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Man, Meela's on fire today! Get it? Get it?? Hahaha... haha.. ha...

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  1. That is pretty hilarious XD

  2. I love you guys XD

  3. Lol I just love meela! c: She’s so cute, even when fire is exploding in her face!~ Love your art! xDDD

  4. Aww, Meela is still so cute-even when on fire!

  5. Ahhhh haha! Silly Meela, didn’t anyone ever teach you not to play with fire? ;3

    1. Stop, drop, and roll!!!!!!

  6. Lol, should have taught her to wield water first.

    1. Lupians are natural fire (benders lol) wielders. Water is actually hard for them to master, lol.

      1. hmm, thats interesting, can’t wait to see what happens next week!

        P.S, I like you pic :)

      2. ATLA reference… as if you weren’t awesome enough :’3

  7. Better get y’all some butter, ’cause y’all are on a ROLL.

    Pfft, in all seriousness, I love how you guys are giving us insights from Meela’s perspective via her journal. The flashbacks are fun, and I am totally enjoying seeing Feral & Holland mentoring the young pup.

    Looking forward to next week!

  8. LOL Meela caught herself on fire XD
    Best part so far LOL

  9. quick Meela stop drop and roll girl!!! haha. great page :)

  10. No, Meela! You’re doin’ it wrong! You’re supposed to learn EARTHBENDING after you master waterbending, not firebending!

    1. Lol! Meela is the avatar! XD

    2. At least Katara’s not stupidly standing in the way.

  11. Bwhaha Okay serious speaking moments.
    Meela: *Yes learning how to make fire!*
    *Is taught, now must use*
    Alright here we- BWHA! NO ONE SAID THAT FIRE HURT THIS MUCH! GET IT OF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF *running in circles*
    Holland: Umm. *Thinks of how angry Feral may get* I saw nothing.

    1. Also, am I the only one who noticed Hollands obvious smirk in the 3rd panel? HE ENJOYED CHUCKING A PINECONE AT MEELA XDDD jk

      1. oh. noticed that too :D lol

  12. guuurlll meela is so hawt in the last panel.

  13. You’re progressing well, young avatar.

    1. thelightedDarkness


    2. Rofl

    3. Hehehe.

  14. I love the last panel XD

  15. I’m sorry, just the wordless last panel is hilarious. Also, she has some cute little shorts. :3 Didn’t know they made denim in her world.

    Good to see her all healthy and good too. After that poison, that was something else. >_<

  16. x3 Meela has the cutest expressions. <3

  17. XDD Poor puppy <33

  18. Avatar, the next geneartion comes! xD

    Great page girls, really love Meela fire bending xD

  19. wow! She is sure learning a lot :)

  20. Lol poor Meela XD Holland, don’t just stand there! Feral, get back here and either help Meela or punish Holland! XD ROFL!

  21. I’m just curious, how many races are in this world? And what are their relations with elements?


  23. He probably should have taught her the ancient art of stop drop and roll first XD

    1. Dude… That made my day. xDDD

    2. thelightedDarkness

      Oh god yes XD

  24. Okay, I take it back, Holland isn’t COMPLETELY useless.

  25. The pinecones are what made me giggle. “Doingk!” is the sound they make in my head when they bounce off the shield

    1. Yeppers.

  26. If you can defend yourself from deadly pine cones… NOTHING SHALL PASS -hits staff to ground-
    (fluffy owl pine cones FTW)

    1. yes fluffy owl pine cones are always a win :)

  27. thelightedDarkness

    Lol, Meela is the Avatar XD
    That last panel XD

    She looks sortof like Aang in second to last panel C:

    1. Funny, I thought it was more of a Zuko face!

      1. Same here, she looks more like Zuko

        1. DragonOfAwesome

          She does look like Zuko kind of! Weird but totally awesome :D

    2. thelightedDarkness

      Yes, i couldnt decide on Zuko or Aang. XD

  28. ahhhh! Meela is adorable!

  29. Maybe fire safety lessons should have been the first thing Holland taught her?

  30. Hollaaaaaaaaaaand! I see your belly buttoooooooon! Meela is adorable, and so is Holland…CUTIENESS EVERYWHERE!!

  31. LOL Meela xD Poor thing got caught on fire by her own flame !!! XD

  32. pahahahaha meela xD Also, Holland’s smirk third panel :P

  33. That shield will certainly come in handy. But yes, fire safety should always come before teaching fire. STOP DROP AND ROLL!

    Or better yet, maybe Holland could use some water magic if he knows any

  34. So in love with this =v= I just love Holland’s smirk, and this is totally irrelevant, but every time I read Holland’s lines, I here Vic Mignogna’s voice XD

    1. Oh my gods I’m not the only one?! I totally hear Vic Mignogna as Holland.

    2. Now that you mention it, yeah, definitely going to be hearing Vic Mignogna every time now!

    3. Hahaha, I went and watched a video of him. I can maybe see it if he toned down the roughness of his voice. lol

      1. Try finding clips of the English dub of Ouran High School Host club (the voice of Tamaki) or Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles (the voice of Fai). He does much softer voices for those roles. Actually…Holland reminds me SO much of Fai…

        1. Shinjite Florana

          that’s also been observed by a group of fans earlier.

          and also I SO hear Vic. ^-^

  35. leopardshadow1234

    meela ish a firebender XD can’t wait for next friday! :D

  36. ROFLMAO!!!! Meela in the last panel… I hope there’s a stream or lake somewhere near! LOL!

  37. LOL so much awesome on one page. I love Meela. Love all the recent new outfits for her too, she looks adorable in those shorts. :)


    1. Ohmygod Yessssss

    2. cuz she’s just THAT awesome. BD <3

  39. Smooth, Meela. Reeaal smooth.
    And Holland. Handsome as always.

  40. I lub it, as always!! You inspire me so much! Thank you for making this comic *sniff*…KUDOS!

  41. The expression on her face in panel six is just adorable/hilarious!

  42. I love his gloves. <3

  43. Meela taking the “hot-headed” personality alittle too literally.

  44. There go her eyebrows.

  45. Meela: Yes I MADE FIRE!
    Meela: AHH!!! FIRE!!
    Holland: Oh crap…. D:

  46. lol The fire exploding in her face is the best panel ever! xD love her face

  47. omg she looks sooo adorable in her little shorts!!
    shes becoming more and more feminine by each page lol

  48. ughh cant wait for more

  49. oh noes meela caught on

  50. I LOVE Strays! I recommend it to all my friends and feature it in my other website,! Does anyone else wish it cud be updated more often? I know, it’s one of those impossible wishes thanks to side jobs and other work, like my wish to fly…XP LOL

  51. I love all Meela’s new outfits!

  52. This doesn’t really have to do with this page in particular, but I noticed that the thinkness of the line art has changed since the beginning. I was just wondering if there was any particular reason why you guys changed it?

    1. Like most comics, style tends to change from the beginning. We noticed the style of drawing has changed since the beginning too, but we try to keep it as close as possible.

  53. She’s learning to become a great heroine :3 I like her more!!


    seems like we need Neil patrick Harris to assist Holland on training Meela.

  55. Hahaha, genius ^^

  56. Ha… If anyone has noticed. Holland has already worn this outfit before earlier in the comic. xD The only difference is the gloves. But yea, I just thought that was interesting.

  57. I love your artwork! You guys are one of my fave online comics!

    I love the fact that she is now learning how to handle magic I was wondering when she would. Though I thought you would go into how she learned how to shift more… But I love her wolf form it’s so energetic and spunky! <33

  58. I love all of the details, especially how you’re keeping track of their clothes. And 10 points for character developement, wow!

  59. Wait a sec… so
    Aang mastered waterbending fairly quickly
    Meela too….
    Aang had huge troubles with Firebending and controling it
    Meela too…

    1. Does that mean Feral is Toph? :O

      1. Definitely, especially the way he’s training her to fight. Need I bring up the rolling a giant boulder down the hill towards Aang incident? :P

        1. thelightedDarkness

          Oh my god yes XD

      2. I thought Feral was more of a Zuko, what with his angsty-ness, weird eye scar, and messed up past. Plus he’s a softy on the inside. ;) XD

  60. Haven’t checked this for about a month, i’m loving what’s going on. The plot is really beginning to pick the speed now, I can’t wait to see where you guys go with this :D

  61. Lol, just realized this outfit is the same one Holland first met Meela in ^,^

  62. Oh nose! Pore puppy go boom

  63. *My interpretation of the last 3 panels*
    Panel1-Meela: Yay! Me made fire!!
    Panel3-Holland:OMIGOSH MEELA

    1. In my comment, when I said Panel1, 2, and 3, I meant the last three panels, with the first of the last three being Panel1. Sorry for any confusion that occured while reading my comment.

  64. Vickylynn- I think that the art style changed for the better! Go, Strays!

  65. When learning to control fire, say good-bye to thine eyebrows…

  66. Okay, so I love that Meela is learning so many badass skills, but even more than that I love how big brotherly Holland and Feral have become towards her. It’s such a touching thing to witness, and I believe they’re all growing emotionally as a result.

    On a side note: I’m just so impressed by how well you draw hands and body language at different angles. If you don’t mind my asking: Did/are you taking art classes to get to the level you’re at now, or was this achieved through a different method?

  67. thelightedDarkness

    hopee its fireproof

  68. this is why fire magic should always be practiced near rivers

  69. Did anyone else see this page and think “OMG Meela’s outfit is SO cute!” No? No one? Ok….*slowly backs away*

  70. hahaha poor meela! But she has improved so much! Good for her!

  71. TOTALLY FAVED THIS PAGE! Wait… there’s no favorite button here? Awwww… GO FLAMING MEELA! XDDD

  72. Again, I am floored by your depiction of the character’s facial expressions.

  73. Hmmm just catching up on this. If you could manage to shrink the shield down and light a fire inside of it you could probably make a pretty good bomb. Actually just being able to form a shield around someone else would be useful… interesting abilities.

    1. Nah, try forming it in someone

  74. Katniss would be impressed!! >U<

  75. Holland should be careful with those pinecones. She could pull down that shield and he’d accidentally hit her with a pinecone.

  76. Panel 6!!! ‘Nuf said!


  78. Poor Mela xD

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