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Seems like Jyaku is slacking again.

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  1. Oh Goodness.

    1. With that avatar, you so deserve to be first comment! :3

      1. ^Freaking this. XD

    2. OMG, he looks like my cat, Johnny XD

      1. …who says it isnt

  2. FIRST COMMENT! (I don’t mean to be a troll, it’s just this is the first time it
    has happened for me!)

    Wow! The return of Visrial! Never noticed how big he was. Hopin’ for another Feral original battle!

    1. Nope, you still haven’t made it to first.

    2. What? NOOO!!!!

      Oh well.

      1. Someday, dude. And Zel’s icon really does deserve to be first with this particular page :)

  3. That is the biggest panther I think I’ve ever seen, I’m honestly impressed Holland isn’t just being crushed.

    1. Thats a tiger, not a panther

      1. looks nothing like a tiger

        1. There’s stripes around his forelegs, hindlegs, and tail. Pretty sure he’s a melanistic tiger of some sort.

        2. Well as long as it’s not a really large mountain lion because they cant roar. Scream yes, roar no.

        3. Most likely that’s either a black leopard or jaguar. Black tigers are extremely rare (and possibly myths) as a there has never been a photo record of them. But then again this is a story of animal people so eh.

        4. I think the first thing to remember is that this is a work of fantasy- push comes to shove, it can be whatever it damn well wants. (For instance, Holland might be based off a swan, but isn’t /exactly/ a swan. Artistic license was invoked.) That being said, despite the darker stripes, which might suggest a melanistic tiger, there’s a lack of fluffy (for lack of a better word) fur growth around the face and jaw indicative of tigers. I’m thinking it’s a different large cat with an equally rare coloration/genetic mutation.

  4. Dear…God.

  5. You know, I think it’s a pity that Visrial has to be a cat. And a black panther to boot! They are such magnificent creatures.

    Why is that a pity? Because Feral will kick his butt.

    1. that butt is too pretty to kick…

      maybe Feral will decapitate him?

      1. O.O…um… *looks at innocent looking Hello Kitty avatar, then back at the comment, then discretely tiptoes away*

        1. you should eves-drop on our larps! :P

        2. He he he, sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation. XD

  6. Jyaku…? XD It confused me for the first moment, but… oh, hello Visrial! Nice to see you again.

  7. DUN DUN DUN !!!

  8. Well that was dramatic.
    Holland in the first panel is amazingly drawn btw :)

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat was perfect.

    2. Oh yeah… YouTube, the Swiss Army Knife of thread commenting.

      And yes, that’s one _big_ kitty…

      1. but he’s a BIG Pretty kitty… :) ~Meow

  9. Meela is just noping into the sunset in the middle panel

    And I’m starting to think Visreal is a all black tiger at that size, dang!

    1. It’s possible, since technically panthers are just leopards(or jaguars) with way above average melanin in their skin/fur, and rather than spots, Visrial appears to have stripes hiding in that dark fur. And in theory, tigers could have melanistic mutations, just like leopards and panthers do.

      1. Possibly he’s a tiger, but the stripes only appear to be on his butt, legs, and tail, so maybe he could be a tiger/panther mix? Celesse? Is that not impossible?

      2. Not just in theory. Google melanistic tiger turns up some. (Mind you, also white/black ones and melanistic lions, too — you know Google images.)

    2. Visrial is a panther/jaguar, it’s just that lupians/vulpians/etc are much larger in their animal forms than the regular animals are. Sometimes in panthers you can see faint spots or stripes in the right lighting.

  10. I normally have no complaints whatsoever, but something about Visrial just seems, off… It just doesn’t look like he wants to do anything to Holland, it almost looks like a friend who’s about to hug him.

    Really sorry for saying this Celesse/Algy! Just want to help in whatever small way us fans can.

    1. It’s probably because he’s not putting his paws directly on Holland’s chest because if he did that it would crush his organ-y bits, and Visrial wants him alive for a little longer. Maybe.

      1. I’m assuming he doesn’t want to actually kill a prince, that might get his master in trouble. He might end up breaking an arm or leg to keep him out of the way of his grudge match, though.

        1. You guys are correct, Visrial does not intend to harm Holland any more than necessary, which is why this “attack” seems so gentle. He’s still well aware of Holland’s status as a prince, but he certainly doesn’t want him getting in the way again.

  11. XD it almost seems like Visrial is acting very cub-like. It’s actually pretty freaking adorable to see him appear out of no where going ‘:3 Hai Holland!!!! How’s it goin’ buddy ol’ pal? It seems the runt is alive after all :D.’

    Am I the only one who finds this transformation totally and utterly adorable?

  12. Meela’s tail frizz. Well of course she’s going to be afraid of Visrial, he did poison her the last time.

    1. After she went all stabby-stabby on him, he sure did.

  13. Christ he’s huge, lol.

  14. Hollands face in the second panel! I wonder what Feral will do now, that Holland is stuck under that big cat

  15. How did feral not sense this guy!?
    How did he not smell him!?

    1. He was downwind, and Feral was rather distracted by Meela’s odd behavior.

      1. Well I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things.

  16. That is one very very big cat….

    Was t always this big?:o

    1. Yep. You can see his size in relation to Jyaku a few chapters back.

  17. First panel would make a wonderful movie poster ‘Attack of the Giant Panthers!” > Would see that, since jungle book, i loves panthers

  18. O3O ruuun fight ahhhn PANIC!

  19. I cannot wait plz give meh more I don’t have anytime to waste need…to…find…OUT wtf is happening

  20. O3O ? why r u here virisal no one likes u so shoooooooooooooooooo

  21. in the first panel looks like he glowing

  22. one of the very few times that we see Holland freak out like that in the second pannel

    1. I’m so glad I got you into this webcomic

  23. Wait… Didn’t that dude die?!?!

    1. Wrong guy. Korrin died.

  24. Woopies, you forgot his left eye scar, marking thingie

    1. We sure did. We’ll fix it soon.

  25. Meela: Make a run for it!!!!

  26. It’ll be cool if Meela and Feral begin fighting in their wolf forms. Nothing like a good ol’ animal smack down.

  27. He clearly isn’t hostile. He’s acting like a giant kittencat.

  28. Wow. I want Meela’s outfit. ♥.♥

    1. me too ♥

  29. Isn’t he supposed to have a scar on the left(his left) side of his face? o.O

    1. Who? Visrial? I don’t think so, why would he?

    2. A tattoo, yes. We forgot it. We’ll fix it soon.

  30. Just what my Friday needed, to be started with a HEART ATTACK! o_O

  31. Well that just happened.

  32. First panel hes just like, “… Peekaboo~” XD
    Its just too cute.

  33. Holland must have cantip on him since Visrial is acting like a kitty cat

    1. Sorry, my friend made me type that earlier, she doesn’t have an account…

      1. I do too have an account! I just didn’t have my phone out to put that reply myself -3-


  35. I see that a lot of people are confused about Visrial’s change in attitude. I feel that cat-dude is being sarcastic and tantalizing. I read his speech bubbles in my very sarcastic, snide voice.

    Anyway, great page, hoping for a great Feral v Visrial battle, and wondering whether Feral might get stabbed with cat-guy’s poison knives-Yikes! I don’t want to give Celesse and Algy any ideas…Ladies, please don’t hurt Feral! There’s a reason why my username is what it is: I love Feral!!

    1. You are correct. He’s using a very snide tone right now.

      1. i’m imagining a more ~ Count Olaf ~ A Series of Unfortunate Events, monologue…

        …& I scared myself.

        1. And you scared me too. Thanks so much. But I can see where you’re coming from.

  36. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Holland’s face in the first two panels are great! Poor guy. I love how he’s got his hand at Visrial’s throat in the 4th panel.
    I do have to wonder how the heck Visrial got to them past Feral…. and how Meela was the first to notice him as he’s standing DIRECTLY BEHIND HOLLAND! Yeesh! Feral, beat him up again!

  37. Ang3l In Wond3rland

    Timr for some serious butt whippin! Go Feral go! ((Though i do think. Meela may be the one to get revenge though))

  38. That is one huge panther! O n O

  39. Celesse, there is an inconsistency!

    I’ve seen a few people comment in regards to Visrial missing a facial feature. I’ve gone and checked, and that would be his left eye tattoo. It is indeed missing.

    PS. Loving the artwork and how the story is going, you and Algy do an amazing job. <3

    1. Yeah, we forgot it. We’ll fix it soon! Thanks!

      1. scar or no scar, still gorgeous !!!! :D

        1. ♥ ♥ ♥ dreamy ♥ ♥ ♥

      2. Hey Celesse, sorry to bother you with another technical detail. But I’m curious, how is Visrial towering over Holland in the first panel, is he on two legs? That’s the only explanation I see because on four legs, he looks much shorter than Holland.

        1. I’ll be honest and just say I have no solid explanation for it other than I wanted the visual so I took some artistic liberty and just did it.

          You could say he’s starting to rise up on his hind legs about to pounce Holland, or he’s on a somewhat higher level of ground than him. Or maybe he just lifted his head high enough. He’s only about a head shorter than Holland and that’s with his head “hanging” almost level with his body.

          But yeah, I just liked the imagery of it, even if it isn’t quite logical.

  40. O_o; Aie… Meela? is the demon form triggered by fear, anger, or both? And how will Feral react! Between the two, I think Visrial’s in for an ass-kicking…

  41. “SURPRISE!!!! we’re doing it now!”

    well, didn’t see that coming.

  42. GOD



  43. No, bad kitty! *smacks nose*

  44. Now the question is what will happen to Meela? Are we about to see an encore of her demon form?

    1. *starts chanting “encore”*

  45. Can we just appreciate Meela’s poofy tail?

  46. I bet meela might accidentally lose her hat…and something might happen. JUST A GUESS!!!

  47. Didn’t Visrial have scarring on the left side of his face? Going off of page 212. He had one there.

  48. …..Isn’t he supposed to be dead?
    or.. am I missing something here….

    1. …….No. There is nothing indicating that at all in the previous pages.

    2. Korin, the bounty hunter who killed Tannor (and Yuen’s parents), is the one who died. Visrial has been hunting the trio all this time.

  49. Hollands poor damn arm, catching all sorts of crap lately

  50. Man! He had to show up when I was hoping I could forget about him, too!

    1. I don’t want to forget about bad guys….

      or they will pop up at the most unexpected of times…

  51. He looks like a black liger (lion+tiger half breed who outgrow their parents by quite a bit due to genetic mishaps) Maybe it’s a black panger? (B panther+tiger)

    1. According to Celesse, he’s a panther/jaguar. All the “animal people” in this comic have animal forms that are larger than normal animals, so Visrial being so large is normal.

      1. A panguar~. :3
        I like how that sounds.

  52. Poor little Meela is petrified!

  53. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! HOLLAND!!!!!!!! D: Oh gosh… ohhhhhhhhhh gosh!!!

    1. Calm yourself, friend! Farrel is here to save the day!
      Plus we’ve got demon Meela all up in here too.
      Bottom line: this guy don’t stand a chance

      1. Too true, too true. *nods head* Thank you for getting me back to my senses. XD

        1. Jacklin Wolfgang

          No problem dude
          Because we all know this guys got it comin’ to him *determined anime pose*

  54. Pretty sure Meela is going to go bat-shit demon crazy again. :3

  55. How is Visrial towering over Holland in the first panel, is he on two legs? That’s the only explanation I see because on four legs, he looks much shorter than Holland.

  56. i love your comic girls great work you are doing :3 keep it up >w<

  57. Generic-username427

    Hey I just found your comic last night and read through the whole thing. It’s freakin’ fantastic! I love your story and characters and it’s beautifully drawn! I can’t wait to see where the story goes!

  58. Bad Kitty! No cookie for you!

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