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No, Feral, that's not junk.

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  1. Nope… definitely not… I love the expression on his face, though! XD

    1. Several of his expressions, and Meela’s too! :)

  2. Oh, Feral XD Why didn’t you get thgis toy and give it to Meela? That would be so cute ;_;

    1. Or maybe he got it andput inside the pack…?

      1. After the fifth panel, we never see his left hand.

        1. He picked it up, so he brought it with him..

      2. Haha! Wait for it! XD

    2. I feel like I’m more concerned about the fact that he almost made her spill her breakfast.

      1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! o3o

  3. Those expressions are awesome ^^

  4. Meela’s shocked face! It’s the best thing on the face of the planet! I swear!

  5. does he switch the toy from his left hand to his right hand, or was that a continuity error?

    1. I think the fate of the toy has purposefully been left up to the imagination for the time being, which I would not consider to be a continuity error.

      Love the page!

    2. It doesn’t seem to switch hands anywhere.

      1. There’s no telling really. Maybe he juggles it on the way back to camp.

    3. it’s most likely that his right arm was up in the sixth panel because he was still holding the backpack strap,like he did in the second and third panel.but Celesse and Algy could be trying to confuse us to hide some plot.who knows? ;3

      1. Regardless of which hand he initially grasped the toy with, I think it’s a silly to cry out ‘continuity error’ if Feral ends up switching the item to another hand during a lengthy stroll back to camp. :P

  6. Feral “Now tell me why you ran away young lady.” Meela 0-0…ummm

  7. So… I feel a smidge dumb. I’ve been reading this story for a couple years now, and only JUST NOW noticed that Feral has dangly earrings. Yet now on this page, they were one of the first things I noticed. Whhaaatttt!?

    1. D: how did I miss that from the beginning? Lol

    2. *laughs* Don’t feel dumb, your comment made me look and WHUDAYA KNOW he does! They’re very nice too. I’d wear ’em. XD

    3. Don’t feel bad, I actually just noticed now that you mentioned it o_O They’re pretty though hehe

    4. Don’t feel stupid. I just noticed them this page too! I actually saw your comment and then went back to see he’s worn them before! XD

      1. ok I think we can all agree many of us only just relized that feral wears earrings

    5. Now you made me feel dumb. :(

    6. HE HAS EARRINGS! O.o? How did I miss that…

  8. Hahaha I love meelas expression when he throws the bag down next to her

    1. Unnerving, to have someone so eloquently express disapproval of your actions.

  9. I think I can see what’ll happen next. And its ADORABLE!!!!

  10. Haha that face Meela makes oh and i wonder what Feral had done with the toy, i didn’t see him put it down.
    Lol i didn’t notice the dangly earrings either!

  11. nomadic wha...? five.

    I hope meela isn’t going to be so jumpy every time feral is around from now on.

  12. I love that meela has grown up she is not the same scrawny pup at the beginning.


  14. In panel six, it looks like there is continuity error, as the hand he is holding in front of him has switched form left to right, then (assuming the reason we don’t see his left hand is to leave whether he has the toy in uncertainty) back to left at the last panel.

    1. Actually, it is not a continuity error. Notice in panels 2+3 that his right hand is holding the bag strap? That’s what he’s doing on panel 6. :3

      1. You are wondeful, thank youfor that. (Seriously, I’m not sure I would’ve figured it out.)

      2. I feel stupid now….

    2. Even if it DID switch hands as our lovely ladies (*cough*Rule#16*cough*) have pointed out, there’s enough time skip between panels of finding in cave and returning to camp that he coulda switched hands many times over.

  15. la~! Can’t wait what happens next!

  16. love meela’s face in panel 8.

  17. Perfect! Nice to see some funny faces after all the seriousness!

    Feral! Feral! PLEASE tell me you brought the doll with you?! It’ll be so kyuuuuuuuuuuuute~

    1. Yes it will be cute xD

  18. Oh plead oh please oh please let him have brought her stuffed animal! That would make everything so awesome!

    1. Also, both of their surprised faces are awesome, great work guys! I still have yet to see almost any other comic artist come close to being able to display all those emotions through facial expressions as you guys can!

  19. Lets be honest the facial expressions pale in comparison to tail floof

    1. Yay for tail floof!

  20. This page is looking really good to me. The lighting, a little variety in colors and outfits, funny expressions, a cute little doll, the character’s faces have more variety…
    ^o^ ~

  21. BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! LOVE the facial expressions! O_O wonder if Meela is going to get the ‘Feral’ version of a rant? Ack!

  22. I love this page. :) The expressions are very well done! I have yet to see another web comic put as much depth into the characters and create as many plot twists. Not only is it well drawn, but the pages are very nicely written I can’t help but get sucked into this magical world. Thank you both for posting!!

  23. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    This is so fantastic! I’m glad Feral is back. It’s been so long since Meela and Feral were in a panel together (when both of them are conscious….)
    Love, love, LOVE the facial expressions! I also really hope he brought the toy back for Meela…

  24. the man who knows all

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present the silent chew out session.

  25. I really do love this comic so much, and this page shows part of why: for a lot of the time, the style sticks to a mostly realistic appearance to expressions, but then suddenly you get Meela in panel 8 and it’s hilarious! Not to mention I just love, love, love the story ^.^

    Also, I just feel I need to say this, Feral needs a stripped sweater so we can sing the song:
    The best time to wear a stripped sweater
    Is all the time
    One with a collar
    Turtle neck
    That’s the kind!
    ‘Cuz when you’re wearing
    That one special sweater.

  26. He’ll either be relieved or silently scold her. I guarantee it.

  27. Aw man! That’s a bad place to wait a whole week for. I can’t wait to see the next page. Thank you. This looks great. The story is moving along so smoothly :)

  28. He’s silently scolding her in his mind, probably asking for an explanation.

  29. Does anyone think the last pannel is not an explanation of ‘why did you Flucking do that’ but maybe a ‘why would you scare me?’ in a tough look.
    I think he is going to end up giving the doll to her, creating a flashback…. I mean, he didn’t exactly throw the thing did he?


  31. If I didn’t already adore the characters, art and story, I could still read this series for Feral’s expression alone XD Looking forward to seeing what happens next, I love the interactions and relationship between these two <3

  32. Haha oh Feral. Of course you care, you cn’t be too mad cause you didn’t want her around at first. Hahaaa

  33. Feral… xD This is a toy-monster,for you maybe… xD

    1. he might want to cuddle with it… a lot.

  34. That has got to be one of the top 10 Feral faces so far.

  35. Feral, you better give her the toy! I am hoping it triggers a flashback or a memory in her sleep. Or perhaps a memory Feral has.

  36. i really hope feral gives her that toy, it would totally strengthen the sibling-like bond between the two.

  37. I rly hope Feral doesnt like kill meela or some thing!!!!!!!!

    1. Kill Meela?! OR SOMETHING?! Feral cares for that girl! You people scare the bejesus out of me. :P

  38. I wish I had magic pants that change color like Feral has :D

    1. PFFFFT- XD

      I wonder how much of that can be explained by the lighting difference. :P

      1. has he changed pants?

        1. I think we all need a pair of magic pants. One second they’re blue the next they’re orange! It’s a wonderful idea.

  39. he looks like a disappointed father to me anyone else ?

  40. meela totally thinks he figured out that she is a half demon lupian :)

    1. Nah, she’s just bummed she hasn’t gotten out of the hat debt yet.

  41. I hope he’s gonna give her the doll. :3

  42. I read a lot of internet comics and manga, and I have to say that this is one of the best I’ve ever read. I hope you’ll update at your earliest convienience, I’ll definetly be watching to see what happens next!

    PS. I though Meela was a boy until they mentioned it, but I guess that was the point, huh? And Feral is actually cute, in a gruff bounty-hunter kind of way.

  43. XD Panel 8! Meela’s eyes!


  45. This delicacy of the Feral <3

  46. Don’t you dare judge her wolf-bear, her brother made it for her

    Awww! Meals doesn’t have a scar? :(


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