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Now that's an entrance.

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  1. Reminds me of Malkah… o.o

    1. HA!!!
      I CALLED IT! “last minute rescue”

  2. OMG YES!

    1. I laughed so much Meela’s face in the last panel looks hilarious XD!

      1. Yeah, that “Where did you come from?!” Expression x3

        1. That or, “Aren’t severed limbs supposed to fall!”

        2. I didn’t notice this until I read the comments below but if you look at Feral’s left arm, it’s reattached but covered in blood. So he did dark magic his arms back on.

        3. I was thinking more along the lines of HOLYF*CKINGSH!T

          But yeah, severed limbs *aren’t* supposed to do that.

          It looks like Feral’s totally left the building… the question now is: Is he coming back.

        4. And – if he does come back, will he be armless.

        5. ::hugs ‘OrpheusEx’:: Jayku will fix everything…. don’t worry.

        6. Feral be like: Hey guys! IM back, from my weird na – OH MY GOSH WHERE R MY ARMS!!!

  3. Holy shmokes!

  4. Don’t worry, Hands grow back. They grow back right?!

    1. Don’t worry, those grow back.
      *whispers to nearby pigeon*
      No, they don’t.

      1. Nice TF2 reference!

    2. He can probably just dark magic them back on, which is why they’re just floating there, which is kind of creepy. Wouldn’t surprise me if he could still use his hands even though they’re detached now.

    3. If you look closely, they are reattaching. (Pardon spelling please)

  5. Jyaku to the rescue OAO

  6. Their species must reproduce asexually or through nontraditional means. I never understood the male on female violence.

    1. EngineeringWizard

      No, they reproduce the same way we do. They’re also just like humans in that, in more modern times, being female doesn’t curry you any special favors.

    2. Are you for real? There is plenty of male on female violence in HUMANS. (And other species of traditional reproducing animals)

      It’s amazing that people can live in this world and still be oblivious to that. Human females have always been hurt, murdered, and… abused– just like males. It didn’t just start happening in modern times.
      It’s constantly in our media too.

      But no- saying they reproduce differently because male on female violence is not a proper conclusion.

    3. T_T… Reproduction methods does not in any conceivable way relate to what’s happening on this page.
      Oh wait, that’s right, I’m on the internet. Anything can be discussed even if it is totally irrelevant. Silly me for forgetting. :P

      1. WTH are they even talking about?

      2. demons with out a body reproducing? I do not know either… ::head is hurt:

      3. Yeah, that whole thing was pretty out of the blue…

  7. Is Malkar’s blood burning Jyaku’s sword or is that just to signify it’s a holy blade?

    1. It’s blood. They just made it black instead of red so it’s less gory.

      1. Actually, I think the blackness makes it more gory in a horror-like way. You know the person is evil when their blood is tainted with such darkness.

      2. No the “SSSS” sound effect on the sword from coming into contact with the blood. I couldn’t tell if that was to signify a special weapon or if the blood was burning through the metal on the sword.

    2. Good point. It could be a holy blade; that would make sense.
      (@Bloodhart: there’s a “sssss” sound effect on the one panel)

      1. Or maybe that hissing is indicating that his sword was being eaten away slightly.
        Or maybe its indicative of the fact that his blood is so “evil” it hisses. :P

    3. Malkar’s darkness/blood is indeed burning into the blade.

      1. Generic-username427


  8. Are his chopped of hands just floating there waiting to reattach?!? SICK(both in a good and bad way)

  9. Floaty hands! Poor Meela looks terrified :(

  10. Holyhfusjnsbbufysuvjvtsubkvysdibjyjvxgxg……… Beeeeeeeeeeeep………. My brain just died….

  11. I can’t keep up with anything, I don’t understand at this point, I need to read everything from the start !!!!! DDD:

  12. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

    Pssssssstttt Artist (ohgosh I really should know names Im sorry !!) Jyakus magical Antlers well… in big goodbye hands panel, Jyakus Antlers on the right side (jyakus left side irl really) it ends in an ominous black points ovo
    also great page ~

    1. The artist names are algy and celest (I did not spell that last one right but oh well) and I had noticed that too, strange o.o

      1. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

        AH YES ! I think it’s Celesse !! But yes ID Jyaku’s majestic Antlers currently are experiencing some colour difficulties, please try again later when he is not fighting Malkar ~

  13. Wait a minute… sorry brain is slow to process. But Jyaku called EVIL!Feral Malkar…. now i forget but Feral was Mal right? in the flashback things? So that would meanMalkar was his given name, correct?

    1. Feral was Yuen I think. But I guess Mal too idkkkk my brain hurts.

      1. ::massages brain:: all better ;)

    2. Weren’t not actually 100% sure which body both of them are in (though it looks likely that it’s Yuen’s body). Feral is what became of them after the memory loss. Malkar likely went psycho or lost control of this demonic-boosted abilities which resulted in both himself and Yuen becoming one person–two souls in one body, so to speak. However, Yuen’s memories are the ones that are lost (as evident by the fact Malkar DOES have memories…he recognizes Jyaku + has memories of killing Meela’s father and one of her brothers).

      1. lost control of *his demonic stuffs (stupid typo)

      2. *sigh* “Were not actually” (probably shouldn’t be typing at 5:30 in the morning T_T)

  14. We, the readers have called for him, and now he came. Jyaku to the rescue!!!! >:D

    1. and thus it was discovered Jyaku has 4th wall breaking abilities by way of reading the comment section

      1. >_< – yes, yes he does. :P

      2. But of course! Pssh, as if there’s anything Jyaku can’t do. :P

  15. What was Malkar going to do to Meela…?

    1. Absorb her like he did the kitty guy. Demon power is tasty, apparently.

  16. Malkar? As in Mal for short…….. mind = blown. Also that ruins my theory that Meela’s dad was Mal! Oh well. Great update, love this comic, I’m always telling my friends to read it. And really awesome scene there with Malkar’s hands attaching back. That’s gotta come in handy for party tricks *nodnod*

  17. … this is going to be epic.
    ( dies )

  18. Jyaku: Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just going to come in anD SLICE YOUR HANDS OFF, YOU GOD DAMN BEAST!
    Meela’s just in the back, losing her shit over everything. xD

  19. Yay it’s not so suspenseful! I’m still calling an ACF meeting though. *curls up on my panda pillow pet* ._.

    1. *Snuggles down with scetch pad and pencil* sense it’s not SOO SUPER SUSPENSEFUL, I will scetch the week away!! Starting with an ACF logo! :) Any suggestions? Btw Meela’s face in last panel… Just like… OHMYGOSH

      1. CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! Or Oreos….ooooo a pillow fort ^-^

      2. I have a sugestion, you know how every fandom has a name for them selves such as “whovians” what should we call our fandom? The world has to know we exist here! OH and for the logo thingy it should be feral, meela, and holland in a circle with a special pose that describes their character well!

        1. We’re the Stray. …


          I mean…the Homestuck fandom calls themselves “Homestucks” right? (though i call them Homestuckian…)

        2. We need a cooler name then that! Hmmm *rubs chin in deep thought* How about the straynians?

    2. -builds a pillow fort around Chigiri and passes in some chocolate-

      1. *brings tissues and pillow pets for all* its going to be a loong week!

      2. yay! chocolate! ::stuffs face::

    3. We need to clean this corner a bit…There’s wrappers everywhere. We’ve been here for about four weeks.

      1. *Brings adorable baby goat to eat all the garbage*

        1. YEAH OK IRL WE HAD A PARTY IN MY BACKYARD YESTERDAY and these THREE RANDOM GOATS from across the road barged RIGHT INTO THE FOOD AREA and we don’t even know whose they are and I was laughing so hard!!!

      2. Dont worry I gotchu! *whistles and thirty maids come in* CLEAN DA MESS! *point point point point*
        *hour later fort shines and sparkles*

        1. O.O *Overwhelmed by shining sparkly pillows* Wow. I didn’t know pillows could do that!

        2. RandomCommenter

          *Puts on shades to protect self from overwhelming shining glory of the pillows.*

    4. *Curls up in regular spot and hauls blanket over face* Owwie… My eyes… Feral, come back! Fight Malkar!

    5. So sparkly…. I brought Pocky and Hello Panda… *Hands them out*

      1. Whats Hello Panda?

        1. MentalikesNarwhals

          hello panda is mini cookie(pocky like is texture) with chocolate inside or sometimes strawberry or somthing. Brings the cutesiest softest mix breed puppies(I like my mutts :P) in world for cuddling and using as soft pillows :3

    6. I was hoping for an AFC meeting. Wasn’t sure if we’d have one or not. :P

      1. I brought Ramule soda for everyone, and it has the little marble~

        1. (Sorry for spelling) I Bering sushi and snow cones and ice cream and choclet chip cookies and tame baby cheaters.

    7. Oh noes! I’m late! but this panel has too much action for me to snuggle with pillows! *jumps up and runs around* He cut off his arms!!

      1. Don’t worry you’re not the only one late to the meeting. I wish we had come up with this a long time ago -grabs a sparkly pillow- its a great idea.

        1. No one is ever late for a meetin *hands them cookies and cake* we make sure to bring LOTS of good food ^.^

  20. Malkar… as in Mal? Noooooo…!


  22. Cue everyone crushing on Jyaku instead of Feral or…or…the Swan Prince dude (it’s too early for this)

    Oh wait, am I the only one crushing on Jyaku now? Yesh, he’s all mine


    1. Nope, I think he is the most attractive character to appear thus far. Interesting dude.

  23. Ok, I got lost. Who’s Malkar again?

    1. Malkar…Mal(kar)

  24. I love Meela in that first panel. That glow around her is very beautiful!
    Poor thing though! Jyaku save her!

  25. I love the tiny little huffs on the last panel.

  26. WOOT! Way to go, Jyaku!

    I do hope Feral won’t lose his hands. Being mute must be enough for him.

  27. That’s one impressive sword…cuts clean through Feral’s bracers. Though I guess if it can cut through bone, thick leather would be nothing. ;p

    Great page!

    1. Actually, in this state, Feral/Malkar’s body is dubiously corporeal at best. So the sword didn’t really slice through bracers, cloth, skin and bone. It was more like separating solidified shadow.

      1. good to know. ::takes notes::

      2. Okay. Going by that logic, does that mean Malkar will fix his hands, thereby giving Feral use of his hands when he comes back? I REALLY don’t want poor Feral to lose his hands when he already lost his voice (probably lost his voice from Malkar, too. Poor Feral…). I CALL UPON THE ACF CLUB TO DESTROY MALKAR!!!

  28. That first panel is so awful and amazing. MEELA’S FACE, you guys!

  29. where is her travel companion/confidant, the lovely Swan?

    1. He was knocked out by ferals dark magic

    2. Yeah, remember, Holland got knocked out before the story of her dad was told.

      1. Thanks, I forgot.

  30. I’d be freaked out too O3o

    1. Meela probably didn’t really notice who that guy is from the market back on paaageee..254.

      1. She might be slightly busy not dying to care about that right now xD

      2. That’s right, she didn’t associate him with the guy with the mask in Feral’s memories. She just recognizes him now (or at least will momentarily) as the guy who stopped her from stealing a hat and then somehow recognized that she was almost 13 years old (and seemingly a demon lupian), making her panic.

        Since she didn’t get far enough into the dream to hear Jyaku’s name, it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for her to discover that they’re the same person.

  31. That look of utter terror on Meela’s face in the last panel though. Same.

  32. Maybe Feral is both Yuen and Mal in one body! Maybe Mal is Malkar! Yuen lost memories, while Mal went crazy. Kinda makes sense why Feral is odd eyed. Yin and Yang. Wonder what is that yellow godly handsome aura surrounding Meela though.

    1. That’s the aura of her normal magic rather than the red of her demon magic

  33. The Deer-man cometh with a spectacular SLASH!

  34. The prince of the forest ladies and gentlemen.

    1. Go Bambi!

      1. A very….very attractive Bambi….like VERY attractive….

  35. I just remember seeing comments towards Jyaku on the last page, and well well well.
    Lookie at what we have here.

  36. Meelas expression in the last panal = my reaction now
    FINALLY JYAKU SHOWS UP! This is gonna be an interesting fight.

  37. oh sh*t. IT’S GOTTEN REAL IN HERE.

  38. Omg so happy he came! And OMG!

  39. I’m sorry, I’m confused. So is Mal possessing Feral? I mean, what just HAPPENED the last couple of pages???? (Yes, I read them, but still)

    1. Exactly what happened and why will be explained in later pages. For right now, all you need to know is Malkar is in charge and he is not very nice.

      1. Thanks for answering all of. us I mean, it’s enough that you give us such a beautiful comic, but you also take time to read all the comments? You guys are pretty great!

      2. AH, okay. And thank you! And please continue with this great comic!

  40. …is the page saved as a JPEG? The quality is a little weird…

    1. It’s always saved as a jpg. But red always tends to make it look worse.

      1. You should try saving it in PNG form at some point, and see if you like the quality better or not

        1. Yes, pngs look better, but we keep the comic at web resolution so it can’t be taken and reprinted by anybody.

        2. ::ecstatic:: yes, thank you!

        3. A perfectly sensible thing to do. Plus, more motivation for us to buy the books! Better quality. :D

          . . . Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds. If I ever manage to buy all the things I need for my room and have enough left over, Ima buy me a copy. :D

  41. It sure is a good thing he didn’t wind up chopping off Meela’s hand on accident.

    1. It is, but I don’t believe Jyaku would have taken such a huge risk if he didn’t have confidence in his aim. Else, he would have aimed closer to Malkar’s body.



  44. oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no, no, This cannot be happening!!!! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO FERAL!!??!?!?!??!??!! his arms were CHOPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!
    this is just SCARY. srsly. don’t kill feral deer horned guy.

  45. THE SUSPENSE, there is only one smilee icon for this occasion:

  46. Does anyone else see Feral’s tail all bushy at the side of the page? XDDD

  47. iiiinteresting, Jyaku to the rescue- awesome, but he did say that Meela needed to be ‘removed’ a couple chapters ago; wonder where he still stands on that.

  48. WOW. Manalope is even hotter without the mask!

    1. …Pages 261 & 262 you can ogle him up-close. :)

    2. Ahahaha! Manalope! XD I love it!

  49. Okay, so I know this probably has very little to do with anything going on here, but am I the only one who reeeally wants to see Jyaku in his stag form? xD


  50. :O ………I got nothing. Just really hope Feral is still in there somewhere. :(

  51. Did he chop off Feral’s hands…?
    Hands grow back…

  52. This s**t just got real!

  53. Hey, I was wondering something. Since there are demon lupians, do they have an angelic counterpart? Like if there’s demon lupians are there also angelic or holy lupians? Just curious :)

    1. Nothing regarding any kind of holy being (or religion, for that matter) is mentioned in the info section or comic. I don’t recall anything being said in the comments, either. Obviously, Celesse or Algy would need to confirm this, but I don’t believe there is such a thing. And even if there is, they probably can’t mate with mortals.

    2. The demons of Meoley are a negative taint in most races, not a race of their own, so there is no ‘holy’ counterpart to them.
      The holiest of Meoley was the Creator, Sohl, at Meoley’s birth.
      Now, there are those that achieve/master the art of holy magic called Priests. Opposite is those that master dark magic, called Knights. Demons or demon hybrids are shunned and never included in any societies because of their ties to evil(most of the time); rarely are they accepted if they have the proper demeanor.

      1. Gotcha, thanks :)

  54. OMG. I spent most of the day reading all of it for the first time. Must have more D: So epic.

  55. Well Probably not since the angels wouldn’t feel that they should stoop to the level as mating/marring a mortal.
    its probably a big no no for them.
    but there probably angel lupines a.k.a. angels in the form of lupines. angels are eternal they cant be born like you or me.
    Lets just say our brains cant handle the truth without exploding.

  56. “…Jyaku…”
    “Holland!” *Holland pops his head in with a big smile on his face*
    “…Meela…” *Meela shakily raises her hand*

  57. After rereading the comic, thought I’d let you gals know that meela’s missing her bracelet on page 140 where she’s washing the dishes

    1. in little carry-on pouch. – is my guess.

      why would she want to wet it?

      1. She said it was a good luck charm when she was poisoned, remember?

        1. yes, so she would want to take care of it!
          she probably would take it off while swimming too!

    2. Maybe she took it off to keep it from getting damaged by the water? It might not be waterproof and could unravel that way.

      1. …this has not been my day…

        Oy, I hate misunderstanding people, just ignore me laugeo…
        fighting with you about what has been misinterpreted would just make my already “sUnNy” day all the more “jOyFUll” :(

        ::removes self from society until she can stop being anal… might take weeks::

        1. I was replying to radio with my second comment. Sorry if I made you feel bad. I realize I also misread your post. That’s what I get for replying to comics in the early morning.

        2. radioactiveratt

          That might be it. It could also be soap that might ruin it because as seen on page 148 she has it on while fishing.

          But whatever the case may be it’s fine whatever way that Algy and Celesse draw it, I just thought I’d point it out ^_^

  58. This comic has been going for so long, but soooo slowly, I’ve completely forgotten most of Meela’s backstory. :-( Great story but I’m losing interest at this point, it’s been years and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of the real story.

    1. You can always come back and read it when it’s finished. We aren’t making much money off of this comic, so we can’t afford to spend all of our time getting more pages out per week. Sorry.

      We’ve got about 1 more year of updates to go.

      1. I’m just happy we get another year. ;D You keep doing your thing! Except…ya know, making us all cry and everything….

    2. Weekly updates are what’s normal for webcomics, and this one is better quality than most. You can always start from the beginning and read through to refresh yourself, or, as Celesse said, wait until it’s done and then read it all the way through.

      You have to remember high-quality art takes time, and the authors have other things to do besides working on this. I’ve always been amazed at their consistency though; they almost never miss an update or have a late one.

      1. Yes! They’ve even spoiled us by giving occasional double updates. Their general awesomeness just adds to my enjoyment of this comic. ^_^b

  59. I get the feeling poor Feral is gonna be one sorry son when he gets back to bein’ himself

  60. So with the last two panels… my mind went to the ‘Wrex.’ ‘Shepard.’ meme and I feel terrible.

  61. this one looks beautiful! Deertastic!

  62. Um…Malkar? Your….arms. That looks so AWESOME.

  63. That is one SEXY deer!

  64. Do any of you, while looking at this page, think back to the page where Mal and Yuen meet Jyaku? I mean they know each other’s names! We never did get the ending of that flashback (or haven’t yet).

    1. I certainly did. And the way they face each other now, I’m sure they’re thinking about it, too. Mostly about the fact that Mal obviously lost that fight, I bet. :P

  65. Just found this comic and DUN DUN DUN…
    A wild clifhanger appeared!

  66. Hmmmm…..I assume that we finally get to know what happened between Yuen, Malkar and Jyaku at some point soon.

  67. Meela’s face in the last panel is amazing.
    “I don’t know how the hell you got here but I’m so glad you did.”

  68. Hey, Jyaku, where’ve you been the last panel or so? Also, I hope the reason you’re perfectly fine with cutting Feral’s arms off because you know Malkar can reattach them. That would really suck for Feral if they didn’t. Armless and mute!

  69. That last panel:
    -Newman! -_-

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