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That little trick isn't going to work this time, Malkar.

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  1. Wow. I must have caught it right at the update. Still I wonder what happened to Mal earlier?

    1. EngineeringWizard

      Pretty sure he and Antler dude fought it out a long time back, along with Feral. In the fight, Feral was injured badly and Mal was defeated. Mal must have ‘possessed’, for lack of a better term, a part of Feral and reasserts himself whenever Feral is wounded. Mal’s probably the only thing keeping Feral alive. Sort of a “Beast within” thing going on here; like the Hulk. Interesting plot twists, to be sure.

      1. Except for the fact that “Hulk” is influenced by the good in “Banner”
        while “Mal” is not influenced by “Feral”.
        Mal is always going to be an evil little s#!t.
        I am also curious about Mal’s “incident” with Feral and Jyaku.

    2. I feel like Mal and Yuen combined into one body to create Feral, maybe? I don’t know. But I have a feeling something bad happened to Yuen, and for sure to Mal.

  2. Poor Meela.

  3. What does Jyaku mean by “gave up your rights”? Rights to what? Owning a body?

    1. I think when Mal and Feral combined, Mal was the dominant one and Feral was the dormant one. When Mal’s greed for power became out of control, Jyaku used the magic he used on this page to seal Mal away. Unless Feral takes in too much energy, the hold on Mal will stay strong.

  4. looks like this might be a bit painful for feral.

    1. Forced evictions are rarely neat and trouble-free…

      1. I don’t think he’s getting evicted. Just put back to sleep….

  5. Feral’s face in the last panel :(

  6. I smell an exorcism in the works.

    1. If it were that easy, he probably would have done it earlier. This is probably a “suppress,” not a “cast out.”

  7. Seems it is time for me to join the corner ;_; I got cuddly kittens and marshmallows.

    1. I have marshmallows and a Bunsen burner.

      1. I have the tissues and vegetarian snacks as usual, but i also brought books and lots of them. Anyone up for eragon?

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          I am ALWAYS up for Eragon!!! :) *joins the ACF corner and reads over your shoulder*
          I brought Cheez its!

        2. Yay! I`m a pretty big book freak so you might have to ask me to slow down :)

    2. I brought puppies and blankets

      1. ::holds out hands begging for a puppy:: Mr. Cuddles!

        ::is all better now:: :)

    3. Last week ACF was called upon to destroy the horror that possesses Feral. We must unite! Alliance of the Corner of Feels shall band together and rid the world of the likes of Malkar!

    4. I brought lots of cheez-it’s. And let’s do it! Rid the world of evil! AKA Malkar!

    5. *dives under spare blanket* I brought homemade bran muffins and Walkers shortbread biscuts… And yes, Malkar, go back to sleep. No-one wants you here.

      1. Yeah… He needs to take a long nap. And by nap I mean he needs to die a horrible, bloody, painful death by pink toaster violence.

        1. Agreed my comrade!

    6. Kittens? yes please! *snuggles* here, I brought brownies and chocolate milk

    7. *sneaks into the corner with more kittens various snacks and fuzzy blanket snuggies*

      Why oh why does this seem to take forever to update? :c

  8. WOOT!! Go Jyaku! In your face, Malkar!! Leave Feral’s body once and for all!

  9. Huh. So THAT’S why Jyaku always following Feral.

  10. This page has so many questions, but I can’t get over how good Jyaku looks…

    1. #hottiehothot

    2. i know… i was kinda distracted by him when i first read the page :3

      1. I am so glad he isn’t wearing that face mask now……….
        He looks so awesome. I already have a boyfriend that I care a whole lot about but there is no harm in enjoying the view…..
        Love you, Micheal! <3

  11. The real questions are “did Feral know” and “does Feral remember what happens during these incidents?”

    1. I doubt he knows, but he definitely doesn’t remember. This was noted earlier somewhere… I can’t remember where…

  12. His hands are back on! They aren’t just floating there anymore.

    1. Haha! They are!

    2. My guess is that Malkar’s dark blood must’ve mended the hands back during the panels in which we couldn’t see his hands.:)

  13. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE MEELA A HUG, /PLEASE/. Also, what a animal does Jyaku ‘resemble’, because I immediately think ‘reindeer’ with those antlers, but for all I know he could resemble some mythical creature.
    I’m also wondering if Feral will remember any of this.

    1. Well, I thought maybe he was a stag. In a lot of myths, stags are considered to have magic properties, be extremely wise, or both. I dunno :/ And I shall hug you, Meela! *glomp*

    2. He’s a cervian; so a deer person. Same thing as lupians and vulpians except with deer.

  14. it is 7:24 am :)

    1. 5:57 AM my time. ;D

  15. I’m just happy that it’s Feral’s body.
    We’ll probably see him again in 2-3 weeks (plus shipping and handling batteries not included.)

    1. Is it my imagination our is the tattoo appearing again as well? Little stripe on his face in last panel….

  16. Take freakin’ that Mal!!!!!!! >v<

  17. Oh his face is breaking my heart in that last panel….poor Feral…. :c

  18. Feral is comming back!!! YAY!! >w<

  19. Jyakua – sexy deer bodyguard, for all the evil childhoodfriends stuck in your body. Good looks included. Caution, exorcism may hurt like hell. ^-^

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Your comment made my day!

  20. Phew, that was tense. Thank goodness for cool deer bodyguards. Whatcha wanna bet Feral won’t remember any of this, though? I mean, he didn’t recognize Miura despite his physical presence at the time of her father’s death. And he doesn’t remember any of the stuff she’s been dreaming about him.

    Thank goodness for weird healing powers ’cause poor Feral’s already mute and possessed, being armless on top of all that would really stink.


    so remember when he got that mark on his hand maybe he “gave up his rights” for the power!

    wait I think imma re read that part cuz now I’m like whutttttt?

  22. You think jyaku will explain what happened in ferals past and how him and
    Malkar mixed together? That would be good! It would take out one mystery in the story.

  23. -brings the pillow fort deluxe version- ACF needs to give Meela a hug…and Feral whenever he wakes up.

  24. Poor Meela just can’t catch a break.

  25. I hope we get to see Meela use her training then she’ll be all grown up ;-;

  26. Attack of the runes.

  27. what if Feral will forget everything that happend before because of this attack? like he wouldn’t reconize Meela or Holland anymore :(
    Anyone has a theory about how Feral lost his childhood memories? :/

  28. I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING ELSE! So mal “gave up” his rights to own a body, so that must mean yuen “died” and mal wanted to keep his power to jyaku put then together! Feral was created but still has yuen in him! I could be wrong but it would explain some things.

  29. Meela’s face in the second panel T^T poor little girl, she looks terrified.

    1. I agree. Poor thing :C


  31. It would seem that the runes will not work this time, is there another way to counteract the evil Malkar?

    1. Maybe Antler Dude can purify the dark magic like Holland.

      1. Chances are he taught Holland purifcation, physically he looks older than even feral , if i had to guess i’d say Jyaku is in his 40s

  32. Alright I’ve been too lazy to post my guess on how this all works for a while but eh, I need a way to pass the time.

    What I think is it is indeed Yuen’s body due to the similarities. I remember from a flashback right after Meela’s demon side was unleashed that Yuen and Mal had just run into Jyaku. I think Mal attacked him, Yuen got caught in the ensuing fight between those two and got really badly wounded, hence the neck and eye wounds shown when Holland is telling Meela that he and Feral go way back right after they all were at the river before the party. Mal was killed or nearly killed in the fight and I’m thinking either Mal possessed Yuen or Yuen willingly took Mal’s soul into his body to save his friend. Or maybe Jyaku bound Mal’s soul to Yuen for his own reasons. Anyway, it somehow destroyed his memories of that event and before, most likely knocking the new and improved Yuen/Feral out so he didn’t remember Jyaku. (or maybe he erased Feral’s memories himself so Feral wouldn’t go insane from it all, tell anyone, or try to hunt down Jyaku) Feral wakes up, no memory of the past, maybe taken in by someone or maybe he just woke up alone. But we do know his wounds were wrapped when Holland met him so either he had some bandage wrap with him or someone fixed him up. Then Holland finds Feral just sitting alone in the woods, having no idea who he is or where he came from. They become friends, Holland helps him learn stuff and survive, and soon enough Feral becomes a bounty hunter.

    That’s a good theory right?

    1. Oh and Mal comes out with the trigger of dark magic because he is a dark soul of evil and hate? And I’m guessing he meant ‘You gave up your rights a long time ago’ about when either Mal attacked him by choice or when he decided to get the evil rune.

  33. He might not be Feral right now but the pain on his face in the last panel breaks my heart

  34. Homg so good! Caught up on the archives in one run – love this webcomic. And dang, things are getting really messy…!

  35. Rhys Tal Cernunnos

    Refer to the page where yuen and mal were together and mal had the mark on him and mal noticed jyaku on the road. The fight between mal and jyaku is still to be seen. Hence why jyaku said “you lost your rights”.

    1. Lovin’ your username, man. So many mythology references. :3

  36. Hm. A wolf hiding behind a deer. That’s a new one.

    Also Mal in that bottom panel: “Why can’t I hold all these spells?”

  37. I hope this doesn’t hurt Feral… :(
    Still, really nice suspense! :)

  38. I was looking around the Internet seeing if Malkar’s name had so sort of meaning behind it, and I found this :

    Car or Kar (Greek: Κάρ) is a name in Greek mythology that refers to two characters who may or may not be one and the same.[1]

    D: Mal – Kar

    Mal, the one and the same. Maybe Mal just became so consumed by the dark energy he consumed, that he went insane and bloodthirsty. What if, after the fight with Jyaku, he lay dying and Yuen, as someone else said, got hurt in the fight and Mal’s darkened soul was so desperate to live for his own means, that he tried taking over Yuen’s body, but since Yuen had such a pure heart, the dark soul was the dormant soul.

    Or, instead of Yuen getting hurt, he lay there next to the dying Mal when Mal tried to absorb him in a desperate attempt to save himself. Maybe Jyaku tried to stop it but the soul transfer was already complete or the souls fused partly? Maybe the whole body transformation was already underway, and that’s why Feral has one demon eye and a destroyed voicebox.

  39. AlextheparanoidAndroid

    this comic is my escape from boring day to day life.
    looks like someone has split personality syndrome, this is some scary stuff.

  40. YOU KNOW I BET MEELA IS TIRED OF THIS “Hide behind someone and let them do the work” CRUD

  41. Cel and Algy! Jyaku says that he’s caused enough trouble for one night but in both scene before and after this fight it’s the middle of the daaaaayyyy

    Sorry to poke holes but that doesn’t make sense xD

    1. You’re right, you got us. We’ll fix it soon.

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