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Oh crap.

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  1. oh my gawd, nooooooo

    1. Aahh, I’m rereading this again(for the five hundredth time) and noticed Ferel’s eyes are red….hmmm?

  2. was that knife already there? im confused as to how that got there.

    1. No, remember when catman was throwing knives? Celesse just cleverly didn’t show the knife till now.

      1. ooooooohhh i see know, thanks. ;3

        1. But isn’t Meela quite…. strange for not felt it before ? o.o

        2. Reply to Sigma (Reply button isn’t there…), shock and adrenaline can have that effect on people. If you’re running for your life and something scratches you pretty bad, you won’t really feel it until the adrenaline wears off. It could also be a side effect of the poison, I suppose.

        3. Yeah, I know, in fack, it already happened to me. u_u” But for , that not an adrenaline problem, that’s just that as soon as I don’t SEE I’m hurts, I won’t feel it… Oh, but that’s my life

    2. @Sigma and Emergencyfan51-

      While I’ve never been stabbed like that, but I have had run-ins with barbed-wire before. I got a nasty cut on my leg that I only barely felt at first, but it was pretty bad. Often, things that are sharp, like knives and puncture wounds, don’t hurt initially because it doesn’t damage the nerves as bad as a jagged cut.

      Because of the situation Meela was in and the weapon, she may have only felt it hit her at most and totally disregarded it in her fight or flight response. In the panel when the dagger is revealed, she has not even looked at it yet, proving that the pain has just hit her. Actually, she never looks at her side on this page.

      1. Yea I got a BIG gash in my leg and i did not see it until my sis pointed out that I had about a gallon of blood running down my leg and then it started to hurt. I have no idea to this day how I got it.

        1. i kicked a boat proppeller (wasnt moving) and i almost lost my toe withou realising

      2. why exactly did you have a run-in with a barbed wire? u like a thief or sumthin? :P

  3. WHAT?!?!?!?!? *screech*
    ohmyglob ohmyglob…
    Random sidenote, meela’s first outfit had a symbol on the back that was the same as on yuen’s.

    1. Where did you see that?

  4. I knew it! When he threw the knifes in the last page there were four, but when Meela was dodging them they only showed three.

    But I love it sooo much! Great job!

    1. I knew it too! Glad someone else noticed! Poor Meela! :(

    2. lmfao yay I wasn’t the only one who paid attention to the knives xD

      1. However, If you look at the angles, it doesn’t seem to add up… The knives were coming from behind her yet its sticking out of her side like it was thrown at a different angle than the others… Meh. Still love this series.

  5. ACK!!! D:

  6. D= Meela, this is why you don’t try to be heroic!

  7. Nooo ;o; I can’t wait until next week to find out what happens!

  8. Not good! D:

    Although I love these types of moments when the character you think doesn’t care actually cares the most… Feral has a heart. <3

    1. I think Feral’s proven on multiple occasions that he does care about Meela. I just think he either doesn’t like the idea of her bumming off of him (teaching her to fish rather than giving her one of his), or he thinks his life is too dangerous. Case in point.
      Eagerly waiting to see how Meela gets out of this!

      1. Very true. She’s grown on him. :) Same here! I wonder if a fit of dream sequences will now come! (flashback to Inception :P )

      2. give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

  10. Wait… what happened to the panel with Holland that was in the Livestream preview?

    1. I decided I didn’t like that panel and that it has better flow this way, so we changed it.

      1. Can I ask what Holland said in that panel, since it’s no longer there? Just curious :)

        1. He was only going to say “Meela!”

  11. wait, where did Meela’s knife end up? is it still in his leg?
    wicked move Feral!!!

    1. Look closely at panel 2

    2. I kind of liked Visrial, he would have been an excellent rival for Feral. Too bad Feral killed him :( though, he probably deserved it for trying to kill Meela

  12. Awww, Feral cares :)

    1. I thought the same thing! My heart filled with warm-ness to see him care about her!

  13. Noooo Meela!! :(

  14. What the h*ll did he just do? Holy coffee beans!

  15. Very sad now am I

  16. Called it.

    Sweat, Feral, play the hero and save your Meela! ^-^

  17. I happen to like best these type of moments after a fictional fight. Suddenly you realize a person who looked okay and you weren’t paying attention to is actually fatally hurt. It’s really cute how enraged that got Feral to be and how fast he is to catch her~ I assume Meela (being a lead character) won’t get her that nasty case of death Visreal was planning on, poisoning those daggers…

    1. Well, if she did die… It’d be over, which would be sad ’cause we haven’t seen her as a wolf or figured out the backstory yet D8 So naturaly… She can’t die!! -cries-


      1. Oorr she does die and her life flashes before her eyes which reveals her backstory! But, the owners of this comic are awesome and wouldnt do that to us would they? xD

  18. Ahh, no. Meela…I hope she’ll be alright… The poison…poor Meela. She helped and was injured in the process…

    If Feral can’t…I hope Holland can help…

    1. I forgot about the poison o_o

  19. Too close.

  20. Meela! *cries*

    Again, so great to see Feral worried for her safity….I just hope she is alright

  21. No! Not Meela! She’s too young to go!

  22. Huh, took her a moment to feel that one eh?

  23. Ouuuuu who’s “His energy” i wonder. And i wonder if Holland knows the whole story OxO

    Anyways, I love Feral and his concern expressions

    1. i really hope it don’t D: since then we will have to wait forever before we find out wheter or not Meela is okay D:

      1. Delusional-Weirdo

        It’s too early in the comic for her to die. It’s gotta be near the end before that can conceivably happen. :D

  24. pesh’t’kah! why must this web comic only update once a week. well this page has already made my Friday awesome. I woke up early and everything to see it. lol

    1. Nice use of Visreal’s swear words ;)

      1. thanks

  25. I saw this coming but oh man, noooo Meela! I reall want to see the next page now

  26. I saw this comic page and I chocked on my own breath and my heart stopped when I saw Meela. I know one knife hit her since in the comic where she is running away you could only see 3 knives zooming past her. But omg there is absolutely now way. NOOOO WWWAAYYY that I am going to suffer 1 more week of school to see the next page :’c she has to make it, she will be ok cause the story isn’t over yet and she is one of the main characters. Right? </3

    1. lol it’s almost like a soap opera. only it takes longer to find out what happens.

  27. I knew it! Meela and Feral are in love! lol i can tell by Feral’s expression in the last pannel!

    1. No they are not in love! That would be pedophilia. O_O Bad.
      No its more of a brother-sister thing, I think.

      Great comic, I CAN’T WAIT to see what happens nexttt….a week…is too long!

      1. Well, actualy, if they waited a few years it’d be fine… Quite a few people have spouses 10+ years older then themselves, it’d just be creey if Meela were not even a teen and they fell in love. Wait until she’s a teen for that to happen… xD

        1. Delusional-Weirdo

          I feel like this conversation was had on an earlier page… >W>

        2. Heehee. Probably

    2. By my guess, Meela is only 12-ish and Feral is in his mid-20’s so I’m quite sure that they are not ‘in love’. Plus, that would be pretty creepy -.-
      And they have shown no interest like that in each other (they have more of a sibling attitude towards each other)

    3. Come on, fanshippers. Can’t you stop this crap for once? Pretty please? She was mistaken for his daughter a few times, for cryin’ out loud. Knock off the lolicon, dude.
      As everyone else said… It’s a sibling thing. Meela’s more like an amazingly annoying sister to Feral, not a LOVE INTEREST.

  28. Why do people keep saying they’re “in love”? I think it’s more of a sibling-type of love….I’d be pretty concerned if a 12 year old that I had developed a fondness for got stabbed too, but that doesn’t mean I’d be “in love”.

    I hope the Visereal guy has the antidote on him. Or otherwise things might get bad….

    1. This! ^ I highly doubt that they’re in love… and if they were… that’s kind of weirdly disgusting seeing as he’s like 8 years older than her (if not more). o__o

      1. Also if we think back to when Holland was little and running away. When he saw Feral sitting on the stump, he looked to be in his middle teens. Holland on the other hand looked to be younger than Meela is now! Factor in how old Holland appears to be… in his 20’s? So Feral maybe even close to his 30’s? What do we think?

    2. I agree, that’s like hebephilia there…

      I mean, I can see a relationship between the two after Meela grows up <_< But for now that's just a little creepy.

      1. I can see it in the future too – I’ve heard of many ppl who are 10 or even 15 years older than their spouse, but they usually don’t get together or meet until the younger is of age or older.

        At the same time, they are just so cute together!!!!!

    3. I definitely think its a sibling-type love, or I would go so far as to call Feral her new father-figure (he may be old enough *dodges Feral punching at my face for the age comment*)

      Since Visrial said the poison was his personal mixture, Feral may have to come up with a way to revive him fast and beat some antidotes out of him.

      1. Definitely agree with that. But I don’t think Feral would like the idea of being a dad x) and oh my gosh that’d be interesting, wouldn’t it? Feral reefin’ on Visrial while he’s unconcious? xD I’ll bet he wants to right now anyways…


  30. Okay first time I have ever commented, though I read strays religiously… I echo the other commenters: NOOOOO MEELA!

    I knew something like this was going to happen and now I am all choked up. *Sniff*

    And also since this is my first comment I would like to thank you two for creating Strays. It makes my fridays just a little more awesome.

    1. I just also started commenting and would like to echo Nikko. You both make a wonderful webcomic! Keep up the good work!

  31. O_O

    1. Addition to the first comment, now that I can talk now: I love Feral’s expression in the fourth panel, kinda like “What am I gonna do with you…” and then after that I died from OH NOES

  32. Ouch! Still, by the laws of heroics that’s probably not fatal. Probably.

  33. NO! MEEEEELAH! Next weeks update can’t come fast enough now. ._. However, the art was all awesome. I love Feral’s reaction.

  34. Just found this comic and read it all THIS COMIC IS AMAZING!!! I love all the characters so much! I can’t wait to see moar!! XD

  35. Sleepy times.

  36. Oh, foot. Foot and hand and tail and elbows. >.< SOMEBODY AT THIS PARTY BETTER HAVE ANTIDOTE MAGIC! Or know a good poison specialist in the area!

    1. Did we ever think that maybe Feral can do other things than just hurt people with his ‘suspiciously red powers’?

      1. He’s great at being thrown on his rear! Horse and Piper both have helped him with that.

        1. He’s also great at poofing up his tail when there’s a gun nearby ;)

        2. And don’t forget his most amazing talent, attracting fangirls.

        3. Pfft. The tall dark and handsome dudesters are always the ones that attract the fangoils.
          There’s probably more than a few fanficcers/shippers on devART and elswhere that have drawn or wrote about a relationship between Swan-boy and Feral, as well… I feel sorry for those two.

  37. this is one of the few things that have made deployment so much better having something to look forward to every week but gawd nooo Meela you’re too little be play hero >_< FERAL I WILL MARRY YOU!! :3

    1. Deployment? Should I solute to you? But I don’t think Feral is good marriage potential, Meela will more than likely survive, and I sure hope this doesn’t become a yaoi.

      1. lmao salute me and i’ll shoot you, i actually work for a living (military joke right there only officers get saluted and most of them just sit around all day, im just a grunt lol)

        and im sure she’ll be fine too, i love her. As doe Feral, he’d make the perfect husband, if he were in our world he’d be special forces for sure lmao. And if it turns into a yaoi we can all just die of laughter together, now THAT would be a twist ^ ^

        1. Lord, if this turned into a yaoi I think Meela would probably die right here |D I hope to god not, but that would be quite funny.

        2. Well, I was just wandering if you were one of the troops that were fighting for our freedom, I am a patriot in such a way, giving the dignifying honor to those willing to fight.

          I’m a guy that is honest and respectable(a bit arrogant too), but I know marriage potential, I’d say, Feral is a lot better than most men you’ll meet on a daily basis.
          Never know, all paths lead the different ways, I can see where different couples would fit together in this story, or how they would stand apart. I am a master of Xantos speed chess(game of life) and my gambit is rarely wrong… despite the fact that I can see almost all possible outcomes, I would not be surprised to see a bit of yaoi, mostly because of the lack of women characters. I’m sure the author has this all planned out and I cannot tell what they think, but there will always be fanfiction.

  38. If she had not done something so stupid, all of this could have been avoided, too bad, now she needs to go see a doctor…. or does Feral or Holand have some magic up their sleeves to save her?

  39. ………………….there is not an emoticon that correctly expresses my BAAAWWWW MEEEELA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


  40. NOOOOOO! Oh my goodness this was so well done. Kudos to the storytellers.

  41. Omg, watching this on the livestream almost made me cry & w/ color its even more powerful. Meeeelaaaaaaaaaaa ToT!!! Save her Feral! Saaaave HEEEEER!!!!!

  42. Ooh! Lookit in panel 1. Feral’s gloves got shredded by the epicness of his magic!
    In other news, MEELA!!!!!!!!! I knew it was going to happen, but MEELA!!!!!!!!! Feral’s expression in last panel shows that he really does care!

  43. YAY! I sense angst coming!! And character torture!
    I don’t actually enjoy seeing them in pain. xD It just really deepens the story for me when other charcters interact with the one who’s hurt. I think it causes friendships to develop or become stronger.

  44. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Meeela! D:

  45. Oh no! Feral, what’re you going to do?

  46. Awe Snap! Holland you better have some sort of medical knowledge! Patch Meela up quick so Feral doesn’t freak out!

  47. Oh look, a knife. That could be hurting. I bet she will do fine though. after all, she is safe by Feral. And, het body is strong :P

    1. NOooooo! Stupid poisonous knife! ;A;

  48. Oops, did not mean to reply. XD

  49. MEELA D8 oh god waiting another week is going to be so hard. i’m probably going to cry several times in anticipation. i love feral’s concerned expression. and whats with that energy feral is talking about?

  50. …. on a side note Meela looks really adorable in that third panel O:

  51. Is it bad that my reaction to this page is ‘DAMMIT, MEELA!’?

    1. Not at all. She is my favorite character so when I saw this, I was sad.

  52. I see Feral managed to singe his nice gloves, what a shame. Hope he didn’t kill that guy, looks like they might need an antidote pretty soon.

  53. MasterassassinMan

    Ah shnap not good for meela :(

  54. Okay, why does everyone think they’re in love? C’mon now! She’s a pup. xD That’d be so pedobearish and wrong on so many levels!

    Anyways, in regards to this. . . NO MEELA! D8 *cries*

  55. Omg meela! That is so sad
    I read this at school every Friday got a love iPads! Omg omg omg omg poor meela

  56. Commenting for the first time since I picked this up so I can give my two cents.
    Fact, I didn’t catch the four knives to three knives incident last page, so I didn’t really anticipate that. NYOOOO MEEEEELLLAAAA! and D’aww brotherly concern from Feral.

    They’re going to have a rough time curing that, because, as the stupid cat dude said, the poison is his own mixture. So, if he doesn’t have the antidote on him, and neither Feral nor Holland have magic to counteract it, then Meela’s in for a very long standing world of pain.

    We’re probably in for another flashback dream. TTATT

    1. Hmm… well, if Feral drained Visrial’s energy, maybe he could give it to Meela to keep her alive until they got an antidote… And yay, flashback dream!

    2. I’m with Bex, YAY FLASHBACK DREAM!

      I personaly think that the other “cub” in the dream is Feral…. >3>”

  57. I don’t understand how the knife is the way it is. In the last page, Meela was turned away from the oncoming blades, but this shows that it hit her in the side straight-on. Just thought I might add that small imperfection :>

    1. Actually, after she ran away from Visrial she turned to the side to run back to Holland. So the knives were coming at her from the side, thus one landed there. The perspective of the panel in the last page didn’t come out like I intended it to.

  58. I totally saw that coming… >.< Poor Meela. But it makes me wonder… that sound in the woods. Could it be the key to curing her from the poison? :D Cuz she has to be cured… right??? O_O

  59. UHHHHH NOOOOOOO hurry help hey!!!!!!!! when i saw she got stabbed and feral run to her … i may have screamed…. just a bit……

  60. Oooooohhh Crap. CRAP! Poor Meela!!! D: Cant’ wait for more

  61. Wait, so he can absorb the energies of other beings?
    Oooo :3

  62. His eye is still glowing….

  63. WatchOutForWendigos

    Feral’s face when he notices the knife!
    Anyway, I predict that Meela will be in an unconscious hullicinatory phase due to the poison, and she will think that Feral is her brother at one point, and start mumbling stuff to him, giving Feral and Holland a better idea of her past.
    Just a thought I had.

    1. ooohh that sounds interesting o.o

    2. That should be interesting to hear… ;)

  64. noooo meela don’t diee!!!

  65. OMG this is going to have me on edge until next update. Meela don’t die!!!!

  66. I bet my soul that they hold Visral hostage so that he can heal Meela when he wakes up. xD

    I think that says it all.

  68. (OmO) Oucheth…

  69. Oh jeez, demon eye is still in effect O.o

    1. Oh…Wait…Knife is still in effect…My bad

  70. NOOO! I wanted to see cat-man transform! >:C

  71. meela and feral would make a great couple show of hands who agrees

    1. I think there might be too much of an age gap for that… More like a brother sister relationship is going to happen I think.

  72. Okay, so even with the teensiest hint from Holland, I am loving the implications of Feral’s ominous red power.

    That said, I’m torn. I certainly don’t wanna lose Meela, but I’m very excited for the possible care-taking, even ship-ish possibilities Feral now faces with her life on the line. XD Curses. I’ve been in these fandoms too long. I can’t un-see the subtext.

  73. Talk about a pain in the side! /terrible pun is terrible

  74. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    They need to get Meela’s knife from Visrial’s leg before they leave. I hope someone grabs it.
    POOR MEELA!!!! *cries* Love Feral’s caring face though….

  75. I saw this coming, but it still managed to shock me, poor Meela lets hope they can find something to help.

  76. Animated_ninja242


  77. love meela’s delayed reaction


  79. So on the previous page, his gloved hand had two fingers covered with material, but in the first panel of this one, they aren’t. And in the last panel, they are covered again. Is this a mistake or am I confusing something?

    1. His glove on his right hand got ripped apart by the magic he used.

    2. In the first panel, his glove was burned awayby the magic. In the last panel, that is his left hand.

  80. Am I the only one that was starting to like Visrial/ is slightly upset that he’s dead? XD
    Meh, anyway, I hope they can save/find an antidote for Meelah DX

    1. He’s not dead.

      1. *Double take* …And the intrigue just keeps building.

      2. He’s not dead? hm… that could either save Meela or make things go into chaos again. I mean, that guy is strong and not co-operative in any way. O_o

      3. He’s NOT dead? Then what did Feral do to him?

        1. Feral only drew out a lot of his energy, just as Holland yelled at him for; so he didn’t kill him.

  81. Oh Meela, that’s what you get for being reckless… you stupid girl, don’t go dying on us readers, you hear me!?

  82. Oh no! This is bad, bad i say!

  83. OH NO! OH NO! Poor Meela!

  84. StellalunaNightshade

    N-N-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! T~T I twin…got stabbed…. </3
    Meeeeela! You need to live! (Obviously, she is going to live. She's the main character, of course she's going to live) The rustle in the woods is's probably the person or thing that can heal her. And, the knife scene, I don't see why everyone thinks it's not right she got stabbed in the side. She can't just automatically face the other direction and run..she has to turrrrn around! haha :3 You need to post MORE!!! I'm practically dying! I love this!

  85. Meela is a very tiny girl…. Poison will travel fast T_T

    Perform miracle, now.

    1. I like your directness, Pumpkin.

  86. Freakin’ awesome page!! Finally someone gets hurt…Booyah!

    1. Amen!! *high five*

    2. I think I love you xD

      Everybody else is like “Oh no! Meela!”
      And you’re just “YES! FINALLY SOMBODY GETS HURT!”
      You bomb, man, you bomb xD

    3. I feel much the same as Allinah. Yes, finally someone gets hurt! And now we get to see how Feral handles it.

    4. Oh yeah.
      I agree with Nikko, want to see how Feral’ll react.

    Feral TAKE CARE OF HER!!!
    i cant wait for Friday…
    Feral will preform some miracle and I can continue to be attracted to his character :3 (imeanwhut)
    His look of shock has to be my favorite face so far…

  88. NOOO!!! MEELA!!!!! oh well, she wont die, main charas never die XD

    1. …romeo and juliet… T^T

      1. …apart from tragedies!

        1. Delusional-Weirdo

          Donnie Darko : D

  89. Sucksthat Meela got stabbed with a poison ninja weapon thing, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to suck the poison out right? Riiiight?? 8’o poor Meela! Beung hit in the hip mustv’e hurt pretty bad! Save your little sister Feral!! :D

  90. Not to be critical but I think that her expression is a little disconnected from the rest of the panels. There’s no gradual realization, it’s “one minute she’s fine, the next, completely horrified”. It just doesn’t seem to flow well to me. Other than that I love this storyline and I hope for an update soon!

    1. It’s probably the poison that took effect, it tends to work like that.
      If the adrenaline kept her from noticing the dagger, the realisation of being safe would trigger the pain and then the poison.
      Either that, or it was Feral’s expression that made her realise that something was wrong, and then felt the dagger.
      Those are my theories anyway.

  91. Is that “F-” Fuck or Feral :O

  92. Hiya, long time reader. I like the way the lightning flash of last page coincides with the ominous rumble of thunder on this page. Clever double-use of dramatic environment which also shows passage of time in the moment.

  93. Hey what??? No!

  94. I noticed people were talking about the knife wound and how it possibly could have come about. Anyone else remember that she was warned not to stab the guy with the hand carved daggers she possess. I think those daggers might possibly be more of a ‘if you inflict damage onto your opponent, it will appear on you.’ type of daggers.

    1. StellalunaNightshade

      I don’t think the daggers possess that magic. Holland shouted her name because Meela was putting herself in danger, not because her daggers were dangerous to her well-being. I think anyone in that moment would shout someone’s name like that, especially if the person (Meela) couldn’t possibly win in a fight against the bad guy. I like your thoughts, though! It would be cool if the daggers had magical abilities!

      1. StellalunaNightshade

        Oh! Also, the previous page shows that Visrial threw 4 daggers. In the next panel, Meela is running away from the knives, and there are only three. The fourth hit her in the side as she ran away. Hope I helped! :D

  95. :c Oh my gosh! Poor Meela! I hope she doesnt die!

  96. Wasn’t there supposed to be an update on friday…?

    1. THANK YOU! I thought I was going crazy for a second, no one else seemed to notice D:

      1. There was an announcement on the front page why there was no update this past Friday.

  97. Poor Meela, I hope she survives and gets stronger soon…….when will she gain her animal form anyway *tilts head cutely*

    “She’ll hardly be noticed so she won’t get hurt or anything!” Holland you liar!
    I just noticed that today so I had to say something…

    1. ah forshadowing….

  99. Feral reminds me of Link in the fourth panel. The fact that he’s mute only increases the likeness lol.
    Oh and POOR MEELA!

  100. I wish I hadn’t read the comments on this page. The idea of Feral and Meela being a couple is… slightly disturbing. Cause that would make Feral a hebephile.

  101. awww feral does care about her! How sweet!
    I actually had a dream where they weren’t able to save her but somehow Feral used a mysterious power to resurrect her but also control her emotions and age progress. They shared a symbol on their foreheads and it glowed when he wanted to change her age. In the end they were a couple and Meela was mature and quiet and was beautiful!! [hope that’s not how the story goes, sorry Celesse…] heh I guess I couldn’t hold back the suspense and my thoughts formed it’s own conclusion!
    You’re doing a fantasmical job Celesse!! Keep it up!! ;D

  102. She won’t die cuz she’s a MAIN CHARACTER! :D

    1. Heh, you stole my response, teelcor. But yeah… She won’t die. But it’s distressing nonetheless… So…
      I feel better now.

  103. OMG! nooooo!

    run Holland RUN!

  104. Oh noooes! Meela! T.T

  105. Firstly, I feel bad for Meela… she can never win with the readers. They bitch because she doesn’t get in there and fight and now everyone is scolding her for getting in there and fighting…
    *shakes head*
    on a random pervy note (Ferals sly preteen boobie grab on the last panel)
    hahaha. I know I know. hes just catching her so she doesn’t fall. and for the record I kinda root for her and Holland hooking up. they are closer in age than her and Feral. not that it maters later on anyway.

  106. Feral’s right eye was glowing back in the hotel room when he grabbed Meela for waking him. I wonder if he was about to draw HER energy?!

  107. OHSNAP

  108. Why has that bracelet not fallen off yet? It’s obviously far too big for her wrist.

  109. Gaaah, even though Feral doesn’t speak, his actions say so much. When he catches Meela in the last panel, gahhhh, my heart is breaking…..

  110. Oh my god! D:
    @Celesse @Algy Why did she faint? I’m sure it wasn’t painful – she didn’t feel it… Was it from the fact that she’d realised she had a knife in her?

  111. Panel 4: Meela are you serious? Panel 5: OH SHIT!!!!

  112. There is the red eye again


  114. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. HOLYCRAP! MEELA!!!!

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