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  1. I don’t know if its just me, but nothing is showing on any of my browsers.

  2. Wow, this is scary! I can’t see anything. The magic trap has teleported Meela and her old home far away to another dimension and nothing is left!

  3. Nothing here for me either =(

    1. It appeared after I posted the comment!

  4. I can’t either?

  5. Oh their it is!

  6. Nevermind! As soon as I submitted my comment the page was there! This is scary! Yuen’s father’s killer is back!!(I cant remember his name T-T)

  7. AckIneedmoreNOWT_T

  8. O.O Meela

    Feral, Holland!! Hurry! D:

  9. Nononononononononono….nononono….no……



        1. I want that more than anything, mostly the second half XD

        2. Oh! and same goes for this one! 8D (I love all of the characters. :3 and I could totally imagine Jyaku doing that. XD <3)

        3. HAHAH!! YES! That’s perfect!

          “Keep a better eye on your things.” And then he walks away. And then Feral gives Meela the LOOK.

        4. +1

          That’s brilliant xD Celesse, do this!

        5. I could totally see him doing that, too! XD

        6. Oh my god, you’re a genius xD

        7. “I believe this is yours.” haha, that’s brilliant! I love it!

        8. That sounds just like Jyaku!!!

    2. Where’s the like button on this thing?! (In any case, this is exactly what went on in my mind! 8D)



  12. That guy looks an aweful lot like Korin… Can’t tell very well though. Can’t wait for some action!

    1. My thoughts EXACTLY.


  14. Well shit…… If that’s Korin… I hope he ain’t a pedo

    1. Ehh, despite my comment below he seems to like older women, if anything :P

    2. Yes.. because anybody who remotely interacts with a kid is a pedo.

  15. No.












    1. Then he will kick you in the head. XD

  17. Wow, that is the same pose that he used when he was trying to seduce Avela. I am so creeped out right now.

    Heheh, Korin grew his beard out.
    I want to say his appearance here confirms he’s the killer of Meela’s family. Meela recognized him from her dream, and now he responds to a trap put on the cave, which only would have been put there by those hunting her and Tannor
    On the other hand, he could have showed up while hunting Feral (as Yuen) or he trapped the cave for other reasons–these aren’t likely, though.

  18. ACKACKACKACKNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Nononononooo! Feral? GO SAVE MEELA!!!

  19. Oh, no, run, baby, run! Get out of there Meela! Transform into a wolf and run like hell! (Failing that, HURRY UP FERALLL!)

  20. RUN MEELA!!!! QUICK FERAL SAVE HER!!!!! Oh gosh now I’m all worried and scared and ACK!!!

  21. MEELA RUN!!!!!!!!!!

  22. *flails* No no no no no! *curls into an incomprehensibly sobbing ball of feels* I will see you all next week.

  23. um everyone’s telling meela to run but. Im thinking she cant run because of that.. blue thing she passed.

  24. I should be freaking out over Meela’s safety, but my brains too busy putting story pieces together now. I’m wondering if Feral and Korin ever saw each other again after Feral ran away when he was a kid, or if Feral’s memories might trigger back if he sees him now… so yeah I kind of badly need Feral to show up in the next page XD

  25. Is that really Korin? I don’t see his characteristic blonde stroke in hair…

    I’m so happy, that you managed to update from the phone! Thank you girls!

  26. It’s-it’s that guy! The one that attacked the mom in her flashbacks and killed the pack leader!
    Or it looks like him
    It could be mr. Kittykat too. But I don’t think so. They’re both bad dudes so it doesn’t matter!

    Dangit! Feral! Quit being a furry furbrain and hurry the hell up! Crap!!!!

  27. Oops! He is meanie wolf. Dangit! HURRY UP FUZZY! Run feral! Et yer’ butt over there ASAP!!

  28. Is it just me, or does he look familiar?

  29. Ok. Am I the only one who thinks this is WAY beyond pure coincidence? My theories might be warped, but what if Mal or Yuen is actually her dad? I mean think about it, she only started getting her dreams as she got closer to her birthday – maybe it’s all linked to her father? And this might explain why Korin wants to kill off her family so badly!

  30. My response to this page:

    1. thelightedDarkness

      My exact response as well. O-O

  31. omg nuu meela D:

  32. Meela why didn’t you listen to your brother. Just why?


  34. How is that Korin? What, did he magically grow sleeves over the past 10 years? There is no way that guy owns more than one shirt either.

    1. Heh, the last time we saw him, he wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Just a vest.

  35. Awesome drawings. Also could it be that because Meela inheritet her mothers powers (and Korin first wanted her as his mate) that he now wants Meela to be his mate? …. sooo creepy… Holland… Freal… Hurry please!!!!

    1. Huh? ^ ^; We’ve never seen Korin interacting with Meela’s mother…

    2. i believe it was YUEN/FERAL’s mother not Meela’s mother.

      The only question now is who this guy was hoping to find when he put that magic tracker thing in the cave (most likely Yuen buuuut..).

      Meela knows him from her dreams but does he know Meela??

  36. Korin=major creep…who traps little girls in caves?? I’m thinking Feral will find them and start remembering his past after he sees creepy Korin. And/or Korin will recognize him as Mal.

    1. I meant Yuen derp.

  37. Hm. Lots of people just happening to be ”in the area” for such a remote place. Especially as she presumably hasn’t been in that cave for over 4 years at least.

    I do like the artwork, as always. Can’t wait for the next page, maybe it’ll shed some light on the mysteries. :)

  38. am i the only one that thinks it could be her mom?

    1. You mean the person with a beard, bushy eyebrows, big nose, and flat figure in the entrance? O.o

      1. Obviously their computer screen is dark. :) I hope we see Meela’s mom return before the end, though.

        1. tuns up brightness * oh yeah never mind heh heh well i feel a little silly now. i thought that it being so dark was to add a dramatic effec

      2. Leopardshadow1234

        That made me laugh XD


  40. Why is everyone telling Meela to run? Did she not just spend six months training with Feral and Holland? KICK HIS FREAKING BUTT INTO NEXT WEEK, MEELA! IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

    1. You. I like your style.

      1. *Bows* Why, thank you. Stating the obvious is a specialty of mine.

    2. that’s exactly what i was thinking the entire time, I just can’t wait for the epic battles that will ensue

      1. I’m a bit worried though, her magic isn’t very stable right now remember?

  41. Guys, it’s okay! Remember, Feral’s been training her. She’ll be able to fight if she has to! :D I personally wanna see Meela in action!

  42. I have to agree with those who don’t think it is Korin. He has no white streak and unless lupians age slowly he’d probably look a lot older given that Feral is in his early 30s. Maybe he is Yuen’s (Feral’s) ex-friend? Though that may trump the theory Feral could be mixture of those boys. If he’s Korin the light is either hiding the streak in his hair or he has some real snazzy hair dye. ;)

  43. Feral get’s revenge?…. for something he can’t remember?….. Idk =_=

  44. O.O ……. MEEEEEELLLLAAA!!! D:

  45. Okay, so maybe it’s not Korin, but what if it’s Korin’s son? And Korin told his son? Because whoever it is, they look an awful lot like Korin.

  46. OH SHIZZLES! What would be funny is if the panther (can’t remember his name at the moment) showed up too and then Feral. All time brawl. XD

  47. she’ll bit his ass :)

  48. Eh, I’m not worried. Feral is a tracker by trade; he’ll hunt her down in no time and save her tail. Although I won’t be surprised if there’s some angst and drama involved before it happens.

  49. Leopardshadow1234

    I think I lost my gravatar o~o

    Anyways, since everyone is…Idk talking, I’ll tell MY opinion, and I don’t think its Korin. Where is his white streak? Why wouldn’t he have it? And he looks just a little bit different to me, but I can’t tell. But even if it isn’t Korin, there could still be quite a bit of drama out of this. Maybe this guy will become the second bad guy in the series? And then again, this is only what I think. Maybe he IS Korin and I just enjoy disagreeing with people XD

    I missed commenting :D I wanna do it more.

    1. Leopardshadow1234

      Oh hey I still have my gravatar :D

    2. empressofmelnibone

      I’m sure he dye jobbed his hair completely brown.

  50. Oh SHIZNIPS!!!!! NOT HIM, NO!!!

  51. Yeup,
    this pays homage to the old adage. “It couldn’t get any worse.”
    Fight or flight Meela! This time she’s not completely defenseless.
    Kick his arse girl!
    Meela vs. Mr. Ultimate D-bag

  52. when feral gets here, it’s going to be REALLY bad for that guy. btw, meela, time to get out those knives of yours….

  53. This guy has a symbol above his eyebrow and it looks like he has got FRECKLES.
    You know, who had got a freckles, don’t you…? First letter of his name is “M”.

    1. You got me thinking o.o
      Could it be Mal?
      OMG reunion of Feral/Yeun and Mal

      AHHHH idk. suspense killing me
      It could be either Korin or Mal I think. D: I have no idea I’m dying to know who exactly it is

      1. Just a small question, because of your nick… are you from Poland? :3

  54. Yeah at first I thought that it was Korin when I first saw him, but the more I looked at him, the more doubt’s I had that it was him.
    My biggest reason is that he doesn’t have that white streak in his hair like Korin has.
    Of course I could be wrong, but I dont think that it is Korin.
    Hopefully Feral or Holland get there before anything bad happen’s.

  55. what if it’s just some big twist? Like seriously guys, what if some other bounty hunter shows up to kill her and korin just fights them off like “I’ve been searching for you since those terrible things happened to your family. I feel like I should protect you” and then he’s just like this dad to her and idk. It’d be such a twist, thought



    (Yes, I am very much still around, if a whole lot busier than normal. Hope you all haven’t missed me, haha.)

  58. OH MY GOD ITS THE DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN MEELA!!!!!!!!!

  59. Guuuuuiiiseee..why are ye so scared..Meela is a main character…she’ll be graaaaaand .3.

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Bad things happen to main characters all the time! More often, actually, than most other characters. Though, they usually grow from it…Still, I don’t wanna see Meela hurt…. D:

  60. … oh poop.

  61. My, my. Sure does look like Korin. Similar posing, too.

  62. Is it just me or does the art style look a little… off? Not that it’s bad or anything! I just think it looks as if another person was drawing Meela…

    1. Well, there are two artists involved, so it could be Celesse rather than Algy or vice versa.

  63. It does look an awful lot like Korin, so it has to be a relative, but it can’t be him because, as multiple people have pointed out, he doesn’t have the white streak in his hair.
    He’s got to be a bad guy. Lounging in the doorway like that? This is bad for Meela, but I REALLY want to see Feral and Mr. Creeper go at it! That would be awesome. It’s been too long since Feral’s been in a fight. I want to see him fight as a wolf too!
    I think, even though Meela’s had some training from Feral and Holland and Piper, she would be NO match for this guy, especially if this is who killed her family. I mean, her dad was an awesome fighter. Meela would be better off trying to run, but it would be best if Feral were to show up… like NOW! *hint, hint, fuzz-face!*

    1. His hair doesn’t have a white streak its just the way the moonlight is shining on it.

      1. Wait sorry I wasn’t quite sure what you were talking about but that doesn’t mean it isn’t him. It could be A: He dyed his hair. B:Artist mistake. C: Magic.

        1. Or D. The white streak grew out and is now either gone or farther back on his head.

        2. It doesn’t work this way XD I have got a few friends born with this kind of streak. It grows with the hair and is always visible- no matter, if the hair is long or short or whatever. It’s like normal hair, but in different color :3

  64. Meela, whatever rageform you have been hiding form your friends, use it…NAOW

    1. ROFL yes! xD

    2. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Total agreement. GO MEELA! KICK HIS STANKY ASS!

  65. I’ll go out on a limb and say Avela’s distraction didn’t do her job as well as she’d hoped. Avela had already said Korin was corrupt. Having taken out the strongest, he’d be forced to go to the Beta; or hold Tiaja against her will. His son would have grown up with his father’s ideals if Korin was as terrible as we were told.
    Regardless, I don’t think Meela should be duking it out with this guy alone. Call for back-up Meela! D:

    1. I agree! If they are as close as its making it out to be, scream Meela! They might hear you!

      O_O s’bad!

  66. Shes to young for you bro.

  67. is that korin is that how this all goes down

  68. WTph, MATE!

  69. Urg! I just read through the entire archive and this is where it ends?!

    Amazing comic, by the way!

    1. It doesnt end like that, they update it every friday!
      And Meela better uses her knives or run, RUN FIGHT!!

      1. I meant the archives ended and now I have to wait like everyone else ^^;

        1. Snowtail the Khajiit

          Welcome to the group! Have fun being tormented by suspense for a full week! We’ll be here if you need a hug. :3

  70. my first thought-


  71. Gah! Scary dude! D:

    And rudely interrupted emotional moment. :(


    All the same, I’m not sure if that’s Korin. No hair streak.

  73. And skip to fridaybutton for next update is where exactly?

    1. Friday button**

      also…. i feel either plot twist flash backs fighting or feral kicking @$$ coming

      1. You have no idea how much I wished that existed. For so many reasons! ::)

  74. No! nononono. Shoo, go away o.o

  75. The necklace and the hair makes me wonder if he is the guy from the dreams she has been having. . . . or he is related to him somehow. . . maybe.

  76. Can’t it be Tannor all grown up? We don’t know what happened to him?
    Perhaps the next update will be the double update and then everything will be explained :)

    1. Nope. Tannor is dead, Meela said so.

  77. ohmygod what is happening??

  78. Well I’m definitely intrigued by who this guy is.

    I’ve already marked Korin off my list of suspects. Why I’ve marked him off: Korin has a lovely set of scars on the left side of his face, a particularly noticeable one starts just above his eyebrow and finishes just below his eye, while this guy does not have those scars.
    So unless it’s an artistic mistake or by the wonders of magic, this isn’t Korin :D

    Bah. I wish I had a tardis so I could go to the future and have all the answers to my questions…

    1. Yeah, I agree, I don’t think it’s Korin either. I think the artists have got some crazy plot twist up their sleeves and are laughing in anticipation at us all right now >.> <.<

  79. damn, guys, stop introducing sexy characters!

  80. Meela does not need ferals help she going to ether kick his ass her self or turn into a daimon wolf and eat him

  81. Nonono, forget about her needing to be saved. I think she’s going to show us all her hidden super-powers and beat Korin’s ass up. Then, because of the noise of the battle or something like that, Feral and Holland find her winning Korin.

  82. Feral may arrive to save her, but I think it would be funny if Meela kicked Korin’s ass on her own. She has been learning to fight from Feral, and apparently has some kind of secret related to bursts of strong magic power. Let’s see her fight before Feral shows up to kick his ass!

    I doubt she has the experience to beat Korin, and little to no control over her powers, but it would still be amusing.

    1. I don’t think it is korin… but if it was meela knows his tactics from the dreams she has been having… I think she would stand a chance if she could harness her freaky side.


  84. It’s mal.

  85. Korin, or maybe even Mal… -shrugs- dunno. Because that eye trap thing… looks alot like the symbol or “gift” Mal got on his hand.
    And I still think Yuen = Feral.

  86. Just read the whole thing in one day, and only one thing is certain…
    I need a stiff drink.

    1. Don’t we all ;)

  87. Snowtail the Khajiit

    …. TT3TT

  88. Just a few more hours until the next update! ::)

  89. Must find a way to get myself into the comic to protect Meela until the cavalry arrives!

  90. Meela battle strategy: Magic bolt distraction, run, fire magic, run and scream.

  91. Aww crap not this guys again!!! D:

  92. OMG! Its the guy who killed Mal’s friend’s dad!! …Right?

  93. WHO the heck is THAT!?

  94. MEELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. WatchOutForWendigos

    Am I the only one who thinks that the intruder might be Meela’s mother? It looks like a lupian, and the hair looks right…
    And, they never did find out what happened to her, she might have tracked them down to that cave?

    1. That’s a guy. He has a beard and Meela’s mom’s hair was longer.

  96. omg i hope ferral gets there soon

  97. why is korin standing in the same pose as when he was trying to seduce avela O_o , he’s such a creaper

  98. ITS A TRAP!
    -By Admiral Ackbar.

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