, notice that the writing On his arm is written in Feral’s weird handwriting. Also,… WHAT? That dude controls a piece of Malkar?!?!?! The fight between jayaku and Malkar doesn’t sound like it went well,…. But that leaves one question… What happened to yuen? Any ideas answer below.

    1. Yuen is Feral. That’s already been established, although his name was changed as a result of his amnesia. Naturally, how they came to reside in the same body is still unclear, but it was obviously a result of the fight between Mal and Jyaku.

      Not sure about the language thing, though. I can’t tell if it actually is the same or just looks similar, but if it is the same writing, then maybe the spell connected to those runes/letters originated from western lupians? *shrug* But it could be that the cervians use a similar alphabet, too.

  22. Btw The AFC head quarters is a giant pillow fort built around the worlds largest corner. The pillow fort is two stories tall and is magically held together with pillow pets. The door is a super plush blanket and as you walk into the building you can see other fans crying in the corner. There is a theory board and other elements from the comic such as posters plush dolls and hardcover copies of all the chapters on a sacred shelf. Fans are hugging puppies and typing ideas about what will happen next. As you take a blanket ladder up to the second floor you see that it is crowded wall-to-wall with comfort food. There are awesome replica items from the story and super cushiony floors. A massive computer sits on one wall counting down the days hours minutes seconds and milliseconds until the next release. This is how I think the AFC fort would look right now. :D hope you like it!!!

    1. :: hugs you ::

      I Love it!!!

      :: Moves in ::

  23. And sage that is an Epic theory, just replace the name Feral with Yuen

  24. Theory time! I’m thinking that when Jyaku and Mal fought Jyaku won, but fatally wounded Mal and the only way to save him was if he got a new body and Yuen wanting to save his friend offered his body so Jyaku sealed Mal in him. And what if when people with demon power fight the winner gets part of the loser… or all of him.

  25. I don’t think its fair that pretty much every male character Is hot

  26. I love this story!!! The art and the plot are amazing!!!! Will Feral remember this?

    1. (the fight and stuff)

  27. remember that dream flash back ages ago? where he was with his demonic friend who was planning to attack this very person?

    Yeah, i dont think, based on the above, that it went very well.

  28. arm wrestle to the death
    but please no don’t kill feral

  29. -enters ACF headquarters overburdoned with plushie stuff- I think we need a third level. Also I think Meelas momma needs to make an appearance. That’ll make bad demon boy go back to sleep. Mommas have that dont argue with me adittude.

  30. *finally abandons all claims to dignity and plops down in the corner with everyone else* Why must you cliffhang us like this? Why? D:

    But yeah, I look forward to next week. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Jyaku’s aura seems to be golden…very similar to Meela’s when Malkar tried to absorb her. So, could this mean potential tutorials in the future from Jyaku? Y’know…if he stops being mysterious and disappearing.


  32. What? What?! WHAT?!!

    So, I guess Mal must have split his soul in half (wheee horcruxes) or something, and part of it went into Jyaku and another part into Yuen? I need more information for this. I was sure part of Mal was in Feral a while back, but I’d never guessed that Jyaku had a part of Malkar in him, too. I guess that’s why Jyaku was so involved with Feral’s life.

    1. Agreed, it seems that Jyaku decided to take responsibility for Mal and thus basically kept a close eye on Feral so that he could step in and get Mal under control whenever necessary. And, at some point, he saw fit to reveal matters to Holland in order to get his help, since Jyaku couldn’t very well watch him 24/7.

      1. I just had a thought, what if the darker part of Mal was inside Feral? And the rest that was still good was in Jyaku.

  33. The plot thickens. My theory, malkar/demonic-powerdude were trapped in jyaku, which is why he has runes to control him, when yuen tried to.steal the demon power somehow the fuse between mal/yuen happened, with jyaku keeping a small piece contained and observing/guarding the new container, feral with amnesia. I think jyaku feels respondible.somehow for guarding the demon.

    1. Interesting theory, but it was Mal who tried to absorb Jyaku’s power, not Yuen. Also, I’m pretty sure Malkar IS Mal. As in, Mal is just a nickname. It’s natural that his friends would call him by a nickname, but he would introduce himself to Meela using his full name. So, I don’t believe Malkar is a separate demon who was originally within Jyaku, but rather that Mal’s attempt to absorb Jyaku’s power backfired and it ended up being Jyaku who did the absorbing. Though, in this case, it seems more like he absorbed a portion of his soul, not just a bit of energy.

      1. Oops i mixed up the names, it was the middle of the night for me. I also made my theory confusing using mal/malkar together. I did pick up the nickname part but called the ‘demon’ malkar to seperate him from mal, because to me they are different personalities. But you mightve convinced me now.the demon is in fact a evil power and malkar was jusy effed up because it fused with him. Thanks for thoughts/correction, awesome you read the whole thing. ^_^

        1. O, and you could be right to,about jyaku but the runes bother me though…

        2. Yeah, it’s still all theories on my part, too, so there’s probably some detail I’m missing. I’m sure we’ll see the significance of the runes soon enough.

          But, yeah, I think it’s just that Mal’s mind was warped by all the evil energy he kept absorbing, plus it’s clear that the mark on his hand of demonic origin. It’s been made clear already that, without external aids, no one who is not full demon can control demonic power. I’d imagine that, even with those aids, someone without any demon blood at all would not be able to control the power properly. Hence, it ended up driving Mal insane. It’s also implied in the dream where he first gained it that the man who gave it to him was also mentally warped, so I’d assume it to be a consistent problem: anyone who uses a power like that, particularly if he doesn’t have any demon blood, will go insane, unless he expels the energy he absorbs promptly, as Feral does (normally).

  34. Cliffhangers, Cliffhangers everywhere

  35. I hope this isnt going to hurt feral much…

    But I hope it hurts Mal a lot.

    1. A whole lot!
      *cracks knuckles*

      1. We need to make an army against Mal!

  36. Grammar needs to be fixed. Hard way and willfully are same thing. You meant willingly i think.

    1. I think they mean if he wont willfully put *himself* to sleep, there by doing it willingly, then he’s going to force Mal to sleep

      1. I guess a a case for “willfully” could be made, but I admit I thought the same as Sweetmoe. It does seem like “willingly” would be the better choice.

  37. I have been enjoying this comic a lot keep up the awesome work. :D

  38. when is this updated

  39. Meanwhile, Holland is lying on the ground, having the worst day of his life after being bitten by Meela, his shoulder crushed by Visrial and blasted by Malkar. Sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about that fact. xD

    1. Pretty much! XD At least he’s being spared the gruesome scene before us, having apparently been knocked unconscious by Mal’s attack.

  40. So is it that Malkar can speak through Feral’s mouth but Feral can’t? If his vocal cords are wounded so badly he can’t speak, Malkar really shouldn’t be able to either. Unless the choice to not speak is Feral’s, but then why not?

    1. I think that maybe his loss of speech was part of the curse that gave him malkar

    2. No. On a previous page, one of the creators stated that Malkar is communicating by way of telepathy. It’s just that Feral doesn’t know how to use telepathy. His speech loss is entirely physical and affects Malkar just as much as Feral.

      1. Ah, thank you. I have been busy so I’ve been going a few weeks and not reading the comments they write. That makes sense.

  41. Theories!! So after reading this page and some of the comments, I have come to see that maybe, when Jyaku and Mal fought, something happened that caused Mal to “explode” in a sense that made his demonic energy go everywhere. Therefore some of that energy attached itself to Yuen and Jyaku. Just a little theory I had!! I’m totally wrong! ;3 <3 sorry if someone else has a similar theory too!

  42. This comic is so awesome!! Just caught up (let the agonizing wait ensue). You guys probably get this a lot but you rock!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  43. Waiting…. Waiting…. 3 more hours!!!!

  44. i get zzts on my face

  45. Lee of Team Avatar

    The only thing I can think of while looking at Jyaku’s runes is “glitter attack!”

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