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  1. She’s not the sharpest knife in the scabbard now is she…

  2. Well, Meela, thats what he got from knocking down the shelter of a bear.

  3. Hahahaha. Meela is so cute, I love her character.

  4. 3rd pannel akward moment…

    1. Fourth panel even more awkward moment. XD

  5. i love chibi feral and meela! so adorable. i like how they don’t just make him silent, how they put the … in the speech bubbles. very creative!

  6. I know that Feral cant talk, but what does … mean? Is it just him breathing?

    1. I think it’s him giving her a “seriously?” look or something like that.

      1. Or maybe it’s just reminding her of the fact that he can’t talk.

    2. I think they just put that to show where he would have replied if he could speak. So you know there’s a pause in the dialogue. If it wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be able to tell when they were just showing an expression as opposed to a response. (not so much here as later when there are longer conversations, but for consistency)

  7. HAHA that actually happened to me -__-

  8. no face pannle 3

  9. That would be sword in the scabbard, Krypton Angel

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