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You're going to have to be sneakier than that, Meela. Feral isn't above physical punishment!

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  1. Hahaha, the facial expressions in this page are just priceless xD

    1. I think Cels and Algy realize that facial epressions are fun as well.

    2. Indeed so I agree completely ^w^

      1. Indeed. owo

  2. ferals face is price less! XD

    1. Case in point.

  3. i’ll bet you two are having fun with piper’s constantly changeing outfits.They all look very pretty :D

  4. Poor Meela >.<
    Hm.. wonder why Holland's look'n so fancy O.o
    love Love LOVE the evening colors of the last 5 panels <3 :}

  5. OMG ROFL. XDDDDD Whapped up side the head.

    1. A back hand, that always hurts… though she had it coming. Feral: “Don’t you get anywher”

      1. She did indeed, but I don’t think it was a backhand. Just a cuff on the ear/upside the head for being a bad pup! (Her hair’s going upwards with his hand and she’s not suddenly looking over her left shoulder =).

        Oh Meela. There were so many better ways of doing that…

    2. Feral: “–Don’t you get anywhere near my tail!”

  6. Anyone else hear a trombone at the end

  7. Feral is so innocent looking in the forth panel.

  8. Omgosh Holland that face. Marry me.

  9. This is now one of my favorite pages. Too much awesome on one page. XD

  10. OMG I think I might die from laughing!

  11. BAAHAHAHA That’s what I call a clobber! Faces are awesome, as always. I love how you put the different times of day in the panels, just makes it all the more detailed and pretty and… awesome.

  12. Also, Meela… Practice makes perfect but you’ll have to work on your breathing, Feral can hear you. Don’t try and sneak up on Feral, per say, just stand there and seem snoopy, distract him from your hand.

    … I read books?

  13. so worth the wait

  14. THWAK!!!!! Poor Meela….. Ok i cant lie, i was dying from laughter!!!

  15. lol “Thwak!”

  16. Holland, why your facial expressions so fantastic?? D|

  17. XD I love Holland’s face!
    Ooh, sneaky Piper, still trying to get that Swan necklace

  18. and I bequieth boot to the head *thwap*

  19. THWAK! Love Piper’s face in panel 3.

  20. Lovin’ Piper’s disappointed ears in panel three!

  21. I can only imagine what shenanigans Meela will get herself into next! This page totally made my day.

  22. Panles three and eight made my day, these pages are always worth the wait

  23. Well, once she knows how to steal from Feral, she can steal from anyone :D

  24. Awesome page, omg xD

    But I’m curious what Feral is doing with those papers. And where did they go when “THWAK” happened? If I know Cels and Algy right there IS something with those papers o3o

  25. *Fights urge to beat the crap out of Feral *

  26. It’s okay Meela. He thwacks you cuz he loves you. <3 He's a tough teacher so his pup doesn't get hurt. x3

    EXCELLENT expressions on this page guys! Always been one of my favorite parts of the comic, you guys really know emotion. Keep it up!

  27. oh gods I love this comic!! And some one get them a ice pack! I bet drawing these two pages must’ve hurt!

  28. Haha, Feral just: bad pupp! *smack*

  29. lol, whack! meela, try it with trees first….

  30. Hahaha, aww, poor Meela ^^

  31. ows… :( maybe Meela should try it on Holland instead? or better yet, Piper XP she might have some good dirt hide in all that dripping hotness XD

  32. Loving the third panel—Piper’s droopy ears. Hahahaha! XD

    And the fourth panel… You can see on Feral’s face he’ knows something is up. Yeah, Meela needs some discipline (and not just bc Piper’s a lousy influence), but talk about tough love!

  33. AHAHHA! did feral smack her upside her head or just hit herin her head.? ferals all like:” no you don’t try to steal from’ me, no. bad wolf pup.”

    1. He popped her upside the head

  34. Lolol Ferals is stll like:’NO! BAD GIRL! BAD PUP! Dont steal from me.” of like Dont try to steal from me. what were you thinking?. fe looks annoyed and slightly dissappointmented of meelas choice to steal of him.

  35. and it might be funny if meela tried to steal from feral in her wolf form. since shes still a pup, and if she get caught again, feral can discipline her by grabbing her muzzle and slaming it to the ground like:’NO WHAT DID I ”TELL” YOU!!!!!!!!! NO STEALING!!!!!!.

  36. um, whats the”THAWK” sound mean? did she get smack or hit upside her head. cause im wondering bout that hit feral did on her.

    1. He gave her a hit to the side of her head. He would never slap her.

  37. Is it just me, or does Meela’s hair look different from when she first met Feral?

    1. Yeah her hair is different, before they went to the party to get those documents Holland was after, Holland neatened her hair up so she could pose as a servant ^^

  38. You know what, their faces say everything in this page, you don’t really need to read the text to understand what’s going on. Brilliant :D Panels 3 and 4 are the best xD

    1. whoops I meant panels 3 and 8 lol xD

  39. The first three panels are awesome! Especially panel 3! Best expressions on all of them. Meela laughing. I would be too.
    I also love panels 6 and 7. Feral’s annoyed face is great. And Meela’s sheepish smile! Haha.
    Well worth the wait!

  40. thelightedDarkness

    Hahahahahahahahaha *tears running down face* hahahhhaha-

    Thwack! Hahahaha XDD

    The expressions, Hilarious ^^

    But, did Feral crush Meela’s bracelet? Its on the hand he grabbed her by, right??? If so, lol, thats pretty rude of him.

    1. It’s not really crushed, just being held. He’s got a big hand LOL

      1. thelightedDarkness

        Lol, okay XD

  41. New Reader appeared! gathering all freinds to charge upon this site!

  42. heeheehee- She teaches Meela mis-direction and she takes the direct approach. Love it!

  43. Oh my god I’ve been feeling extremely down lately, and this just made my whole day. <:3 Thanks for such an awesome comic!

    LOL, THWAK. *Head Shot* XDDD Tisk, tisk, tisk Meela! Stealin's BAD….

  44. I would’ve rolled up the papers like a newspaper and smacked her on the nose. XD

  45. what a cute dysfunctional family lol

  46. LOL!! Can you make updates like on Wednesday or some thin!

  47. lmao meela’s becoming just like piper only she needs more practice
    haha i cant stop laughing

  48. tis is so funny. cant wait for more

  49. Can i just get that last panel on a t-shirt or somethings. Its too awesome.

  50. Haha I love the looks on holland and Ferals faces when piper steals the necklace and when meela.. fails to steal anything xD

  51. I laughed so hard at Meela’s face in panel 4 XDD

  52. I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen Holland frown so unapprovingly. XD Guess I’m so used to seeing him smile so much that this looks weird.

  53. LMAO Feral acts like I do when one of my guy-friends is being an idiot… A good *whap* upside the head always works!
    Oh, and Algy? Celesse? I emailed you guys… PLEASE reply!!!

  54. Aw, Feral, it’s not nice to hit. ): I think I would’ve just pet his fluffy tail instead. x3

  55. OMFG! I love this page! XDDDD Piper, Holland, feral and meela! All of their expressions are PRICELESS! XDDDD I can’t stop laughing on this page!

    Thwak! <- Love that panel!

  56. FERAL! Don’t you know it’s wrong to slap little kids! D:<

  57. He pulled a Gibbs on her.

    1. NCIS for the win! XD

  58. I got looked at funny when i started randomly laughing….college is mean ^-^

  59. XD oh meela!

  60. This is the best x3
    I love feral as a character

  61. Meela had to see that coming XDDDD
    That’s gotta hurt, but what do you expect?
    He’s way bigger than her, and more experienced XD

  62. Nothing works quite as well as hands-on training.

  63. Hmmm, Hollands expression( or really lack thereof) is interesting in the panel where Piper is hugging him.


    lol, poor Meela, but there’s no gain without some pain, first. Loving this comic, the story is interesting and easy to follow, and the pace is really nice too :3


    You can’t wear heels like that in the woods unless you desperately want a broken ankle. the skinny part sinks into the ground quite easily and you fall. Most people don’t know this, but I am sure Piper would.

  66. They all look like sort of family. Odd family but still…

    1. All the best families are a little odd (the better ones more odd than others :P)

  67. Feral: -_- Bad Meela *THWAK!*
    Meela: >_< ~owie~

  68. The exprestions in in panel 3 are worth $15 0u0

  69. Don’t. EVER!! Steal from friends!


  71. Sigh, For some reason I am insanely jealous. Of Meela. I have no idea why.

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