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Where do you think you're going, Feral? Also, because we will be at Chicago ComicCon(Aug 9th-12th) there will NOT be an update next week! (08/10).

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  1. lol I just have to say, piper and feral are waaaaaaay cuter together than the thought of piper and holland!!! XD

    1. No waaay! I don’t like Piper and Feral at all. Piper and anyone would be better than that.

      1. Totally agree! ^ I think Holland and Piper are cute, get your sneaky little hands off Feral! ♥♥

        1. I don’t know how many more people could agree to this statement. And dont you mean “paws”?

        2. Impawsible.

        3. Completely agree, I think holland and piper are way cuter together, especially after the whole ball room thing

      2. Piper and Meals? o_O

    2. No im gonna have to agree with Jaid. I think Feral deserves a little lovin from time to time after having to take care of a pup for such a long time.

    3. If you look on Feral’s fa e he doesn’t look too happy.

    4. Brace yourself. Angry shippers abound–

      Oh snap, too late.

  2. Odd, I don’t see Quagmire anywhere…

    1. Giggity.

      1. That’s Quagmire! *starts up theme song*

  3. Ooooh silly Feral!

  4. D’aaw Meela is jealous xD

  5. Hmm…..I kinda think Piper and Feral REALLY dont belong together but….maybe FeralxMeela? XD XD doubt it….? lol Anyways :3 Can’t wait for next page! XD

    1. Feral and Meela? Are you insane? She’s 12. He’s 28. NO!!!!

      1. That’s only a 16 year difference; my parents are 21 years apart and got married when my mom was 17 XD IF you just let Meela get a bit older I could see it, right now she’s too young :)

        1. its still sick that he should get with a 12 yr old. and i highly doubt hes going to wait that long anyway. maybe a brother/sister relationship or father/daughter kind of thing with feral and meela. but not lovers.

        2. Well, the social guideline is supposedly “half your age, plus seven” so if you were 26, you could date someone who was 20, and if you were 20, you could date someone who was 17.

          I admit when I first started reading the comic, I did wonder whether something might happen between Feral and Meela [when she grew up a bit] but once I realised that he was supposed to be 28 and she, 12, [I thought they were more like 13 and 19 at first, which would still be incompatible, but would make it not inconceivable that they might date like 5 years down the line] then I assumed that any romance would be off the cards. He’s clearly supposed to be more of an older brother figure.

        3. Well it worked for feral’s parents

        4. There’s also that little tiny tidbit of knowledge that the writers themselves have said there is no possibility of Feral and Meela getting together. It’s not happening.

      2. in some cultures an age difference like that would actually be within the realm of normal, especially historically. even just a century or two ago that wouldn’t have been considered uncommon. considering the setting of this series isn’t a modern one culturally an age difference like that could be considered no big deal setting-wise.

        1. I dated a woman 13 years older than me best relationship I ever had.

        2. OOOOKAAAYY. Your point is?

          I bet your relationship was so good because she was just like your mother.

        3. The biggest reason for it being historically “socially acceptable” was because families wanted to make sure their daughters (who inherited absolutely nothing), were ensured with a solid future life and to get gain socially. It pretty much had zilch to do with Romance. In fact, it was looked down upon to marry for love. ;3

    2. That would be like, totally Pedo.

    3. Hmmm, I don’t think they would be together. I see it being more of a Sister/Brother type of relationship, because of how protective her is of her. :)
      Though for those who are saying that it would be wrong and gross and pedophilia, chill. We don’t know what is acceptable in this ‘world.’ That age gap could be perfectly normal. But as stated before , I don’t think they would be placed together as a couple.

      1. Sure if they did anything now, you may see it as that way (though going with the timeline this is set in that isnt really that bad)
        But give her till shes 18 and it wouldnt be a big deal

        There is a 9 year difference between me and my boyfriend.
        And I have yet to hear or see anyone give us crap about it. It isnt really that big of a deal.

        Love doesnt have an age limit ;]

        1. It wouldn’t be a big deal if she STARTED OUT 18, but as it is now he knows her as a prepubescent child and would likely have trouble developing romantic feelings down the line because of it. People don’t commonly fall in love with people much younger than them if they know them as a young kid, because you generally continue to think of them as that kid way younger than you.

    4. -10 internets to Gryffindor for invoking Rule 34. -_-‘

  6. Well, would you look at that?. A fox and a hound, playin together.

    1. …. Now I got Big Mama’s voice in my head. Never thought of it that way! XD but this is adorable. Poor Meela, you’re not old enough. lol Still, though, even though i love this time jump stuff, Ican’t wait to get back on track to the real time stuff, yo!

    2. Omg XD So right!

    3. LMAO I love you for that XD

    4. That’s awesome! I used to watch that movie all the time!

    5. You win this page’s comments section. Awesome. *w*b

    6. I almost started crying XD That was beautifully done

  7. Aw…I was liking Piper/Holland…not to mentioned I liked Piper’s old outfit better. I feel like it suited her personality more…

    1. Tots agree with you there.

    2. That outfit has an entirely different purpose… ease of access comes to mind.

      A mini-FMD. (you should be able to guess the acronym…)

  8. Truthfully i completely forgot abt Piper, that she even existed in this comic.
    And i think that Piper likes Feral because she can do the “talking” for both of them LOLLOL and like most women she can just talk forever and Feral cant “say” a thing abt it also LOL. :)

  9. For some reason, when the description said, “Where do you think you’re going Feral?” Carly Rae’s “Call me Maybe,” popped into my head. xD;;


    2. It’s stuck in my head now DX!!!!!

    3. ME TOO
      “Where you think you’re going, Feral!
      Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy,
      But that’s my mentor, so get lost maybe”

      1. or;

        “But that’s my mentor, so get lost lady!” ROFL!!

        1. thelightedDarkness

          o.O oh not that song XD

  10. I think that Feral and Piper don’t fit together romantically, but I bet Piper’s really smart…. She probably is good on a mission. I BET that they are planning stuff.

    1. Totally agree on that. Feral would be acting a lot more happy in the second panel if there was something to it.

      1. I don’t know… he looks serene… he’s not the overly cuddly type, so pipper tests his boundaries. but he doesn’t look like he minds it.

      2. We’ll he wasn’t exactly grinning the last time he & she both ditched Meela, but he looks as happy as Feral can be when he’s not looking at fruit or being smug.

      3. Does Feral ever look happy though? :p

        1. lol mte

  11. Finally…my post is kind of up top!!

    So…..Meela’s not going to go further into the whole suspicious “magic acting up”topic huh…and there’s not going to be an update next week?

    I am a sad, sad panda.

    O o

  12. This pairing would become automatically adorable if Feral smiled around Pipee. Seriously, when was the last time Feral smiled?

    1. uuuuuuh never? XD

    2. While he was being smug or eacting fruit… don’t think he’s ever smiled at a person though….

  13. P.S. Feral has not collected the bounty on Piper because (in Hayley’s voice from American Dad) “They be doin it doin it, Oh i have a meeting with Holland it doesn’t matter cause, we be doin it doin it, Oh i think Meela saw us who cares cause we be doin it doin it”
    (You have to watch the episode to understand the joke)

    P.S.S I cant believe how many ppl came to read ONE page of this comic u r either devoted fans or non-sleepers (For me its both) I hate sleeping I would much rather stay up late watching anime and reading comics until my eyes give up any hope of going on.

    1. I consider it both lol I’m addicted to this comic and I’m a night-owl. Seriously… i’ll be going stir-crazy with no update next week!

      Oh and, do I sense some jealousy there Meela? lol I dont know what kind though. Seems more like “new mommy is taking away daddy’s attention” type jealousy. Supposed to be training and you’re going for a roll in the bushes Feral? Really? XD

  14. Omg, for what ever reason I thought of the new Adventure Time and Jake’s “tier 15” (don’t even kno if any watches AT….>.>;
    Love Piper’s knew outfit & seeing that Meela is reusing outfits is nice to see in a comic ^,^
    Have fun @ Comic Con! :D

    1. Haha, Tier 15…
      I can only imagine Piper joking about it to get a blush out of Feral. And then Meela asking “What’s Tier 15?”Which is where Holland becomes Jake and screams “NO TIER 15! YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TIER 15!” Which makes Meela and now Holland glare at Piper and Feral look like he wants to die. (I just… went off on a tangent. XD)

      Anyway, I love Piper’s dress and totally support the Piper/Feral ship! :D

      1. Yes! They’re so cute together ^,^
        And I can see Piper doing that to Feral…. if she’d think that he’d blush… he probably wouldn’t.
        Feral. Why you be such a difficult person to tease ;P

  15. Omgosh Holland in the next to last panel. That is just the most adorable. That right there is my Holland fan-service. >u<
    Great job guys! Never cease to entertain me ;u;

  16. LOL the look on Meela’s face in the last panel.

    1. I knoooow. Algy and cels are good with capturing expression xD

      1. Definitely agree ^,^

  17. Feral looks so adorable in that tshirt XD Silly Meela <3

  18. oh o_O i never noticed the scar on feral’s neck!

  19. Mela’s jealous face is priceless ;) I also liked Piper/Holland better.

  20. I was hoping they’d become a couple. -w- But watch, knowing this comic they aren’t really a couple and are doing serious work. XDD

  21. I’m casting my chips in with the people who say Piper and Feral are /planning/ not /doing/ -or if they are doing it’s hunts/other bounties. Holland leaves the camp fairly regularly, for his own projects/intel, one assumes Piper does the same but drops by to let them know the state of the world/because the people chasing her would have to fight Feral to get to her if they followed that far.

    I’m prepared to be proved wrong, we know Piper isn’t above dating someone to get the jewels (Holland) and that Feral can flirt with the best of them when it suits him, but I don’t see that with him here. And I think Piper got singed a little with Holland, it’ll be a while before she tries that again

    1. No reason they can’t be doing both~

  22. My first name is Piper… Reading the comments right now is really weird XD

  23. Oh Feral…. You dog.. xD

    Also, I think I sense some maybe puppy love from Meela towards Feral in a way here. Heck I dunno, but I gots to know what happens the week after next wwweeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

  24. ooooooo Fera and Piper sittin’ in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g!!!

    1. fisrt comes the marriage then comes honeymoon…

    2. Nice! very mature of you friend… :) :D

      1. Swiftsnow pack…. :)

        1. Korin, You know me in real life….. Duh! I am always immature!!!!!!

  25. Tooootally support Holland/Piper over Feral/Piper. She just doesn’t seem like his type to me. Plus I believe Holland was hinting at some lingering feelings at the party before. I hope so anyway! I like to think Holland wouldn’t be that okay with Feral and Piper together. <3

    And I actually really hope Feral and Piper are working together too. I don't see them as a couple but I bet they make a great team!

    1. I agree. Holland and Piper are better than Feral and Piper.

    2. yeah. Feral doesn’t seem to me to seem like someone who would settle down with a girl. excpet meela, cuz he kind of has to lol

  26. Do not like FeralxPiper :/ I like Holland and Piper! DX Plus >3> I’m already hoping that Meela will grow really fast and she and Feral can be together! :B But she is a little young :/

  27. i was looking at my callender and realized it was friday so i runed through the house to get my laptop and immediately search for strays!! owo” <3

  28. Erg. I don’t like FeralxPiper at all. I don’t expect Feral and Meela to be together, at least not for a long time, but I feel like this story was supposed to be focused on Meela and Feral’s journey together and it would seem weird if he put Piper before Meela. Besides, it doesn’t seem like Feral to be in a real relationship so easily. Maybe (Hopefully) they’re planning a mission. :I

    1. Ehhh Feral and Meela seemed cute at first till I found out their age.I thought it was too far apart. I think Feral and Piper kinda fit. xD

    2. He’s not neccessarily putting Piper before Meela. Just because they have a little alone time sometimes doesn’t mean they’re in a relationship either. They might just be having a little fun and that’s it, aye?

  29. *sings* Some-one’s got-a LOOOOVE Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife~~ ^^

    1. thelightedDarkness


  30. Aww…… that’s just wrong. A fox and a wolf falling in love and Holland playing along makes it worse. I didn’t realize Feral actually likes her, I thought he didn’t like her after she threw him down the stairs. I’d even suspect that Holland would like Piper more than Feral! grr…. this is getting too complicated!!!!

    1. LoL Falling in love. Good one! There doesn’t have to be love involved. I wouldn’t say Feral likes her, either, more like he doesn’t hate her.

      1. And that’s a pass on the Feral scale I’m sure ;P

  31. Feral/Piper reminds me of Tylee/Zuko for some reason… And it won’t work.

    1. Ms. Bagel Loves Donuts

      I soooooo agree with you. Piper is too cheery and flirty and Feral is a loner and not very social in my opinion.
      Ugh, the thought of Tylee and Zuko together made me throw up a little… e_o

    2. Tylee never tried to rob Zuko and then got beaten up by him, then threatened one of his only friends and never saw him again until she saved his life. Then again, Feral never called Piper “circus freak” and then did a cruel imitation of her, but if he weren’t mute, he might have.

  32. Hey, guys have their needs. XD

  33. I’m hearing a few people say that they want Meela and Feral together….he’s 16 years older than her, she’s 12, and by the time she’s 18 he’ll be 34 and will have been in the “big brother” status for all that time.

    Anyway, I

    1. –think this is just like what happened at the inn. Holland thinks they’re doing it, but both may have ulterior motives here.

      1. lol “Holland thinks they’re doing it” sorry that just made me crack up.

  34. Holland, shame on you! Defend your pride, claim your lady! It’s making Meela jealous >:|

  35. I’m not convinced theres anything ‘going on’ between Feral and Piper just yet. Pipers a flirt, so hugging Feral and dragging him around isnt really that odd coming from her. For all we know they might be going off alone so Piper can give him tips on raising a 12 year old girl, lol. I just dont believe things in comics until its confirmed, writters are sneaky and hints are sometimes not what they seem.
    Also, adorable jealous little sister Meela is adorable. :3

    1. I’d sure like to see her explaining a period to him.

      1. LOL. That just made my day… XDDDDDD

      2. *dies laughing* You ought to do a gag page where Feral comes back completely red in the face.

      3. Omigosh!!!! LOL!!! Ditto with SangreWolf456! You should make little 3-strips with little gags, LOL… -rofl’s until can’t rofl anymore, so just resorts to plain ol’ lol-

      4. XD omfg!!!! Well, at least he has someone to turn to for lady advice 0uo

      5. someone trying to tell Meela about a period would be funny too. I have to wounder how her response would be to finding out about THAT time of the month lol

        1. i can picture feral freaking out about it, too XD

  36. I like Piper and Holland as a couple. I just cant see Piper and Feral as one.
    But Holland in the fourth panel is just adorable~ Meela’s jealous face is priceless XD

  37. I really like Piper, but I want her to be with Holland, not Feral!!! I want Feral to be with Meela (Of course when she’s a bit older).


  38. OMG! I LOVE Piper’s outfit!!!! I want it so bad!!!!!!!

  39. This is Meela’s NOT HAPPY face, so cute :D

  40. Where’s the marking that is supposed to be under Feral’s red eye?

    1. This is what happens when we come back from a convention exhausted. If you hit refresh it should be there now!

  41. Wow, Feral is actually not hiding his neck scars for once! And he doesn’t have the markings under his red eye….
    Piper’s outfit is awesome and I love her shirt/dress thing!
    I much more support Piper/Holland than Piper/Feral, but I agree with everybody else who says they think those two are planning something….
    I love Feral’s boots in panel three.
    Meela’s face! Love it!

  42. thelightedDarkness

    WAIT a minute!! Where is Feral’s little marking under his eye?!?!
    And Meela’s face.. I’m laughing so much XD

    1. If you hit refresh it should be there now!

      1. thelightedDarkness

        Ohhh. Okidok, He looked… off? Without it.

    2. I knew something looked different…

  43. Anyone seen The Little Mermaid musical on broadway? Because “She’s in Love” was running through my head when I saw Feral and Piper leave together.
    Man, that scowl on Meela’s face is priceless. I love it! (>w<)

  44. I think Feral and Piper look hot together. I don’t know about a full blown relationship, but they definitely have chemistry and I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing more of them.

    Also, I love Piper’s dress in this panel, beautiful colours and shape :).

  45. Aww I dont really like feralxpiper, I liked piper and Holland because I felt as characters they worked well together and balanced each other out. I kinda hope they are planning something together instead of being a couple because I was hoping Feral and meela’s relationship would be the main point of the comic right now (and by that i dont mean dating but brother/sister relationship) but either way great page as normal :)

    1. Don’t worry, whatever is going on between Feral and Piper is not in any way going to intrude on the Feral/Meela story. It’s more like a, “Oh, by the way, this is happening over here” thing.

  46. I don’t much like Feral x Piper. Feral is too serious and Piper’s too… not. I also get the feeling that Meela is misunderstanding. Holland might just be messing with her and they’re doing something innocent, but I think Feral and Piper are doing something else that they don’t want to tell Meela about.

  47. Is anyone else suspicious of the fact that Piper’s dress here is almost identical in style and pattern to Meela’s time-skip dress back on p.228?

    1. Yes, they are similar! It was intended to show that Piper is giving Meela outfits to try out her style.

  48. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Feral wear a shirt that doesn’t hide his neck scars. I guess he’s more comfortable around this bunch?


    1. Yes, he doesn’t feel as self conscious around Holland and, by extended time spent together, Meela as well.

      1. Aww <3 Wouldn't take Feral as the self conscious type. He's a softy underneath ^,^

  49. 2nd panel is cute, where Piper’s hugging Feral.

  50. I think people should stop jumping to conclusions here! We don’t even know why they keep running off together. I think it’s probably less romantic, and more “holy shit would Piper ever be good on missions”. Because she would be, let’s face it! She’s a smaller build, too, especially as a fox. She could probably fit through tight places better than him, and sometimes that kind of stealth is irreplaceable.

    Not that they couldn’t be romantic but… I dunno! It just seems like it would be way too out of the blue. I suppose we’ll see!

  51. I think this is one of the first times we’ve seen feral with a shirt on that shows the wound on his throat. and i thought that it’d be nice to mention that I made Feral in Dungeons and Dragons. I made him a Ranger Druid cross ^.^

  52. You jelly Meela? ;)

  53. The last panel needs to be made into a “Meela does not approve” button
    Anyways, Meela don’t be jealous

  54. The modern-type take on the clothes lately is messing with my perception of the time period. Jeans and short-shorts, and now the outfit Holland’s wearing. I think it’s cool that you guys are doing costume design outside of the box, but it just a little confusing to me.

    1. Sorry if it’s confusing! We’re just having fun with it.

  55. I actually love Piper’s new dress!
    I personally think it’s a “thing” without romance involved. I personally like Piper with Holland.
    I also like Feral with Meela and the age difference doesn’t bother me. I think it’s mostly because Feral looks fairly young to me and Meela looks older.
    That’s just me though!

  56. I enjoy the outfit experimentation. :D

    I don’t think the Feral and Piper side escapades that are being hinted at are detracting from the Meela and Feral focus of the story either. :U It’s normal for people to have different relationships with other people and different friends. It can’t just be Feral and Meela all the time. He’s an adult after all, he has other focuses.
    And- I don’t really see the Feral and Meela thing. To me she seems to look at him as a role model or be using him to fill in that gap of a big brother she has. Piper leaving with Feral must annoy her because she’s always being blocked from leaving with him. That and even though Piper is nice and is giving Meela clothes, Meela may not really approve of Piper’s “scamming” ways?
    “Hasn’t collected the bounty on her yet and I think I know why” <– like she thinks Piper should be turned in
    (These are all just my opinions though and how i'm interpretating the story from what i've read. I am in no way saying anyone else's thoughts or,…dare I say, "ships" are wrong. XD)

    But, if anything, all of this makes Meela have those adorable little frustrated faces and that's always funny.

  57. On a side not, when are Jyaku and Kosher Novel coming back? Those guys were awesome!




      Hey, someone had to do it. XD


  59. O.O……….. mela……………….child get ur mind outta the gutter

  60. I agree with what everyone is saying how Piper and Feral don’t really go together as a couple, but I don’t think it’s that kind of a relationship. Honestly the feeling I get from it is that it’s mostly, if not entirely physical(judging on how they acted when they first met) that or they’re doing something regarding Feral’s missions(but I doubt it ;p )

  61. Oooh, her new outfit is much cuter IMP. ^^

  62. you’ll be in chicago?! hnnnnggg, dang I wish I had money

  63. I shall go to comic con and pester you then >:3 lol jk i’m no where near Chicago ^^’ But anyway, i loved this page I love the clothes you put on Feral it shows him off more :) really nice work :3

  64. I love Meela’s *does not approve* face on the last panel, priceless.

  65. Noooooooooohhh! Noooooooooooohhhhhh! Not to the dark siiide! Dx

    1. why not the dark side? they got cookies over there!

      1. Cookies… of eeeevilll! 0.o

        1. and chocolate

      2. I’ve been to the dark side. They lied about the cookies.

        1. thelightedDarkness

          In stead, they gave me burnt lumps that were ‘suppossed” to be cookies…
          damn lazer vision..

        2. i was given laced gummy bears. never listen to the man in the van even if it is a red Chevy.

        3. Yeah, I know. When I went over there, they gave me cake instead.

          It was delicious, but it lacked the cookie greatness that the Dark Side’s cookies are supposed to have.

  66. I really don’t like the idea of Feral and Piper, buut I think there is something deeper going on than we realize…

  67. I’m pretty sure it’s just me, but I was sorta hoping that Piper would be having a limited appearance.
    For some reason, she reaaaally bothers me.

    1. I hear you! xD

  68. OMG! so many questions that need to be answered! Like what happened to the panther guy when meela and feral and holland were trying to crash that party? Or what are meelas strange outbursts?

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Anther guy has been nagging at me all this time skip

  69. Eh, I dont know. Poor Meela.
    I just don’t like Feral and Piper. I mean, I know from the ball scene you could see Piper’s other side a bit. I just dont think they were meant for eachother..

  70. Lol! She’s jealous!

  71. just another troll

    Dem daggas Meela has… dey look liek Talismen of God D:<

  72. Aw. I think it is cute how jealous Meela is, and not in a love way, just that Piper is taking Feral’s attention. Honestly I cannot see Meela and Feral together, and not because of the age difference. I think they are just better with a brother/sister relationship. I also cannot see Feral and Piper together romantically. But I do like the idea of Holland and Piper. Really cute chapter and I cannot wait until this Friday~

  73. Bahaha! Meela’s face in the last panel. XD Aw, I’m not fond of Feral’s new -snort- apparel. I liked his other outfit. :3

  74. I hope that Feral and Piper stays together -jealous Meela is way too cute! xD Reminds me of my sister.
    Buuut I still don’t mind if she date with Holland too. I like them together. : )

    -sorry for my bad english. I’m brazilian.-

  75. The coments you guys get are great, oh my gosh.

    Also feral looks so lost at Piper’s insistent physical contact. Personally I ship her with whoever the writer ships her with because she seems like a bit of a slut to me, so sleep with whoever you want slutty fox chick.

  76. Heyyyyy~ Feral didn’t hide the scar on his neck this time :D
    And sound’s like Meela is jealous~ XD

  77. Heyyyyy~ Feral didn’t hide the scar on his neck this time :D
    And sound’s like Meela is jealous~ XD

  78. *Angry Meela* >o\v/o< grrrr

  79. Wow Meela’s annoyed with those two, love her face in the last panel xD

  80. whaoo feral and piper

  81. anyone else wonder why piper’s ears are more obvious, while feral’s and meela’s are less obvious? i mean i know they are still pointy, but piper’s is full out.

    1. Relatedly, I wonder why the lupians, vulpians, felonians (or whatever panther guy is), and cervians all have parts of their animal traits showing in human form but lyrians apparently don’t. Holland looks completely human…

      1. I know, right?! It think it’s the paleness…but then the other guy had black hair…

  82. Now is piper wearing a dress? I know it’s similar to the shirt meela had but you could clearly see shorts on her and with piper you can only see the leggings it looks like a dress to me and I’m not sure. if some one could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it

  83. Piper is pregnant? :0 Dem clothes…

  84. I don’t know……I guess Feral and Piper could be off doing the hanky panky…but something about Feral’s “Meh whatever/Oh its you again” expressions towards Piper make me think they are doing some sort of thievery instead. Plus Piper and Holland just make more sense together. They are both sneaky liars who get there jollies from being so.

  85. Lol Meela’s face in the last panel X3 >:<

  86. Aww Piper and Feral are so cute! I think that is nice she often comes to visit! I like the friendship between holland and meela too. How he watches over her much like feral does. I think Feral is like an older brother to meela

  87. I wish your comics were on itunes! I could take them with me everywhere!

  88. I honestly never liked Piper as a character. She’s an untrustworthy thief.

  89. They’re probably in heat..

    1. This made me laugh way more than it probably should have…

      1. I def snorted out loud when I was typing it…so, you’re not alone

    2. thelightedDarkness

      I laughed to much at this…

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    I love this comic to bits, even if the pair i like doesn’t get together. I have a feeling that they actually do crime work or something of the sort

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