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Looks like we got a time jump thing goin' on here. Run, bunny, run!!

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  1. I dunno about you guys, but that looks like Meela to me.

    1. Bunny senses…..tingling….

      1. wow every time i see this page i laugh at your comment

  2. It’s Meela!! AmIright?

    1. I think it might actually be Piper in her wolf form. I’ll admit it doesn’t look like a fox that much.

      1. The eyes are the wrong colour to be Piper, Piper’s are a green colour; the eyes are much more similar to Meela’s with the golden hue

      2. Piper’s a Vulpian, so she changes into a fox, not a wolf.

        1. ^ My thoughts exactly.

        2. My thoughts exactly.

  3. I guess Meela’s gotten over her meal being a cute little bunny. :)

    1. Actually, I think that she’s going to be like, halfway through pouncing on it then stop all like “I can’t do it! T^T It’s too cute!”. XD

  4. :O!
    Is it… Meela? :3

  5. Meela? I’m excited!

  6. Mysterious Meela watches!
    (from a distance..)

    1. Pbst! She’s not that mysterious if she’s loudly licking her chops! Run, rabbit, run!

    2. Take a second to please the fandom
      (time to eat)

      1. stalks in slow motion
        (so as not to scare the rabbit)

        1. Rabbit looks up and she’s gonna get caught

        2. If only I could favorite comments..

        3. Why why you put that song in my head. Also ironically I just saw a GIF of Tobuscus being chased by a Connor cosplayer..

        4. A wabbit swayew, a gitaw pwayew, wit a nasty habit, KILL DA WABBIT

        5. But don’t mind it just keep pleasing the fandom
          Feral will take care of it!

    3. Loving the Tobuscus references here.

      1. Awesome comments being awesome.


  8. Kill da wabbit!

  9. Ohh Meela’s wolf-form! How much time has passed? Does Meela look older now, like mid-teens instead of pre-teen? So many questions!

    1. On one hand, it’d be super sweet if she looked older. On another, there’d be a lot of unanswered questions….like what happened to the evil panther guy?

      1. He’s gettin’ there. Then it’ll be like, “RUUN!”

  10. Ooooooh!! Lol, reminds me of her first time with Feral and the bunny… xD Ah the memories…
    Still loving this comic!!

  11. poor bunny but it’s time for meela to get some noms ='<


  13. The atmosphere of this page is GORGEOUS. All the light spilling through the leaves, the colors, it’s a lovely change of scenery!

    Huzzah for Meela’s wolf form finally being revealed in-comic! :D

  14. I don’t understand how you guys get these out on time…you must have no lives. I read some webcomics whose drawings are just average and they don’t get them out on time but you guys…..amazing drawings AND out on time….I owe you my thanks. :D <3

    1. A mixture of insult and compliment… Nice

    2. Its called coordination and division of labor :)

  15. That bunny is so cute and amazing. Yay for wolfy Meela as well but omg that bunny is drawn so well.

  16. its that the fox chick, right? umm…. whats-her-name? piper?

    1. No, I think a fox muzzle would be longer and thinner, but I could be wrong.

    2. If you compare the nose with Meelas wolf form, which can be found in the gallery, and on the first page of this chapter would i say that nose most definitely belongs to Meela :3

    3. ha it’d be kinda funny if it was coz everyone is saying its meela

    That must mean some time has passed…. Right?

    Dang. I wish we could have seen the process, but that'd be long I suppose.

  18. Am I the only one who is kinda disappointed in this sudden time jump? >_>

    1. me too a little, because I really would like to see the teaching procces and know what happened with a panther guy ;__;

      1. Don’t /jump/ to conclusions. ;D

    2. *nod-nod* Thirded. I’ve always felt a bit iffy about time skips. XD It just makes it feel as if they stopped talking about character-relevant information for a few weeks/years, as if Meela didn’t pursue the dreams and Feral just took time out from his work. But I don’t know, I might be just weird like that. ^^ I guess we have to wait until the next week to see the actual length of that time skip and how it was managed.
      I’m not really bothered about the panther-guy. The page with him seemed to be more about informing the readers that he’s still alive, as well as involving HIM that Meela survived rather than him finding Meela. We’ll probably see him again soon. :)
      But the page is drawn wonderful, as always, and I can’t wait ’till next week.

      1. Fear not, dear readers. We won’t just skip all of the things you want to see, like how Meela learned to transform and Feral’s training, but the time jump is necessary. You’ll understand better in the next 2 or 3 pages.

        We know what we’re doing ;) Have faith in us!

        1. Yes sir!
          …or rather I should say “yes, madame!” n__n

        2. Then I’m even more exited for the next 2-3 pages then what I usually am. I have faith in you ~~

        3. I knew that from the start ;D
          You know how to keep us guessing. adflkj

  19. Bunny! This is your destiny! TO BE EATEN!!!

    My freind was going to get a bunny, till her dad said no…

    1. I.. I honestly thought you were going to say “then they ate it.”

      1. Then they ate it

        XD have I fulfilled your dream?

  20. Your backgrounds are simply amazing *____*

  21. But Meela would never hurt a bunny!

    1. She would if she was that hungry~

  22. Anyone else think it –m i g h t– be Piper…?
    I do a little, teeny bit.
    But I’m really thinking it’s Meela…

    1. Yup. That’s the most reasonable explanation at this point. Er, it being Piper, not meela.

      1. If you compare this muzzle to Piper’s (page 107), her snout is too bright of an orange and white. This is brown and distinctly off-white. It fits Meela’s form more.

        1. yeah I did that like a minute after I posted, I just didn’t feel like reposting xD However Celesse has explained that we’ll understand the time jump in the next couple of pages.

  23. Yay, Meela! I wonder what Feral looks like now… I hope he has a beard!! o3o

    1. thelightedDarkness

      O: never!

  24. The art is so beautiful!

  25. Couldn’t it also be the wolf chick? :D

    1. Hint: look at the cover page and then the face on this page c:

  26. You can tell its not Piper by going back to page 107 and see her Transform into a fox….So it’s most likely Meela! =D

  27. Seeing** (My mistake)


  29. Aww, wolf form Meela! Too bad she isn’t going to catch that bunny.

  30. MEEEEEELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTuTT she.. she’s finally a wolf.. OH FERAL, I LOVE YOU!!!

  31. Wut. Hang on guys, would they really skip over meela’s first transformation? I mean, I know I’d like to know how they do it, like, do they meditate or something, or is it similar to puberty and it just happens?
    I don’t think that’s meela… but it seriously looks like her!

  32. Hey. This is my first time commenting. My guess is that they’re still training, and Meela is going to either fail catching the bunny, or feel too bad for the bunny to kill it. LOLs. That would be amusing. and SOOOOOO many unanswered questions! starting with, when was she finally able to do that!?! XP
    PS: this is my favorite webcomic ever! I look forward to the updates EVERY Friday! And then when Friday comes back around, I’m happy cause its here, then sad because I have to wait another week. :D I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3

  33. the colors are wonderfull ! *_*

  34. “How could you do such a horrible thing!? Brother never gave it to me like that…! He always gave me meat, not a bunny!” Looks like Feral’s toughening her up!

  35. But how did she learn how to turn into a wolf? Maybe she’s dreaming even though it says time jump?

  36. Also, animal forms tend to correspond very very closely to hair color. Consequently, the lack of a bright orange muzzle indicates not-Piper. Meela’s the only character with that hair color, so.

    Is it bad that thing I’m most excited about is her hair style?

  38. Well looking at the eye color it make sense for it to be meela, cause piper’s eyes are a mellow gold. The eyes I see have a little bit of brown in them.

  39. Lovely job as always, those backgrounds really are stunning.

    Also, wanted to let you guys know, I asked for (and received) a copy of the first volume of Strays as a birthday present :) The book is gorgeous…much bigger than I expected, and the details are great. Nice job, I really enjoy it :D


  40. People actualy think this is Piper in her wolf form? Piper is a fox…
    I am pretty sure this is Meela, as it looks similar to the concept art of Meela’s wolf form. And there’s a time skip.
    Wait a time skip??? Gaaah dskjfdsfhriufbe. I can’t wait for the next page!!!! Is it wednesday yet?!

  41. MEELA!!?

  42. thelightedDarkness

    TIME JUMP!!! why!?!?

  43. Well… I just thought she was dreaming she was hunting or something, like she was older. But why would she hunt a bunny?

    Maybe a weird nightmare, or a dream about another wolf.

  44. No!!! Don’t eat the bunny Meela, it’s too cute to eat! *Chomp*

    Oh wells…

    Seriously though, as someone who spends a good bit of time with rabbits, you guys did an INSANE job drawing that bunny. I mean never have I seen someone draw a rabbit with that good of anatomy and form. They move just like that!

  45. This isn’t a major time skip probably. She could still be 12, and all Feral could have taught her is how to change into her wolf form and is watching her right now. Her hair could possibly be the same, and with what she’s gone through, she most likely doesn’t care if its a bunny or if its meat.

  46. To people thinking that it’s Meela, she hasn’t learned to transform yet:
    Unless she learned off screen or something, but I doubt that ><

    1. Oh… well I guess they could be mean and skip her learning how to transform and such, now that I think about it, but I really hope not :<

    2. considering the artist comments under the comic say “we have a bit of a time jump thing going on here” I would be more inclined to believe some time has passed. The fact she has learned to transform also indicates time has passed. We’ll probably learn how it happened considering how much Meela dreams about the past (hers and others)

      1. oh ok, I must of missed that ><
        derp a herp

    3. They had a time jump. : P

    4. Cels already stated a time jump, but it’ll be more clear soon c:
      It most likely IS Meela


    1. I mean that WOW it’s Meela!
      wait a minute Ô.o when did Meela learn how to use her wolf form?

  48. My prediction for the next page: She jumps out, bunny runs, pretty wolf goes splat, Feral facepalms, fox and swan lol from afar.

    1. I can definitely see that happening…. lolz

    2. thelightedDarkness

      XD i can see that happening!

  49. I foresee a big, clumsy jump at the rabbit, a miss, and a bonked nose in her future, but the rabbit is doomed. Feral will catch it for her. [he’ll probably make her kill it herself tho]

    :) really excited to see meela hunt!

  50. Run, rabbit! Run! You must LIIIIIVE! T_T

  51. Gets more & more amazing everytime I drop by.

  52. Hmm… I’d say this was Meela in a dream possibly… I’d not hard pressed to say it’s NOT Piper, however she seems too ladylike to drool. XD

  53. Just compare this wolf’s mouth and mouth of the wolf on the cover, and you will see, that without a doubt it’s Meela we are seeing here:

  54. leopardshadow1234

    well, you guys remember how you guys had that bad case of malware?
    well, today. i logged on youtube and came to see todays page, well, just now. a thing came up saying ‘THREAT DETECTED’ anyone who is the LEAST bit familar with malware’s and trojan’s knows this is bad.
    i put it in the vault like it said, and tripped when it didn’t work for the first time. but it worked the third *yes, third.*
    so, long comment short, strays and youtube where the only places i have been today, i think, THINK. you may, MAY be relapsing malware.

    1. Oh my! I’m sorry to hear you had malware trouble, but it didn’t come from Strays. I just did several scans with different websites and they all came up clean. Thanks for letting us know, though!

      1. good! cuz i HAVE got bad cases of malware before, and i suposed since this place had gotton it before and i had had it around that time last time that i may have got it from here. and i, hate, malware. well, now that i know that for sure, its time to start bewaring websites *cough*youtube*cough* and hoping this isn’t as bad as last time and i can get them off quickly before TOO much trouble comes from them. with my computer luck so far, i just KNEW it would end up being the comic i come to the most XD

    2. A virus may not show up on your computer until it’s been on your computer for some time, partially as a defense for whoever is releasing the malware. This way it can get on your computer without you knowing exactly where it came from.
      Also, youtube is a common place to get viruses due to all the downloading you have to do to let a video load and then watch it.
      But there is a possibility.

      1. i DID spend most my time on youtube, but it is still hard to believe. but i guess it IS possible, and they say now that you can get malware’s and trojan’s now just being on the INTERNET. so, what caused my malware this time? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

  55. I am excited from this moment on to see how far of a time jump this is. If Meela’s going wolf form for a rabbit it obviously means some days have passed and Ferals been teaching her the ropes.

    alsdfaksjdfh EXCITEMENT can hardly contain myself LOL.

  56. Rabbit’s good eatin’.

  57. Meela…? ‘w’


  59. This comic started with a big time jump in the first chapter. Books will jump forward in time. It happens with storytelling (IE Cub Simba to Adult Simba). Maybe not all the time, time jumps happen.

  60. That bunny IS adorable, and that is definitely Meela. The snout is completely wolf, and the coloration is Meela’s, as is the eyes. Plus, time jump!
    I TRUST YOU! Can’t wait for next week!

  61. Feral taught Meela how to transform! This is great! And Meela’s not sobbing over killing a bunny! This means she’s tougher! Or Feral just made it so she couldn’t eat if she didn’t kill it herself. I’m willing to bet on both.

  62. Gee. Wonder who that could be. XD I wonder if she’ll be able to get the bunny! And then have the stomach to eat it!

  63. Um, doesn’t Mal have sort of reddish hair and yellow eyes? I don’t see how it HAS to be Meela. :o

  64. Its soo meela. You can tell not only by her eyes but also her fur and when they show her eyebrows

  65. Meela! You got your wolf form!

  66. Is this a time skip I sense!?!?! Please be Wolf Meela!! PLEAAASEEE

  67. *Is still Freaking OUT!!* HURRY NEXT FRIDAY!

  68. is that a dream or wolf meela or someone else……?

  69. meela you finaly shifted! (i hope)

  70. No guys, remember? The wolf that was smelling the shoe? That is probaly the same wolf.

  71. Im a idiot. I was thinking of a orange wolf when I was think of the panther.

    I can handle these feels.

  73. IS it Meela? Amazing amazing, I can’t wait! :o The first couple of panels reminded me of that Jet music video. xD

  74. “THE POOR BUNNY!!!”

  75. Aaaaaaaand, random rabbit…

  76. Yeah, Meela! :D

  77. Does anyone else think of Watership Down when they see that bunny?
    That movie gave me nightmares.
    Good book though.

    ..Okay carry on. Just ignore me. :3

    1. i kinda do. my older sister used to read that to me when I was younger. ;u;

    2. I adore that book! The movie was horrible, but the book is amazing. It is my favorite book that I’ve ever read…. and I’ve read a LOT of books.

  78. Aww, dangit, now I want rabbit… *drools*
    Wolf Meela! Yay!

  79. You know, the story has been really well thought out and presented rather clearly but…I’m kind of worried about how big of a time skip we are dealing with here. :[ Hopefully things will smooth over…

  80. I’m really hoping this isn’t Meela. Because I am very much looking forward to seeing her training. And her first attempts at transformation. Because, you know, that would be funny.

  81. Well, this muzzle looks like the muzzle on the wolf on the first page of this chapter. So whoever that is, must be this wolf. And people seemed to decide right off the bat that the wolf on that page was indeed Meela, soooo. ;; Please be Meela’s wolf form? I’vebeenwaitingforthisfffffuuuuu. And if it’s not Meela, then I’m still excited to meet a new character. >>

  82. hmm, I wonder if Meela’s considering recipes for grilled, roast or stewed rabbit?

  83. Who’s that wolfie-mon?

  84. So there are wolf people, fox people, bird people, and now deer people. So why not rabbit people? Why do some animals have two forms and are magical and others are just plain old animals? just wondering… ^_^

    1. A good majority of animal races in Meoley do have secondary forms, but there is a vast amount of normal animals.

  85. It’s a good thing I read the comments, because I was thinking that the time skip was just to the next day. DERP! Guess I’m a bit slow.

  86. Okay. Just spittin this out here, but I’m thinking that is an adult Mal and he is being brought into the story. Ouo.

    1. I second this.

  87. Does anybody else remember pages 47 and 48?

  88. Oh I think it might me a new character. |D

    I mean, Meela can’t change into her wolf form yet, can she?

    Or it could be Meela, but she’s dreaming? <:D We will just have to wait and see. B]

  89. thelightedDarkness

    Sooo. Was it YEARSyou guys skipped, or just a few months? I dont want to see a grown meela T.T

  90. It’s Piper, I’m sure of it

    1. Cuz Meela still doesn’t know how to change….

  91. on second thought, reviewing Piper’s fox form… It very well could Meela wolf form

  92. It’s amazing how some people over me didn’t even read Celesse post xD.

    I’m probably out of the Blue here, and i don’t expect an answer, but, don’t you think it would be better if you just posted a preview, let’s say the first panel, of the last page in the right corner in place of the whole page in smaller format?

    I don’t like spoiling what i’m about to read, and i also let some pages accumulate from time to time so the spoiler is even worst…

    It’s not that terrible tough, but it would be nice if you were to take my advice into consideration.

    1. The preview thumbnail is a feature of how WordPress runs and the set up we have for streamline posting. We will look into thumbnail cropping, but cannot make any promises.

      1. That’s better than nothing, thanks for reading, and taking into consideration, my opinion :)

  93. How could it be Meela? Wasn’t she horrified by the sight of a dead bunny..and just wanted meat? Remember?

  94. it can’t be meela because meela has a tail, remember?….

    1. Excuse me?

    2. What is this I don’t even

    3. thelightedDarkness

      What? This makes no sense.

  95. Methinks it’s me. I am THAT hungry.

  96. run little bunny, run!

    ………says the guy who kills rabbits in skyrim with a war ax.

  97. somebodys hungrey

  98. NO BUNNY NO D:

  99. Then again that’s one stupid rabbit sitting right smack in the middle of a clearing in a forrest. xD

  100. RUN, BUNNY, RUN!!!!!!!!

  101. either that’s meela or that’s that one fox lady.

  102. Wow meelas changed a lot earlier in the story she freaked out when falrel brought her a rabbit to eat


  104. Alright… look back at the strip above again, but this time instead of that flash of notice above the bunny’s head, imagine an exclamation mark.

    You now can’t view this page without hearing the Metal Gear Solid spotted sound. =3

    1. Yes can, never played that game

  105. Wait, is that the bunny from “Watership Down”?

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