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Oh, look at that. Meela's mommy!

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  1. Meela’s MUMU. ;u;

    1. I wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley o3o

      1. ..Or even a bright alley ;u; *hit*

        1. Sounds like another good idea.

        2. Mhm. o3o

        3. Lol, same here O3O

      2. I would.
        I totally would want to run into her in ALL the alleys.


        1. *facepalm*

    2. omfg
      I’m from Germany and “Mumu” means Pussy in a childisch way.

      Her eyes are forbidding o_o

      1. Never heard that one. I looked at it saying Muhmuh

        1. What did you use? Google translator? If so, it was a bad idea.
          Because “Muh” is the sound cows are making – the German “Moo”.

          But nevermind.

    3. Haha, Feral is like ;[

      1. Love that face! XD

  2. Sounds like a very interesting romance story..! XD

    1. One wonders if the entire line has to be eradicated before the shame of her failure is erased.

      1. O_O didn’t think of that…

  3. Gotta love that last panel. Meela is so cute on this page. xD

  4. …Am I the only one who thinks of Korin when they look at Jira?

    1. No, me too!
      Maybe brother and sister.. than Meela’s Mom would be Feral’s cousin ^^

  5. I just ADORE the expressions in the last panel~ And wow I laughed a bit at this XD Love it <3

  6. Hahaha!! Yay story time!

  7. Holland’s face in the last panel = priceless!

    1. Holland’s face is always priceless XD

      1. This is true. But Feral’s face rivals it today.

      2. Bahaha, true story! Holland’s face is always priceless. XD

  8. Jira is so pretty~

    And, yeah, loving those last two panels. :p The expressions in this comic never cease to amaze.

  9. ugh so cute and i love jira(:

  10. Hahaha Holland’s face FTW! Also, things are starting to get rather interesting…

  11. Hahahahhahahahhahhaahhahahahahahahahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  12. oh gosh. she’s is totally ” nope , he was her target” all happy and all’s normal. 8D


    1. FLASHBACK!!

  13. Is Feral really making a surprised face like that? XD That’s cute~

    Lovely page guys. 8D Keep it up.
    Thanks for the glimpse at her mother. 8)
    I like how open she is about talking about her family too.

  14. Oh God. XDDD

    Feral and Holland’s faces!

    1. lol yeah, that’s the highlight of this page XD And everyone’s commenting ’bout it! :P Plus, Holland’s eyes are popping outta their sockets O-O

  15. And now we have a basic idea of what Meela’s going to look like when she grows up. :D

  16. Mayaluna VanSentinel

    Shit is about to go down, I tell you! Holland’s face on the last panel says it all. There’s NO FRIGGIN’ WAY IN HELL he’s gonna live it down on Feral. Now every female target will be a week of teasing.

  17. I shouldn’t read it now!! now i have to wait until next friday D::::

    but i love feral’s face in the last panel. he’s like ‘Wtf? O.o’
    haha cuuuuuuuuuuuute <3

  18. I feel like maybe Meela gave away a little too much here >>;

    But the expressions in that last panel are absolutely priceless!


  19. I bet SHE’S half demon!!

    1. I was just thinking that “blue eyed devil”

      1. Hehehe, yeah!:D

  20. Hey! Check your inbox:) I’ve sent you an email:)

  21. Someone who loves this comic

    the last two panels are priceless!!!! >:3

  22. I just noticed Feral has a different back pack. what happened to his old one i’m wondering?

  23. Well thats awkward…… Having you mom be a bounty hunter and you dad being her target………. O~o

  24. I really, really love Holland’s “WHAT!?” reactions! And Meela’s mother has a great character design! And Feral, just listening with semi-indifference.

    “Blue-eyed devil?” An eye color trait rare in lupians? Ah? Ah? Demon in lupian form? (Sorry if you’re sick of this theory.)

  25. Ahh! Feral’s face! It’s priceless!

  26. Feral’s like, “Well, that’s not very professional.”

    1. XD… then again, he’s rather “friendly” with Piper who was a previous target of his ;P

      1. Indeed I thought the same thing XDD

    2. Haha! That describes him perfectly!

  27. Feral is rocking long hair!!! Holland is super suave and Meela’s cheery disposition gets you through the worst of days!!!!!

  28. Haha, awesome ^^

  29. If you ask me, Meela is billion zillion times prettier than her mom o,o
    I just don’t find her mom beautiful, personally. But that’s okay, because Meela is so adorably cute and pretty and the main character anyway~ c:

    1. Same here. Meela is much prettier than her mother!

    2. XD thank goodness I’m not the only one that thinks that~

      1. Lol same ‘ere, I thought that I was the only one! *wiped away sweat* Phew, I’m not alone anymooooooorrrree! :D Well, actually, if you dudes thought the same thing then I never WAS alone <.< Confuuuusing… UNLESS I looked at the comic page before you guys… which I highly doubt.

  30. oh wow her mother was so pretty.. You can so see that Meela, already as pretty as she is will only get ten times prettier the older she gets. Wow
    I love the top shot of her and her mother together. Priceless..

  31. Hm… I think I like Meela’s father! XD It takes great endurance and vigor to withstand a deathly onslaught from such a fine women as her mummy!! XD Admiration for the lot I say~ : P

  32. Man, does she look fierce… doesn’t really look the “mommy” type either, but what do I know? Don’t judge a book… :D
    ahaha, Feral’s face in the last panel made me laugh!

  33. wait, WHAT

  34. Nice to see Meela happy.

  35. Feral’s not exactly one to talk – er, make facial expressions, I mean; he’s obviously got a relationship of some sort going with one of HIS targets. *eyes the fox* I mean really.

    But yes, their faces in the last panel are classic. XD

  36. Don’t you think that beads on Meela’s mother neck are similiar to those on Feeral’s ears? If you don’t know what I’m saying just look at the top of this page where’s placed banner.

    1. I don’t think that the beads are an indication of anything. They seem to be a pretty common form of jewelry in that particular area.

      It’s like thinking anyone and everyone who wears same thing similar to you is somehow a long lost relative or something.

      “Omg! That girl has the same shirt as me, I always knew that I had a long lost sister!”

      1. Maybe… but on the other hand if you look through the whole archive, you’ll see, that only Meela’s mother and Feral are wearing small, colorful beads, no one else. In few first pages Meela also have beads, but they’re not the same. And okay, Jyaku also have some, but they’re completely different XD
        Moreover, look at Meela’s mother earrings and look at Korin’s earrings:
        Also notice, that Feral wears similiar earrings to this which his father had. Maybe it’s important clue? Because for me, Meela’s mother is similiar to Korin. Maybe she’s her daughter…? Who knows…
        Time will show.

  37. wait what i thought the white-haired girl was her mom? and her name wasn’t jira. i’m confused

    1. That was Yuen’s (aka Feral) mom.

    2. You must mean Avela . No . She’s Feral’s mother

  38. LMAO, Feral’s and Holland’s face x’D

  39. And Meela’s father being a target make’s since that he was killed.. Maybe the reason her brother was killed is because he was the kid of a ‘wanted’ man. Same for Meela.
    (Just a guess .w. )

  40. Feral’s thoughts: “…I give up. I don’t know WHAT to think anymore.” xD

  41. lol just more and more “WHAT!?”‘s keep coming out of hollands mouth xDDD

  42. Does anyone else wonder, where is Piper at this moment?

    1. Yeah, I was wondering that a few pages back.

    2. Wel, it was said before that she basically came and went as she pleased, but usually was away robbing “gullible guys,” so they probably just left on this trip when she was away.

  43. Oh wow, isn’t that romantic. xD I love how you always manage to throw in plot twists that I never seem to expect, like how Meela’s mom was a bounty hunter.

  44. Whoa!

    She…looks awfully familiar…

    Coincidence or not, she sure does bear a strong resemblance to Korin…and I’ll admit the “Blue-Eyed Devil” bit does seem to be alluding to something. As to what, though, there’s no telling.

    All of a sudden, there are a TON of possibilities concerning how the story of Meela’s parents ties into everything,…but something very, very dark is clearly lying at the root of her and her family’s past.

    With only one more book left after this one, I can’t help but expect a dramatic mood shift in the future…and while I can’t wait to learn what’s really going on here, I have a feeling the characters will be…decidedly less excited. XD

  45. Poor Feral he’s like “What kind of family are you FROM, kid?!”

  46. Holland: WHAT!? O.O
    Feral: … -.-

  47. three letters or this page:
    L – O – L

  48. Lol the look on Holland’s face is PRICELESS!! XD meela’s parents seem to have met in a similar way to how Feral an Piper met each other…????? Lol

  49. Link ? I see link in this page.

  50. Meela’s hair looks somewhat lighter than her mum’s :/

  51. Ah meela, so cheery as always :3

  52. I love the idea of Jira and Meela’s father meeting in such circumstances! And Feral’s face in the last pannel xD

  53. Oh Holland, bless your silly face. I love that Meela has gotten him totally stunned twice within a few pages. XD

  54. Five gold coin says feral is the father!

    1. o-o Meela’s dad is dead. It even showed that she saw that her father dead. Also Feral is in his early thirties, and if Meela was his daughter he would at least be in his mid- or late thirties by then. :I Cause Meela is 12 going on thirteen pretty soon.

  55. Feral’s face is so saying “what the F?” LOL

  56. My thoughts: “Holland, you’re gaping… again. And Feral, you’ve got the wtf face… AGAIN. Meela, you sure can bring out the funny sides of the two toughest guys in this comic”!

  57. I love Holland’s WTF face xD

  58. It can’t possibly be comfortable fighting or doing any sort of exercise really with those big breasts her mom has. x_x

  59. hahaha omg i love meela <3

    and how her father was her mothers target i have two OCs in my own comic that has that situation XD

    my char Scythe is an assassin and needed to kill this young female Rin but fell in love with his target instead XDD

    1. I like the sound of your comic! :D Do you have it online?

      I had a similar story idea, but like 99% of my story ideas, it has remained firmly planted in my brain, never to make it to paper/screen outside of a couple images. Only mine was a ninja and a samurai clan’s princess. It’s a fun concept to work with!

  60. wait a min, i THOUGHT her mom’s name was Aveela, and she wasn’t a bounty hunter….now I’m confused :/

    1. That was Feral’s mother.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that. I was confused myself for a bit.

        This is getting interesting, as usual. Hope to see character concept sheets in the future! <3

  61. Feral’s face in the last panel is kind of disbelieving…. But I love the last panel.
    Meela is much more pretty than her mother. I personally don’t care for her mother’s looks.

  62. I thought her eyes seemed to stand out, even before he mentioned blue eyes were rare. She’s pretty. ^_^ It’s too bad Meela wasn’t able to grow up with her. :(
    I kind of wondered if he’d know who she was (and thus maybe why Meela and her brother were on the run), but he doesn’t seem to recognize the name or description.
    Maybe her mother fell in love with her father when she was hunting him, and then left the business or something. Kind of odd in a way, though… Didn’t Meela say her mother was after the bad guys? So wouldn’t that mean her father was a criminal? By that smile, though, Meela doesn’t seem to think so. But, I think Meela likes seeing them surprised from not knowing the whole story. I like doing that to people.

    1. I’m guessing that Meela’s father was framed for something and that Jira found out the mistake before turning him in. We’ll likely see next page.

  63. Oh, Meela, never before has romance and danger been put together in such a funny way.

  64. This is getting so interesting! What a pretty mom she had

  65. I have an idea for a sequel but what can I offer?

  66. Been following the comic for a while but never commented until today.

    Just wanted to say that it’s beautiful and I love it! :D Eagerly awaiting the next page! ^___^

  67. Ha! I love the last panel x}

  68. Love at first attept to kill. ^-^

  69. Well, nice little bit of her past :)

  70. If you cover half of Feral’s face in the last panel, he looks surprised. Then if you cover the other side, he looks angry…@_@

    1. That is exactly what I did when I was trying to figure out how he felt.. Then I realized he was simply surprised/skeptical xD

  71. ROFLMAO!! Oh, Meela…

  72. thelightedDarkness

    Know what I just realized…….

    Mal, means “bad” in French, I do believe. Slap me if I’m wrong, please.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Wait, no it doesn’t… Had an idiot moment there. Nobody slap me, hush.

      1. Yes it does, seems like your saved for this time. :3

      2. It was originally Latin. You see it in English words as an affix: malnourished, malodorous, etc. English borrows heavily from Latin, and French is a Romantic language, meaning it is based off Latin. It means bad, yes. French? Not necessarily.

    2. and “Holland” is a part of the netherlands and Ferals surname “Heiss” means hot in german :D

  73. I get the feeling that Meela’s father was kinda bad, and Jira was meant to kill him but then she fell in love and decided to protect him so then SHE was killed (after having 3 kids) and then the bounty hunters went after the whole family.

    LOL I have no idea…

    1. Umm don’t you mean 2 kids? Because as far as I know she only had Tannor and Meela.

      1. Tannor had a twin, Conner. (There’s a sketch of him under “Rough Works” in the Gallery link at top, with Tannor, third sketch over).

      2. What Griffin said.

        Also, when Meela was getting her hair cut I think, Tannor said something like “I know you miss Daddy and Connor”.

    2. you know that sounds pretty much like what i was thinking.

  74. AHAHA! Feral’s face! He’s all “..say whaat?”

    1. More like his face is saying “Well that explains a lot”.

  75. Hmm…. Makes me wonder if Meela and Tannor have the same father now. Jira… it’s pretty ^^

  76. If she grows up to look anything like her mother, she will probably break some hearts.

  77. What is it with bounty hunters and beads? O.o

  78. Just a question… Do you think the beads might be a kill-counting system? The more beads, the more dead targets?

  79. I really like this webcomic. Sorry I didn’t comment earlier, I keep meaning to and this was my first chance.
    Anyway, I love the artwork, characters, and story. Keep up the great work!

    One thing that sort of bugs me on this page, I’m not sure if you care, but in the panel where Jira’s punching, she isn’t punching right. I’m a martial arts student, and you almost always punch toward the center, not straight out from the shoulder. If you punch straight out, you either miss their head if that’s what your punching at, or you hit somewhere other than along the center line, which means that their bodies rotate and take away most of the punches power. Also, the other hand is normally drawn back to the bottom of the ribs.

    Sorry if that was sort of rant-y or gave the wrong impression. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but hand gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice don’t show up in text, so I can’t be sure. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if my sensei didn’t point out stuff like that all the time.

    Also, I absolutely love the background on this. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and the hazy but defined way you draw the trees is very in-tune with the way I think about it.

  80. Meela’s mum and dad are gorgeous !!
    I love the designs for them. ^.^

    I’m so happy to finally see this side of her life. :D

  81. Man, I did not see that one coming. Everything in this comic is unpredictable! And why is Feral making that face? He’s doing the exact same thing! Hypocrit… I hope I spelled that right.

  82. This sounds familiar?

  83. feral and piper hahahahahahahahahah

  84. xDDD
    I can’t stop thinkingabout how romantic it is xDDD
    a bounty hunter and an old target xDDD

  85. the wings in Holland’s coat!!! *-*

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